Monday, March 30, 2009

Hot Cookbook "Love Is In The Mix", More Rare Episode Footage, "Meet Jon & Kate", Sabatoging Husbands

Hello Gosselin Fans! Well go figure that ME of all people would breathe a sigh of relief that the season is over. YES ME! I mean I watch it every morning before work, and during the million repeats at night, so its OK! I'm really getting into Dancing With The Stars. Its also my day off and when the kids are in bed, I force my husband to watch it with me and its my once peaceful night before a rough week. Please forgive all the craziness on this site as I look for ideas from this one to revamp my new one coming coon! Again, now that Jon & Kate's final episode had 4.6 million viewers, will they have just as much for the season opener? Lets hope so! (Image by Wolfpuppy)

Meet Jon & Kate

Ok not literally, but IMDB is claiming that this is currently the working title of the April 23rd season 5 opener. This would be following the one hour special April 19th. (And why on a Sunday? Is that day even correct?) Again, this could all change at any time, and I will let you know if it does. Whats up with the title and why does it say it will be on a Thursday?? We shall see!

Kates Third Book "Love Is In The Mix"

A few people have e-mailed me about all the trolls now discussing Kates cookbook. Uhh let me remind those that I disused this back in February already and nothing has changed as of yet. The cover art has not been finalized and I guess people are just getting wind of it now. I for one am SUPER excited! For those of you that want more of a description its below. You can pre-order it right on my site by clicking the link.

Nutritious recipes the whole family will enjoy
How to craft family traditions that create happy memories
Meaningful mealtime blessings
How to begin eating organically
How to feed a large family on a budget
Kate also offers insight into handling picky eaters, making lunchtime fun, planning meals for vacations, and making ordinary days extra special. Family photos and humorous anecdotes add personality and charm to this endearing book.

See Never Before Seen Clips at!

A few people sent me this link showing me these clips of parts of the couch confessionals that I don't believe ever aired. Or they did and I missed them. Anyway check them out HERE, I found the one about the high chairs interesting! Who knew had such a cool site!

The Ugly Truth about how men behave: Men sabotaging their wives

I really loved this article that was sent to me from
The ugly truth about how some men act when your career success tops his. This is a SUPER GOOD article that is a MUST READ!

“It’s common for men to be threatened by their wife’s success and to say they are totally encouraging”. “They’re feeling abandoned and left out, but they almost always deny it. The husband has secretly relied on his superiority over her as a foundation for his self-worth, and he sees her success as something that’s taken away from him."

In her research for Little White Lies, Barash found that the more well-known the women became, the less they took their husbands on business trips: “The husbands would make such faux pas, they became an albatross,” she says. “They were so jealous and uncomfortable with their wife’s success that they would drink too much or say something to mortify her.”

One Final Note:

I put this in the comments section for someone who asked, but the place that the Gosselins went to Canvas Paint was at The Wyomissing Instiute For Fine Arts......Thank you Holly!


Lindsay said...

According to Oprah, season 5 begins May 2nd [I believe that was the date]. So, I don't think that the imdb info is correct. But you never know!

Oh, and that picture of the girls is so cute! And accurate!

Baby Mama said...

Thank you Lindsay, because I was thinking the exact same thing! But see there's always a catch when I don't post things. Either I'm too fast on the info. and it turns out to be incorrect, or I'm too slow, and the the words out and I'm stale..

Oh well I will keep looking at this and let you know what happens!

Minnie~Knits said...

Why would she call her book "Love is in the MIX" if she cooks from scratch?
I think I'm being overly technical here? LOL :-)

Kate should choose her books carefully, and perhaps stop rushing them out so fast! She may come across as opportunistic; and people could tire of it.

Her fans will buy it (well I won't but maybe others who cook will!) But people looking to buy a cookbook will not immediately think of Kate.

Baby Mama said...

I think we all pretty much understand that this is a novelty book and not necessarily The Joy Of Cooking. People wont buy it to get any cutting edge info, but I'm excited about it. Its supposed to be lighthearted and fun, and I'm sure fans of the show will love it. Hey I'm looking forward to buying it and using it myself for some cool ideas!

BEE said...

There has been talk of Kate doing a cookbook for well over a year. She mentioned at the Ohio speaking engagement last February that she wanted to do one and I bet the idea was on her mind for sometime. So, I don't think she is rushing them out to fast. Rather this is something she has wanted to do for a long time!

I really like the name of the cookbook and took "mix" to mean that when you cook you "mix" things and she is doing so with "love" ...not that she uses "mixes".

I am excited that the book is not only a cookbook but deals with other issues like organics, fussy eaters etc. I can't wait to get it!!

Ardoin-Vice said...

OMG, Duckie. Do you honestly only see things in the negative? Is your life really that depressing that you can't ever be happy? I've been reading here and the hate site and there is such a huge difference. No one here thinks the Gosselins are perfect. It's a show. That we enjoy watching. Must you turn everything into something hateful? Jon said he was having trouble with Kate's career. The Elle article was about men who have trouble with the women in their lives careers. I didn't see where any blame was being laid at anyone's door. Why don't you take the negativity back to your blog? Oh, right. No one will join you there. Nothing in the comments section. Then go to the hate site. There are plenty of Kate Haters there. Lordy Be, if you are going to pick a fight at least make sence.

~duckie~ said...

All I did was read the article in the way that the very Feminist Elle magazine presented it. The Magazine is very Feminist. Plus I wasn't the only one who had trouble understanding the reason why Baby Mama posted it. So did Lindsay, are you also going to comment to her too.

BTW, the reason why I don't care about comments on my page now is b/c I realized I would have to actually keep up with them. When I read someone else's blog it is easier to just comment then to have to devote my life to a Television show and its blog.

jk8fan said...

There has been talk of Kate doing a cookbook for well over a year. She mentioned at the Ohio speaking engagement last February,~She was in Ohio?REALLY ugh I live in Ohio do you know where!?!

CBB said...

I am an avid cook and I have been hoping that Kate would write down some of her recipes. Not because they look complicated by any means in fact just the seems often times she has tasty quick easy options for kids and I can't have enough of those choices.
I am totally looking forward to this book and I think the title is very cute.

Lesley said...

Oh look its Crow, I mean duckie!

Why do you come and visit a site that you have such issues with?

This is your only form of entertainment?

We can all do without it.

Baby Mama said...

I have been accused of not having different types of articles on this site. I found the article interesting and wondered whether it related to Jon and his struggle with not being as happy as Kate in his life and regards to continuing with the show. It was put on the site simply as a basis for discussion and nothing more. I am a big fan of this family and that should be OBVIOUS.. And whether or not it relates to that situation doesn't change me being their greatest supporters.

And TROLLS of all people have some nerve coming onto my site and taking MY articles out of context. buhbye

prettyinpink said...

Today is Jon's Birthday
He was born April 1st 1977
Happy Birthday Jon!!! :)

~duckie~ said...

Look all I was trying to say is that this is truly a negative article on all men. I don't think Jon has this problem at all and that is why I was confused as to why you would post it. I believe that Jon's problem is that he doesn't feel that he is respected in his home and that his voice is never heard. I truly believe that he really doesn't want to do any more shows but that his voice is getting lost.
I think that he believed that he would be able to go back to work once the children were in school but he hasn't been able to. I also believe that he really doesn't mind that Kate is a "best selling author". He does seem to support that but he just might want more support from her on his on career goals too. I don't think you go to college and spend money on a major that you want to pursue and not do it. Most family big or small have both parents working outside the home and also the fact that none of their children have major health issue to where a parent has to stay home and care for that health issue is wonderful and why Jon should be able to work out side the home on a 9-5 basis. All eight children are in school now and they do have a "nanny/helper" to get the children off of the school bus.
Also, I too wasn't trying to be rude yet I will always be labeled a "Troll" which anymore doesn't bother me. Since the trolls I think of are the cute ones that "Meme" collected on "The Drew Carry Show". Also, I work in a factory and we are slow so I do go blog hunting on my down time. Sorry to be giving this blog a reader count. lol

Teresa said...

I thought the article was very well written and very true.

I have worked for a major corporation for 20 years, and have seen how women have advanced in their careers and how their spouses have reacted to their accomplishments. MOST of them have had an issue with it, and a lot of those marriages have ended because the husbands could not deal with the fact that their wives had successful careers.

I am not saying that this is the case for J&K, but it is very possible. Jon said during one of his interviews that together they had decided that they wanted for one parent to be home with the kids as much as possible, and that with Kate promoting the book and her being better at speaking, his staying home was the only choice at that time.

Their marriage is going through a rough patch, which all marriages do. But they say that they are working on it and all we can do is pray for them.

Baby Mama said...

Thank you Teresa, I think you understood where I was coming from in publishing it.

Bee~ your comment was soo ON POINT! Thank you! "I really like the name of the cookbook and took "mix" to mean that when you cook you "mix" things and she is doing so with "love" ...not that she uses "mixes"."