Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Gosselins Go To St. Judes For Season End, Year End Marathon, Gymboree's Alexis Dedication

Hello Gosselin Fans! I wasn't going to do a post tonight. But I almost passed out when I saw the new Gymboree Daisy Days Aldergator Collection. Alexis Gosselin must be foaming at the mouth if she got to see this purse and its co-ordination collection! Do you think they did it knowing how much she loves it? Now I know they repeat lines every year, but I have never seen alligators done for little girls before. Needless to say since I am such a Gymboree nut I had to share this line.

Year End Jon & Kate Plus 8 Marathon 12/29

From what it appears the week before 12/22 will be a repeat and that Wednesday with be running a Duggars Marathon. Not too happy about that. However the 29th they will have the year end Marathon. Tonight's episode will be a full hour and the Season Finale. How sad right? One minute were like "geeze when does this season end", next were like "ohh its over already?". There was some info that the new season starts January 19th with a special Q&A where they will take both viewer questions & video. So I hope that its better than the last one!

Jon & Kate Visit St. Judes For The 1 Hour Season Finale

Please read the great St. Jude's website article HERE. I'm going to wait to talk about this after I see the episode, even though the trolls are already griping before it airs on GWOP. People are asking why they had to go to all the way to Memphis to visit St. Jude's when they could have done something local. But its important to understand that this was done to get major publicity for this charity. Also, we don't know what other things they do privately on their own, and to assume that they don't do anything is just once again being mean-spirited. It was nice to read that the toys were purchased from their Kmart spokes store and that the Gosselin children learned how to buy for others in need to put a smile on kids faces for the Holidays. Also Gymboree too has also pledged millions to this charity. At any Gymboree or Pottery Barn you can make your own donation in whatever amount to this worthwhile cause. I am excited that this is the one hour season finale and I will be home to watch it!


indianprincess said...

I'm sure Alexis would love this collection. I can't afford Gymboree clothing but the clothes are always so cute.

cali-mom said...

That is so cute! I'm sure Alexis will be thrilled. :)

MonicaW42 said...

Those outfits are adorable.

Baby Mama,

I get every magazine known to man, in Us Weekly (Dec 22 issue) on page 26 there is a small little picture with Kate, Joel and Hannah shopping for toys in Memphis for the St Jude's episode. They were shopping in Memphis on November 29th from what the article says. God forbid, it had Hannah taking front notice in the picture. I hate to see it get slammed for doing a good deed. Darned if they do, darned if they don't.

Shelly said...

Addorable is all I can say. I can here Alexis now. "Dems my aldergator cloths. What a doll.

FIONA said...

Your post was very informative and I appreciated it.

Yea, Alexis will love her new bag!

FourShore said...

I absolutely *loved* the sweater Kate wore while they were shopping at Kmart for the toys for the kids at St. Judes. Is there any way to find out what brand it is?