Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jon Gosselin #5 Top Search Speaks To People Magazine, Jon & Kate On Access Hollywood

Hello Gosselin fans! Thank you so much again for all the e-mails and links you have been sending me. Please note again that I am aware that my speaking engagement list and various comments have been "circulating" around the sites. Apparently I too have received new media exposure due to the rumors that will not lie. Since perhaps GWOP is so scared of a lawsuit and not allowing comments to be posted people are looking elsewhere to spew. Which is making "loony lunar" pretty happy. I will say that I am trying hard to allow those that want to talk and discuss how the feel equal opportunity here. However, I will say till I'm blue that this fan site will continue to pray and support this family 100% and the trolls will be sent elsewhere. My husband and I aren't always the most lovey dovey, and we have our faults, but our love and promise to each other has weathered some heavy storms... Quote of the day:

"I didn't marry you because you were perfect. I married you because you gave me a promise. That promise made up for your faults.
And the promise I gave you made up for mine. Two imperfect
people got married and it was the promise that made the marriage.
And when our children grow up, it's not a house that protects them- its that promise."

-Thornton Wilder, The Skin of Our Teeth

Jon & Kate In People Magazine

“Our strength comes from the knowledge that we have survived a lot of valleys.” You can read it HERE. It was nice to finally see both of them set the record straight. They are human, they love each other, and regardless of how hard all this media coverage has been, they will stay strong, together, and get through this. Please read it. It was so great to see that they chose a reputable magazine like People to talk about the fact that even though their marriage isn't perfect, and really whose is?? That they will work hard to get through this! Jon Gosselin is currently #5 Most Spiked Search as per, and after what is an incredible amount of months, Multiple Blessings is still #7 on the New York Times Best Seller List!

Jon & Kate Rumors On Access Hollywood

And on a final note: Did Jon & Kate ruin my chances of ever getting a dog? I seem to think so, as since my husband saw the show he no longer wants the headache. I'm so sad as watching it really made me want a pet again...will keep you posted!


Cindy said...

Well, in this day and age, I was surprised to hear Jon was supposedly in a frat house with college girls kissing all over them and 'partying' all night, why no evidence?? YOu can make videos with your cell phone, take photos with it, etc. Yet there are no pictures to support all these wild claims?? Come on, I remember yesterday and I wasn't born then, either. Jon is a guy, they are stupid at times, not many of them can see past the moment to know what a stupid action like drinking in a bar without their wives can do to stir up rumors. Esp. a guy that is on TV with an overbearing, ridiculing wife like Kate. They want to believe he is miserable and would step out on Kate at any opportunity. However, they did not factor in his vows and devotion to his WIFE and his children. Go Kate and Jon!! Show them you have true grit and can survive this ridiculous stuff! Jon, man up and stop hanging out in bars to blow off steam. Get a hobby for Christ sake!!

CBB said...

So sad that the media is trying to ruffle up this relationship. I can't imagine how stressful and hurtful such rumors would be but this is a very strong couple that relies on their faith in God as much as they rely on each other which makes them strong enough to weather any storm.

momof2minnesota said...

Thanks for posting the story. My prayers are with them. They are a great family and I'm sure they could make it threw anything.

What is wrong with going out to a bar every once and a while?

Denise said...

Did you intend to link to Preesi? She despises Kate.

Roswell had been sold out but after Jon canceled they refunded some tickets and there are now available seats.

Baby Mama said...

Preesi was the only one that had the full copy of the People article. The fans don't care as long as they can read it.

Cindy said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with going to a bar once in awhile UNLESS you are Jon and open to the public eye. Think about what you are doing and the negative affect it could have on your family.......Yeah, it was innocent, yeah, he posed with a fan or two......but he is the JON of the Kate Plus 8 show, he can't act like a normal person anymore. Sad but true.

I am also old fashioned, I don't think husbands should be in bars without wives. Mine doesn't like it and I would appreciate him staying out of them also. But that is me and my opinion.

Jenny said...

If the media and the "trolls" are so concerned about the children... what are they spreading these rumors? Do not support these people by watching their shows, buying their magazines, or clicking on their blogs.

BEE said...

I am sad that all of this happened, however, I am glad that they have made an official statement!

With Kate's new found success and the role reversals that have happened in their wonder there is some additional stress!!

Jon was use to going to work and being the breadwinner and now he is a stay at home Dad and Kate is the breadwinner. I know that my husband would have a tough time with that change, on many levels!!

Glad to see that Jon and Kate are working through these struggles and that again, they are only human like the rest of us!!

Baby Mama said...

Cindy~ This is a good topic. My husband and I are still relatively young and my husband STILL likes to go out to a bar for Happy hour every Friday night. He still has some single friends, and while I hate it, I let him go. We alternate every other Friday, and my night I will go out to the mall with my friends, or scrapbook. It works out well for us because I like to have a night out and so does he. But I still hate it. But some guys feel the need to let off steam away from the wife and kids. I cant fault Jon for that.

Now going to a frat house or whatever to do beer shots or whatever was a total lack of judgment on his part. But if the stories are true that he was taking care of his mom and wanted to let off some steam, well lets just say that he learned his lesson. (lol)

CBB said...

Baby Mama - I'm a scrapper too - we seem to have much in common :)

momof2minnesota said...

I heard from somewhere that Jon is looking at houses in Utah to move too because of how happy he was when they went skiing. Does anyone know how much truth there is to that?

I can see why Jon would need to blow off steam. He was bringing in the money while Kate was with the kids now, it seems it has flip-flopped.

I really hope the best for this family.

Denise said...

According to the Park City paper, Jon got there Tuesday.

SchmeckyGirl said...

Personally, I think that if Jon was seen making out with anyone other than Kate there would be pics of it, with all the cell phone cameras I'm sure where there and all.

I just hope this family gets the help they need to survive.

I was so happy they weren't going to have the financial problems that most people have with eight children. Financial problems can put a lot of stress on a marriage. Yet it seems they didn't escape the marital problems regardles of their finances.

I really feel that if they want to continue taping the show they need to put a stop to everything else. All the book signings and speaking engagements, Kate's "career". It's ridiculous that she's always away from the children so much.

They BOTH need to stay home and raise their children together. Jon is going to turn into another Kate under the stress of raising eight children alone. Don't they see all this??? They have the means to do it now. They need to stop trying to make money with other endeavors. They are too busy to give their children the attention and direction they need and deserve in the critical years of their lives.

I hope they get they help they need and become a healthy and happy family before it all falls apart.

Frances said...

Thanks for the positive coverage!

Baby Mama said...

Please take all discussion boards with a grain of salt. Someone in every state is now saying Jon is dancing at bars and picking up women. Just because hes in Utah, now hes hitting every bar? Last night he was dancing with the kids in my basement with my Elmo doll. Whatever, I don't believe anything anymore. And for that matter, after what he did I seriously doubt he would be out doing that crap again.

Lindsay said...

I am so happy that you posted the link to that article. It really makes me feel a lot better knowing that the rumors are definately false and that their marriage may be going through some struggles, but they do not have any intention of seperating.

There are even rumors out there now that their show is being cancelled and that "Table for 12" will be PERMANENTLY replacing them. I mean, come on now! Just the season is ending. And the new season will be beginning in May [as confirmed on Oprah]. That just goes to show you how even simple commercials can be taken out of context and evolve into rumors.

Well anyways, I just want to thank you again for keeping all of us J+K +8 fans up to date on info regaurding the family and the show.

Oh, and I also scrap! Well, kind of; I do paper crafts! =)

Denise said...

Kate announces that she wants her own talk show:
"What are your plans for the future in terms of your public life? Will we see more books, more TV shows, more marketing of your family?

I know one thing for sure; I am never sure what the future holds for us! However, I am enjoying doing TV in all capacities that I have had the privilege of doing and my dream is that there is a future talk show waiting for me! "

Helen said...

wow I'm so glad that I found this site! I hate seeing all the haters news on JK+8 and it's so nice to see a community that finally supports them :)

Thanks for doing this!

Cindy said...

Hey Baby Mama, I want to make it clear that my hubby and I have time to do our own thing. I worked in a bar when we were first married. It was a hard time in 1975, jobs were pretty scarce. I found the bartender job in the paper and applied. I worked there for 2 long long long years before I finally got a job in health care which eventually led to me being a nurse. I saw what happens when men and women that are married go to bars alone. It isn't good....I saw destruction on many levels. My DH and I both have hobbies. I melt glass and make lampwork beads, he is a wood carver. I go to shows all over the US, or take classes with my girlfriends. He goes to car shows and carving shows with his dad or his brother. Getting away to do your own thing doesn't need to involve bars. Just so you know, I am not judging. I have lots of negative memories from tending bar, saw a lot of broken marriages. I also have lots of alcoholism in my family, so many reasons why I hate the bar scene. It helped me when I was desperate for a job, but I hated every minute of it.

AMbrown said...

Well, I learned my lesson! I was standing in the checkout line and noticed that article on US magazine regarding Jon & Kate.... I bought it, took it home and read it! Boy oh Boy, what people will do to make a buck! The story was untrue, and you could tell that they were grasping at straws.... They had took remarks from both Kate and Jon that were on previous episodes and used them in their story.... I am sorry to say that I purchased that magazine and will not waste my money on their magazine ever! I hope that the two of them know that there are people out here that support them and know that since they are in the "limelight" this was bound to happen.... Too bad Brad and Angelina are laying low. Anyhow, god bless and keep your heads high! ~Ann

Tara Champagne Dean said...

I just have a quick thing to say about Jon's supposed straying from Kate. College girls saying he was dirty dancing and what not.....

Okay, if Jon was at a party doing that don't you think there would be more picture proof besides him posing with two fans?

I don't believe it for a second. In this digital day in age? I'm in college and when I go to a party almost every person there has a camera....there would be more than that picture if he had done anything wrong. Someone would have snapped a picture of something.

sunnymom said...

Actually, I have seen about four or five different photos, so there are plenty out there. There are a couple with two girls, and some with just one girl (a few different ones). Also, even the the college where this happened (college town), commented, as the volleyball team and a sorority were involved.
The photos are out there - you just have to look.