Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The "Not So New" Moving Announcement, Charlotte Observer Article

Hello Gosselin fans! Last night was the big marathon and I kept one eye open on the couch for my Disney episode. Even though it was 10pm I was exhausted. I watched only bits of each episode. (Uhh I see them ALL the time!) But I literally woke up when I saw the new commercial.. "Guess what, were moving!" squeals Kate. Yep, it looks like we just found out what the "surprise" in next weeks episode "Soup And Surprise" is! Did anyone see it? You also have to wonder how long ago this episode actually took place, as it appears they have been in their new house for some time now. (I only mention this because so many trolls comment like this family is on TV non-stop. When in fact that really isn't the case.) Do you think they got to keep the furniture? (lol)

What I guess must be exciting is for those lucky people that don't get on the computer and read blogs. For those whose opinions of the show are not tainted by some nasty things they found on the internet. For those fans for whom this is a REAL surprise, and are probably excited just like I am to see how they will incorporate this move into the new episdoes. Heck yes if I was them, I would try to milk at least 3-4 shows out of it right? Its more time for them to be at home by themselves and away from the cameras, living a life the trolls claim they don't have.

Charlotte Observer.com article
In chaos of house with 8 kids, God's in control: I was interested in this article because it discusses their Church and talks openly about their faith among other things.

Funny, my best girlfriend came over and gave me a belated Christmas present. A Jon & Kate season 2 DVD! And since I only had season 1, I did appreciate it since she was SOOO excited to give it to me! However I watch this show literally every day. I'm on Gosselin overload! UGH (LOL)

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Gosselins Cover of Parents Canada, Fan Favorites Marathon

Hello Gosselin fans! Its so weird now to not have any new episodes but blame it on the haters you know: they wanted the kids to have a "rest" and they got it. The entire family shut filming for the whole Month of December. We all know Kate has been very busy with what could eventually become a career in Public Speaking as she will be HERE in January. So its 6:00pm here and with the baby taking a late nap, I will sit with eldest and make it a "Gosselin Night". So onto tonight's marathon....drum roll please!

Viewers Choice List

#10: When the kids all went to the dentist (& Alexis had the mini fit)
#9: The North Carolina Lighthouse Visit & the horses on the beach
#8: Plane Ride To Utah
#7: Pittsburgh's Zoo- seeing the Aldergators and Penguins
#6: Behind The Scenes- Making The Show
#5: Jon's delicious Korean Meal (that made me hungry)
#4: Mr. Mom (Jon takes the kids while Kate's away) yawn..(lol)
#3: The Tups First Day Of School
#2: The Gosselins go Camping
#1: Most Embarrassing Moments!

The Marathon will be going on all night including my favorite pick..The Trip To Disney (10:00pm Eastern time). But this was what was voted on followed by 10 more episodes that last till 2:30 am Eastern Time. For the schedule of your favorite episode see HERE. Was your favorite on the list? Which one were you hoping to see?

Jon & Kate Plus 8 On The Cover of Parents Canada!

So my favorite magazine in the whole wide world, Parents have the family on its cover for Parents Canada. There you can read the wonderful article on the Gosselin family and see the adorable pics of the kids (Love that shot of Hannah & Collin!)

ParentsCanada: How do you overcome the stress of criticism?
KG: This is a very difficult aspect of being on TV and in the public eye. We really try not to pay attention to it – or care. Until you are in our house facing our issues, you have no right to judge us. Our show is only a snippet of what we face in life!

Win an autographed copy of Multiple Blessings! Enter HERE.

UPDATE: I would like to add that after both myself and GDNNOP wrote about the Gosselins in Parents magazine, low and behold now GWOP and the trolls added it onto their site. So all you trolls that go on and on about how I look for stories, tell your friends at the bridge that they are too busy swiping ours! (lol) with a gripe gripe here and a gripe grip there.....

Friday, December 26, 2008

Do Money Woes Dampen The Holidays? Kate Let Them Off Easy

Hello Gosselin fans! I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and having a Happy Hanukkah and lets not forget Kwanzaa and Ramadan. I hope I didn't forget anyone! We had such a great Holiday this year. Having our wonderful baby and happy family we are so appreciative. It was such a joy seeing the kids open up their mounds of gifts. What was NOT a joy however was getting our credit card bill the very next day. There's nothing that shocks the Holiday's right out of you than seeing how crazy you were last month thinking there was an never ending well of gold in your backyard. I must have been on some serious crack last month. Usually people don't feel the pinch until January. I don't understand why the words "recession" didn't even enter my mind. I am truly scared to show this to my husband, I feel like I'm back in elementary school and giving my parents my report card that I tried to forge one year. I'm not kidding.

In order to dull the pain I was so happy to see my favorite Holiday movie on TV tonight. Every year I watch "The Family Man" with Nicholas Cage and I am truly a better person after watching it. It made me feel like whatever happens there's always tomorrow and we should appreciate what we have now. If you have never seen this movie, now is the time. Please look out for it on TV or rent it. "I'm going back to the mother ship now..."

Kate Tries To Remain Calm as The Camera's Are Rolling On Her Home Makeover

A few people had sent me this site and told me to take a look at it. I just didn't know what to say. Its the companies site that re-did Jon & Kate's first home. You know how all the haters thought Kate was such a horrible person for not being appreciate of the free re-model on their interior? Well let me tell you, if anyone had did this horrible scary stuff to my nursery after me coming home with a baby being all hormonal I would have shot them. I don't care how appreciative I should be, there would be NO way I would allow them to leave regardless of the decent re-do of the living room. Now this is just me and my opinion only. But I am SO glad that this site is now making the rounds. Because the comments are amazing. Most people now can totally understand why Kate was upset. And she didn't even say to them how she really felt! Now, this totally reminds me of this Trading Spaces episode I saw when crazy Hildy glues hay YES HAY to a woman's walls for a country themed living room. Remember? The woman calmly said "uhh I hope this is a joke and you guys are cleaning this up". Yeah, Kate was kind. check out this company called "Faux Interiors". Free sometimes isn't what its cracked up to be.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas From The Jon & Kate Plus 8 Fansite!

On the twelfth day of Christmas the Gosselins gave to us:

Twelve sites a talking
Eleven trolls have tantrums
Ten Gosselins filming
Nine crafts a plenty
Eight adorable kids!
Seven days of blogging
Six kids a playing
Five days of repeats (and this is a GOOD thing!)
Four beautiful girls
Three cute boys
Two terrific twins
One fantastic fansite and a great reason to watch TV!

Quote of the day: Joel "Can I have a Jesus?"

Monday, December 22, 2008

Arby's TMI, Next Monday Fan Favorites, Kate's labor Day, Journal Sentinal J&K Review

Hello Gosselin Fans! I too was a bit I don't know "shocked" when they started playing the infamous Arby's commercial during a family show like Jon & Kate. Funny thing is, its my husbands birthday tomorrow, he turns the big 40. Were all much younger and I know how upset this is making him. So I thought to "spice" things up a bit my parents would take the kids for the night and I would try to dress up as the Arby's girl...except I know he really loves the roast beef instead and really wants that mint shake they show in the commercial. OK OK, I know TMI! (too much information) I picked this random photo today because whoever is flop down on the floor is making me laugh!

Kate's Labor Day
Anyway, with the party we threw him and getting ready for Christmas, the blog has not been updated as much. Tonight they showed when the kids went to see the hospital where they were born. Its always funny to watch an episode again after the fire has stopped and the trolls have stopped taking about it. The controversy over several hundred people thinking Kate was pregnant. The doctor did not smile therefore he didn't want them there. Kates hair. And of course the check. I can't remember all the gripes but most used the excuse of "how dare they bring the kids into the hospital" (uhh weren't they invited?) and "ohh that wasn't Kate's money" (yeah, and TLC would give them money WHY?) or "ohh she just HAD to show off on TV" well they were being filmed duh.

People got into such a heated debate there were those that were pausing just to look at the thickness of the check for some reason. BIZARRE. Though no actual "Gate" became of this episode, alot was made over the fact that Jon had cryptically mentioned that a baby was coming. Now I too have many times humored my kids to quiet them, but people were honestly saying that a Kate was pregnant. Its too funny that they were even saying her belly was big! ahh, its so great to watch these episodes over and again and see what a big deal people make over the stupidest things just because they can get on a blog with other haters and bash someone. Its like nasty playground teasing stuff. I would like all you to show us your hair please...The episode on its own was actually nice to watch blog free. That's what most people do and they are not tainted by what they read on the internet. I should really start doing that.

Fan Favorite Episodes next Monday!

I couldn't sit through the Duggar #52 baby birth and I don't know why. I found the episode didn't sit well with me and I have given the show several tries. I have issues with the family and while I would never judge or say anything bad about their lifestyle I will say that I know why I love this show so much. I love our real Kate. I did vote on the TLC website and hope that you did too for the FAN FAVORITES! This will be next Monday so keep an eye out. I am sad that they are dedicating the Holiday to the Duggars but there will also be a marathon of my other show I love Little People Big World.

There was also a repeat today of Kate Gosselin on The Bonnie Hunt Show. If you never got to see it you can see it on my old blog HERE.
NEW Jon & Kate Article!

I found this really great article today from Milwaukee, WI about how much people love the Jon & Kate plus 8 show. Its a great piece called "Like food, DVRs reveal personal taste". They haven't met my eldest daughter. She watched the show tonight and at almost 8 shes a bigger fan and critic than me! You can read it HERE. What I love about it the most? NO comments section!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Countdown To The Holidays! Gosselin Garb Blog, One More Book Signing Story!

Hello Gosselin Fans! I know that you are probably running around before the Holidays and hoping to have at least one day to relax before everything starts this week. Having the kids off for the next two weeks is going to be seriously rough. Thank goodness this week is all about celebrating and hopefully we wont even notice they are driving us crazy (lol)

I forgot to link these two articles if you haven't already seen them on the blogs. The fist is the Jon Gosselin audio podcast where he talks a bit about the show. You can hear it HERE. The next is this cool blog I found that included links to things that were shown on the show that you might be interested in. Everything from Merry Maids to the kids bibs! Its called GOSSELIN GARB. I hope they keep it up, you can see it HERE.

This Week Multiple Blessings is back up to #4 on The New Yorks Times Best Seller list!
I guess there will be lots of people getting the book for the Holidays!

I also have another great book signing story from a woman with a great photo that you can read HERE. So now the Gosselin family has the entire month of December free from filming and intrusions. Shouldn't all the haters be thrilled that they are away from the cameras and leading a normal life and having a private Holiday? It will be interesting to see if The new question and answer session to air January 19th will be the beginning of the 5rd season. If not, we all always have the repeats to enjoy!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Incredible I Met Kate Story Thats A Must Read!

Hello Gosselin fans! Baby Mama is so exhausted this post will be super short. Working a few hours, organizing the troops Holiday party, Christmas shopping, and cleaning the house for a Holiday party this weekend is making me say Kate's favorite words "I'm exhausted".

Please take the time and read this totally awesome "I met Kate" story by a fellow Gosselin fan & mother that was ready to give birth at any minute, waiting in line for hours to meet Kate only to not meet her! Or so we think! Well the story doesn't end there, and its the most inspiring one Ive heard so far. Read this real "Baby Mama's" book signing story & photo HERE! Who says there are no happy endings!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Make It A Gosselin Night, New Articles Galore!

Hello Gosselin fans! Happy hump day. I love Wed. because I'm off from work and I get to relax and watch my mini Jon & Kate marathons. Tonight I practically ran through homework and teeth brushing to watch a TLC show called Wallendas: Life On The Wire. Shows like this are the reason I live for my TV trinity of TLC, HGTV & Bravo. Without those channels I am one crazy mommy. I wish I had The Style Channel too but I don't. I guess I'm too young to know who this tight-walking family was but it was so cool to hear about how life was for another different family and how even the children are getting in on the family business.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 New Article List: A One Stop Gosselin Sourse! (lol)

1: The Philadelphia Inquirer's great article: Reality-show darlings get modest gifts, precious family time.
2: STAR Magazines: Jon & Kate Plus 8 Star's Shopping Secrets: (From the P&G Brandsaver Live Event)
3: Examiner.com New York: Celebrating Christmas within a large family
4: Lil Sugar Article: Lil's Favorite Five: Kate Gosselin's Delicious Recipes

Baby Mama Kate Gosselin Recipe Page HERE.

I will continue my article list tomorrow. I was was reading on the St. Jude's website that Jon & Kate purchased gifts themselves for the children. I don't understand why people had to see credit card receipts. But even then they will say TLC paid for everything. Well then TLC is my kind of people. They need to give me a show and may for all of my charges this Holiday season! Also I forget to mention yesterday that I thought when people said Aunt Bev moved that they were joking. I guess another example of another person that's STILL in their lives! hmm, can we pray the Beth is in the wings somewhere too! We can only hope!

If this show was done after they moved, do you think that they still drive to their old abandoned house to do the couch confessionals? (Picture the empty house with only that corner with everything still there.. lol) Or perhaps the trolls are right to think they created an IDENTICAL corner space in the new house????

Monday, December 15, 2008

What a Wonderful Life- Giving Back to St. Judes

Hello Gosselin Fans! Things are so crazy this time of year, I totally forgot to bring my baby to Gymboree Class today. In the mist of running around I wonder why I'm still paying for her to go to classes she never goes. I felt so guilty! This is the time of year when you realize you forgot to buy teacher gifts as well as forgetting that you have all the Holiday parities coming up with nothing to bring. And so it starts...

There is so much to talk about I decided to list it last night for my reference. Last nights episode was by far my favorite of the season. It literally made me tear up and yes, go to my local Pottery Barn to make another donation. I NEVER normally do that so regardless if what others thought of the show, it made ME want to donate even more than usual to St. Jude's. For the first time in a while I went madder that usual to GWOP to write another nasty comment that I knew wouldn't get published. But I was very surprised by the comments this time. The jealous nasty trolls only made up about 75% this time. Quite a few people were allowed (which I'm super surprised) to tell the haters to BACK OFF. To me, I could never even fathom saying anything negative about last nights episode. It touched me so much that I'm actually defensive about it and I am normally never this bad when it came to Jon & Kate. It was basically the perfect episode to end the 4th season. I jotted a few things last nightfrom the troll board to comment about today:

1. Jon & Kate only giving $10. That's the $1.00 promo for Kmart at the register and NOT representative of Kate being cheap and not wanting to give more. The people that made these comments are either that dumb or just that mean. What was Kate to do, go the register and donate a million dollars? I bet you those that commented haven't donated a cent. Trust.

2. Wether the Gosselins paid for the gifts. Regardless if they did or didn't, they could show them paying with their credit card and they will still go on GWOP and tell people its not their card, its TLC's. People who are fans choose to believe the higher road, and those haters can go....

3. The Tale of Desperaux reading to the kids in bed. forced? Uhh this one I kinda agree with. I didn't really like the fact that this was a bit of a forced plug. I loved that the kids enjoyed it and loved the dolls, but the book is a hard read, and I doubt the babies had the attention span for it. But, people blog all the time that they never see Kate read to the kids. So now its dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. Now they will just complain that this one was done for TV. Whatever, I still love ya Kate.

4. Why they came to Memphis and didn't do charity work at home. For those who were smart, they would realize that Kmart, Gymboree and St. Jude's are all connected and each washes the hand of the other. Gymboree had pledged millions and so has alot of other places. What needs to be kept in mind is these donations have to help this hospital survive for the whole year until the next Christmas. We do not know if this family privately does other charity work. But people complain when they don't see it on TV for themselves, then they complain when they do it on TV. See the reoccurring theme here?

I just wanted to touch on the main things they found to gripe about this week. Guess they wont be griping about the fact that this family is taking a well deserved and needed break away from the prying eves to have their first Christmas in their new home. I know that this is a great and wonderful family and I wish them all the best.......Looking forward to the new season!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Gosselins Go To St. Judes For Season End, Year End Marathon, Gymboree's Alexis Dedication

Hello Gosselin Fans! I wasn't going to do a post tonight. But I almost passed out when I saw the new Gymboree Daisy Days Aldergator Collection. Alexis Gosselin must be foaming at the mouth if she got to see this purse and its co-ordination collection! Do you think they did it knowing how much she loves it? Now I know they repeat lines every year, but I have never seen alligators done for little girls before. Needless to say since I am such a Gymboree nut I had to share this line.

Year End Jon & Kate Plus 8 Marathon 12/29

From what it appears the week before 12/22 will be a repeat and that Wednesday with be running a Duggars Marathon. Not too happy about that. However the 29th they will have the year end Marathon. Tonight's episode will be a full hour and the Season Finale. How sad right? One minute were like "geeze when does this season end", next were like "ohh its over already?". There was some info that the new season starts January 19th with a special Q&A where they will take both viewer questions & video. So I hope that its better than the last one!

Jon & Kate Visit St. Judes For The 1 Hour Season Finale

Please read the great St. Jude's website article HERE. I'm going to wait to talk about this after I see the episode, even though the trolls are already griping before it airs on GWOP. People are asking why they had to go to all the way to Memphis to visit St. Jude's when they could have done something local. But its important to understand that this was done to get major publicity for this charity. Also, we don't know what other things they do privately on their own, and to assume that they don't do anything is just once again being mean-spirited. It was nice to read that the toys were purchased from their Kmart spokes store and that the Gosselin children learned how to buy for others in need to put a smile on kids faces for the Holidays. Also Gymboree too has also pledged millions to this charity. At any Gymboree or Pottery Barn you can make your own donation in whatever amount to this worthwhile cause. I am excited that this is the one hour season finale and I will be home to watch it!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Parent Dish Kate Gosselin Interview. How Random Can IMDB Get?

Hello Gosslin fans! I went Holiday shopping today and I almost passed out. The malls are PACKED today and so are the stores. If were supposed to be in a recession I really don't see it. I guess people feel that since so many stores are offering such big sales, we need to get out there and take advantage. Basically if your paying full price for ANYTHING please put it back and walk away. Go online, Google it, and hopefully it will have free shipping as well! Save the headache.

The Blog land Of Jon & Kate Is HUGE!

Ive done months of posts at this point and some things I do re-discuss. I had talked several times about the hundreds of Jon & Kate blogs that are out there. I have met such nice people over at Gymbofriends.com as well as the Disney Discussion Boards. I had also talked HERE about a Jon & Kate blog that was dedicated to Webkinz! But of course, the big ones are the ones that are troll & non-fan heavy. IMDB came on the radar for me by my friend that used to blog there. She explained that most the fans left the site after a few nasty people took over the threads. And although its nice to come to fan sites and not have to deal with the hate, don't ever feel that your not entitled to be a fan and go there and state how you feel. They, as well as a few more blogs I could mention needs fan responses! Lets recap the current threads:

1. Did you see the amount of mayo in the tuna salad!
This is starting to become the GWOP website
3. What topic posts do you get most sick of?
Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer game!
Was Kate pouring microwave popcorn..

See? and you thought you were missing something! (lol) For me, it doesn't matter the amount of comments I get, just that I see that people are coming and reading my blog. Please don't feel intimidated by what people say and jump in to these types of blogs if you feel a certain way and wish to discuss. Sites like these and others should never be one sided because people are scared of commenting!

Kate on Parent Dish: Her Side

Yes I did get two e-mails saying this was the same things they already knew, but I did enjoy the article. I guess everyone was expecting some retaliation of some sort, but in Kates words you can see that she sounds EXACTLY like she does in her book. (OK I won't re-hash yesterdays topic.) For those that can't read it
HERE I have it blow without the photos:

In a normal week, the Gosselins have a television crew in their house about half the time, which is a lot, if you think about it. And while they will occasionally opt out of filming specific moments with their kids, the Gosselins have no editorial control over the show -- what you see is what you get, packaged by a team of folks at Discovery and TLC. But, Kate says, this is reality TV, and it accurately reflects life at the Gosselin house; nothing is pre-planned or made up. "We don't have time to memorize scripts," she jokes. I believe that. "We set out to show the truth," Kate says, "I couldn't watch it if it weren't true." What you see, in every televised moment, is precisely what is happening -- no stage directions or do-overs. This is life at the Gosselin house.

Kate Gosselin has gotten quite a bit of flak, both from the media and from viewers, for the way she treats her husband; the two are often shown bickering during the show. Kate says the criticisms don't bother her; she doesn't Google herself or make a practice of reading about herself on or off line. "Everyone has an opinion," she says, "and I'm only paying attention to my own." But she does admit that the way the show is edited affects how people see her family and her marriage. "If Jon and I have three spats over a two day period, they're going to edit it to make it look like those happened in the 22 minute period." The show is just a small slice of her family's life, after all. Kate is clearly focused not on what goes on outside her family but on her children. Her goal, she says, is to treat each child like an only child -- a hard thing to do when you're the mom of eight. "I hold myself to a very high standard," she says. At the same time, though, she's not trying to be perfect, or even to appear perfect to viewers of the show. She's just living her life. And yes, she's living it with television cameras in her house, but it's still her real life. Kate says that while the experience of being on television has changed her life, it hasn't changed who she is. She says the same about having eight children -- "It's hard to live through what we have lived through and not change. We are the same -- it's how people treat us" that is different.

One of the hardest things about her family, Kate says, is the noise; there are days when the older girls, Cara and Mady, come home from school and their reports about what they have done are drowned out by the noise of the sextuplets. More than anything, she says, she longs for peace and quiet -- otherwise, she would not change a thing about her life. Kate finds the humor in her life -- recently, she partnered with P&G to help promote some of their brands, including Bounty paper towels, which she refers to as "my weapon of choice." She also laughs about the end of nap time at the Gosselin house; the sextuplets are four now and no one, Kate says, naps any more. But it's a rare night that the family gets through dinner without someone dozing off at the table. Recently, Jon said, "I think we can kiss goodbye ever having a family dinner again." A good night, Kate said, is when the kids push their plates out of the way before they fall asleep.

You have to laugh about that, and Kate Gosselin does. The Gosselins have a strong faith in God; they are often seen on the show wearing t-shirts with scripture on them and attending church. But despite the fact that the show doesn't highlight their faith, the Gosselins see it as an opportunity to share what they believe. Their website, The Gosselin 10, includes prayers and devotionals, and Jon and Kate travel around speaking to various churches and groups about their life and faith. The show, Kate says, has given them this opportunity to share what they believe. And for the Gosselins, being on television is about opportunity, not fame. The show has opened a variety of doors for them; Kate and Jon both work from home, which makes their life as parents of eight more manageable. But it's not easy by any means -- there are days, Kate says, when she and Jon work until midnight. Kate has three pieces of advice for other parents. "Every morning, before my feet hit the floor," she says, "I pray for strength, just enough to get through that day." She reminds parents that a sense of humor can get you through nearly everything -- laugh, she says, don't cry. And finally, the most important lesson of all: "Always remember that bedtime comes, every single day."

Friday, December 12, 2008

Beth Finally Talks About The Book!

Hello Gosselin fans! Yes I know, I'm no longer the first to get all the hot Gosselin scoop. But with the Holidays, me now working plus my babies (yes, that includes my husband) the blog has taken a bit of a back seat. I'm down but not out rest assured!

So by now you have all read or at least heard about Beth Carson finally speaking about the book. The article is HERE. No ill will with Kate, no bashing, and all the best which is what we would expect from Beth. This was such a great positive article to read, leave it up to the Trolls at GWOP to try to make a negative spin on it saying that Kate and Beth are no longer friends or that Beth is "sticking up for herself saying ONLY she wrote the book". In fact from the article it just shows that she is a very multi-talented classy woman who will not say anything that could jeopardize their relationship. Does it remotely amaze anybody that depending on whether you ask a fan or a non-fan, that they have a totally different take on this article? The haters want to make it into what it isn't.

Just because Beth is not shown all the time on TV doesn't mean they aren't friends. You can clearly see by her going to school and having other things in her life I'm sure she no longer has the time to babysit. But I am so happy to read this and shove it in all the negative faces of those that didn't think Beth would speak up on behalf of the book! So there! Ohh and for the record, the people that blog over at GWOP and other sites complained all the time that Beth was on the show too much and that she was "annoying". Now shes a Christian woman that doesn't deserve Kate. Also Beth would have to spend ALOT of time with Kate to get that much personal info about the families life. Why do people seem ot think that it was all just Beth with no writing from Kate?

Do you think this weekends book signing will be bigger than the last one?

From what everyone is saying that Kate is still in Michigan to do an audio book for Zondervan and another book signing tonight.. Does anybody know about this. It sounds really cool since I don't get to watch the show all the time! If anyone got to go to the second book signing let me know!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thousands Flock To Kate Gosselin Book Signing!

Hello Gosselin fans! Baby Mama had one day off and it was solely dedicated to "helping Santa" with a little Holiday shopping (lol). But this just in: Yay for Kate! One of the things I loved to read is when I heard how thousands of fans waited patiently to meet Kate and have their book signed. You can read it HERE. And also another great news article HERE. I just had to get this article out there for you to read and will blog more tonight! Video "borrowed" w/love from GDNNOP. They have an article about someone who was actually there!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This Weeks GATE: Gumgate: Are these situations really that bad?

With the semi-success of last weeks "Joelgate" this week I thought I would discuss the mother of all Gosselin GATES "Gumgate". I got into it a bit on my first day of blogging HERE. This particular "Gate" encompasses so many more things than the others. This is the blog that sent Julie (Jodie Kreider's sister) to write her infamous blog, where she basically blasted the Gosselins over having the right to say "no more gum". For me, though I know for a sister I would practically do anything, I draw the line when it comes to slander. Her blog in thanks to GWOP became a overnight sensation not based on accuracy, but on malicious intent. What started out as what people thought was a woman intent on helping the kids, became nothing more than a nasty woman looking for an Internet validation fix. I remember saying to myself, "give it time" and like everything else, finally fizzled. Because over time, it was just her opinions and not all facts, and when people saw that the juicy gossip was gone, they moved on.

I need to step back a bit and talk about the episode itself. You can see it HERE. It started out as on of the individual "special days" episode, this time for Mady. Now at the time these were done Jodi happily volunteered to watch the kids for a few of these days. She said several times that she enjoys having them and with Kate in a bind, she obliged. During that outing she gave the kids balls of gum asking them if they had permission. yeah, as a huge choking hazard I am totally with Kate on this one.

Now how Kate reacts is kind of sticky (no pun intended) and how people feel about it varies in several ways. Either they agree, hate Kate and disagree just because they dislike Kate, or basically just disagree with how she handled it. Knowing how I too have flown of the handle every once in a while depending on my day I side with Kate. If you watch it over, I feel that Kate was rational and calm while talking to Jodi about it, and I would have done the same. But you see the other half as a viewer, the part were not really supposed to see, and that's Kate yelling at Collin about his blankie being thrown out. And while I don't agree how she handled that part, were not aware of the exhaustion of the day and the mood she was in. Give her a break. Now the fact that Julie wrote PAGES of her feelings about this on her blog, it goes to show you how people feel about certain situations. She blew it out of proportion because she had a captive audience with the haters over at GWOP. They welcomed her with open arms, saw the proverbial "cash cow" and ran with it. It became a huge hate fest, with Jodi doing nothing. This is how she lost me in terms of loving her. She basically sealed her fate with her sister-in-law by allowing her sister to trash the family online.

The nail in the coffin was when Jodi got on her sisters blog and posted a video. The snide snark look on her sisters face said it all. "I'm doing this for Internet fame" (so to speak) and nothing more. Alot of bloggers cried foul. It was too much and poor Jodi lost all her credibility. Eventually once the Gosselins put the nightmare behind them and moved far away from the nasty nosy neighbors, Jodi begged Julie to stop. She had to remove all the nasty posts. Julie even as of last week, is STILL blogging on GWOP. She won't let it lie, or loose her last bit of 15 seconds of fame.

So because of Julie, Jodi and Kate may never be able to recover. They had a shot before the blog. I wished and prayed they could work it out, but if YOU were Kate, would you forgive? Thanks to Julie is was able to become this HUGE thing that was no big deal and happens alot in houses every day including my own. Shame on Julie for spilling your families private business to a world of jealous haters. Shame on Jodi for letting it get that far. Do you really want to loose seeing the kids and having your family grow up with theirs? And Kate, could you or would you forgive? I did not think that Kate did the right thing that day, but I sure don;t feel she should have been crucified for it......

Monday, December 8, 2008

Twins Play Mommy, Kate Talks About Giving Back This Year

Tonight was the episode I was looking most forward to "Twins Playing Mommy". Because you knew neither would actually last a whole day doing so, and you knew that the title was a setup for disaster. So I was curious to see how Jon & Kate were going to handle this one. Of course it was 12pm and after only a few hours, they were done. Rings so true especially with my family.

Maddy & Cara are of course very different in personality. People seem to blame Kate for Maddy's behavior, I for one do see alot of Jon in her just like my husband and my daughter. She will be a great leader someday. She has in in her to take charge. When Kate says she will be president of something some day, I believe it. Cara on the other hand will be the kinder gentle mothering patient kind of mom that most don't give Kate enough credit for. Cara & Mady are like the ying & yang of every child I know including my own. They both have their moments and no one should criticize them....So on that note, I hope that this was what the viewers were happy to see. No trips, no freebies, just the kids being at home playing. And you know what? I found it kinda boring. Is that mean to say? Am I the only one that truly enjoys seeing the kids enjoy being in new places and doing fun activities?

The other day I too switched over the winter clothes. I mean, our shorts and tees were overflowing the room. I hated doing that, so I totally know how it stinks to deal with clothing bins. I was glad to see that Kate took advantage of her 2 "mommies" yet still gave them their space. Well done Kate! Ohh and Jon too of course ;)

Michigan MLive.com Interviews Kate On Giving Back

This is a nice article from Grand Rapids, MI. They interviewed Kate on her book, as well as what they will be doing for the holidays. It was nice to see the advice she gave for making the season special:

"It is a great honor to give now that we can. Others gave to us in years past when we needed it, and it is so exhilarating to be on the giving end now."

Now when you read on hate blogs that Kate isn't aware of her blessings, direct them to this quote and the rest of the article HERE. Thanks Dawn!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kate Gosselin on Fox, The Future Of Plastic Bags, Missing Jons "Daddy" Tees!

Hello Jon & Kate fans! Today I tried to venture out in the frigid cold with my kids and it was awful. I decided to go food shopping by myself, where everyone was talking about the eventual ban of paper and plastic bags in supermarkets across the US. They are doing tests in certain cities trying to get people to use recyclable bags. I'm sure you have also noticed that they already sell these bags in your local supermarket. Well low and behold already spots in Manhattan are doing this. Now I always reuse my bags, but apparently these non-biodegradable baddies are killing our environment and there is pending legislation on this. Was anyone aware? Well I forgot my bags. I only have two but for my grocery shopping I need about 20. I was charged $.05 cents per bag. Is this a good thing? The wave of the future? Or another try that will fail? Interesting to see...

Kate Talks About Her Proctor & Gamble New York Visit

The first thing I thought as I watched this was she was wearing the suit that she bought at Banana Republic on that shopping episode! Pretty funny how I remember such random things, its like I'm in the womans closet. . And I don't like the promo Fox News did about Kate stopping by to talk about how she makes ends meat. She never talked that way at all and I feel that comments that THEY make like that is just fodder for the trolls. Watch it HERE.

Men Who Change Diapers Rule Tee

Ok, I got a few requests for some of the older shirts that both Jon & Kate used to wear. I noticed and I'm sure you did too, that they aren't quite speaking through tees anymore, (lol) but some are too cute to forget. I’m sure any mother would agree that Men Who Change Diapers Rule! This T-Shirt celebrates men who are proud to be dads. This is one of the shirts that people were asking about that Jon wore and I finally found it, sorry for the delay! This daddy-tee is available in sizes M-XXL for $26.50 at BellamariBabyBoutique.com.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Live Feed Puppies Say Goodbye, Paul Peterson Says Nothing, A Fan Says Hi To Kate

Happy snow day Gosselin fans! I have a kiddie party to go to tomorrow and I'm freaking out over a light dusting. Sundays are a busy day in our house, we always seem to be running around somewhere. Snow on the ground to me represents it taking an extra half an hour to get out of the house. Why is that?

She Met Kate. I Didn't & I'm Jealous

Please check out this awesome blog someone sent me. A woman named Michelle got to meet Kate at the Christian Woman's Conference. She made these lovely name sakes for the kids. We gotta watch and see if they are on an upcoming episode! And by the way, her blog My Semblance Of Sanity is totally awesome!

Paul Peterson Says Alot About Nothing

So I received a few e-mails regarding Paul Peterson being on Fox News With Bill O'Reilly yesterday. After a full work day and getting the kids fed & bed I was exhausted. But I purposely stayed up with one eye open last night to watch. A few blogs were buzzing that he was going to use Jon & Kate Plus 8 as a platform to talk about his causes.

Imagine the disappointment as he came on to hawk his DVD! Did he mention his causes? Child exploitation? J&K? A big no. Here's a guy that most people including myself had never heard of. Jon & Kate becomes a huge hit, and he (and I guess smartly) decided to jump on the media bandwagon and use this show as a podium for his causes to get more visibility. It really worked because every J&K blogger knew now who he was, and the trolls took advantage of his words by saying he was the voice for the Gosselin children. Needless to say he finally gets on a big visible show and does he take full advantage of it? Again no. He and a rather kooky-looking Shelley Fabares (remember from Coach?) talked all about The Donna Reed Show coming on DVD. At least he touched a bit on how great it was to be on the show. Otherwise incredibly disappointing.

Sextuplet Puppies Grow Up Before Our Eyes

A month ago I had written about a family that had gorgeous set of Shiba Inu Puppies. You can read my post HERE. They each had their own distinct personalities and reminded me so much of the Gosselin kids. There are even 3 girls and 3 boys! They decided to set up a live web feed 24/7 and allow viewers to watch them grow up before each being sold. Well I got so attached to these dogs its sad to see that they are finally all grown up and leaving. I talk about them only because I wonder how hard it would be to not see those cute Gosselin children each week if their show went off the air...It would be like my kids are missing! Below is the actual live feed of the puppies big now and a cute tribute video...Bye sweet puppies, I hope you all have wonderful new homes!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Cafe Mom Goes Too Far, Multiple Blessings Still Top 20, Jon & Kate Adopt

Hello Gosselin fans! I know I keep repeating myself every day, but I'm so sorry for the short posts. With the Holidays coming up I still can't seem to catch up with all that's going on. For an economy that was supposed to be the worst in decades, there seems to be no shortage of shoppers and sales in the stores as of late. Why do you think that is? I have never seen this much people shopping so early. Our tourist season here is the highest its been since our devastating 2001. Though its great for the city, its horrible for me. Too many people, I will be shopping on line this year!

When Being Nasty Goes Too Far

You would have thought that GWOP would have had this award on lock-down. But lo and behold, I received an e-mail from someone on a particular Jon & Kate board on Cafe Mom. There are actually a few, but one in particular has gotten so bad many that don't even like the show jumped ship. When I read what someone wrote on a thread, I couldn't believe how this person is still even allowed to post:

by isles on Dec. 5, 2008 at 4:07 PM Jealous---Not at all----I can't even imagine doing this to your own children-Any child for that matter--IMO--the KONS have earned their place in Hell X's 8--

So my question is this. When people comment on boards does anything they say mean anything anymore? Does that blog lose all of its credibility at that point? And even if you weren't a fan of the show, could anyone even comment after that post? To me, that its a mom board and this person apparently has children is very, very sad. I'm scared to open my e-mail and see what people sent me from IMDB. They are positioning for #3 on the list. UPDATE: I was told that that person was removed from the board....interesting.

Jon & Kate Adopt! Read it Here First!

Lets get back to some lightheartedness please, I feel a bit ill. This was sent to my by a reader and I spit my tea out. Too cute of an article. Its about Tonya and her desire to be a member of the Gosselin family. Read it HERE! Thank you JPMDevildog!

Still Weeks Later Multiple Blessings Still Going Strong

Slipping to number 16 on the New York Times Best Seller List, but its been out a few weeks now. Hopefully will go back up for Holiday gifts!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Gosselin Mystery: Are They Moving? Are Pop-Up Stores The Future

One of the big elephants in the room has always been Jon & Kate moving and whether it was to the house shown on GWOP. First what slimy horrible type of people would put up personal info like that before they had even finished moving? How did they know? Thats some scary stuff right there. I never got into it even though we all knew there was a purpose for it to be on that hate site. Well now that the lights are dark its obvious that they moved SOMEWHERE, although many a blogger confirmed its here. I am really happy they have a place where the kids can play and they could get some privacy from sickos like those at GWOP that searched out but carefully did not admit on line that it was their actual house. Do you think they deserve it? Absolutely. Do I feel that people still wont leave them alone? Well I wish that was true. My question is: If you had the chance to get paid to be filmed a few days a week would you? To pay off your bills, go on lots of trips with your family and get a house like this? Would you care if people were writing horrible things about you just from sheer jealousy? Could you just never get on a blog and avoid the critical and sometimes downright mean comments?Want to see the rest of this stunning beauty of a home? Click HERE.

Is Pop-up Stores The New Wave of The Future?

Well I missed Kate signing copies of her book and mingling with people at this unusual P& G Pop-up store that is set to stay in Manhattan until Dec. 12th. Is this the new wave of the future? I sit down, talk to Kate and get my hair washed while I'm shopping? From what Ive been hearing Kate was great and nice to everyone including taking pictures with visitors.

"Inside, visitors get a dose of "experiential marketing," as they're encouraged to try out some of the nine P&G brands being demonstrated there. Visitors can get a shampoo and conditioning with Pantene, a cosmetic makeover with Cover Girl, a skin-care analysis using Olay or a demonstration of Bounty's wiping-up prowess."

Dog Lovers New Screensaver

You computer looks dirty. Let me help you clean it by clicking HERE.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This Weeks GATE: Joelgate: Are these situations that bad?

Hello Gosselin fans! I am sorry for the short posts this week. I have been very bust with the kids and the boring blogs haven't given me much juicy stuff to complain about. I guess because now the Gosselins have gotten smart and made several episodes out of one event or day, the trolls haven't had anything new to complain about.

So I got the idea and go back to a few of the "Gates" you know, Joelgate, Cupcakegate etc. I too never quite got what all these Gates were until my mom explained Watergate to me. Hey I'm young (lol). Anyway, below is the first clip that had all the haters in an uproar. When Joel had to sleep on the floor in the laundry room because he was so sick. Now after seeing this clip I totally sided with Kate and couldn't understand how any parent would want such a sick child upstairs with the other kids. And if she had put him on the rug or back in bed, I think that would have been more to clean no? I never quite got it until I made my own child sleep downstairs to be closer to a bathroom and sleep on the floor. Anyway, are these situations really that bad, or is it just blown out of proportion as usual?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is Jon & Kate Killing Soap Operas? GWOP Annons? Send Your Question For A New Episode!

Hello Gosselin Fans! I have been having problems with my old computer, so please forgive me for the short posts. I found it so funny to hear from everyone about GWOP FINALLY getting rid of the 350 Anons. It will be so interesting to see how many of these people are the same people over and over again.. You can really see it now actually, so some people have already felt more comfortable giving themselves names to stay on the bashing loop. Hopefully the others will just fade away. I could recommend them to Cafe Mom, which has gotten so rotten lately its become my new scratching post. Or perhaps join the fun over at IMDB. One of the nasty trolls there was booted out recently and all her posts removed. The more that happens, we can finally get some good places to watch a debate of the show and not a stupid jealous hate fest....

Send In Your Questions To Jon & Kate You Could Be On The Show!

It looks like another question and answer session is January 19th. This time you could submit a video of yourself that could be shown on the show! Hopefully it will be a it more interesting then the last, because even I yes, Kate's biggest fan yawned and went to do laundry for the last one. Go HERE to TLC and hopefully you will be seeing yourself or your question on that upcoming episode.

Did Reality TV Kill Soap Operas?

I had to link this article. Its really good article from a new site I found called MomLogic.com Not only does it quickly mention Jon & Kate plus The Real Housewives (my guilty pleasure) but its main topic is reality TV. How so many people prefer it over the old soap operas, they are looking to be a dying species....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Bite The Big Apple, New Poll Ideas, The Sextuplets are not babied!

Sorry for the lack of posting this weekend. Decorating the tree, shopping, working and sick kids took up the weekend. After my kids saw Jon & Kate's Christmas tree spin last year, I tried to make a mental note on finding out h9w they got it to do that! We found this great rotating tree stand, and its great that the kids can decorate all sides of the tree and not fight! I was super excited for tonight's episode. I always love to see how families get excited coming to a place that I see everyday! Its funny that I actually got to see my dads building (hey dad) and see Central Park in a positive and clean light. (I complain that its been too littered to date.)

Daddy those aren't yellow cars, they're taxis! -Hannah

Lets start off with the first thing the jealous trolls will complain about. The Wii game. Whether or not it was given to them to promote or they had it before, you know its always the first topic of snide jealous conversation. Kids get games and the kids will have fun with whatever is given to them. I say more power to em. Get over the fact that the kids get to play with nice toys. For the rest of the show I actually spent yelling at kids to go to bed, so I hope to fully re-watch it on Wed. But I wanted to touch on the carriage ride. To those that have mentioned how inhumane it is for the horses, they are the most loved and taken care of out there. The owners of those horses have had them for years, and they are very used to being in NYC. I cant stress enough how wonderful and tame and loving they are. Its a shame that they do have to deal with city smog but so do I. It was cute to see the family get to do something I only did the night my husband proposed.

Lets start off with the fact that this was not another "freebie" trip to them. This is a drive to Manhattan which is not that far to promote their book. Now for those that complained that the kids were out on all these school days it was obvious now that they weren't. Its funny when you finally get to see the aired piece all the days of hateful blogging by some was for nothing because they did all their interviews in one day that was the kids day off from school. Now I really applauded the fact that Kate did her interview solo while the kids were eating lunch. I thought she looked great, regardless of the way others criticize her. I also thought it was a good idea that they were driven in and that Jon didn't attempt to do it himself. I thought the "behind the scenes" of what goes on at these interviews was pretty cool to watch. I for one enjoy seeing the kids get older and don't feel at all that they have lost their appeal. The negative comments that they are no longer cute it just hurtful. They looked like they were so happy to be there and play in the park. But I'm excited to put the kids to bed and watch it more thoroughly.

New Poll Ideas?

This week for the first time I'm at a bit of a loss for poll ideas. Please send me suggestions to jonkatefanpage@gmail.com. I would appreciate it!

Is Kate Not Allowing The Tups To Grow Up?

As I have a baby on my hip and I'm yelling at my other child to go to bed, I wanted to touch quickly on GWOP's boredom and how they had nothing better to discuss 6than the development of the tups. How they feel that they are developmentally delayed (they aren't) how Kate is not allowing them to grow up by using bibs (good for saving clothes) and sippy cups (my daughter used them as well). I find them to be pretty articulate and appropriate for their age. It is up to every parent to determine what is best for their kids and nothing pisses me off more then people thinking they know better. And for the record, the seats they climb into are both for safety and so they can reach the table. Not to suppress their growth!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gosselin Kids Stats! Are The Sextuplets Mammas Boys Or Daddy's Girls?

Gosselin Kids Stats

* Alexis Faith Gosselin – 2 lb 11.5 oz, 15 inches long. Nicknamed "Lexi" or "Sassy".
* Hannah Joy Gosselin – 2 lb 11 oz, 13.8 inches long. Nicknamed "Hannie".
* Aaden Jonathan Gosselin – 2 lb 7.5 oz, 13 inches long. Nicknamed "Ay-day" and "the professor". He is the only child that wears glasses.
* Collin Thomas Gosselin – 3 lb 0.5 oz, 15 inches long. Nicknamed "Coggy" or "Collie". He is the biggest of the six.
* Leah Hope Gosselin – 2 lb 14.8 oz, 15.4 inches long. Nicknamed "Princess" or occasionally "Le-le". She is the smallest of the six.
* Joel Kevin Gosselin – 2 lb 9.7 oz, 15.4 inches long. Nicknamed "Joelie".

Quick Bites

* the six were born may 10, 2004
* cara and mady were born october 8, 2000
* kate has 3 sisters and 1 brother
* jon has two brothers

Do You Think The Gosselin Kids Are..........

Cara- Daddy's Girl?
Mady- Mommy's Girl?
Alexis- Mommy's Girl?
Hannah- Mommy's Girl?
Aaden- Daddy's Boy?
Collin- Both, but more towards Mommy?
Leah- Daddy's Girl?
Joel- Daddy's Boy?

Friday, November 28, 2008

I missed Kate Gosselin? Has Black Friday Made Everyone Crazy?

Hello Gosselin Fans! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I sure did! a 16 hour Jon & Kate Marathon! My kids loved it! My mom literally made a wonderful feast all herself and I just brought desert. I know, pretty lame. I count on my mother for these things because I cant cook. And I have kids and I'm too tired and lazy. Its so sad (lol).

Every year my cousin and I get up super early to go shopping on Black Friday. It used to be a fun tradition. But this time, because everything we were looking for was sold out, we got up at 3:45am to be at Best Buy at 4:30 am for these Nintendo DS & Wii games our kids wanted. I never did this before nor ever got up that early. The3re was a huge line! yes to get into the store at 5am. I after all that I STILL didn't find exactly what I was looking for! Was I crazy? Then I get a hysterical call from a friend that was at the Wal-mart store where an employee DIED from being stampeded from customers. It was the saddest thing I had heard and was disgusted with myself that I do this every year. For a stinkin sale. I give up. Next year I shop on line and sleep late.

P&G Opens Coupon Store on Black Friday With Kate Gosselin

I don't know if any of you guys live in my neck of the woods, but please let me know if you got to see or meet Kate today. She was at 57th Street and Sixth Avenue and I didn't do my Kate reading until today and I missed it! I am so upset. Proctor And Gamble hired Kaite to be their new spokesperson on a few really cool events for the store. Read the article HERE. I haven't been uptown in a while and Im devastated I haven't been to this cool place and I missed out on seeing her.....

Quick Bites

A cute positive show review called "Jon & Kate Plus 8 is Fun". I am super excited about this weeks episode as any show that promotes The Big Apple is great for me! And did anyone find out yet who made Mady that cute hoodie with a cartoon of her on it? I need one! And finally I set up an e-mail account for this page if you have questions or ideas for the site. EMAIL: jonkatefanpage@gmail.com