Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Media Jumps On The Jon & Kate Divorce Rumors, Kates NEW Book, Rough Oprah Footage

Hello Gosselin fans! I haven't been posting as much this week, simply because the level of reputable articles out there disappeared as people took whatever rumors they heard and made up some more garbage to add to it. Honestly I could only believe the strain this must have not only on their marriage, but for the innocent kids as well. On a positive note, I have met many new fans that are new to the site that were seeking positive venues to discuss the family. Welcome to all! And thanks for all the positive comment on the site that has become my additional child! (lol)

Media Jumps On The Jon & Kate's Marriage

Jon Out Late, Minus Kate, Kate Minus Jon, Jon & Kate Goes To The Dogs. These are just a few of the many articles that have jumped on the divorce rumor bandwagon and keep rehashing the same garbage.. And while we will never know if its true that Jon's mom was sick and he went to visit her them blow off some steam. Or if he was on crack one night and did something stupid like go to a bar with tons of girls, will we never know the truth? And while one would think that this story would have already died down, think again: Unfortunately its a slow news week.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 On Entertainment Tonight

Well it was a short snippet tonight about the fact that Us Weekly was not going to waste this opportunity to jump on the same wagon and speak about the "gossip" they heard which is only once again the same thing. Thank goodness they did receive a comment from Jon once again stating the rumors are "all untrue and hurtful". No mention of this is on their website. I guess it wasn't THAT newsworthy. I am told that this was also on Inside Edition, but I didn't see it.

Kate Gosselin Contributes To The Book "The Experts' Guide To Doing Things Faster"

"It’s time to win the race against the clock. From finding a parking spot to getting in a good mood, to falling asleep or thinking on your feet, speed is often at the heart of a better life. The Experts’ Guide to Doing Things Faster provides you with straightforward and creative strategies for being more efficient in every aspect of every day—in 100 compact chapters written by 100 of the world’s leading experts. Packed with funny, surprising, and incredibly clever advice, The Experts’ Guide to Doing Things Faster teaches you how to lead your life more efficiently, leaving you with more time to enjoy its pleasures."

You can purchase the book on right on this page!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 On Oprah (ROUGH Footage) Thanks AadenIsMyBuddy!


momof2minnesota said...

I love this blog. I was reading some of the stuff people put on GWOP. I couldn't believe the way other judge. When does the new book come out. I read the first one and loved it. IF things are rocky in the marriage, I hope all the best for them. They have been threw so much, I bet they can overcome this. I wish all the best to them.

BEE said...

Thanks BabyMama for the post! I read 2 out of the 3 articles you posted and just couldn't stomach reading the third.

Yes, Jon's actions were immature, but this issue has been blown WAY out of proportion!!

These rumors of divorce will only further hurt the Gosselins.

Jon himself has made a statement saying that indeed he has made mistakes but that he is in a devoted and loving marriage...what else do people want?

I truly feel sorry for this family.

Denise said...

Did you catch Inside Edition?

Anonymous said...

no offense. i love the gosselins.

but in the 1st pic, joel looks high.

Denise said...

Molly, that is an unfortunate remark. Joel has a tendency to stare in concentration but he certainly isn't high.

Cindy said...

That's a nasty remark, even if it isn't meant that way. I love the family, and don't think anything is wrong except for some ill mannered people making something out of nothing

barbm said...

Please, don't let the rumors be true...I enjoy Jon & Kate and their children so much...thanks for sharing your life with us...take care beautiful Kate and Jon..give her a hug...

tiredmama said...

I love your blog babymama - I've lurked here a lot but never posted before. I love J & K plus 8. I love their story and their kids.

The amount of hatred aimed at this family, which I have just recently discovered, is beyond belief.

I am sure that, being human, they make mistakes like the rest of us, but I wish their family all the best.

God Bless.

Anya said...

Keep up the good work, Baby Mama. I don't know how you do it all by yourself! :-) I always enjoy reading your blog.

The critics may be having fun with this story, but their 'opinion' doesn't have any significance.

Like others, I wish the Gosselins the best during this difficult patch. Hopefully, their faith and love for their family will get them through relatively unscathed.

Baby Mama said...

Anya~ Honestly I couldn't post every day anymore. I mean, it was just crazy. I would put the kids to bed and it would take up my night. I think that now that I do it a bit less, it makes the posts in my mind more meaningful. I wouldn't do it if I didn't feel that this was my other baby ;)
Tiredmama~ I LOVE your name! I should have called myself that! I feel that now that my miracle baby is over 12 months I should change my name to Toddlermama or something. Gotta work on it!

Sarah said...

I was hoping you were gong to see my Oprah videos up on Youtube, I was going to email them two you.