Monday, March 30, 2009

Hot Cookbook "Love Is In The Mix", More Rare Episode Footage, "Meet Jon & Kate", Sabatoging Husbands

Hello Gosselin Fans! Well go figure that ME of all people would breathe a sigh of relief that the season is over. YES ME! I mean I watch it every morning before work, and during the million repeats at night, so its OK! I'm really getting into Dancing With The Stars. Its also my day off and when the kids are in bed, I force my husband to watch it with me and its my once peaceful night before a rough week. Please forgive all the craziness on this site as I look for ideas from this one to revamp my new one coming coon! Again, now that Jon & Kate's final episode had 4.6 million viewers, will they have just as much for the season opener? Lets hope so! (Image by Wolfpuppy)

Meet Jon & Kate

Ok not literally, but IMDB is claiming that this is currently the working title of the April 23rd season 5 opener. This would be following the one hour special April 19th. (And why on a Sunday? Is that day even correct?) Again, this could all change at any time, and I will let you know if it does. Whats up with the title and why does it say it will be on a Thursday?? We shall see!

Kates Third Book "Love Is In The Mix"

A few people have e-mailed me about all the trolls now discussing Kates cookbook. Uhh let me remind those that I disused this back in February already and nothing has changed as of yet. The cover art has not been finalized and I guess people are just getting wind of it now. I for one am SUPER excited! For those of you that want more of a description its below. You can pre-order it right on my site by clicking the link.

Nutritious recipes the whole family will enjoy
How to craft family traditions that create happy memories
Meaningful mealtime blessings
How to begin eating organically
How to feed a large family on a budget
Kate also offers insight into handling picky eaters, making lunchtime fun, planning meals for vacations, and making ordinary days extra special. Family photos and humorous anecdotes add personality and charm to this endearing book.

See Never Before Seen Clips at!

A few people sent me this link showing me these clips of parts of the couch confessionals that I don't believe ever aired. Or they did and I missed them. Anyway check them out HERE, I found the one about the high chairs interesting! Who knew had such a cool site!

The Ugly Truth about how men behave: Men sabotaging their wives

I really loved this article that was sent to me from
The ugly truth about how some men act when your career success tops his. This is a SUPER GOOD article that is a MUST READ!

“It’s common for men to be threatened by their wife’s success and to say they are totally encouraging”. “They’re feeling abandoned and left out, but they almost always deny it. The husband has secretly relied on his superiority over her as a foundation for his self-worth, and he sees her success as something that’s taken away from him."

In her research for Little White Lies, Barash found that the more well-known the women became, the less they took their husbands on business trips: “The husbands would make such faux pas, they became an albatross,” she says. “They were so jealous and uncomfortable with their wife’s success that they would drink too much or say something to mortify her.”

One Final Note:

I put this in the comments section for someone who asked, but the place that the Gosselins went to Canvas Paint was at The Wyomissing Instiute For Fine Arts......Thank you Holly!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Watch Slopes, Sleds & Sesame Here! Happy Birthday Kate! Season Finale HIGHEST Rated Episode!

Hello Gosselin Fans! In the midst of all the chaos this week with all things going on Gosselin, a few of you asked if I forgot to add the videos to the blog! The answer is a big fat yes. There was such a huge swing in readers it got a bit overwhelming trying to get everything out in the midst of my craziness at home with the kids.So sit back, enjoy and I will have the final episodes up soon. Also I will be adding the older videos hopefully during the break when things die down so that you can have that to watch as well until the "Going Green" 1 Hour Jon & Kate Plus 8 Special April 19th!

Also lets wish Kate a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!.......Uhh thats why they were at Mr. Chows.....DUH (lol) Rumor has it that they went with the kids to T.G.I. Fridays tonight!

Young Women LOVE Jon & Kate Plus 8!.....Read the article from the

TLC's hit reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8's season finale Monday night was the highest-rated episode in six demographics. The show was watched by 4.6 million viewers and ranked first among all ad-supported cable in the 9:30 p.m. half-hour among HH, W25-54, P18-49, W18-49, and W18-34.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Table For 12 Review, Jon & Kate Body Language On Access Hollywood, Jon & Kate Plus 8 "Going Green" 1 hour Special!

Hello Gosselin Fans! For the past few weeks I have been posting every other day because I have been way to busy at home and things were a little bit slower in the land of Gosselin. But the Season Finale was SO HUGE, such a shocker, that there has been so much info coming out! Its hard to keep track of all that is being sent to me. Being on the cutting edge (lol) of all things Gosselin, I must report as much as I can while its Dinner/Homework/Baths/Bed. I am also still trying to keep up with American Idol as well, but my husband hates to watch it. So paying for this DVR service is now worth it! Speaking of, I hope you like this cute photo!

Jon & Kate On Access Hollywood...Who Believes Body Language Experts?

Well some do and some don't. I guess you need to watch this and make up your own opinion about whether you feel Mark Stevens comments were accurate. Are you like me, and feel that sometimes you too could have body language with your partner/spouse like that and it not mean anything more than your just tired and cranky?? HMMM Thank you Kelly!

Will There Be A Season 5? We DO Have A One Hour Special To Look Forward To!

Well on yesterdays post it was revealed that they have already apparently done several episodes already for season 5. Emeril Lagasse spilled the beans a few weeks even before the finale aired that he was doing a cooking show with Jon & Kate. Well now (via the Hollywood Insider) spilled the beans that they do have several shows in the can and that a "Going Green" Special featuring Jon & Kate will be airing April 19th.

"For now, TLC won't officially say whether a fifth season is in the cards, though it's certainly something the network wants. "Jon and Kate are part of the TLC family and we obviously want them to be happy," says a TLC spokeswoman. "The top priority is to let them have some quality time together." She added that production can -- and will -- accommodate the family's schedule. The prospect of losing the hit program couldn't come at a worse time for TLC, especially since the March 23 finale of Jon & Kate Plus 8 was the show's highest-rated episode ever among overall viewers (4.6 million), persons 25-54 (2.3 million), and women 18-49 (2.1 million). Eager to monetize the show's stellar ratings, TLC would no doubt love to go into its New York upfront presentation for advertisers April 2 with the news that it'll bow a fifth season of Jon & Kate as early as this June -- that is, unless something changes with the family."

Entertainment Weekly Review For Jon & Kate Season Finale And The New Table For 12

Entertainment Weekly's Jon & Kate Articles normally give me a headache when I read them because of the ridiculous comments that usually come after them. However I was particularly interested in the one HERE simply because it summed up EXACTLY how I felt about the series Table For 12:

"What made Jon & Kate so fascinating in its first season was simply the stuff of organization -- the how-they-feed/clothe/organize-the-kids stuff. Table for 12 did little to establish the children's personalities last night. But parents Eric and Betty Hayes seem like very nice people, and the show handled the presentation of four-year-old Rebecca, who has cerebral palsy, with restraint, not exploitive sentiment. The episodes were, overall, edited in a rather dull way."

Will this show keep us entertained until the maybe-maybe not season 5 of Jon & Kate Plus 8? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jon & Kate Just Ate ... Together, Emeril Spills The Beans Via Twitter, Baby Mama's New Site Coming Soon!

Hello Gosselin fans! So sorry about the messy post today. Things having been moving at an alarming rate. Both at home and in blogging world. I am super excited at all the upcoming changes to the blog. I did express in the comments that I will no longer be paying homage to that OTHER site. I am super excited to have acquired the rights to a NEW URL. I am hoping that all of you will follow with me! And since there will still be almost 200 posts on here, I will always keep this blog active, though as of May 1st the comments here will be disabled. I am super excited at all the thousands of new readers and I hope that my new blog will be everything that you hope it will be in a fan site! I guess it was important to me that when I talk and promote the new site its 100% troll free (lol). My new Jon & Kate Plus 8 Fan site will be at on May 1st just in time (hopefully) for season 5. Better late then never!

Jon & Kate Just Ate ... Together

Nothing says "My husband ain't divorcin' me" like a dinner for two at Mr. Chow -- so amid rumors of the split, the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" couple had a very public date night last night in Beverly Hills. TMZ is all over it. You may have to watch a short commercial first. Thanks! 3KMOM! Jon & Kate: Click to watch

Emeril Spills The Beans Via Twitter

Leave it up to of all people Emeril Lagasse to spill the beans on Jon & Kate's season 5 before the season finale ever aired. Someone found this on his Twitter (which I never knew existed). View HERE. Basically its about the 100th episode! "Wow my friends just finished filming Jon & Kate their 100th episode, what a cool family & cute kids!" What is it about this Twitter craze that everyone must now know everyone's business every second! (lol)

One Final Note.....

With literally hundreds of blogs out there that have Jon & Kate posts, so many people keep stating how hard it is to be a fan of the show and comment about it. Everyone says they feel like they'll get attacked and they do. You have every right to get on any blog (or hive as I call them lol) you want and say how you feel about the show. Make honey with the rest of them One particular blog was wondering why there were no fans giving them reason to change their minds on how they feel. But yet these places tend to get super territorial quick and don't take well to the newbies. And while you should never feel the need to change any ones mind or explain yourself, you do have the right to go where you choose and partake in the party.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Season 4 Finale Is Here! Family Outing, B-Ball & More,Real Reality Families

Hello Gosselin fans! I'm so sorry that this big fan has been short on the posts this week. Today I practically ran home from work after taking a child CPR class at the library. I am going to leave this for now for anyone that wishes to comment and/or speculate on the season finale tonight. I'm so excited yet so sad. All this build-up and now we have to watch a new family for a while. Frankly I'm sad to say I'm too dedicated to this one and I will be skipping it in favor of my Dancing with the Stars.......So relax, my posts are on the way, and lets thank Laura for the incredible recent photo of Kate from the last speaking appearance! Want Kate's top? Go to the Gosselin Garb Finder to find out how!

B-Ball & More

Yay the episode is here! How interesting that it seems they were JUST on Oprah and here they are getting ready for the even. Is it me or do I feel like they edit these in 2 days? Kate talked about her change in her appearance finally. Like we need any more ammo for the trolls on Kate's fashion evolution. I personally LOVE the way she looks. Why is she only not relateable if she dresses in sweats and look harried? Its so funny to say that I knew (or at least I think I did) the exact Gymboree store she was at. It was cool that she went in and commented about the clothes she like there and discussed what the kids like to wear since I am at the EXACT stage now with my kids. We also got to see her shopping at Ann Taylor for the beautiful blouse that she wore last week for her recent speaking appearance! I also understood how hard it is to do something via satellite, as they were doing, with the kids trying to be still polite and calm when they cant hear or relate to whats going on. They went to get haircuts for their Oprah appearance from their home and I was glad to see that all the kids were happy they looked nice, because it was off to the Harlem Globetrotters! Who knew that they were such huge fans of the show!

But there was NO HUGE booing. Liars! As far as the Harlem Globetrotters outing, I have to say I spoke to two people that went to the vent. There was NO booing and that was all made up by the haters. Apparently there were a few upset people that The Special Needs Children were not asked to come on the floor as well but I honestly didn't see anything like that..The Harlem Globetrotters are, as everyone else, huge fans of the show. So the fact that the kids got to spend half-time meeting them seemed like a real treat. Cara going onto the Court was so cute, it seemed like she felt really special and it looked like everyone had a great time. I mean, what this did for them was HUGE, as most people I spoke to didn't even know they were still around. It made me want to go see them, that's for sure!

I was also happy that they addressed the "helper" that they have and explained that she is not a nanny. I feel that a helper is part-where a nanny is more full-time. I respect that fact that she does not want to be on camera.

Family Outing

"Get Me A Paper Towel!" Well I was excited personally to see Family Outing because of the interest of the Please Touch Museum. I wanted to know it it would be worth it to take the hike to have the kids enjoy it. I personally having young children to not like to go anywhere where they will go get messy and paint. So I was super proud of Kate for handling their paintings so well that they were making for Daddy while he was away. Going to paint at that canvas place looked really fun, and I hope to do something like that with my kids someday. Also I really LOVED seeing the kids at the Museum, it looks like a really fun place to take the kids! The Ferris wheel looked like a real hit! (This was obviously when Jon was off with his mom and all of the "photos" went down). And this was, as most of us speculated, what he was going to talk about. I personally was very happy that he was going to address what was going on. Whether or not anyone will believe the truth, or just be nasty just to put them down, I never thought Jon wasn't going to discuss what was going on and address the rumors. Lo and behold, 3 minutes left of the show, my baby starts screaming with a wet diaper and I missed the last 3 minutes of the show. But as speculated, it was I heard the "best" cliffhanger that they could have done for the show. What do you think? UPDATE: OK, in between life I finally sat down and go to watch the end of the show. I was really upset that they took down their interview room! I plan on taking it myself and putting in my own basement. How sad? They were really going for the full emotional tug of the heartstrings. Jon unhappy with not being able to have a life outside of just being a stay-at-home dad. Kate finally happy with where she is but he isn't. Ive been there and it was just devastating for me to see. The poor guy cant even have a fun night out without people ripping it apart as something else. My heart bleeds for them but I am confident that they will get through this. I really wish Jon had something to call his own so that he, like so many stay-at-home moms out there, could feel fulfilled. Kate currently has a little time at home now and I hope that they are spending the time alone together doing something fun with the kids! I wish them all the best!

Real Reality Families

Well everyone on every site seems to be talking about this GMA Clip, so feel free to watch their promo story about all the TLC Reality Families with a Promo for Table of 12. Does it make you feel any different about these families?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Season 4 DVD Artwork via, Celebrity Episode Review, Season Finale Now The BUZZ of the Internet

Hello Gosselin fans! As you can see there were MAJOR appearances added to the list and I put it closer to the top for you to read. Poor Kate wont be catching a break anytime soon. With the release of her new book"Eight Little Faces" and the new DVD release, it looks like the book signing tour wont be stopping anytime soon. Ive been hearing on a blog or two on the CA dates she may have the kids in tow which would probably be shown on the show for next season in an episode or two. I know that me just looking at this list makes me tired. And mad! I mean, I had a blast going to meet her, but it was quite a hike. Lo and behold, my suggestion she come and do some dates near me (she said it was hopefully going to happen) IS actually happening. Girlfriend is practically coming to my doorstep for a signing in May. UPDATE: If any of you from Georgia went to see Kate tonight, PLEASE email me, I want to hear about it! earlier DVD Release Date And NEW Updated Content From TLC

Holy Photoshop Batman! I had to just laugh when I saw the cover of Jon and Kate Plus Ei8ht: Season 4 - The Wedding, Volume 1 (2008). Poor Mady looks like a totally different person! (lol) I am sure everyone is gonna have something to say about it, but I think that even though the cover looks great, they could have not cropped the poor kids to look like cutouts. TLC in the wake of all the controversy that conveniently is happening right around the season finale, has made several changes to the new DVD. This is inducing artwork, re-name of the DVD itself, release date and content.

Originally I was told it would be a complete season 4 set with 4 discs costing $34.95 to be released May 12th. At the drop of a hat however, TLC CHANGED EVERYTHING. Now the date has been moved up to May 5th. Thats good. The price is going down to $27.95. Ok fine, but there will be only 3 discs now with the 700 minutes of supposed footage that as of now is still "undetermined". With also the bonus features not yet specified(supposedly the BEST part), I'm still unsure weather this disc will be special never-before-seen scenes from Hawaii, or if this will really be the complete season 4 on disc. Confused? Yeah me too. I guess we will have to see what we get as I have already pre-order it. Wannna too? Go the the link on the right of my page so see and read more! Bonus so far? Like Season 3, this DVD release will be in anamorphic widescreen for those of you with the newest and hottest TVs!

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Season Finale Turning into the Buzz of the Internet

Taken from the Associated Content article:

"The last episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 saw the show pass 3 million viewers total, cementing it once again as one of the top watched shows on cable, and by far the most successful one that has graced TLC. Those ratings points are easily turned into dollar signs by people at the network, and it is easy to see that if you take a show that is garnering a large audience, and add a little extra flair for drama to the promotion of the show, you are going to end up with more people tuning in to see what might, or might not, happen on upcoming episodes."

Celebrity Slopes Sleds & Sesame Recap

I am not ever good at re-capping episodes, so I like to have a basic non-snarky one to read and get a feel for and you can read it HERE.

The Trolls Are Snickering "Ohh what will she do once the season finale is over?"

Oh silly, silly trolls. The haters don't realize that I have been blogging for months now (HELLO does anyone read my past almost 200 entries?), even when there were no shows to review. Did they honestly think I was going to hang up my blog just because the season is over? Have no fear: While I may be VERY BUSY right now in my life (HELLO I have a husband & kids remember?), I will continue to post on this site and keep you updated on the latest happenings as much as I can till the next season starts. While it may not be every day, know that I will always be there for the fans of my blog.....xoxoxox

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jon & Kate: How They Met, Great Momlogic Parenting Article, Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season Finale Secrecy

Hello Gosselin Fans! I wonder if your like me, thinking about the tragic and sudden loss of the immensely talented Natasha Richardson from a simple ski accident. We have been talking alot about skiing this past week with this past episode. If your like me, your wondering how this could have happened. How she could have not hit anyone or anything, fell, and gave her self such a concussion that she didn't even realize it until she got back to the hotel. How could these this happen? For me, who went skiing once and vowed never to do it again from the pain 2 days later, it makes me well still never want to ski again. But most importantly, it makes me realize that your here one day, gone the next. Makes you think about appreciating what you have, loving who your with, because in an instant, it could all be gone.

I am hoping with this family, that they will do the same. I know that even though we all feel TLC hit below the best with their season finale teases, its really making everyone foam at the mouth for next week kinda like the house episode. It was amazing to see over 12,000 hits in less than 3 hours after the episode aired of people coming here to see what sort of reaction the fans had to what they "claim" they will reveal next week. What was the curiosity about? Why are people in blog land so curious as to what the die hard fans were going to say regarding this not-so revelation. I hope they know that I continue to support this couple 100% in whatever they do regarding their own family and those adorable kids. I have a feeling they will be just fine. And I praying they keep those precious dogs too! (Another rumor I want to disregard!)

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season Finale Secrecy

There is such a shroud of secrecy over next week and the rumors are running rampant. Are they re-working the 2 episodes there were planning to show just to add in 5 minutes of controversy? Or was it already in the episodes? And if so, what is it? Well no one knows for sure, but I personally have seen at least 2 different teasers for next week. What do you think? Is this hype all for nothing? Did Jon really just help his injured mom and let off some steam one day at a bar? Will they be announcing a separation? Or could it be the puppies (no, but I added that on in again just for the trolls;)

Momlogic: Jon & Kate Are GREAT Parents

FINALLY! A wonderful positive article! talks about why they feel Jon & Kate are good parents: 1. listening kids 2. they discipline 3. they spend time with their kids 4. they recognize each kids differences 5. They genuinely love each other. I agree on all of these, and I hope its enough to make them see how important their family is to each other and how they shouldn't let all the negativity and rumors affect their marriage.

Jon & Kate: How They Met

I thought I could bring some of the reason we starting loving this family in the first place by adding some of my favorite clips to the site. I scoured the internet for any new articles and it was all the same re-hashed garbage. So lets remember the positive. Enjoy!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Slopes Sleds & Sesame Recap,TLC Rates #10 Top Advertising Channel

Hello Gosselin Fans! UGH Happy Monday! These days its been so hard to recover from even the simplest of weekends. I work on Mondays, so to get homework, baths, dinner and bed done before my favorite shows is a feat in itself. I actually finally caved in and bought the DVR service (ugh), because my two favorite shows happen to be on at the same time! I am also adding more dates this week for Kate as she starts book signings for her newest "Eight Little Faces". So keep checking for your city each week on my updated list. She's not missing a beat! But is this a good thing or a bad thing? Depends on who you ask!

Family Matters For TLC and its Viewers

Please enjoy the video below and the article from that talks a bit about the success of Jon & Kate and the new show called Table for 12. As you can see, I have not yet discussed this show. I wont comment on it until I have actually seen it. But since I saw the special, I'm a bit sad to say I am not as excited about this show then the others. We will see. But TLC is banking on you all not loosing that "Gosselin feeling" as they are showing marathon after marathon in the weeks after the season finale. The story also covers how TLC has risen from nowhere to become one of the top 10 coveted advertising channels. Jon & Kate is obviously the highest for that channel.

Slopes, Sleds & Sesame

Ok, so we all know that during this time Jon did his famous interview that you can re-see HERE.
This appears to be around the same time. I have to tell you I absolutely LOVED this episode until the very end. I was sad and upset that TLC even acknowledge that the family was struggling and having issues. It lends a nod to the haters that are out there looking for their marriage to fail. It ruined what I thought was a fun, happy meaningful episode that for once put the spotlight on Cara who so deserved it.

Anyone that even attempts to criticize the fact that Jon spent time alone with this precious girl should be ashamed. She is so deserving of spending time doing something fun with her father. That anyone would go on a board and have anything to say about it is so wrong. To see Kate, take the kids to a show on her own I really applaud her. I also went to this Sesame Street Live Show a few years back when my daughter was younger. Before it started I complained that I was paying too much for a show that short. Well let me just say how happy I was that it was the perfect length and yes, the kids do get fidgety after a while. Kate was super lucky that she got box seats where the kids can stretch a bit. Though she obviously didn't know she was going to be getting SUCH great seats, you can tell that they appreciated it. The boys are getting so old and looking so handsome! And the first thing my daughter noticed was the girls wearing the same Gymboree sweater she had (lol). The dogs were being "dog sat" and the kids got to meet the characters up close and even Mady enjoyed it. We also got to see Mady have some alone time with her mom while getting he braces checked, and it was a very nice segment as well. And lets not forget the puppies! It was also nice to see Kate (who we know really does love her dogs) taking care of them, feeding them before the dog sitter came ;) And for the record, I think Kate looks great. Why do people feel that just because she's not in sweats every week now shes no longer relateable. Do stay-at-home moms all have to look like a schlep in order for us to relate?

But what I loved the most was the interaction between Jon & Cara. They went back to Park City, Utah to The Canyon and it looked like so much fun. Even me, who hates to ski, would have loved to go down a mountain in a tube like they did. Jon got to do some cool things on his own as well, like actually riding with a coach from the Jamaican Bobsled Team. How cool is that? They put a camera on the sled and you swore you were right in there with them. These were some of the things I loved, along with seeing how well Cara has been doing with her skiing lessons.

At the end you see Jon & Cara having dinner. Jon spoke about how much he liked spending time with her and told her he loved her. My daughter loved this part. She said it was so sweet and now she wants her father to do that for her too (lol). All would have been a perfect end to this episode. But TLC has to ruin it be giving a commercial " It's all been leading up to this..."Seems to me that they're playing off of the recent press that they've received regarding the split rumors - did anyone else get that vibe off of the commercial for the season finale? I wonder if TLC re-edited the show to deal with all of the stuff being written and said lately about them. If that's the case then I'm truly disappointed. I know that all will be well, I have faith in them and pray that their marriage with get through all the hate & lies they are forced to read about them.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Can Kate Gosselin Be The Next Martha Stewart? Kate Can't Clip A Coupon, Help For Super-Moms, Trip To The Vet Video

Hello Gosselin Fans! Today has been another crazy weekend. I was waiting for my husbands reaction to volunteering him to take my daughter and her 2 friends to The Jonas Bros. Movie this weekend. He was not happy. But every once in a while you gotta bite the bullet and do something that you absolutely hate doing just because your spouse tells you to. Not only did he volunteer to pay (since this was in 3D the tickets were $15 each! w/glasses) but he took the girls for pizza afterwards. With the baby napping and me cleaning it was the most productive day I have had in weeks. Payback will be a b@tch. (lol)

Kate is allowed to clip Coupons Too!

I also wanted to talk about how people think its so ludicrous that she still talks about budgeting even though they live in a million dollar home. Doesn't anyone get that you could still be wealthy and budget? Didnt we already discuss this to death? I just don't think people understand that this is how the rich stay that way. Why do people seem to feel that those that are wealthy are not allowed to clip coupons or budget? Or is it just another way to bash on Kate for all that she has that most don't? And why do so many people have issues with Kate wanting to feed her kids organic food? Just because she uses paper plates she is accused of hurting the environment, and if she allows her kids pizza shes bashed because shes not 100% Organic all the time. WTH? Do people just look for things to pick out. Check out this great article HERE on saving a ton of money at the grocery store using coupons.

Kate Hopes To Do more: Possibly A Talk Show? London Free Press Asks All

Its so great to move past all the rumors and lies and get back to Kate and her family. I absolutely love the article that was sent where Kate talks about how things are going and where she hopes to be in the future. You can read it HERE. I love a woman that plans for the future and takes advantage of the present. It was great for her to mention as well the importance of having Jon & the babysitter helping so that she is able to pursue this new career once THEY decide when to end their popular TV show. It would be so great to see Kate as on a TV Talk Show ala Martha Stewart! The fans are rooting for this! I mean if it doesn't pan out she is laughing all the way to the bank as a best selling author that has spent MONTHS on the NY Times List.

How do you find the time to care for the children, write two books and film your television series?

"It is my job. It is extremely crazy busy and sometimes I think I can’t handle it all, but I try to look at all of the positives. I can basically make my own schedule and I really like that. Every day is a challenge and I have become a scheduling miracle worker through it all! Also, I can’t forget to mention that Jon and our babysitter also make it possible for me to travel and work. I know one thing for sure; I am never sure what the future holds for us! However, I am enjoying doing TV in all capacities that I have had the privilege of doing and my dream is that there is a future talk show waiting for me!"

Being A Super-mom isn't easy: How To Take Time Out For Yourself

This article I found talks a bit about what moms like myself can do to take some of the stress out of staying at home with the kids. The first list called "Recession-proof your wardrobe", is really helpful in figuring out what you should keep and toss in your closet for the Spring. The list includes what most of us would assume we should do but never have the chance (I love to bowl, but wouldn't have time for a league). Also this list is also for anyone that works to death who should also take a little time out for themselves! You could read the article HERE, this woman is also a big Jon & Kate Plus 8 fan! Here are 5 of the10:

1. Take 5-10 minutes to take pleasure in your favorite beverage (non-alcoholic!
Book yourself a massage
(ala Kate)
Jog for at least 20 minutes whenever you can during the week
4. Acquire a favorite TV show and watch it religiously
Go grocery shopping alone

See Last Weeks Episode "Trip To The Vet" HERE!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jon Gosselin #5 Top Search Speaks To People Magazine, Jon & Kate On Access Hollywood

Hello Gosselin fans! Thank you so much again for all the e-mails and links you have been sending me. Please note again that I am aware that my speaking engagement list and various comments have been "circulating" around the sites. Apparently I too have received new media exposure due to the rumors that will not lie. Since perhaps GWOP is so scared of a lawsuit and not allowing comments to be posted people are looking elsewhere to spew. Which is making "loony lunar" pretty happy. I will say that I am trying hard to allow those that want to talk and discuss how the feel equal opportunity here. However, I will say till I'm blue that this fan site will continue to pray and support this family 100% and the trolls will be sent elsewhere. My husband and I aren't always the most lovey dovey, and we have our faults, but our love and promise to each other has weathered some heavy storms... Quote of the day:

"I didn't marry you because you were perfect. I married you because you gave me a promise. That promise made up for your faults.
And the promise I gave you made up for mine. Two imperfect
people got married and it was the promise that made the marriage.
And when our children grow up, it's not a house that protects them- its that promise."

-Thornton Wilder, The Skin of Our Teeth

Jon & Kate In People Magazine

“Our strength comes from the knowledge that we have survived a lot of valleys.” You can read it HERE. It was nice to finally see both of them set the record straight. They are human, they love each other, and regardless of how hard all this media coverage has been, they will stay strong, together, and get through this. Please read it. It was so great to see that they chose a reputable magazine like People to talk about the fact that even though their marriage isn't perfect, and really whose is?? That they will work hard to get through this! Jon Gosselin is currently #5 Most Spiked Search as per, and after what is an incredible amount of months, Multiple Blessings is still #7 on the New York Times Best Seller List!

Jon & Kate Rumors On Access Hollywood

And on a final note: Did Jon & Kate ruin my chances of ever getting a dog? I seem to think so, as since my husband saw the show he no longer wants the headache. I'm so sad as watching it really made me want a pet again...will keep you posted!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Media Jumps On The Jon & Kate Divorce Rumors, Kates NEW Book, Rough Oprah Footage

Hello Gosselin fans! I haven't been posting as much this week, simply because the level of reputable articles out there disappeared as people took whatever rumors they heard and made up some more garbage to add to it. Honestly I could only believe the strain this must have not only on their marriage, but for the innocent kids as well. On a positive note, I have met many new fans that are new to the site that were seeking positive venues to discuss the family. Welcome to all! And thanks for all the positive comment on the site that has become my additional child! (lol)

Media Jumps On The Jon & Kate's Marriage

Jon Out Late, Minus Kate, Kate Minus Jon, Jon & Kate Goes To The Dogs. These are just a few of the many articles that have jumped on the divorce rumor bandwagon and keep rehashing the same garbage.. And while we will never know if its true that Jon's mom was sick and he went to visit her them blow off some steam. Or if he was on crack one night and did something stupid like go to a bar with tons of girls, will we never know the truth? And while one would think that this story would have already died down, think again: Unfortunately its a slow news week.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 On Entertainment Tonight

Well it was a short snippet tonight about the fact that Us Weekly was not going to waste this opportunity to jump on the same wagon and speak about the "gossip" they heard which is only once again the same thing. Thank goodness they did receive a comment from Jon once again stating the rumors are "all untrue and hurtful". No mention of this is on their website. I guess it wasn't THAT newsworthy. I am told that this was also on Inside Edition, but I didn't see it.

Kate Gosselin Contributes To The Book "The Experts' Guide To Doing Things Faster"

"It’s time to win the race against the clock. From finding a parking spot to getting in a good mood, to falling asleep or thinking on your feet, speed is often at the heart of a better life. The Experts’ Guide to Doing Things Faster provides you with straightforward and creative strategies for being more efficient in every aspect of every day—in 100 compact chapters written by 100 of the world’s leading experts. Packed with funny, surprising, and incredibly clever advice, The Experts’ Guide to Doing Things Faster teaches you how to lead your life more efficiently, leaving you with more time to enjoy its pleasures."

You can purchase the book on right on this page!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 On Oprah (ROUGH Footage) Thanks AadenIsMyBuddy!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Gosselins On Oprah, "the kids need privacy" Trip To The Vet, Last Weeks "Bye Old House"

Hello Gosselin Fans! Before I begin I just wanted to say thank you to all the fans that have written me in the past week. I was overwhelmed with the amount of mail I have gotten, and I tried to quickly answer each of you, but it was ALOT. I appreciated the time you take to write. Some of you didn't even know there was a place to comment after each post. I encourage you to pick any name you want, and express how you feel there. That way you can have others to talk to about your feelings and questions!

Last night was crazy with me trying to get the kids to bed and switching back & forth between my shows. What I thought would be a yawner turned out to be a really good night for Dancing With The Stars. As you know I will root till the end for Melissa, as there is nothing like a woman scorned to get my juices flowing!

For the first time however, my husband begged me to put on Jon & Kate! Hes not into all that flashy dancing though he likes the costumes on the girls..whatever.. He was more interested in seeing what poor Nala ate. As Kate would day "Men, aren't they lovely?"

Jon & Kate Plus 8 On Oprah

I FINALLY got to see the Gosselin on Oprah and I loved the whole episode. Its so funny how a fan of these shows can go on and on about how great a show is, then you get the snarkers that think they can pick it apart just by reading facial expressions its bizarre. I don't have the Style Channel but Ruby seemed like the coolest chick that is truly trying to loose weight and find herself in the process. And the Little Couple, I am looking forward to seeing what that story is about. Jon & Kate and the kids looked wonderful. Wearing of course the new Gymboree line that I myself just bought. The kids did so well for so early in the morning. Even Mady was on her best behavior. And I don't know why people thought Jon was looking like a sad naughty boy. Its just more lies people make up. I didn't think he spoke or acted any differently. His answers were fine and nobody that knew any back story would know the difference. Kate looked really great and professional.

We now know that after 4 long seasons there is a new crew (except boom-man Mike). Which, from what I heard, is normal after 4-5 year contacts expire. We will no longer be seeing the kids in their rooms, as its now 0ff-limits. The house looks like a home, and the kids seem to be getting so big now its amazing. The new episodes will start in May. And with the final episodes being shown in March, that will give the family PLENTY of time to move forward with the Jon mess, & give the kids more time to enjoy life away from the cameras. And isn't that what those poor snarkers have been begging for since they claim to be so FOR the kids? Oprah loves them, I'm still trying to figure out this SKYPE (where was I?), and although I'm sad it they weren't physically there, it was the next best thing!

Trip To The Vet

From now on I will be saying to my kids "You get what you get and you don't get upset!" Its now my favorite line! Why ohh why do people feel the need to criticize what these kids eat like they know better? So lets first guess what else people were talking about: the new furniture? The fact that the poor puppy swallowed something? How dare Kate let that happen? Well pets of course to this even when strictly supervised as we all know. Is poor Nala going to be OK? Will the trolls start slamming the episode only 5 minutes in as usual? And will they still be griping about the washer & dryers they will never have and how upset the are that Kate does? The dogs are bigger now and are so stinkin cute. I could only imagine how big they will be in a year. Last night poor Nala swallowed Hannahs horsie. I'm glad they didn't show the dog sick. They showed how much the kids love their dogs, that Kate's novelty already wore off, and Jon's a poopie man again. No wonder why hes in trouble (lol). Anyway we see how much Skoka misses her sister, and how dogs are incredibly aware when somethings wrong. Having had a Sheepdog all my childhood life, this was heartbreaking to see. When Jon takes all the kids to pick up Nala after doggie doll surgery, he notices that hes short one kid. Poor Jon can't catch a break. Thank Goodness Alexis is sleeping safely in the car. The doctor tell the kids to not let the dog run crazy, and no chasing. Yeah right.. Thank goodness shes young and a fast healer, because the dogs are finally reunited at home and Shoka is ecstatic! He kisses her and you can see the overjoyed look on his face as the dogs are running in their huge yard! Happy ending indeed!

Bye Old House!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I BELIEVE JON: Star Magazine, In-touch Weekly Jon Gosselin: Fan Photos or Cheating? Jon & Kate Plus 8 On Oprah Monday!

Hello Gosselin Fans! I have obviously stayed low before posting as I wanted to see how all this crap in both Star Magazine and In-touch played out. These are rag magazines, so you know they will take any type of picture they could find and slant it any way they can. I will say this, everyone will have a different opinion. Some will say hes a lying cheater and Kate should be devastated. Others will say that I feel taking photos with fans doesn't mean anything. To each is own. I prefer to believe the latter. I mean, its the SAME photo that we have all seen & discussed, not incriminating in my eyes! UPDATE: I just added to my comments that a fan saw Jon & Kate Feb. 25th at the Harlem Globetrotters game. They were fine.

I saw & met Kate around this time (Feb. 12th) and I could tell you FACT: She said she was happy to be getting home and seeing her family and spending Valentines Day with her husband. Now if Star Magazines Dates are correct, he WAS actually with his wife on Valentines day and went out on Feb. 6th & 20th. Did he just go out to have a drink and take some photos with his fans? Jon made a statement that that was all it was. Keep in mind that all Star Magazine has is a bunch of photos. They can basically make up whatever they want from that. That is trash journalism that has lied before. The fact that both these articles came out at the same time, is warfare at its worst. In-touch, doesn't have anything and I completely dis-credit them. All they took was Star's info and re-worded it. I could write better than that. I think. I mean, they posted the same main photo!

Anyway, whatever the situation, this family is human. Those hateful horrible people including that troll Moon has been horrific in what they say about this family. This children's whole existence could be affected for life if this family is torn apart by this. Its sad to think the people would hate on poor Kate so much they were praying for crap like this. To them its the intimate satisfaction, like they win some kind of game. Simply because they are so jealous of this family and for no other reason than that. It makes me sick. I have read on GWOP and other sites how they tell woes of poverty, or not having some stupid new fridge in their life. Is that the reason you continually watch but hate the show? The B.S. they tell of child exploitation is just that. Its only a facade to mask the real issues of just plain green envy. If this shows anything, its that the stress of all the horrible things that are said about this family is starting to take its toll. It breaks my heart. I wish and hope only the best for this family. I do not blame in any way the fans that must have loved to pose with him. I truly feel it was THAT innocent. If I saw a celebrity somewhere I would do the same. I blame those nasty bitter haters. The best revenge for this family would be to stay strong, ignore the gossip and stay on TV for another few years!

Star Magazine & In-touch Magazine Articles: Judge For Yourselves

If you would like to see these enlarged, click STAR & IN-TOUCH. Jon & Kate Plus 8 are finally going to be on Oprah Monday! Look HERE for the preview!. Do you think they will come and FINALLY put the rumors to rest? Hope so, cause that could be the ultimate revenge to those that wanted to see them separate!

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