Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thousands Flock To Kate Gosselin Book Signing!

Hello Gosselin fans! Baby Mama had one day off and it was solely dedicated to "helping Santa" with a little Holiday shopping (lol). But this just in: Yay for Kate! One of the things I loved to read is when I heard how thousands of fans waited patiently to meet Kate and have their book signed. You can read it HERE. And also another great news article HERE. I just had to get this article out there for you to read and will blog more tonight! Video "borrowed" w/love from GDNNOP. They have an article about someone who was actually there!


3KMOM said...

Thanks for posting the video, it was awesome to see the response to the book. I wish their family all the best and I hope their book keeps selling strong.

~duckie~ said...

Here is a nice article about Beth Carlson on the book and her art. IT IS NOT A KATE BASHING ARTICLE. It is just an article about writing the book.

(Just copy and paste into your web browser.)

cali-mom said...

Great articles about the book signing, I did get to see the video on GDNNOP. I think Kate looks so good.
Thanks for sharing the Beth Carson article duckie. Great read.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I came across this site! It's so nice to see a fan blog :) Thank you for making it!
I'm a huge fan and love this show!