Friday, January 30, 2009

If you were Kate, what would YOU do? Access Hollywood & CBS News sees The Kids Not So Great Moments

UPDATE! Hello Gosselin fans! I have had alot going on at home so I'm sorry I haven't been able to post every day like I normally do. I am a mother first and foremost and I do have a life outside of this blog. I am in the process of deciding whether to moderate my blog. I became pretty irate every time a little troll would try to come and stir the pot. I tried originally to let everyone who wished to make a comment on, and when I deleted something people got confused. Then when I blocked everyone from commenting all together I got a few little fits on my email. So I am working the 6 month kinks out and seeing whats best for this FAN page. Thanks for your patience!

Mady Disrespects Kate, Kate Calmly Handles The Embarrassment

Those of us that have children, especially as I have one exactly Mady's age, will do whatever they can to push boundaries and go beyond what was appropriate. But what if it was during an interview on National TV? Would you have handled her outbursts any better? And do you think anyone has the right to judge Kate because she does expose her family to the criticism? UPDATE: Access Hollywood REMOVED the video. I'm sure because of the nasty comments from the hate boards. This is from You Tube:

Kate Does A Great Job With The Kids Again on CBS News

I have to give it to Kate. If my kids were acting up like this I would have jumped on their behinds in front of everyone. Seriously, I applaud Kate for keeping her cool and dealing with the kids when were acting up. Of course they would rather not be there, but if YOUR kids were on TV acting naughty would you be able to handle it any better. Bravo Kate! I'm sure she needed a spa day after this two sets of interviews.

Watch CBS Videos Online

And finally, I received a wonderful sweet letter today from Rev. Craig Yoshihara today thanking me for supporting his very public feud with the people over at GWOP. I will not be publishing it here. They have horribly harassed this poor Pastor and my heart aches for him. It only shows how vile the people are that are posting on that site. I hope they will think for a minute how terrible it is what they are doing and how bad it makes them look and the site they are posting on. These are the people that CLAIM they are here for this kids! GWOP should be ashamed!


Lesley said...

I think Kate presents herself in a positive manner. She is a Mom, and she has said she is not perfect.

Guess what? Her children aren't perfect either! But mine aren't as well so we have that in common. Access Hollywood had a good time @ Mady's expense. She was just grumpy and they turned it into a Hollywood production with booming music and super duper close ups.

Sorry Baby Mama that you have to troll Police your OWN blog. Thank you for your hard work. :)

Shelly said...

Kate did a great job handling the children. I am not so sure what I would have done. But, kuddos to Kate for keeping her composure.

My heart goes out to Rev. Craig. I hope the trollies will leave him alone.

Sorry Baby Mama for having to police your blog. But, that just means you have the creeps on the run.

The*GosselinGarb*Finder said...

Hi there babymomma I was hoping the Access Hollywood interview subject from yesterday was going to be discussed here! When I was watching how Access Hollywood dramatized the frame of what Mady said regarding someone deserving a spanking, I could totally relate being in that position when your kid blurts out private matters in the home. They (AH) were trying to "stir" something if you ask me! Hen will it end lolllll..?

I am in no way am going to open a can of worms discussion on the issue (spanking) that is not my intention, I am just talking about the manner access Holywood made a point to get some controversy in there.

In my opinion I think Kate handled that situation VERY well considering the moment, I am unsure (obviously) if she knew that they were going to edit the interview that way but she very well could have asked them not to show that and if she knew that small portion of the interview was going to be all dramtaized like Lesley said then that speaks volumes about Kate's position on not being phony ;) It seemed to me she was unaware that was going to be on? Everyone was getting a little primped here and there by the staff and she was just trying to get her opinion to the interviewer by herself with all the kids mind you, which was supposed to be the point of the interview instead they turned her interview in a way that was negative. I sympathize with her, she did her best and didn't try to act like someone she's not she has 8 kids and she has to stay consistent with their discipline no matter where they are. I thought this was showcased in the interview in a negative way as well, but she was keeping calm and patient I think she did a good job.

I support your decision to discern the content on your site I feel it's a great fan site with very nice people. Like the original JK8 Q&A episode once they read a sliver of negative in their email it's **delete** LOL.

indianprincess said...

Great Job, Babymama!!! Sorry about having to babysit your own blog but sometimes life happens and adults don't respect other people because they feel entitled of a higher standard then the rest of us. I felt so bad for the Pastor and I'm glad you gave him support for all the craziness he had to deal within the last week. I think Kate did well in the interview and I kind of laughed when I saw the interview watching children being children. Mady is a wonderful child, headstrong and isn't afraid to speak her mind. The children have grown so much since the fall. Wow, hope all is well!!!

Theresa said...

I thought Kate presented herself well, too. She is nothing but real and that's what I like about her. I liked that she disciplined Alexis and Mady on camera. I would've too if they were my kids and acting up.

I wish Access Hollywood wouldn't have done the Mady close-ups and drama. They could've cut it out of the piece. But, I think Kate's quip of "I guess she doesn't like it" when Mady was asked about her brothers and sisters in the end balanced out the drama. I like that Kate can laugh at these cringing/embarrassing moments. That's one of the reasons I like her. She's got a sense of humor and relies on it to take her through each hectic day.

Nina Bell said...

I watched both interviews and again can not figure out what the issues are here.

This is a family with 8 children, six all the same age and this is what you are going to see on a day to day basis.

How about the question "Is your mom a good mom?" Pretty ridiculous interview question but both kids answered yes first. I agree, Mady was being Mady and will always be Mady. Thank God they all have different personalities and they are allowed to let them shine.

Baby Mama, Sorry you have to moderate comments but in my mind it means that you appear to be getting your message out there.

MoreCowbell said...

The CBS interview isn't bad. As the anchor said (regarding Mady), "She sounds just like a big sister." It was clear that Mady was smiling when she said she "liked Daddy better," and Kate laughed it off. I saw nothing wrong with her responses or her behavior in the CBS video. Having six four year old siblings probably IS a pain. They're EVERYWHERE and they're loud and demanding and probably in her face ALL the time.

Now, the Access Hollywood video is a different story. Mady was sullen and pouting and rude. It certainly seems as if something went on before the cameras rolled that put her in a bad mood. Perhaps Kate disciplined her. Whatever the circumstance, she deserves to be repremanded for disrespecting her parent like that, whether she did it in private or public or in front of a camera.

Now, if that behavior is habitual for Mady, then there's a problem. We've all seen her misbehave, but hardly to the extent that I think she's a serious problem, and perhaps she needs to talk to someone. There is no shame in seeing a child psychologist IF the Access Hollywood behavior is becoming a pattern at home or in school. If not, and she's just being the Mady we usually see, then that is something Jon and Kate are dealing with and doing fairly well.

Don't forget, Mady does have Kate's DNA. I think the twins have each inherited a diferent parent's personality!

MoreCowbell said...

Oh, and Baby Mama, one more thing. Do what you have to do to keep the psychotic trolls from invading this site. If it means moderating responses, then that's what you have to do. After seeing firsthand the shameful (and probably criminal) way they harassed and bullied Rev. Craig, it is completely understandable. They should be embarrassed, but that would require decency and self-awareness, something that does not seem to have a place at GWoP.

my2girls said...

My comment on the Mady situation was she handled it quite appropriately. But, the way she handled Alexis wasn't proper in my opinion. As she was squeezing her arm she was telling her to keep "her" hands to herself....seems a little bit weird. No telling what I would have done in that moment though.
On another note: they all looked so adorable:)

Jenmarie said...

She does keep her cool very, very well. However, after seeing all the shows I do see the need for Jon and Kate to discipline Mady more firmly. Her mouth and attitude are out of control sometimes, and they don't do much about it. They better act soon or they are going to have a hard time with her in her teen years.

Loved the updates! =)

Quiltart said...

Baby Mama,
Here is a link to a CNN interview that Kate apparently did the same day as the Access Hollywood and CBS... I think Kate handled this as well as she could and I truly appreciated that the interviewer was so positive about the kids....

kassie said...

I really think mady acts the way she does, is beause she is around other people. I have an 11 yr. old and when are around differant people she acts more grown up, and the things that come out of her mouth are things that sometimes makes me want to crawl under the table. I think some kids require more attions than others and my daughter and mady are 2 of them. I think Kate is an amazing mom!!

Lesley said...

quoting My2girls-

"But, the way she handled Alexis wasn't proper in my opinion. As she was squeezing her arm she was telling her to keep "her" hands to herself....seems a little bit weird."

Ok, she put her hand on Alexis's shoulder and squeezed to get her full attention. She didn't squeeze hard, you could tell that by Alexis's facial expression. I don't want to turn this into a spanking debate, however there is a big difference between a shoulder squeeze and a spanking. A squeeze is the milder of the two.

BEE said...

I agree with Nina Bell, I don't really see what the huge deal is with the interviews.

The kids were being kids and I think Kate was appropriate in her discipline. And for as much as everyone is talking about how poorly Mady or Alexis was acting, what about the other 6 kids? Especially, Cara and the boys...they were great!

I did like the CNN interview better then the Access and the CBS interview. The reporter clearly likes this family and he did a nice job! Cara was very sweet, trying to make Hannah stop talking and giving her a kiss and putting her shoe back on. And the boys were VERY well behaved!

In my opinion, Kate was BRAVE to go on several interviews without Jon! She kept her cool and the kids honestly were not that bad!

BabyMama, I applaud you for NOT publishing the email you received from the REV!! How kind of him to respond to you!

So sorry you have to moderate comments, but thank you for maintaining your HIGH standards for this site!! It is part of why I keep coming back!!

Baby Mama said...

I seriously hope this woman watched Kate and her kids on TV, especially Mady. The whole thing is so disturbing! This woman is a 33-year-old single mother who lives with her parents. She declared bankruptcy over a year ago. She already had six kids! She just wanted "one more girl". And people want to criticize Kate!

The womans mother said that her daughter "is not evil, but she is obsessed with children. She loves children, she is very good with children, but obviously she overdid herself." HUH? She then sighed and said, "I wish she would have become a kindergarten teacher."

HELLOO! This woman needed to watch Access Hollywood and see Kate and her kids acting up. See Maddy and picture 13 more. I feel so bad for this woman, I hope they give her a TLC show STAT so GWOP (who are equal opportunity haters) will make a CLWOP (Crazy Lady Without Pity)

Lesley said...

BabyMama, did a troll get through?

I got an email notification and it was not very nice. Those dillweeds don't give up.

If I was Jon and Kate, I would have safety on my mind continually. Crazy people do crazy things......scary. :(

MaryMac said...

I feel horrible for Rev. Craig and am so very glad you gave him some support Baby Mama! Good for you.

I am getting such a kick out of watching these interview clips. I think Kate did a wonderful job. I am glad she is parenting during TV spots. And those kids weren't that bad for goodness sake. The boys and Cara were GREAT even.

I am looking forward to the episode tomorrow!

And Baby Mama - do what ever you have to with your Fan Site. We're behind ya!

FIONA said...

Well, can't say that Kate deserves a spa day after those interviews...I am thinking more about what the kids deserve. But to me it always goes back to their privacy and they clearly have no say in that.

I have also maintained that children at this age, and even younger can be expected to behave and sit nicely if that is what they are being taught at home-basic manners and follow thru.

Mady's behavior disturbs me personally because I think it is just a sign of a bigger issue. That to me is very sad.

I don't think Kate puts her kids needs first-she may think she does, but I think Jon and Kate put there need for financial security first, at the price of their kids.

This isn't the first time Mady has been the fodder of the cameras, but then her parents do it to her as well.

The boys just seemed zoned out to me. I think they take Kate more seriously than the girls do.

Baby Mama, I don't always agree with everything on your blog, I do very much enjoy your site and your view point. Thanks!

Barbara said...

Boy, do I agree with you BabyMama about Kate keeping her cool better than I would. She did exactly what she should have done and I am sure after they left, Mady had some punishment -- which she should have. Her behavior was way over the line. But if Kate would have done anything at that time, she would have been raked over the coals by the haters. She was STILL raked over the coals, but the haters are actually gleeful for the way Mady talked to Kate and made all kinds of excuses for why it was o.k. for Mady to behave that way, you know, it was all Kate's fault anyway. Bullsh**! Kate can do no right in their eyes. I am really shocked at GWOP and some of the other hate groups and the things they say. I agree with you also that there are only a few posters all using different names. Have you seen any of those user names? They are vile! I feel sorry for Kate.

Paula said...

Thank you Baby Mama for the great blog. Keep up the good work, did I take your comment to mean that you were thinking of giving up the blog. I hope not, this is one of the few sane places to hear about the Gosselins.

Also, thank you for writing to the Reverend and expressing the thoughts of many. I also thought of writing but didn't want to add to his burden of answereing all that e-mail.

As for the interviews. Kids will be kids. Kate seems to be handling the stress better. I liked when Mady said she liked her Daddy better. She did agree that Kate was a great mom. I happened to like my Daddy better too when I was young. Daddy's little girl. It didn't mean I didn't like my mom.

LauraH said...

Hi Debbie,

I did see this interview last week and I think Kate handled it the best she could. I am sure Kate sat Mady down after they got home and had a big talk with her about her behavior. I still have a fondness for Mady, because I think she can be so cute and funny at times, but also see how being a big sister to 6 four year olds would be very difficult. I have said this on my blogs

and I will say it again, I think it is very important for Jon and Kate to spend more one on one time with Cara and Mady. The little ones have gotten so much attention in the last few years that it has taken a toll on the twins. Cara is a bit more patient, but she seems withdrawn at times. With that said I think Jon and Kate are great parents and I think that they are doing the best they can and Nobody should be judging them on their parenting skills, especially people who haven't had twins and sextuplets before..... :^D We can Only imagine what that would be like 24/7

Hugs, Laura

Saint said...

The night GWOP published his email address, I decided to email him and let him know that it was made public. He wrote back right away and thanked me for the heads up....he didn't know where all the crazy emails were coming from. I felt bad for him, but he sounded like he could handle himself pretty well. Nice guy. I am glad others emailed, too. When you are being attacked, it's nice to know someone is in your corner.

With that in mind, I am commenting to tell you that you do a great job here. I like your writing style and how your info is presented. It's different and refreshing. I am a frequent lurker here...never a troll. Keep up the good work! :)

Shelly said...

Baby Mama,
I wrote a short note to Rev. Craig, to thank him for supporting the Gosselin's and not putting any thought into the un-founded accusations.

I will let you know what he says, if he responds.

The Martin's said...

I think she handled herself very well and really didn't think that Mady acted that bad ?!?!

I have looked at the "bad site" for the Rev email so I could email and show some support but I couldn't find anything on the blog about it ?!?!?

LittleMisSushine said...

New Rules for posting on GWoP!!

Rules For Posting
1. No anonymous posters.
2. Do not be rude to other posters or call them names.
3. No online petitions.
4. Do not be rude about the children or call them names. Commenting on the behaviour that we have seen is acceptable, but no name calling.
5. Do not refer to calling CPS or use the term child abuse.
6. Watch profanity.
7. Don't tell the moderators how to run the blog.
8. Be careful about boards on boards and please don't discuss or provide links to other Gosselin boards.
9. No diagnosing mental/medical conditions.
10. No posting addresses.
11. Along with not being rude don't tell other people how to think, act, or behave - don't try to tell other people what to do or not do.
12. No using the kid's names or moderator's as your screen name.
13. Comments including "I'm sure you won't print this" will never be printed.
14. No unsolicited recaps, if you are interested please contact us and we will be in touch.
15. The administrators are not able to verify the identity of people who comment here. Believe what you choose to believe.
Posted by Maggie on 12/30/2009

Paula said...

Posted by Maggie on 12/30/2009

Look at the date! I guess GWOP can always say they are for future reference and don't count for now!

Amber said...

Ahh i dont have sound at work :(

cali-mom said...

I do agree w/most of you Mady was rude, but I think Kate handled it well. I also saw nothing wrong w/the way Kate handled Alexis, its not like she smacked her around and then said Keep your hands to herself.

3KMOM said...

I can see why Kate said nothing to Mady and just looked down when Mady told her not to be her boss. I can see this b/c I know when I am around others who I think are judgemental of me I won't discipine my kids in front of them. I tend to let it slide or take them to a private corner to give them "a talking to" :)

BEE said...

Regarding the new rules over at GWoP...what in the world will they have to talk about??? Oh, I forgot, Kate's hair!

Ok, so my judgemental side is showing, but seriously these people need to get a life!

ChezhdChick said...

Heh-heh-heh. They've addressed all the complaints that most of us have about them.

It's going to get awfully lonely over there if people actually follow the rules.

Makes you wonder. They couldn't have done that in response to us (and like minded blogs complaining about them). I wonder if they were hit by some legal threats, perhaps? That would be AWESOME.

And don't worry, they always have their Super Seekret Message Board (Reality TV Unlocked) to continue their cattiness, sight unseen by everyone but them!

Theresa said...

I hope they're getting their arses sued. I do hope they have been notified of legal action. I'm sure if that's happened, the respective party (or parties)surely were smart enough to have collectively been keeping tabs and mountains of evidence.

Just because they put new rules up, I hardly think even their idiotic mods will follow them. After all, they are the ones who allow the crap and bias to be published.

Quiltart said...

I hope they're getting their arses sued. I do hope they have been notified of legal action. I'm sure if that's happened, the respective party (or parties)surely were smart enough to have collectively been keeping tabs and mountains of evidence.

Theresa, that was the first thing that came to my mind, too. These new rules spelled out "cease and desist" to me!

Shelly said...

I hope someone got them for cyber bullying. They might not be directly threatening the Gosselin's, but they are suggesting. But it won't last. Those idiots have one thing on their mind and that is to trash Kate.

Minnie~Knits said...

You know, I have visited GWOP. Like you all, I find the site ridiculous.
Over and over they'd post "well I stopped watching blah blah blah" and I was like RIGHT you did...

But lately, here, on this website, all the comments are about what GWOP is doing. Like YOU all are over there reading it, and come back here to say "look at what they're doing NOW". Childish behavior.

I'm off to find a TRUE fan site, not one that spends all their time trashing GWOP. Boring. I don't CARE what they think. That's why I came HERE.

MoreCowbell said...

The reason that GWoP is referenced constantly is because what they are doing is blatantly WRONG, and if they cannot handle being questioned about their namecalling, harassment, and cyberbullying, then they shouldn't do it, period. They opened themselves up to the criticism. They claim to be advocates for the children, yet they are actually a hate site. Own up and stop claiming to be something you're not and you won't get questioned. Sorry, but decent people should never sit back quietly and do nothing while they watch other people get bullied and harassed.

I feel like a broken record every time a GWoPPer poses as a normal person and goes on pro-Gosselin web sites saying, "Why do you talk about GWoP all the time?" Maybe all pro-Gosselin blogs should have a FAQ and include that subject.

The upside is that if those new rules are legit and they stick to them, there will be nothing for anyone else to talk about, which is a GOOD THING.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling it will be business as usual on their underground private message board.

Shelly said...

Minnie Knits,
If you read these posts, then you would realize that we were talking about Kate and the interviews that GWOP trashed her about. Then LMS posted GWOP rules. That is when the conversation swung to the Gwoppers.
1. I do not care what the rules are over there. Because they are a bunch of uptight liars with nothing better to do.
2.LMS stops in every now and again trying to stir trouble.
3. Where are your previous posts on this blog? I have not seen your name here before.

We are fans and stand up for what is right.

LThiesfeld07 said...

I'm going to post again.
On a side note, I'm very surprised to hear Kate is still in Illinois. She was at the Willow Creek Church on Saturday and apparently she is still in that area! She must really be missing Jon and the kids! It's been 3 days! :(

Baby Mama said...

Do we know whether Jon & Kids are there with Kate? I was under the impression they were. Does anyone know?

BEE said...

LThiesfeld07, I understand where you are coming from. With all the appearances that Kate has been making lately, I too have thought that it is kind of sad that she is gone from the family so much.

Then again, we don't know if Jon and the kids get to go along sometimes, for how long she is gone etc.

Honestly, I wouldn't even think twice if it was Jon that was doing all the traveling etc. Tons of fathers have to travel a lot for business. It is hard for them to be away from their kids, but seldom do people question the situation.

But since Kate is "Mommy", that is where it is hard for me. I know, I know, double standard. I fully support Kate in what she is doing. I don't see anything wrong with her being the breadwinner. But as a mom who is use to being a stay at home mom, it must be kind of hard for her and for the kids.

I think it would be so interesting to "really" see what happens at the Gosselins for a month. How often they travel, how often Kate or Jon is gone, what PR they are doing, when do they sneak in grocery shopping or does someone else do it etc.

Their lives seem to be so drastically different from when the show started.

Teresa said...

I posted this under a different topic, but thought it belongs here. I Hope you don't mind the redundancy...

I must confess that I go over to the “dark side” to read the laughable, ridiculous, not to mention sick things that people write. I used to get angry and all worked up about it, but no more… I just laugh. They are so friggin’ desperate to make people hate Kate, and feel sorry for Jon, and oh, poor Aunt Jodi… because that is what it is all about. They don’t give a crap about the kids… They just USE them as an excuse.

They things they say:
- OMG,what is under the blue tarp?
- OMG, Kate kinda, sorta, maybe, I think, might’ve hinted this or that…
- OMG, on that one episode, I don’t remember which one it was, but I clearly remember word by word and step by step that Kate said this or that and did this or that…
- OMG,I read somewhere, I don’t remember when or where, but remember word by word that Kate did or said this or that…
- OMG, human beings actually like the show. THEY MUST BE ALIENS!!!
- OMG, what is under the blue tarp? OH, I HAD SAID THAT ALREADY… OOOPS!
I could go on and on…

And the things they do:
- Dig up the Kate’s Nursing licensing information and ask people to keep an eye on it… AND DO WHAT WITH IT.
- Write the sponsors… OMG, I received an auto-reply email that they get lots of emails (all about J&K-mind you) but they are looking into this problem… Yippy, they are pulling their sponsorship!!! NOT!
- Write the churches… OMG, one of the pastors emailed back and told me to mind my own business… HE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN!!!
Again, I could go on and on…

It really cracks me up how they hate this show so much, but watch it all the time. Even re-runs…

Thanks for letting me vent.

BTW - I love this blog!!!

Kylt said...

i am watching Jon and Kate +8

Kylt said...

tell how much each year for grosreys