Friday, December 5, 2008

Cafe Mom Goes Too Far, Multiple Blessings Still Top 20, Jon & Kate Adopt

Hello Gosselin fans! I know I keep repeating myself every day, but I'm so sorry for the short posts. With the Holidays coming up I still can't seem to catch up with all that's going on. For an economy that was supposed to be the worst in decades, there seems to be no shortage of shoppers and sales in the stores as of late. Why do you think that is? I have never seen this much people shopping so early. Our tourist season here is the highest its been since our devastating 2001. Though its great for the city, its horrible for me. Too many people, I will be shopping on line this year!

When Being Nasty Goes Too Far

You would have thought that GWOP would have had this award on lock-down. But lo and behold, I received an e-mail from someone on a particular Jon & Kate board on Cafe Mom. There are actually a few, but one in particular has gotten so bad many that don't even like the show jumped ship. When I read what someone wrote on a thread, I couldn't believe how this person is still even allowed to post:

by isles on Dec. 5, 2008 at 4:07 PM Jealous---Not at all----I can't even imagine doing this to your own children-Any child for that matter--IMO--the KONS have earned their place in Hell X's 8--

So my question is this. When people comment on boards does anything they say mean anything anymore? Does that blog lose all of its credibility at that point? And even if you weren't a fan of the show, could anyone even comment after that post? To me, that its a mom board and this person apparently has children is very, very sad. I'm scared to open my e-mail and see what people sent me from IMDB. They are positioning for #3 on the list. UPDATE: I was told that that person was removed from the board....interesting.

Jon & Kate Adopt! Read it Here First!

Lets get back to some lightheartedness please, I feel a bit ill. This was sent to my by a reader and I spit my tea out. Too cute of an article. Its about Tonya and her desire to be a member of the Gosselin family. Read it HERE! Thank you JPMDevildog!

Still Weeks Later Multiple Blessings Still Going Strong

Slipping to number 16 on the New York Times Best Seller List, but its been out a few weeks now. Hopefully will go back up for Holiday gifts!


Kelley said...

In my opinion, comments like the one you mentioned should be considered "Thread Killers". Most of the time the discussion goes way off track after a comment like this and honestly they should either be deleted by a mod, or not posted in the first place.

And it makes people feel awkward to read nasty stuff like that. I don't know that the credibility of a blog/discussion board can be called into question over one post, but the poster's credibility is deminished.

If I were you I'd send the Mod a kindly worded emai/message letting them know you didn't appriciate the incindiary tone of the comment and you would like to see it removed. If they recieve several emails/messages in kind they will most likely do so. Or perhaps one complaint would be enough if they see it like you do.

I would resist flaming back as it would lessen your web cred :)

MonicaW42 said...

LOL @ the Tonya story. That was a much needed funny story after all the vile things posted on some of the hater blogs this week.

MaryMac said...

I really don't read the hate blogs, so I am ignorant of how bad they really get. "a place in hell"?? Really? I wonder what is behind such hatefulness? It has to be more than just jealousy.

I think these people have some kind of deep-seated need to pass judgment on others because it makes them feel more "righteous". Its these peoples own need to feel better, smarter and having a higher moral sense than others - so much better in fact, that they can see how wrong and horrible others are. And are so good even that they feel justified in pointing out others weaknesses as they deem necessary.

Is it because they are lacking in these areas that makes them try to prove they are not lacking in these areas? - I think so.

So, yes. After a remark like that is made, nothing a person says after that is significant at all.

Nina Bell said...

Well Baby Mama,

I have read some very hateful things about myself and our blog since it started back in July. I saw on the Shamela is a Shrew blog during the Penn Mommy farce, someone saying that there was a special place in hell for myself, mom, guin, linda and anya (if I remember right- sorry if I left anyone out.) That was one of many comments that were published and there were quite a few main posts directed at us also that were also full of anger.

There is a blog that exists that is intended to be nasty and hateful directed at GDNNOP and the people that post there. This is a blog that was started by someone that claims affiliation with GWoP.

Where does all of this hate come from? Over a TV show. I can understand some snarking and not everyone agreeing. I actually enjoy a discussion and some back and forth. But all of this hate? I just don't get it.

I agree with MaryMac. It has to be something more than jealousy.

BEE said...

I completely agree with Nina Bell and MaryMac. When I stumbled upon all the Gosselin controversies on the internet I was really alarmed at how hateful some posters were/are. Are people really that mean spirited? A place in! Do they even know the severity to what they are saying?

All the negative, hateful things that have been said on the internet have to have an impact on Jon and Kate. Maybe they don't visit blogs with the regularity that some of us do, but I have to imagine that curiosity gets the best of them sometimes and they take a glance at what is going on in cyberspace. It has to be hard for them.

As for blogs losing credibility over nasty hateful comments like the one you highlighted. Personally, blogs and their mods do lose some credibility with me when they post such crap. I am all for a civilized even somewhat heated debate, and I certainly don't think everyone needs to agree, but to be purely evil and hateful is just beyond me. So, yep, they lose some points in my book!

Is the story about Tonya real? Either way it was a cute article!

Baby Mama said...

If someone could let me know if Tonya was actually on any of these shows I would appreciate it. She is a star in the making and everyone is talking about her. Tonya, if the Gosselins don't want you I will take you with loving and open arms....

Anonymous said...

How about a new poll idea...

How would you spend a day with the Gosselins?

a. At home with the whole family
b. A day at the spa with Kate
c. On the ski slopes with Jon
d. Having my own personal Q&A with the crew (I want to know what goes on behind the scenes!)

Baby Mama said...

Nikki your poll rocks and I'm using it this Sunday. Thanks again!

Denise said...

If you're wanting to give the book for the holidays, Amazon has it for about $10 but Sam's Club's price is $6.95

Heather said...

The GO and Admins on the Cafemom board have been cleaning house. Some would not obey the rules. It was not a hate site. I just feel like it got "hijacked" as other boards have. I have come across a poster that is posting under the same name on a several different boards that is a really "hateful" poster. I don't know if they are that way in life but they are very nasty on all the boards. They take aim at children, families, trips, houses, etc. You can have an opinion but to hate someone that you have never met in life is beyond me. I can't understand not liking what you see but to hate?

Carol said...

I don't know if the cafemom board started out as a hate site or not, but it certainly turned into one and the moderators don't do much about it. I joined for a few days and had to unsubscribe because every comment that was not nasty was rabidly attacked (if it's not obvious to you the children are being exploited you don't deserve to live as far as they're concerned).

When I first mentioned I was thinking of leaving a moderator asked me not to; she said they needed fans on the board as well as critics. I stuck it out for another couple of days and finally wrote them and explained why I had to leave. They didn't even respond; they essentially like the board the way it is.