Saturday, March 28, 2009

Watch Slopes, Sleds & Sesame Here! Happy Birthday Kate! Season Finale HIGHEST Rated Episode!

Hello Gosselin Fans! In the midst of all the chaos this week with all things going on Gosselin, a few of you asked if I forgot to add the videos to the blog! The answer is a big fat yes. There was such a huge swing in readers it got a bit overwhelming trying to get everything out in the midst of my craziness at home with the kids.So sit back, enjoy and I will have the final episodes up soon. Also I will be adding the older videos hopefully during the break when things die down so that you can have that to watch as well until the "Going Green" 1 Hour Jon & Kate Plus 8 Special April 19th!

Also lets wish Kate a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!.......Uhh thats why they were at Mr. Chows.....DUH (lol) Rumor has it that they went with the kids to T.G.I. Fridays tonight!

Young Women LOVE Jon & Kate Plus 8!.....Read the article from the

TLC's hit reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8's season finale Monday night was the highest-rated episode in six demographics. The show was watched by 4.6 million viewers and ranked first among all ad-supported cable in the 9:30 p.m. half-hour among HH, W25-54, P18-49, W18-49, and W18-34.


Denise said...

But where was Jon? It was Kate and the kids at TGIF.

my2girls said...

Happy Birthday Kate from The Crabtree's in MO!!

Paula said...

Debra said...
In the "mist"? In the "MIST"? IN THE "MIST"?!!!!

Debra go back to GWOP (and please stay there) . Check out some of their postings. My favorites are the "effeminate" Statue of Liberty, or the word "midaswell". Leave us alone, she only forgot the d.

Lindsay said...


Anyways, Happy Birthday Kate!

Baby Mama said...

See this is what totally pisses me off about trolls! They read my site, then have the audacity to nitpick about spelling errors and THEN take the info over to a hate site! Like THEY found all this great new info themselves. Stop ripping off my stuff and coming here as the grammar police!