Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Live Feed Puppies Say Goodbye, Paul Peterson Says Nothing, A Fan Says Hi To Kate

Happy snow day Gosselin fans! I have a kiddie party to go to tomorrow and I'm freaking out over a light dusting. Sundays are a busy day in our house, we always seem to be running around somewhere. Snow on the ground to me represents it taking an extra half an hour to get out of the house. Why is that?

She Met Kate. I Didn't & I'm Jealous

Please check out this awesome blog someone sent me. A woman named Michelle got to meet Kate at the Christian Woman's Conference. She made these lovely name sakes for the kids. We gotta watch and see if they are on an upcoming episode! And by the way, her blog My Semblance Of Sanity is totally awesome!

Paul Peterson Says Alot About Nothing

So I received a few e-mails regarding Paul Peterson being on Fox News With Bill O'Reilly yesterday. After a full work day and getting the kids fed & bed I was exhausted. But I purposely stayed up with one eye open last night to watch. A few blogs were buzzing that he was going to use Jon & Kate Plus 8 as a platform to talk about his causes.

Imagine the disappointment as he came on to hawk his DVD! Did he mention his causes? Child exploitation? J&K? A big no. Here's a guy that most people including myself had never heard of. Jon & Kate becomes a huge hit, and he (and I guess smartly) decided to jump on the media bandwagon and use this show as a podium for his causes to get more visibility. It really worked because every J&K blogger knew now who he was, and the trolls took advantage of his words by saying he was the voice for the Gosselin children. Needless to say he finally gets on a big visible show and does he take full advantage of it? Again no. He and a rather kooky-looking Shelley Fabares (remember from Coach?) talked all about The Donna Reed Show coming on DVD. At least he touched a bit on how great it was to be on the show. Otherwise incredibly disappointing.

Sextuplet Puppies Grow Up Before Our Eyes

A month ago I had written about a family that had gorgeous set of Shiba Inu Puppies. You can read my post HERE. They each had their own distinct personalities and reminded me so much of the Gosselin kids. There are even 3 girls and 3 boys! They decided to set up a live web feed 24/7 and allow viewers to watch them grow up before each being sold. Well I got so attached to these dogs its sad to see that they are finally all grown up and leaving. I talk about them only because I wonder how hard it would be to not see those cute Gosselin children each week if their show went off the air...It would be like my kids are missing! Below is the actual live feed of the puppies big now and a cute tribute video...Bye sweet puppies, I hope you all have wonderful new homes!

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