Monday, December 29, 2008

The Gosselins Cover of Parents Canada, Fan Favorites Marathon

Hello Gosselin fans! Its so weird now to not have any new episodes but blame it on the haters you know: they wanted the kids to have a "rest" and they got it. The entire family shut filming for the whole Month of December. We all know Kate has been very busy with what could eventually become a career in Public Speaking as she will be HERE in January. So its 6:00pm here and with the baby taking a late nap, I will sit with eldest and make it a "Gosselin Night". So onto tonight's marathon....drum roll please!

Viewers Choice List

#10: When the kids all went to the dentist (& Alexis had the mini fit)
#9: The North Carolina Lighthouse Visit & the horses on the beach
#8: Plane Ride To Utah
#7: Pittsburgh's Zoo- seeing the Aldergators and Penguins
#6: Behind The Scenes- Making The Show
#5: Jon's delicious Korean Meal (that made me hungry)
#4: Mr. Mom (Jon takes the kids while Kate's away) yawn..(lol)
#3: The Tups First Day Of School
#2: The Gosselins go Camping
#1: Most Embarrassing Moments!

The Marathon will be going on all night including my favorite pick..The Trip To Disney (10:00pm Eastern time). But this was what was voted on followed by 10 more episodes that last till 2:30 am Eastern Time. For the schedule of your favorite episode see HERE. Was your favorite on the list? Which one were you hoping to see?

Jon & Kate Plus 8 On The Cover of Parents Canada!

So my favorite magazine in the whole wide world, Parents have the family on its cover for Parents Canada. There you can read the wonderful article on the Gosselin family and see the adorable pics of the kids (Love that shot of Hannah & Collin!)

ParentsCanada: How do you overcome the stress of criticism?
KG: This is a very difficult aspect of being on TV and in the public eye. We really try not to pay attention to it – or care. Until you are in our house facing our issues, you have no right to judge us. Our show is only a snippet of what we face in life!

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UPDATE: I would like to add that after both myself and GDNNOP wrote about the Gosselins in Parents magazine, low and behold now GWOP and the trolls added it onto their site. So all you trolls that go on and on about how I look for stories, tell your friends at the bridge that they are too busy swiping ours! (lol) with a gripe gripe here and a gripe grip there.....


BEE said...

I really liked the article in Parents Canada. It was a good reminder that despite the "career" that Kate now has, she is first and foremost a mom. She takes pride in that and loves her family very much!

Also, there has been a lot of hype lately about Kate's "new" career as a public speaker. However, Kate's upcoming speaking engagements don't seem any different to me then the past speaking engagements...except that they are minus Jon.

~duckie~ said...

Just a quick question...
You don't really think it is a horrible idea that the Gosselin's took a month off from filming do you?
I mean really real actors and tv shows take 3 month hiatus'.
I really hope you were joking and don't really think that the 10 should have a camera in their face all year long. I'm sure Kate and Jon wanted a break too. And it wasn't because the "haters" told them to do it. From what I have read they don't read the hate blogs so why would they do something that they told them?
Just asking not hating

Baby Mama said...

Let me stress Duckie that I was kidding regarding them taking a month off. If you read my previous months blogs, you would have seen how I have said many times that its always great for them when they have time off. Not because haters wish them off the air for their own selfishness, but because THE GOSSELINS themselves do so. Fans obviously love new episodes, but appreciate the repeats just as much.

Nina Bell said...


Just a quick question, you didn't think Baby Mama was really serious, did you?


I have to kind of disagree with you on this one. I think Kate has a career out there separate from this show, her kids and Jon. It is pretty evident from the masses that went to her book signings. People are really drawn to her. She just needs to get comfortable with that and find exactly what she wants to focus on. But I can see a business opportunity here for Kate. Good for her.

MoreCowbell said...

Now, wait a minute. You mean the cameras aren't in the house ALL THE TIME? But...but...according to the trolls, that's their entire LIFE.

You can tell by the episodes that there is a lot more time without cameras then there is with them, and while it would have been cool to see Christmas in the new digs, more power to them all for taking a month off (this also means the crew, who have outside lives as well).

And I certainly hope that Parents Canada is ready for the hate mail that is probably bombarding their in-boxes as we speak. You know, I was thinking. It's so much better for your health to be a sheeple rather than a troll. All that resentment, faux advocacy, hatred and bitterness must take its toll on one's blood pressure and sugar levels. Not to mention the fact that trolls tend to post as if in a constant state of constipation. Only the truly "backed-up" can post such vitriol so well.

~duckie~ said...

1. I SO LOVE the PIC
2. So true about the constipation part. Mean People SUCK all the way around. And that means sucking all of that crap in. You just want to look at them and say "Take a laxative". :P

Just commenting Not hating

Paula said...

MoreCowbell, I couldn't agree with you more. The most disturbing thing about the trolls is the faux advocacy. Try calling them on it and you get slammed to kingdom come!

BEE said...

Nina Bell,

I should of made my comment more specific. I have read about some up coming speaking engagements, one in Texas I believe. To me, those type of engagements seem to be similar to the speaking engagements that Jon and Kate have done together in the past. That was the one specific engagement I was referring to.

I do agree that Kate has stepped out there and lately has done more with the book signings, P&G, K-Mart etc. To me those type of engagements are not necessarily "speaking engagements", at least not in the sense that the church style speaking engagements are.

So we agree, I just didn't make myself clear.


BJ said...

The kids are all adorable but Mady seems to be the most unhappy, complaining and crying child. She does not receive discipline, why is this? It is almost like she is spoilt. Good luck with your family and you seem so much in love.