Friday, January 16, 2009

Kate Gosselin Sells Out More Events, K-Mart Wants More Kate, GWOP'ers Changing their tune?

Hello Gosselin fans! Its late tonight but I have so much to say I'm gonna do it all in one nightAnonymous. Cause that's how I roll. When I was alerted that was talking about K-Mart wanting Kate again I was super excited. This was the same site that put up the horrific tag line of Kate being "the most polarizing spokesperson ever" because of the amount of comments from haters. This was of course because the article was plastered all over GWOP. So low-and-behold they write this article now saying that regardless of some criticism, K-Mart was happy with Kate as a spokesperson and want her back.
Kmart rep Tom Aiello says, "She did a good job communicating the layaway program. We're looking to carry that relationship into late spring, but nothing is concrete."
But that wasn't the funny thing. When you go on that site click on the first link of that article. ITS MY BLOG! Yeah that's right, where are they getting all of their info from? Yes, my stinkin little ol blog.....Please feel free to leave your comments there as well as here. Apparently only the trolls are having lunch there and they need a good talking to! Also, GWOP is asking everyone to write to this guy to try to get him to change his mind about Kate. I hope that you might take a quick moment yourselves and write about why your a fan of Kate and the show. If they can do it, so can we! Please write and let them know they should continuing with Kate! I already called!

Sears Holdings
(847) 286-7387
2nd "Girls Night Out" in Show Added in Texas with Kate

Contemporary Christian Music Station 89.3 KSBL had such an overwhelming response for tickets to their show featuring Kate that a second show for January 22nd has been added. To see info click HERE. Box lunches provided too! Do you think that was Kate's doing? (lol)
GWOP Forgets to Delete a few trolls about to Jump Ship

We all have tried unsuccessfully to get something posted on that site. I had mentioned that I would see my stuff one day and deleted the next. Imagine my surprise when this was sent by a reader who has just had enough....Are there many more following?? We hope so! UPDATE: This post was removed! I went to see it myself and its already gone, like I'm sure so many others like mine always were!

Skiing_in_Utah said...

Have you ever had something drilled into your head for so long that you purposely do the opposite, just because you don't like being told what to do or think? I, for one, am starting to feel that way about this board. There is a lot of speculation on this board where absolutely no fact is presented; but that very speculation is used as the basis for a lot of theories about the Gosselins. Basically, theories presented as fact based on nothing. I'm so sick of hearing how awful this family is and how they cheat, steal, beg, lie, abuse their kids, etc, that I'm actually going to give them the benefit of the doubt and watch the show and listen to what they have to say about their lives. I watched a few episodes, then I was informed about this board so I've been reading it for a while. The posts are getting so negative and so sensational that I'm going to do the opposite and watch the show with a renewed open mind. I may even go buy the book and hear them speak at a church. If I see Jon in Utah, I'm so getting a picture with him. I just don't believe that these people are as devilish as they are made out to be. Nobody could get as far in life as they have if they were that awful. I had never thought for one minute that the Gosselin kids were being neglected and abused when I watched the show before I discovered this board, but since I've come to this board, I have convinced myself that taking cupcakes from your kids is abuse and that donating yard sale money to a charity is wrong. It's ridiculous. No more!!

1/15/2009 12:55 PM


Shelly said...

Baby Mama,
Congrats on the link. I went to the site and posted a comment. I included my famous analogy of the Gwoppers. "Gossipers wishing of popularity" That should get a rise out of them. :)

Lesley said...

bostonbean @ GWOP wrote this about Kate-

She is not interesting and has nothing to share with us.
She also reminds me of how Casey Anthony wants to be known as "the victim". The way some minds work is just bizarre.

Those people are nutty! To find any comparison is sick. And to comment on the minds of people. WTH, she just described herself, bizarre, and sad if I may add. Keep up the awesome work Baby Mama! Love your blog.

MoreCowbell said...

Wait, are you telling me that the "advocates" would purposely write K-Mart and try to sabotage Kate's endorsement deal with them? But..but...wouldn't an "advocate" for the Gosselin kids WANT Kate to go out and make her own income, and not have to rely on filming the kids? Isn't that what their supposed "goal" is? To have Jon and Kate make "their own" money and not have the kids "work?"

Soooo.....isn't sabotaging that attempt make the "advocates" kind of (whispering) hypocritical?

Nahhh. Because doing that would make them simply bitter, hateful, psychotic shrews, not caring advocates for children, right?

Disclaimer: The MCB Sarcasm Meter was switched to HIGH to bring you this message.

Paula said...

Thank you skiing in utah. You summed up alot of peoples feelings for that site. I hope you find this site.

Anya said...

Shelly, LMAO, I love your sendup of GWOP. Very clever. I hadn't heard that before....

Skiing in Utah kind of mirrors my own experience. I was just so turned off by GWOP and the mini-me hate sites, that I have become *more* of a fan than I was in the beginning. I bought "Multiple Blessings." I honestly don't think I would have if I had not felt this family had been dragged through the mud for no other reason than a small group of woman and their need to satisfy their hatred and insecurities. (The book is great by the way).

MCB, what you said!

I emailed Sears with a positive Gosselin letter and got the same generic form letter the haters got. I think K-Mart and its parent company, Sears, have a slightly more sophisicated marketing strategy than making decisions based on the number of emails they get from a bunch of dried up shrews and their sock puppets!

Carol said...

MoreCowbell, will you marry me?

Shelly said...

OMG!!! I am still laughing.

Thanks. I started that about two weeks ago and I have been waiting for a chance to slam them with it. Since of course no snarky comments against the Gwoppers gets posted on that site. Bet they read it on the link. HEHEHEHE!

Nina Bell said...


I told you once before that I missed you and you don't come out enough and play. You are too funny.


I agree. That comparison truly is sick.

Irene said...

I am glad to see a more positive gosselin site. They are just trying to give their kids the best. Isnt that what we all want.

I have a relative that raised 17 children and refused to allow the media in their home. The way the Gosselins are negatively exploited I understand why now. Unfortunately, most of america did not get the benefit of hearing my relatives testimony. They have the most successful, faith based, good moral upstanding family I have ever been around. I had a ball growing up with them and am a blessed person for knowin them.

Meghan said...

I think it is ridiculous the people that critique Kate for endorsing the Kmart layaway program. They always argue that Kate definitely doesn't even use that program so she shouldn't endorse it. Do you think NFL players who appear in the commercials only eat cambells soup and no other kind of soup? Do you think Jessica Simpson only uses proactive on her skin? (obviously she probably goes to a facialist or dermatologist). Do you think that Eva Longoria uses do it yourself loreal hair dye? of course not. They are Cambells paid to endorse it so that it brings in revenue for the companies. it has nothing to do with them actually using it or loving it.

Meghan said...

i dont know what happened there but for some reason the word "cambells" got randomly moved to the middle of another random sentence. i dont know why but that isnt supposed to be there.

Carol said...

Meghan, Kate would be criticized if she endorsed Armani for being a stuck up b*tch. She endorses KMart, because she is representative of someone trying to support a family and she is criticized for being too wealthy and not using KMart (which she may or may not, nobody actually knows since they don't live with her).

She is viscerally hated by a certain group of people. If she moved to Costa Rica to provide medical help to the poor for a year they would criticize her for god knows what - not helping people in PA, having her flight paid for by somebody else, neglecting her children, you name it. Some people can do no wrong; she can do no right. Imagine living with the kind of bile that produces such hateful thoughts 24 hours a day; it must be a miserable existence!

BEE said...

Morecowbell, your words exactly!!

Jon and Kate can not do ANYTHING right in the eyes of some!

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh! There ARE other people out there like me?!

I've been a fan of the show for awhile, and found myself reading GWOP until the wee hours of the morning one day. Their viewpoint definitely got me thinking about the show, and I had my moments of agreeing with them. But, eventually, I just couldn't bring myself to the just seemed so wrong to be so heartless to the Gosselins. It truly is like they can't do anything right in the eyes of some. The more I read interviews and watch shows, I've started to again see that J+K are really thankful for what they have and are just trying to help their children. Sure, they aren't perfect, but who is?

I just recently read the book and loved it. I'm now officially back on fan status! I still read GWOP, but I'm so excited to have found this site!

Carol said...

"You just need something to bitch about to make your own small miserable existence more meaningful. Find a real cause, then maybe you can be credible."

Little Miss, when did you leave the ranks of the GWOP'ers and start criticizing them? Unfortunately, you clicked on the wrong site and typed the above here instead of over there. Make sure you cut and paste your comment so you can post it in the appropriate place before Baby Mama deletes it.

Carol said...

Hi Lauren - you are about the third person I've read say that reading GWOP turned your opinion around and it made you read the book. Hee hee, what karma. I wonder if GWOP has realized yet they are actually _responsible_ for some book sales! BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA (insert witch-like cackling here).

Welcome, yes, this is a place for those of us who simply enjoy the show and are not picketing KMart. Most of the time you'll read about things we all like about the show but some of the time you'll spend wasting emotional energy hearing drivel from "new" members who haven't realized or don't care this is a fan site or "old" members who keep coming back for another bite of their own poisonous apple. I don't know why they enjoy spinning their wheels so much, Baby Mama removes their comments pretty quickly.

Nina Bell said...

Little Miss Sunshine,

Where is all of the sunshine???
Your real name should be Little Miss Pottymouth.

Shelly said...

Well LittleMissSunshine, or Julie, you forgot to copy the post that led to that response. Your a typical Gwopper, you see what you want to see. I invite all of you to go the the site that Baby Mama linked. You will see the post from "WE know the Truth", that calls all of us F*****G freaks!!!!. If you attack me, I will attack back. My mane point was to stop hiding behind a stupid name and state your facts, not fiction.

So, LittleMissLiar why don't you spread some more lies. If you want to copy my post, then you need to copy them all. There was quite a bit of bashing, before I ever got there.

By the way, welcome to deleteville. See ya LOSER.

Nina Bell said...

Yes but LMS

You repeated them in print. Keep spreading that sunshine.

Shelly said...

Once again LMS, you forgot to include the other posts. Funny how you have selective memory.

You did not hit a nerve with me, because I can sleep at night with a clear concious. Can you say the same?

Meghan said...

alright guys, lets be mature here. someone be the bigger person and stop bickering.

LittleMissSunshine said...

Meghan said...
alright guys, lets be mature here. someone be the bigger person and stop bickering.

January 19, 2009 2:19 PM

I have removed my previous comments...
I am sorry for bickering with people on here and Meghan you are right I for one am acting immature on here.
I don't hate Kate and believe it or not I have even defended her on occasion!!
I have ONLY posted 2 times on GWoP
I am NOT a GWoPPER!!
But I am upset with people who are overly full of hate for Jon & Kate and those who are overly obsessed with Kate to the point they can't see that Kate is not all she claims to be!!
I just don't understand why you always attack GWoP or those who don't like Kate??
You claim this is a fan blog -
you delete any comment deemed unworthy on here.
BUT you expect GWoP to publish your comments when all your post are all about attacking those on GWoP who don't like Kate!
How it that fair or right??
This blog may be yours
BUT you have made it public and not everyone posting on here likes Kate and while you have a right to delete comments you don't like on here.
Don't expect GWoP HAS to post your comments on their site!!

Dawn said...

I just read this post on Jan 23 around 11pm, so if they took it down it was only temporary.

Lesley said...


Take a BIG DEEP BREATH! That was a mouthful! My only hope is that you feel better. You should not have to have these frustrations or atrocities in your perfect world. Don't let this ruin your quality of life. Seriously though, you are a disturbed individual. Live and let live.

BEE said...

Again, I just don't understand the bitterness and anger that some people feel towards Jon and Kate. I respect that people will have different opinions and that not everyone will agree with my perspective on things. However, the name calling, the belittling, and judging ones faith just astonishes me.


I think it is great that you write sponsors and stand up for what you believe in (we have very different views but that is ok). However, can you not do so in a mature and civil manner? Why do you feel the need to make fun of people and judge those that do not agree with you?

Lesley said...


"GWOP" will keep the sheeple post up and ask your reasons for your opinions. Geez! If you can't keep up the post, don't try and respond to me, okay?"

My response to you one again is RELAX, live and let live.

BEE said...


Neither Lesley or I "attacked" you. You posted a pretty ugly post about the Gosselins, on a FAN site no less. I simply asked you a few questions regarding the tone of your post. I am sorry you took it as an "attack" and that you are unwilling to answer the questions in a mature manner.

Baby Mama said...

I told Julie aka "see the truth" that her sorry behind will be deleted till the end of time because she is just a nasty person. Funny how I only seem to get the ranting crazies, and they make themselves look worse by trying to post here. Enjoy it while it lasts.........

Carol said...

When my 9 year old is tantrumming (yes, I've told her she's far too old to be tantrumming, she insists on doing it nonetheless), we tell her that we will ignore her and she can tantrum all she wants in her room. Once she's calmed down and can speak civilly and rationally to us we can resume discussion. I propose that anyone who rants and tantrums like a 5 year old should simply be ignored. What they are seeking is negative attention (they disguise it as child advocacy, but if they were true child advocates they wouldn't direct their efforts toward these sophomoric diatribes) and the worst we can do to them is ignore them. Then Baby Mama can delete their posts and it will be as if they hadn't even appeared in the first place. Trust me, this is the worst treatment (in their minds) we can give them, so give it a try.

Paula said...

Carol.. Just wanted to say that you seem to handle your 9 year old the way the Gosselin's handle Mady...time alone until she calms down. Imagine the Gosselin's are doing something right. This seems to be the sensible thing to do when a child is having a tantrum.I know that's how I did it and I'm sure alot of other parents use the same tactic.

BEE said...


I believe I will try and take your advice in the future. :)

Baby Mama said...

I am posting this here because I read this article and started to cry. A daycare worker beats a little 16 month boy and he goes to his "comfort corner" and dies. Why do things like this have to happen. I don't want to put this on the main page..but its so sad and makes you think...

BEE said...


I can't even bring myself to website you posted. HOW horrible! I just don't understand how people can do that to anyone, let alone a sweet child.

I'll keep that child's parents in my prayers!

Carol said...

BabyMama, I can't believe that toddler's death is a true story. It's beyond horrible. It makes one even more grateful for the health and happiness of one's own children and that they're in the company of responsible adults.

Paula, my tantrumming child post was an analogy for vindictive people who know full well this is a fan site and yet come to throw hurtful words at us. They are not here to educate us or to advocate for the 8 Gosselin children (as they claim they are), they are here simply to rant and rave and deprecate us (it somehow must make them feel better?) So, my analogy was to point out that we should ignore them until they have gained control of their irrational emotions (much like I do with my child) and they can speak civilly to us (but then they'd have nothing to say since it's all irrational demagoguery).

Bee, I have to remember to take my own advice too!

Paula said...

Carol I know it was an analogy. It just struck me that that is what the Gosselins try to do with Mady (give her space until she calms down) and they get slammed for being poor parents. I did get the analogy and it was a good one. I've seen the ranters come on here and the mods try and calm them down, but they have their own agendas.

Carol said...

As far as I'm concerned they handle Mady very well (having a Mady of my own gives me a perspective I can share with them). The only reason their parenting gets slammed is because they have money. I don't see average people's parenting skills getting slammed. The standard response to this is "well, they put their parenting skills out there [on tv] so it's their own fault they get slammed." Where logic such as this comes from is a mystery to me. I went to a different school of reasoning, or maybe it's that I didn't drop out of the school of reasoning as many people have.

Tony and Lindsey said...

I just found this blog...and I am SO relieved that there are other people out there supporting the Gosselins. I love their family, and I think Jon and Kate do a great job raising their kids. So what if they have money now, if I had the money, I would be doing the show too so my kids could have opportunities like the Gosselin kids.

Rick Garner said...

This has developed into such a He Says, She Says...But What Does God Say?