Friday, March 20, 2009

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Hello Gosselin fans! As you can see there were MAJOR appearances added to the list and I put it closer to the top for you to read. Poor Kate wont be catching a break anytime soon. With the release of her new book"Eight Little Faces" and the new DVD release, it looks like the book signing tour wont be stopping anytime soon. Ive been hearing on a blog or two on the CA dates she may have the kids in tow which would probably be shown on the show for next season in an episode or two. I know that me just looking at this list makes me tired. And mad! I mean, I had a blast going to meet her, but it was quite a hike. Lo and behold, my suggestion she come and do some dates near me (she said it was hopefully going to happen) IS actually happening. Girlfriend is practically coming to my doorstep for a signing in May. UPDATE: If any of you from Georgia went to see Kate tonight, PLEASE email me, I want to hear about it! earlier DVD Release Date And NEW Updated Content From TLC

Holy Photoshop Batman! I had to just laugh when I saw the cover of Jon and Kate Plus Ei8ht: Season 4 - The Wedding, Volume 1 (2008). Poor Mady looks like a totally different person! (lol) I am sure everyone is gonna have something to say about it, but I think that even though the cover looks great, they could have not cropped the poor kids to look like cutouts. TLC in the wake of all the controversy that conveniently is happening right around the season finale, has made several changes to the new DVD. This is inducing artwork, re-name of the DVD itself, release date and content.

Originally I was told it would be a complete season 4 set with 4 discs costing $34.95 to be released May 12th. At the drop of a hat however, TLC CHANGED EVERYTHING. Now the date has been moved up to May 5th. Thats good. The price is going down to $27.95. Ok fine, but there will be only 3 discs now with the 700 minutes of supposed footage that as of now is still "undetermined". With also the bonus features not yet specified(supposedly the BEST part), I'm still unsure weather this disc will be special never-before-seen scenes from Hawaii, or if this will really be the complete season 4 on disc. Confused? Yeah me too. I guess we will have to see what we get as I have already pre-order it. Wannna too? Go the the link on the right of my page so see and read more! Bonus so far? Like Season 3, this DVD release will be in anamorphic widescreen for those of you with the newest and hottest TVs!

Jon and Kate Plus 8 Season Finale Turning into the Buzz of the Internet

Taken from the Associated Content article:

"The last episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 saw the show pass 3 million viewers total, cementing it once again as one of the top watched shows on cable, and by far the most successful one that has graced TLC. Those ratings points are easily turned into dollar signs by people at the network, and it is easy to see that if you take a show that is garnering a large audience, and add a little extra flair for drama to the promotion of the show, you are going to end up with more people tuning in to see what might, or might not, happen on upcoming episodes."

Celebrity Slopes Sleds & Sesame Recap

I am not ever good at re-capping episodes, so I like to have a basic non-snarky one to read and get a feel for and you can read it HERE.

The Trolls Are Snickering "Ohh what will she do once the season finale is over?"

Oh silly, silly trolls. The haters don't realize that I have been blogging for months now (HELLO does anyone read my past almost 200 entries?), even when there were no shows to review. Did they honestly think I was going to hang up my blog just because the season is over? Have no fear: While I may be VERY BUSY right now in my life (HELLO I have a husband & kids remember?), I will continue to post on this site and keep you updated on the latest happenings as much as I can till the next season starts. While it may not be every day, know that I will always be there for the fans of my blog.....xoxoxox


tiredmama said...

Thank you for the latest updates Baby Mama - I check in daily! Have a great weekend!

Denise said...

The ratings for last week (3/15/09)

JON & KATE PLUS 8 TLC Mon 09:00P-09:30P 2,627

I am sure the teaser will bump the finale up but the marathons have KILLED the reruns.

BEE said...

Thanks for the update!! Clearly there will still be a lot to blog about during the "down" time. Hopefully we will get some cool stories about people meeting Kate at book signings and speaking engagements!

Funny how other sites think you won't have anything to blog about...but they will have TONS to snark about right?! Go figure!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the update! I read your blog all the time, and I love it and the Gosselin's! I'll be sure to pre-order my dvd!

Lesley said...

Hoot! I am going to the signing in Pleasant Hill Ca.

Good job BabyMama!

Your time is appreciated!

jk8fan said...

Hey does anyone know if Kate will be coming to Ohio soon because I've been wanting to meet her for awhile.Thanks Baby Mama for having all the latest updates it's really a great site thanks!!

Baby Mama said...

Aww you guys! Thank you for all the kind words of support. I wouldn't have gone to the lengths I have here without you all! Creating this blog while working, taking care of the kids and my husband (my other kid) has been a bit rough lately. But its well worth it!

I am hoping to post more of the older episodes as well on the site during the down time so that people can come here to watch them.. plus hopefully re-vamping the site! Apparently I am quite the TALK of those other sites and I now am soo flattered I need to keep up appearances! (lol) *snark*

Lesley~ I want a FULL re-cap when you get back! ;)

Dina said...

I'm STOKED!!!!! I will definately be attending the Fresno CA book signing. WooHoo!!

Thanks for the info.

Lindsay said...

I also want to say thank you for all of your hard work Baby Mama. I check back daily [sometimes more than once a day!] and I really enjoy reading all of the POSITIVE [I'm so tired of the negative!] info on the Gosselins.

idyllesot said...

Hi Baby Mama,
I've been a long time reader of your wonderful blog, and I just want to really commend you. It's often so easy to turn to the negative side of things because it's a way to fuel your own insecurities. To look on the positive side takes a lot of strength, and you manage to do that with a sense of realism. Thanks for the great work--I look forward to reading for a long time!
And btw, I truly believe that most of the trolls over on GWOP are in high school. Being a college student, I remember what the snark sounded like!

Donna said...

Thanks for your blog. I check it often as a fan of the show. I am looking forward to Monday's episode. I feel bad for whatever the issue is that Jon and Kate are going through and hope for their sake and the kids' that everything works out.


Jenmarie said...

Great news. Are the other seasons available to purchase online?

Baby Mama said...

Go on to right on this site and when your there click Jon & Kate Plus 8. They will have all the info on the books and CD's they have available. You can also pre-order the new DVD. Most signings (esp. Barnes & Noble) are allowing Kate to sign both if you plan on attending one of the events. Also Barnes & Noble allows you to bring your own DVD's or books if you already have them. Or at least mine did.

elizabeth said...
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Mommy2 said...

Well, I just came back from seeing Kate in London Canada. There are a lot of mixed feelings I must admit. She looks the same in person as on TV, although shorter in real life and very tanned...she looked beautiful though. There was a lot of people and it was a sold out show (she did 2).

She basically spoke about her book and talked about the same stories (the paper towel and the Sam's card in the mail box for the same amount as a cheque she wrote someone). She spoke well and knew how to conduct herself. The only thing that really turned me off with everything, is the negative comments she made about Jon (who wasn't there). She answered a lot of questions at the end. She did say they eat organic prepared meals, like chicken fingers and fries (she said about once a week), she doesn't want to expose the twins to the speaking engagements, so she said they wouldn't be attending any. What was weird was I read somewhere on this blog that her cookbook will be out this fall, yet when someone asked about a cookbook, she said she couldn't say anything. Nothing was mentioned about what has been going on with marriage issues, etc. She even thought season 5 was playing right now! (she said they've already filmed some episodes). Thats basically it. She did sign books, but there was no chit chat time. Here is a link to an article they did about her (and they interviwed her).

**If the link doesn't work, google london free press and kate gosselin**

Lesley said...

elizabeth said:
"I wish people on this and similar sites could concede that Kate sometimes makes mistakes and has some negative qualities while still being a fan.
Then I say that you have not read this blog very long. NO ONE HERE THINKS KATE IS PERFECT! There.....its been said again. As far as negative qualities go, who are you or me to decide Kates negative qualities. You don't like certain qualities about they are negative to you. Maybe I am ok with what you see as negative, however I think something else is negative and you see as "no biggie".

Point is that we only see what is filmed and we can only assume the rest.

Chances are that you would not like me either....and I am super duper OK with that. I dont look to others for validation....I am who I am!

jk8fan said...

elizabeth~ guess it's just a matter of opinion, but I find Kate (as seen on the show, I don't pretend to know how she really is) extremely abrasive, rude, and often unkind. I'm not going to condemn them for accepting free stuff, although I do find it excessive at times. I just don't believe that it's okay to sell your family's privacy. Kids are often humiliated if their parents show their friends or dates baby pictures, but we as viewers have seen so much more.

Kate is a very great role model. People are always saying that Kates mean to her husband but really all moms are the same, they all have our moments. Kate is not rude at all!!The Gosselin children think it's normal to have camras around infact when they were on Oprah a couple weeks ago Kate even said the kids find the camaras normal.Like Lesly said "Kate is not perfect" and so are we.

elizabeth said...
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Baby Mama said...

Elizabeth~ What I find to be most offensive is when people feel the need to get on this site, slander this family, then try to condemn fans that enjoy the show or try to preach and convert based on your own opinions or feelings. As Leslie said no one feels anyone is perfect, but Kate is a good mother who loves her children. I in no way feel that she is "selling" her kids privacy and your bordering on the whole "pimping" saga so you really need to peddle this elsewhere.

People like you that get on a fan site walk an incredibly fine line with me because of the fact that you obviously can go elsewhere with your views. Mady is allowed to brush the cameras off when she wants privacy, but to make it into the impression she is being violated is WRONG. People have different types of relationships with their husbands and I find NOTHING wrong with theirs. That you do is again just YOUR opion. Who are you or anyone else to say whether their marriage is valid just because they speak to each other the way they do?

MOST important, we all wish the proper respect and privacy for these children. But Jon and Kate are THEIR parents, not you, so no one should feel the need to judge how they raise their children. How much time they are on TV is THEIR business. Have respect for them and their way of parenting. Or by all means let us come to your house and see if you can do better, or let us criticize every move you make or what you say to every person. Let us watch your yell, fight and raise your children so that we may judge it.

And for those that get frustrated with the old saying sorry: If you don't approve, then don't watch. But by all means lets not watch just to snark like we know better.

OHH AND BY THE WAY: its not OK to have a site that's always complimentary to Kate but its OK to have a slanderous hurtful hate site that bashes them on a hourly basis??

The*GosselinGarb*Finder said...

I finally got to see what all the buzz was about ( I had no satellite for 4 days last week, problems with Dish TV ) So needless to say I missed the original epi but watched it on youtube, there were no commercials on the video though. So I had the Saturday recording ready to go yesterday. first I watched LPBW and that's when I saw the Season Finale Teaser.
Honestly I am in the pool of people who believe that it was a quick edit. It will probably be a 2 minute conversation, that won't really say anything other than they are a typical couple who are experiencing marriage difficulties and who doesn't?. They knew full well after a certain amount of fame they're every move is dissected. It has been stated in Jon's Public Announcement that he is having trouble with Kate's fame and he is home all the time taking care of the kiddies with the help of a nanny. When you look at the Teaser he blatantly says the same thing. It reminds me of the "All You Wanted To Know" episode, conveniently after there was alleged "damage control" regarding Star Magazine, Aunt Jody etc. The fans of the show will always tune in, it was the fact they they were a relate able couple in some aspects of the whole "marriage squabbles" that built their fan base in the first place :) I watched the LPBW episode before this one did anyone else? It was kind of funny actually, because it was the first time Matt and Amy got upfront about their disagreements with each other to the point, you could tell the older kids were very uneasy about it Yikes! But in the end they talked about how they don't see eye to eye but in the end they are family and it will all work out. Those whom make the choice to keep working on it to their best ability are the ones that persevere, it takes quite a lot of strength and discipline to be married, I wish them the best under their circumstances.

The Myers Family said...

Hi fellow Gosselin fans! While I follow this blog all the time I've never posted and just wanted to drop by today since it's the season finale tonight....You know if I had cameras in my house a lot of people would probably think that I'm mean, abrasive, rude and sometimes unkind but the truth is I'm NOT at all like that. It's because sometimes with my own 4 kids or my own husband I've totally had enough of them. And since I'm not afarid to tell them that they are driving me nuts or that I think they need to start picking up their crap they leave lying around in every room of the house that I've now picked up for the billionth time I sometimes come across that way! How many other mom's and wives feel the same way at times. I've stopped myself on numerous ocassions but it only takes 1x or 10 for someone to just assume I'm that way all the time. We see a small portion of life in the Gosselin home each week 20-40 minutes tops. Most of what we see is edited and pieced together to make an interesting show. We all know this. We also know that everyone is a flawed person including Jon and Kate. We all know this and it doesn't need to be mentioned every single moment. I watch the show because I think the kids are adorable and my little ones love seeing children their age on tv, as most children do! I often turn the show on as background noise while I'm washing the dishes or folding laundry after I've put my girls down for naps.Ithink it's rather silly that these people actually have "haters" out there.Life is just too short to be that angry about anything at all. I truly enjoy their family. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us in your blog! I can't wait for the off season chatter=)


jk8fan said...

Elizabeth if you want to slam the Gosselin family go on a haters site not a FANSITE!!! What you say means nothing to us fans!!

Anonymous said...

there`s a video from tlc about tonight`s show

not sure why tlc would put this up before the episode airs

Paula said...

I do hope she comes to Pittsburgh I would love to meet her. Great job on the blog, BabyMamma. Just ordered the dvd.