Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This Weeks GATE: Joelgate: Are these situations that bad?

Hello Gosselin fans! I am sorry for the short posts this week. I have been very bust with the kids and the boring blogs haven't given me much juicy stuff to complain about. I guess because now the Gosselins have gotten smart and made several episodes out of one event or day, the trolls haven't had anything new to complain about.

So I got the idea and go back to a few of the "Gates" you know, Joelgate, Cupcakegate etc. I too never quite got what all these Gates were until my mom explained Watergate to me. Hey I'm young (lol). Anyway, below is the first clip that had all the haters in an uproar. When Joel had to sleep on the floor in the laundry room because he was so sick. Now after seeing this clip I totally sided with Kate and couldn't understand how any parent would want such a sick child upstairs with the other kids. And if she had put him on the rug or back in bed, I think that would have been more to clean no? I never quite got it until I made my own child sleep downstairs to be closer to a bathroom and sleep on the floor. Anyway, are these situations really that bad, or is it just blown out of proportion as usual?


CBB said...

Complaints about this are ridiculous...tons of people have laid on linoleum while sick. I know when I was little I would prefer to stay in the bathroom, rather than run back and forth. Jon and Kate are honest and they don't try to put on a show for the camera which is what I think intimidates the haters and makes them so uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

I was actually thinking about this the other day because for the past couple of days I had the flu and I was laying on my bathroom floor by choice! I grown and married with children and have my own house. No one forced me to lay on the floor. I wanted to. Don't ask me why but it feels better when you are sick to lay on cool linoleum.

My mom kept me down stairs with a bucket when I was little and sick. I know a lot of kids who did the same thing. These people are so anal over a bunch of nothing!

Theresa said...

I'm sure it's a cesspool with all the kids getting sick. One gets something, then another, etc. Must be crazy at that house, let alone when someone is sick.

I don't have 8, but I do separate my sick kid from the two others. It's a great way of avoiding others from getting sick.

Once again, I am amazed that the haters have children. If we had a camera in their house, I'm sure we could rip apart stuff that is wierd that they do and come up with some gates (which again, is dumb!). And, not to mention that their kids will have bully issues if they listen and imitate their moms (and dads).

Denise said...

And yet Kate had no problem leaving the kids together when they were sick at Jodi's.

Sorry, but I found this unforgivable. I have four children and NEVER have I left a sick child alone on a floor to be sick. She's a nurse, for Pete's sake. Vomit is a fact of life.

cali-mom said...

I dont have a problem w/it either. I wouldnt leave my kids sick on the bathroom floor, but If I had a laundry room as big as theres I prob would consider letting my little one lay there verses the bed. I dont get what the big stink is????

BEE said...

I don't have a problem with this at all! By being in the laundry room, Joel was much closer to Kate then if he was up in his room. To have him upstairs alone while vomitting would not only be more clean up but dangerous and scary for a small child.

Unfortunately, Kate does not have the luxury to spend every minute holding and wiping the brow of a sick child. I think she did the best she could!

And if you were Joel, would you want to even be in on the couch with your 7 siblings yelling and running around you? I doubt it! The poor guy was sick and even though I am sure he wanted to be close to Mommy and Daddy, I bet he enjoyed the dark and quiet of the laundry room.

Carol said...

Everything they do is wrong; d*mned if they do, d*mned if they don't. They are criticized for: high chairs, sippy cups, bibs, the kids not playing enough with other kids, Hannah getting more attention than the others, Kate ignoring the boys (which I haven't seen personally), how they talk to the kids, how the kids talk to them and each other, not "working", Leah's(?) vomiting, Collin's constipation, potty training on tv, not everyone getting cupcakes, and on and on and on. Wait till we see the new house; that'll bring a whole new batch of criticism. "Hannah got a nicer bedroom than the other girls." "The boys sleep in a dungeon." Whatever.