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The Parent Dish Kate Gosselin Interview. How Random Can IMDB Get?

Hello Gosslin fans! I went Holiday shopping today and I almost passed out. The malls are PACKED today and so are the stores. If were supposed to be in a recession I really don't see it. I guess people feel that since so many stores are offering such big sales, we need to get out there and take advantage. Basically if your paying full price for ANYTHING please put it back and walk away. Go online, Google it, and hopefully it will have free shipping as well! Save the headache.

The Blog land Of Jon & Kate Is HUGE!

Ive done months of posts at this point and some things I do re-discuss. I had talked several times about the hundreds of Jon & Kate blogs that are out there. I have met such nice people over at as well as the Disney Discussion Boards. I had also talked HERE about a Jon & Kate blog that was dedicated to Webkinz! But of course, the big ones are the ones that are troll & non-fan heavy. IMDB came on the radar for me by my friend that used to blog there. She explained that most the fans left the site after a few nasty people took over the threads. And although its nice to come to fan sites and not have to deal with the hate, don't ever feel that your not entitled to be a fan and go there and state how you feel. They, as well as a few more blogs I could mention needs fan responses! Lets recap the current threads:

1. Did you see the amount of mayo in the tuna salad!
This is starting to become the GWOP website
3. What topic posts do you get most sick of?
Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer game!
Was Kate pouring microwave popcorn..

See? and you thought you were missing something! (lol) For me, it doesn't matter the amount of comments I get, just that I see that people are coming and reading my blog. Please don't feel intimidated by what people say and jump in to these types of blogs if you feel a certain way and wish to discuss. Sites like these and others should never be one sided because people are scared of commenting!

Kate on Parent Dish: Her Side

Yes I did get two e-mails saying this was the same things they already knew, but I did enjoy the article. I guess everyone was expecting some retaliation of some sort, but in Kates words you can see that she sounds EXACTLY like she does in her book. (OK I won't re-hash yesterdays topic.) For those that can't read it
HERE I have it blow without the photos:

In a normal week, the Gosselins have a television crew in their house about half the time, which is a lot, if you think about it. And while they will occasionally opt out of filming specific moments with their kids, the Gosselins have no editorial control over the show -- what you see is what you get, packaged by a team of folks at Discovery and TLC. But, Kate says, this is reality TV, and it accurately reflects life at the Gosselin house; nothing is pre-planned or made up. "We don't have time to memorize scripts," she jokes. I believe that. "We set out to show the truth," Kate says, "I couldn't watch it if it weren't true." What you see, in every televised moment, is precisely what is happening -- no stage directions or do-overs. This is life at the Gosselin house.

Kate Gosselin has gotten quite a bit of flak, both from the media and from viewers, for the way she treats her husband; the two are often shown bickering during the show. Kate says the criticisms don't bother her; she doesn't Google herself or make a practice of reading about herself on or off line. "Everyone has an opinion," she says, "and I'm only paying attention to my own." But she does admit that the way the show is edited affects how people see her family and her marriage. "If Jon and I have three spats over a two day period, they're going to edit it to make it look like those happened in the 22 minute period." The show is just a small slice of her family's life, after all. Kate is clearly focused not on what goes on outside her family but on her children. Her goal, she says, is to treat each child like an only child -- a hard thing to do when you're the mom of eight. "I hold myself to a very high standard," she says. At the same time, though, she's not trying to be perfect, or even to appear perfect to viewers of the show. She's just living her life. And yes, she's living it with television cameras in her house, but it's still her real life. Kate says that while the experience of being on television has changed her life, it hasn't changed who she is. She says the same about having eight children -- "It's hard to live through what we have lived through and not change. We are the same -- it's how people treat us" that is different.

One of the hardest things about her family, Kate says, is the noise; there are days when the older girls, Cara and Mady, come home from school and their reports about what they have done are drowned out by the noise of the sextuplets. More than anything, she says, she longs for peace and quiet -- otherwise, she would not change a thing about her life. Kate finds the humor in her life -- recently, she partnered with P&G to help promote some of their brands, including Bounty paper towels, which she refers to as "my weapon of choice." She also laughs about the end of nap time at the Gosselin house; the sextuplets are four now and no one, Kate says, naps any more. But it's a rare night that the family gets through dinner without someone dozing off at the table. Recently, Jon said, "I think we can kiss goodbye ever having a family dinner again." A good night, Kate said, is when the kids push their plates out of the way before they fall asleep.

You have to laugh about that, and Kate Gosselin does. The Gosselins have a strong faith in God; they are often seen on the show wearing t-shirts with scripture on them and attending church. But despite the fact that the show doesn't highlight their faith, the Gosselins see it as an opportunity to share what they believe. Their website, The Gosselin 10, includes prayers and devotionals, and Jon and Kate travel around speaking to various churches and groups about their life and faith. The show, Kate says, has given them this opportunity to share what they believe. And for the Gosselins, being on television is about opportunity, not fame. The show has opened a variety of doors for them; Kate and Jon both work from home, which makes their life as parents of eight more manageable. But it's not easy by any means -- there are days, Kate says, when she and Jon work until midnight. Kate has three pieces of advice for other parents. "Every morning, before my feet hit the floor," she says, "I pray for strength, just enough to get through that day." She reminds parents that a sense of humor can get you through nearly everything -- laugh, she says, don't cry. And finally, the most important lesson of all: "Always remember that bedtime comes, every single day."


MoreCowbell said...


Talk about a nickname being OPPOSITE of someone's personality!

Perhaps you should take your own advise and stick with the "Katie Irene" haters/cyberstalkers at GWoP instead of obsessing over what the show's fans are thinking/saying (or, as you say, "worrying what other sites are doing").

Pot, Kettle, you're black!

BEE said...

Wow! Kate looks really thin in this picture,it almost doesn't look like her.

Keep up the good work BabyMama!!

Nina Bell said...

There are over 180 votes on this poll so someone is coming to this site. Keep up the great work Baby Mama and blog about whatever you like.


Kate looks absolutely stunning and there in lies the source of great discontent with many people.

Shelly said...

Well LittleMissSunshine or Julie(LittleMissJealousofJodi), why don't you practice what you preach and go away. Better yet hopefully Baby Mama will delete your happy A**. We all read the other sights, it gives us superiority to your ignorance and something to laugh at. So, come back at me with your wity little remark and your tiny little brain. I am waiting. If you have and opinion about the show that is fine. We love a debate.

BUT, DO NOT ATTACK BABY MAMA. She made this blog and can say or do whatever she wants.

PonyGirl said...

"You are a obsessed with Kate maybe you are Kate??"
You are tooo obsessed with GWoP & IMDb...Huh??? WHY???"

WHY do you care what she does?

Maybe she is Kate...? hahahahahahahaha seriously what a laugh. As if Kate would ever look in your comments direction. Thank goodness Kate has way to much respect for herself to care about what people like you think of her.

I'm really sorry you care so much about this blog and how pathetic we all are. If we are so pathetic then why are you posting here? I guess you just want to bully us because you feel so much better about yourself for calling us pathetic.

You could bully us on all the hate sites if the haters didn't delete every comment that even came one word close to liking the show. How very 1st grade of you to come over here and start drama with a bunch of people who obviously don't care what you have to say.

I'm gonna keep supporting this blog. I love it and I love talking to other fans. But since it is so "pathetic" maybe you should go post on a site you deem not to be "pathetic"

Good work Baby Mama! This site still rocks!

cali-mom said...

Oh I hope LMS doesnt come back! I hate it when people feel the need to hijack your blog, its sickening.
I enjoyed the article, and
I enjoy your blog, keep up the good work.

BEE said...

Nina Bell,

I am BIG Kate fan and my comment about her weight is not anything more then out of concern.


Is LittleMissSunshine really Julie???

cali-mom said...

Bea, I too am a huge Kate fan, and I also thought she looks very thin. ;-)
Probably because she stays so busy? She look good though.

PonyGirl said...

YAY! bye bye sunshine face. :)

Nina Bell said...


I was really just agreeing with you, LOL. I was just irritated with LMS. I guess thin isn't always the best. I remember reading that she runs a hour everyday. That on top of her schedule probably keeps her thin.

You know I have never been a "Kate hater or lover". I always felt she had faults but I have always said, so do we all. But I like her more and more each day.

Baby Mama said...

The hot buttered mess that was Littlemissunshine was taken back to her troll hole. Her mommy was very mad that she came out to play without doing her homework and washing up before dinner. Hopefully she can come back and play with us another day.

PonyGirl said...

So anyway...Baby Mama rocks! And I just love those little Gosselins!

Shelly said...

Yeah, the LittleMissGrumpy is gone. WTG Baby Mama! I think "Julie" lost her way to the dungeon of jealousy street. HAHAHAHAHA.

Carol said...

MoreCowbell - I LOVE your username! That is probably the BEST skit SNL has ever come up with. :) Will Ferrell is brilliant; please watch "Elf" if you haven't already.

Looks like I missed some fireworks 'cos LMS post(s) have been deleted; just as well, troll posts are so predictable anybody here could write them since they have had nothing new to add for many months now.

"I've got a fee-vah and the only prescription is for MORE COWBELL!" LOL!

MoreCowbell said...

Love Will Ferrell! The best part about that skit (besides Christopher Walken) is Ferrell's indifference to his pasty white tummy rolls appearing as he bashed the cowbell.

Blue Oyster Cult came on the classic rock station yesterday as I was driving through horrible traffic and equally horrible weather, and all I could do was giggle, because it made me think of that skit.

Ahhh....when SNL was still funny!

Now, I don't know if Trolly McTrollerson (a.k.a the oddly named Little Miss Sunshine) is Julie, but one thing struck me this week. I bought Multiple Blessings this week. Read it in a day. It's a good read. One thing that struck me was the chapter where Kate tells us how she and Jon came up with names for the tups. She tells of the phone call she had with her brother, informing him that Baby F was going to be named Joel Kevin and his reaction to it and how touched he was. It made me sad to read. It was written to be uplifting, but all I could be was sad. Who knew that three years later, that touching gesture would be ruined by Kevin's wife's sister and her flapping gums. That she would be the catalyst for Kevin and his namesake no longer having a realtionship? Oh sure, the haters can say it was Kate's fault, but really, if Julie hadn't broadcast her catty bullcrap on the World Wide Web for complete strangers to read, things like "Gumgate" would have blown over by now. Every family has disagreements and this would have gone by the wayside like everything else. But, having your sister-in-law align herself with haters and stalkers who's main goal in life is to bring down the Gosselins, a family disagreement has become a full blown war.

Way to go, Julie. [insert golf clap, here] You should be so freaking proud of yourself!