Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is Jon & Kate Killing Soap Operas? GWOP Annons? Send Your Question For A New Episode!

Hello Gosselin Fans! I have been having problems with my old computer, so please forgive me for the short posts. I found it so funny to hear from everyone about GWOP FINALLY getting rid of the 350 Anons. It will be so interesting to see how many of these people are the same people over and over again.. You can really see it now actually, so some people have already felt more comfortable giving themselves names to stay on the bashing loop. Hopefully the others will just fade away. I could recommend them to Cafe Mom, which has gotten so rotten lately its become my new scratching post. Or perhaps join the fun over at IMDB. One of the nasty trolls there was booted out recently and all her posts removed. The more that happens, we can finally get some good places to watch a debate of the show and not a stupid jealous hate fest....

Send In Your Questions To Jon & Kate You Could Be On The Show!

It looks like another question and answer session is January 19th. This time you could submit a video of yourself that could be shown on the show! Hopefully it will be a it more interesting then the last, because even I yes, Kate's biggest fan yawned and went to do laundry for the last one. Go HERE to TLC and hopefully you will be seeing yourself or your question on that upcoming episode.

Did Reality TV Kill Soap Operas?

I had to link this article. Its really good article from a new site I found called MomLogic.com Not only does it quickly mention Jon & Kate plus The Real Housewives (my guilty pleasure) but its main topic is reality TV. How so many people prefer it over the old soap operas, they are looking to be a dying species....

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3KMOM said...

I liked this episode. I just finished the book last night after getting it that afternoon. I was really anxious to read it. I felt like it confirmed a softer side of Kate that often doesn't get promoted on the show. She's real, human and makes mistakes, who doesn't? We are all working on doing better. N E way, I am curious about whether or not the other site has it right about their "confirmed" new house. They say it's gate restricted and all that. Just wondering when we'll start to see it on the show.