Friday, January 23, 2009

Trying to set the record straight, about Jon & Kate Plus 8!

Hello Gosselin fans! I know this is an old picture but its MEMORIES! Of the old house I mean...(lol) I thought for today I would stray from the "norm" and talk about RUMORS. To me, its some haters big mouth babbling on a board talking about something they "heard" on another site. Then someone reads that garbage and automatically believes it to be so. That pisses me off to no end.

1: One of the things the supposed "on the fence-ers" want to know is: "Why did Kate make the comment about "societies obligation" to pay for the nurse to stay after the tups are born?" Well first of all, lets state the facts. Some lame article was written HERE. She was called at the house and had a brief interview with a person who took only a minute or 2 call and pulled several quotes from other sources. If you look at the comment she said its not even in quotes. Why? Because it wasn't said to that person by Kate. But lets put it in the title of the article to drum up as much publicity and anger within tax paying citizens as we can. Now that's not to say it wasn't said by her, it was. But keep in mind if we only knew what other ridiculous, wasteful things are taxes are going to, why wouldn't we , if we were her, want or expect for this extended service to be covered?

Here's the thing, she said it wrong. While the proper comment SHOULD have been, "I am hoping that I could try to keep this wonderful nurse and see if it could be covered" her verb age has never been the best, and it offended people. What pissed me off was people all the sudden hopped on the "hate wagon" and felt like they were personally paying for the caring of these babies. First, why wouldn't you want to do what you could to help someone? And have you ever inquired as to where your taxes actually go to, what they're spent on? You cant change what you pay, so why do you care if it goes to one stinkin nurse? Well for one thing, it was because it was Kate.

2. Kate has money! Why isn't she just using that instead of claiming poverty?: Someone mentioned to me that one of the haters kept saying Jon's father left them a six figure insurance policy when he died 01/05. First off, Cheryl, you read that over at GWOP and they lie like rugs. How do you know that? Because they told you, therefore its 100% accurate. I tried to investigate this myself, and this is what I FOUND...Jon's dad only had his practice and a car that was given to Jon & Kate & sold. The practice was split. Now I read myself that the people that were commenting at the time at GWOP 5 months ago said they only HEARD he had money. So basically people are quoting things they say are fact, from things they read months ago that were just rumors. Do you see where I'm going with this? Nobody knows how much Jon's dad but his immediate family, the rest was just GARBAGE LIES AND RUMORS......

So lets sum all this up..............
1. People on hates sites say they dislike Jon & Kate because they claimed poverty back in the day when they really had money to pay for a nurse but didn't. Because Kate said it was "societies responsibility" to pay for the tups nurse.

ANSWER: Kate worded wrong what some tool tried to use to smear her. If I was her, I would just say "listen I want to keep my nurse, my kids love and need her. I hope to get an extension." We will never know if they had money or not but its not the point, trying to get insurance to cover it is always A GOOD IDEA.

2. They were hiding money they had and crying poverty.

ANSWER: Nobody owes anybody an explanation on their finances. If I was Kate I would reach out and take any generosity I could too. I feel that they weren't left with much, and were scared about raising 8 kids. I would take every stinkin thing given to me, and like Kate, not feel bad about doing so. Unfortunately, those that will never know the truth will use this an an excuse to bash this family. They are smart to use whatever TCL will give them free and save their money. Does it offend you BECAUSE they get so much free that you and I don't? Bobbi of course, could some cred for one phone call she turned into a hot story, and GWOP has people that just don't know better....And were back to square one!


Amber said...

No matter what anyone does there will always be someone that doesn't like them,people just need to learn to GROW UP.

BEE said...

BabyMama, thank you for this post!

As far as the whole nurse thing goes, Kate really needed help with the kids at that time. She had 6 premature babies as well as 2 toddlers that she was caring for. The sextuplets managed to skirt around any major aliments due to their prematurity. However, (I know this just from my own personal experiences) even relative healthy premature babies might need additional treatments,intervention, and care, especially in the first year of life.

If I recall, some of the babies needed breathing treatments well into their toddlerhood. If you have never given an infant, let alone a small child a breathing treatment then you would know that it can be very difficult to make them sit still long enough to inhale the medication. I can't imagine having to give possibly 6 babies several breathing treatments a day. There is no way that Kate could even begin to give all the kids their breathing treatments each day, let alone provide their basic needs and then even think of hugging or playing with each child! I have NO problem with them wanting their nurse to stay on.

And don't even get me started on the whole money issue!!! You are completely right!! First of all, it is no ones business what the Gosselins financial situation was or is! Period!

Second, if indeed they received a 6 figure inheritance from Jon's father it wasn't going to last very long because of their circumstances. So, I too would take any and all donations to help support and make the lives of my children as comfortable as possible!

This is my true problem with the whole money issue. It is very hard for me to believe that Jon and Kate would have a ton of money in the bank and yet let themselves live with the daily stress of paying for their mortgage or going on public assistance for their electric etc. At the speaking engagement we went to they spoke of how there were several months where they literally were looking for coins in the couches to make the mortgage payment. This does not sound like people that have TONS of money put away for a rainy day!

I think that if the Gosselins did receive an inheritance that they used all of it or a lot of it that first year after the tups were born. Jon was unemployed for at least a year. Yes, they received monetary donations during that time, but I am sure that even those gifts did not cover ALL of their expenses.

Ok, I am done writing my short novel..sorry it is so long.

Shelly said...

Well said Bee!! Everyone, I am sure gets the help from the state for a nurse, if needed. But, how many people in PA have multiples? So, nobody has the right to judge J&K about it. Until they have had to live in their shoes then they should shut up.

cali-mom said...

Right on ladies!!!! People need to just quit bashing the Gosselins. Get over it, and get a life.

3KMOM said...

Bee hit the nail on the head with mentioning why they would live in the stress of not paying bills and all that brings (bill collectors) if they had a huge bank account. I mean that just doesn't make any sense.

Jenner7 said...

Okay, if I'm reading all this right...Jon and Kate asked for their insurance to cover the nurse for another year and were denied. Is that right?

~duckie~ said...

Just wanted to say that it really doesn't matter what any of us think. There will always be people who agree with J&K's parenting style and those of us who don't.

What really matters in the end is what the kids think. I believe that we will find out in about 10years when Cara and Mady are 18 and old enough to tell their side of the story. We will more than likely find out what they have to think when they are not contracted to keep quiet. All of the footage is there for them to review forever and these sites will forever be in cyberspace for them to read. Both pro and con sites.

So, no one is really going to be right or wrong except of the eight children who are living this crazy world. Some of the children may agree with you some may agree with GWOP and some may just think we are all crazy for caring at all. But one thing will always ring true the childern have the last say. Baby Mama you yourself has even said that you and your mom don't get along very well and the way you feel about your mother could very well be the way the children may feel about theirs in the future. Everyone will always love their parents but not everyone has to agreee or even like them.

With that being said later,

P.S. No you all didn't get rid of me I have just been tying to get over my addiction to these sites. LOL ;)

Anya said...

This is my true problem with the whole money issue. It is very hard for me to believe that Jon and Kate would have a ton of money in the bank and yet let themselves live with the daily stress of paying for their mortgage or going on public assistance for their electric etc.

Exactly, Bee, it just doesn't make sense and does not have the ring of truth to it.

Jenner7 said...Okay, if I'm reading all this right...Jon and Kate asked for their insurance to cover the nurse for another year and were denied. Is that right?

I believe it was their state Medicaid program that was providing the nurse. Therefore, we get the anguished cries of the *taxpayers* (who don't even live in PA).

Duckie, I understand your point. That's part of the problem I have about people making predictions about the Gosselin childrens future. We will see. With 8 kids, I am sure there will be a mixture of opinions. I hope they will appreciate that their parents tried to do their best. Maybe that's just something that comes with age, but I turned 40 this year and have been without my my mom for about 4 years. In looking back, I wish I had been easier on her.

Good post, Baby Mama.

MaryMac said...

Great post.

It has always amazed me that people read "I heard this or I heard that" and believe it as fact. I guess its because the haters WANT to believe those things. It gives them ammo.

I read some comments the other day left on a Jon and Kate blog somewhere. It is totally befuddling to me just why these people are so mean. They say "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion." Of course that is true - but why such hatred? I still can't figure it out.

I admit I do understand Kates manner fairly well - mainly because I am very similar. Efficiency is the name of the game. And I often say things that are to the point so directly that niceties are lost. People who know me understand I mean to insert the niceties - it just doesn't always happen. I think Kate is the same way sometimes.

It will be interesting to hear what the kids have to say when they are older. It could be that they will read all the negative stuff and end up defending their parents.

Just a couple more days!

3KMOM said...

Only Jon and Kate and all their kids know the tone of their home. We interpret, discern and make our own guesses and predictions about what we see. Communicating is a two way street and the way things are communicated and received can yield totally different perspectives. So to sum it up I think Jon and Kate and how they live their lives and parent their children has its own vibe. While I'm sure they see how much they love their children not everyone will see what they do as loving. The point is, we all make predictions of how we think things are in their home but no one knows this truly but all of them. My "prediction" is that Jon and Kate are doing the best they can and if we don't all see them in a great light, it doesn't really matter, they are all living their lives while we watch and live our own.

BEE said...

MaryMac, that amazes me as well! How can people read something, on the internet no less, and take it as 100% fact?!?! Just doesn't make sense to me!

3KMOM, you are so true! We all perceive the "show" so differently and only the Gosselins truly know what life is like behind closed doors!

Duckie, as a parent I often wonder what my kids will think of the decisions that my husband and I will make throughout the years. All I know is that we try to do the best by our children and I think that Jon and Kate are doing the same thing. You are right, the bottom line is what those children think in 10-20 years about the decision their parents are making today. It would be interesting to see where the Gosselin kids are in 10-20 years!

nora said...

A question from my son "Mama, where did their Aunt go?" lead me to an internet search, which lead to a sense of shock, little did I know of the world of 'blogging' on other peoples, lives, choices and a TV show. Dozens of articles, blogs and opinions later, I found myself wanting to add an opinion and a sudden sense of understanding regarding the massive amounts of third party (like me) missives unfolded. When we are impacted we want to interact back - it's really that simple I guess. The point that I originally wanted to make has more value than my own little ephany and I appreciate your reading this far, it may seem of topic but having waded through what I have mentally tagged "JodyGate" left me with a thought I haven't seen addressed. Kate Gosselin is purpoted to have stated that she wanted no one but the immediate family to recieve payment for the TLC TV show, and somehow many people think this was improper or somehow just not right, huh? The first thought that came to my mind and continues to linger is that this is a mom who is thinking about protecting her children. Think about it, if anyone who showed up on Jon & Kate Plus 8 was paid for their appearance, who would be asking to spend time with the kids? It is hard enough to keep the people in a child's life focused on the child under normal circumstances, what if simply being with your children became an 'opportunity' for others? An opprtunity to seek the limelight (that already exists) and then an opportunity to make money? Seems to me a responsible, protective mother would prevent such a conflict of interest, and this mother was criticized for nipping it in the bud. Doesn't seem like a bad mom moment to me.