Monday, December 22, 2008

Arby's TMI, Next Monday Fan Favorites, Kate's labor Day, Journal Sentinal J&K Review

Hello Gosselin Fans! I too was a bit I don't know "shocked" when they started playing the infamous Arby's commercial during a family show like Jon & Kate. Funny thing is, its my husbands birthday tomorrow, he turns the big 40. Were all much younger and I know how upset this is making him. So I thought to "spice" things up a bit my parents would take the kids for the night and I would try to dress up as the Arby's girl...except I know he really loves the roast beef instead and really wants that mint shake they show in the commercial. OK OK, I know TMI! (too much information) I picked this random photo today because whoever is flop down on the floor is making me laugh!

Kate's Labor Day
Anyway, with the party we threw him and getting ready for Christmas, the blog has not been updated as much. Tonight they showed when the kids went to see the hospital where they were born. Its always funny to watch an episode again after the fire has stopped and the trolls have stopped taking about it. The controversy over several hundred people thinking Kate was pregnant. The doctor did not smile therefore he didn't want them there. Kates hair. And of course the check. I can't remember all the gripes but most used the excuse of "how dare they bring the kids into the hospital" (uhh weren't they invited?) and "ohh that wasn't Kate's money" (yeah, and TLC would give them money WHY?) or "ohh she just HAD to show off on TV" well they were being filmed duh.

People got into such a heated debate there were those that were pausing just to look at the thickness of the check for some reason. BIZARRE. Though no actual "Gate" became of this episode, alot was made over the fact that Jon had cryptically mentioned that a baby was coming. Now I too have many times humored my kids to quiet them, but people were honestly saying that a Kate was pregnant. Its too funny that they were even saying her belly was big! ahh, its so great to watch these episodes over and again and see what a big deal people make over the stupidest things just because they can get on a blog with other haters and bash someone. Its like nasty playground teasing stuff. I would like all you to show us your hair please...The episode on its own was actually nice to watch blog free. That's what most people do and they are not tainted by what they read on the internet. I should really start doing that.

Fan Favorite Episodes next Monday!

I couldn't sit through the Duggar #52 baby birth and I don't know why. I found the episode didn't sit well with me and I have given the show several tries. I have issues with the family and while I would never judge or say anything bad about their lifestyle I will say that I know why I love this show so much. I love our real Kate. I did vote on the TLC website and hope that you did too for the FAN FAVORITES! This will be next Monday so keep an eye out. I am sad that they are dedicating the Holiday to the Duggars but there will also be a marathon of my other show I love Little People Big World.

There was also a repeat today of Kate Gosselin on The Bonnie Hunt Show. If you never got to see it you can see it on my old blog HERE.
NEW Jon & Kate Article!

I found this really great article today from Milwaukee, WI about how much people love the Jon & Kate plus 8 show. Its a great piece called "Like food, DVRs reveal personal taste". They haven't met my eldest daughter. She watched the show tonight and at almost 8 shes a bigger fan and critic than me! You can read it HERE. What I love about it the most? NO comments section!


SoccerMomof3 said...

Love your site. Keep it up babysmama. Oh and I about spit out my coffee on the comment about the Duggars. So true isn't it?

jenns said...

I finally found your site looking for positive information on the Gosselin's. I was so shocked at the other sites and how much venom you could feel nearly boring from the screen.
I agree with the Duggars as well. I tried to give them an equal shot, just not for me. More Gosselin's please!

BEE said...

My husband and I always get a good laugh out of the Arby's commercial...too funny! Happy Birthday to BabyMama's husband!!

I love how honest Kate is on the Labor Day episode. I know people will/have criticized her for her comments of how hard it has been adjusting to having sextuplets and how she believes their lives have changed for the best now, but that she couldn't say that in the beginning. However, I appreciate her candidness and honesty. I can only imagine what her life was like back then and what it is like today. I think she is a great lady doing the best she can!

What favorite episode did everyone vote for? I voted for a Day in it!

The*GosselinGarb*Finder said...

LOl #54 Duggar! You are too funny, that is so very true, I got lost after the kids banging the light wall and Michelle in her quiet calm telling them.."ok quietly" quietly bang on light wall? I don't know but anyway I left the tv going and DVR'd to the new baby (who was so cute) I prefer LPBW and cried at the episode about their friend Mike I told myself I wasn't going to cry...literally lol but I did :(

~Jordyn said...

I just voted for an episode, the ski one.

I liked what the Duggers named their baby haha. :)

Nancy said...

I love the Duggars. They are the first Reality Show family of which I was aware. I also do like the Roloffs; even if Amy is not a great housekeeper she is a loving mom and wife. I enjoy the J&K+8 show but have more issues with J&K than I do with the other parents. I have never understood the "love taps" and the put-downs of each other and the kids.
I still enjoy the show, although the very early specials are my favorites.

Nina Bell said...

Merry Christmas


Carol said...

I just find all 10 Gosselins entertaining - crazy Kate (I also love her organization and envy it), dry Jon and all 8 impish kids whose ethnic mix I love (I'm half Asian myself :) ). When I watch other big family shows I find myself bored and I have no particular feelings toward the kids (the Duggar mom drives me insane with that never-off-lullaby voice of hers). My kids and I can name each of the 8 Gosselin kids, their personalities and we can quote things they've said (a favorite is Alexis telling Hannah to get away from sick Aaden - "go away, him will throw up on your hands!"). Our latest favorite is Alexis, after Hannah has smacked her on the head, saying "I don't know why her did that."

Nope, no frozen hash browns in my freezer but plenty of Jon & Kate on our dvr!

Carol said...

I just found a fun and non-critical article on them in (and there is no comments section, yay). It's at My favorite quote from it is "In online communities, Kate’s parenting and marital tactics are dissected so intensely you’d think she was running for president." Ha ha!

Baby Mama said...

Carol, I remember that article from May and I loved it. It was one of the first articles I had seen about the show, it was very nice and I talked about it the first week of my blog. If more positive articles about this family came out instead of dissecting another persons parenting skills thinking they have the right, the Gosselin land would be a happier place.

Carol said...

Thing is, Kate does not claim to be a role model for anything, they repeat over and over that what they do is best for _their_ kids. They also say "it's a crazy life, but it's OUR life." So, much as the haters deny it, the only thing that has to be drawing their venom is jealousy. If it was just to criticize their parenting skills, they could pick anybody, including me who parents by the seat of my pants, since nobody is a perfect parent. There are plenty of clearly horrible parents out there (I work in a school and in some cases we have to take up the slack where parents don't); why on earth not expend your bountiful energy and "advocating" on them??? Or put your principles where your mouth is and adopt or foster some of these at risk kids.