Friday, December 12, 2008

Beth Finally Talks About The Book!

Hello Gosselin fans! Yes I know, I'm no longer the first to get all the hot Gosselin scoop. But with the Holidays, me now working plus my babies (yes, that includes my husband) the blog has taken a bit of a back seat. I'm down but not out rest assured!

So by now you have all read or at least heard about Beth Carson finally speaking about the book. The article is HERE. No ill will with Kate, no bashing, and all the best which is what we would expect from Beth. This was such a great positive article to read, leave it up to the Trolls at GWOP to try to make a negative spin on it saying that Kate and Beth are no longer friends or that Beth is "sticking up for herself saying ONLY she wrote the book". In fact from the article it just shows that she is a very multi-talented classy woman who will not say anything that could jeopardize their relationship. Does it remotely amaze anybody that depending on whether you ask a fan or a non-fan, that they have a totally different take on this article? The haters want to make it into what it isn't.

Just because Beth is not shown all the time on TV doesn't mean they aren't friends. You can clearly see by her going to school and having other things in her life I'm sure she no longer has the time to babysit. But I am so happy to read this and shove it in all the negative faces of those that didn't think Beth would speak up on behalf of the book! So there! Ohh and for the record, the people that blog over at GWOP and other sites complained all the time that Beth was on the show too much and that she was "annoying". Now shes a Christian woman that doesn't deserve Kate. Also Beth would have to spend ALOT of time with Kate to get that much personal info about the families life. Why do people seem ot think that it was all just Beth with no writing from Kate?

Do you think this weekends book signing will be bigger than the last one?

From what everyone is saying that Kate is still in Michigan to do an audio book for Zondervan and another book signing tonight.. Does anybody know about this. It sounds really cool since I don't get to watch the show all the time! If anyone got to go to the second book signing let me know!

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