Monday, December 8, 2008

Twins Play Mommy, Kate Talks About Giving Back This Year

Tonight was the episode I was looking most forward to "Twins Playing Mommy". Because you knew neither would actually last a whole day doing so, and you knew that the title was a setup for disaster. So I was curious to see how Jon & Kate were going to handle this one. Of course it was 12pm and after only a few hours, they were done. Rings so true especially with my family.

Maddy & Cara are of course very different in personality. People seem to blame Kate for Maddy's behavior, I for one do see alot of Jon in her just like my husband and my daughter. She will be a great leader someday. She has in in her to take charge. When Kate says she will be president of something some day, I believe it. Cara on the other hand will be the kinder gentle mothering patient kind of mom that most don't give Kate enough credit for. Cara & Mady are like the ying & yang of every child I know including my own. They both have their moments and no one should criticize them....So on that note, I hope that this was what the viewers were happy to see. No trips, no freebies, just the kids being at home playing. And you know what? I found it kinda boring. Is that mean to say? Am I the only one that truly enjoys seeing the kids enjoy being in new places and doing fun activities?

The other day I too switched over the winter clothes. I mean, our shorts and tees were overflowing the room. I hated doing that, so I totally know how it stinks to deal with clothing bins. I was glad to see that Kate took advantage of her 2 "mommies" yet still gave them their space. Well done Kate! Ohh and Jon too of course ;)

Michigan Interviews Kate On Giving Back

This is a nice article from Grand Rapids, MI. They interviewed Kate on her book, as well as what they will be doing for the holidays. It was nice to see the advice she gave for making the season special:

"It is a great honor to give now that we can. Others gave to us in years past when we needed it, and it is so exhilarating to be on the giving end now."

Now when you read on hate blogs that Kate isn't aware of her blessings, direct them to this quote and the rest of the article HERE. Thanks Dawn!


BEE said...

It was nice to see them at home doing "everyday" stuff. I know that this episode was supose to be about the twins playing Mommy. However, all the screaming and crying and dissrespect for one another really made me cringe. I know that Jon and Kate did make comments to the twins about their attitude/actions, but I really felt that if Jon and Kate had stepped in a little more then perhaps the whole experience would of gone better for all the kids.

I know that kids will be kids and that is what I will chalk this episode up as!

I was jealous of Kate the whole time though! I HATE changing the clothes out and it usually takes me days because I have multiple interuptions. To bad my kids are to young to play "Mommy" ! :)

Also, does anyone know why TLC hasn't been showing clips from upcoming episodes? And is there one episode left for the season and if so when does next season start...thanks!

~duckie~ said...

I'm glad that the kids were able to stay home and enjoy everyday life. I remember when I was little and playing mommmy. It is good for kids to role play. It helps with cognitive skills.

cali-mom said...

Mady was driving me nuts!!!! The funny thing is, I'm the same way she is, I tend to get upset when my kids dont listen or pay attention. I enjoyed the episode, but I agree it was a bit boring. Looking forward to the next epi. next week.
I too was thinking about 2 weeks ago, why they havent been showing the upcoming episodes after the new ones aired? I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking that. Strange?
I'm also glad to read that article, about Kate being excited about giving back.. take that one Kate Gosselin haters!!! lol

BEE said...

An idea for a poll...

What episode would you like to see next season?

1. The big move

2. Merry Christmas

3. The "real" behind the scenes (showing craft service, more info on crew etc)

4. Kate working in NYC

5. A day in the life of (updated)

~duckie~ said...

Are they having Collin's eye sight looked at? He has one very strong lazy eye problem. Maybe he needs to get glasses as well.

momsquared said...

How sweet was it when Hannah hugged Kate and said, "I love you mommy." What a sweet moment. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to say that!

I enjoy seeing them just at home doing mundane things. I love Kate and greatly admire her organizational skills so I love to see how she keeps her home so organized and clean!

Baby Mama said...

Bee thanks for the poll idea! Nikki gave us this weeks, but yours is definitely going up next week. I had a bit of a poll drought there! Thanks for all the fresh ideas!

Teach Me to Be Still said...

I use to love watching Jon and Kate. I really enjoyed Kate's honesty and her tips on getting organized/going organic. But, unfortunately, I am no longer a big fan. I certainly don't hate them but their shows are hard for me to watch now. Kate is just so unkind to Jon. She says she loves him yet her daily words and actions so clearly say she doesn't. I am certainly not perfect but my goodness, if my husband spoke to me the way she speaks to Jon, I would be devastated. It breaks my heart to watch now.

I felt bad for the girls in this episode. I think the concept was good but they were set up to fail. Why not explain to the youngers that C & M were in charge and to please listen/obey them? Why not give a little encouragment and praise instead of pointing out how hard this job is? It could have been such a positive, fun experience yet I felt they were expected to "fail" so we could all see how hard it is. Hmmm...

I would love to see Supernanny come in to give them some practical advice and suggestions. Mady can be challenging but I think with a little more positive direction, she could do great!

BEE said...

Teach Me to Be Still...

I don' t think it is fair to say that Kate does not love Jon just because you don't agree with their marriage style. It obviously works for them, so who are we to judge?

I personally would not like it if my husband and I bantered back and forth like Jon and Kate do. However, I have learned through the years that marriage is a very private and personal thing.

Shelly said...


Kate took Collin and Hannah to the eye doctor. They said that his eye would probably strengthen on its own. No one has to go back to the eye doctor until next year.

By the way, I thought the episode was adorable. The girls learned a lesson and Hannah as usual was just to cute.