Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Make It A Gosselin Night, New Articles Galore!

Hello Gosselin fans! Happy hump day. I love Wed. because I'm off from work and I get to relax and watch my mini Jon & Kate marathons. Tonight I practically ran through homework and teeth brushing to watch a TLC show called Wallendas: Life On The Wire. Shows like this are the reason I live for my TV trinity of TLC, HGTV & Bravo. Without those channels I am one crazy mommy. I wish I had The Style Channel too but I don't. I guess I'm too young to know who this tight-walking family was but it was so cool to hear about how life was for another different family and how even the children are getting in on the family business.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 New Article List: A One Stop Gosselin Sourse! (lol)

1: The Philadelphia Inquirer's great article: Reality-show darlings get modest gifts, precious family time.
2: STAR Magazines: Jon & Kate Plus 8 Star's Shopping Secrets: (From the P&G Brandsaver Live Event)
3: New York: Celebrating Christmas within a large family
4: Lil Sugar Article: Lil's Favorite Five: Kate Gosselin's Delicious Recipes

Baby Mama Kate Gosselin Recipe Page HERE.

I will continue my article list tomorrow. I was was reading on the St. Jude's website that Jon & Kate purchased gifts themselves for the children. I don't understand why people had to see credit card receipts. But even then they will say TLC paid for everything. Well then TLC is my kind of people. They need to give me a show and may for all of my charges this Holiday season! Also I forget to mention yesterday that I thought when people said Aunt Bev moved that they were joking. I guess another example of another person that's STILL in their lives! hmm, can we pray the Beth is in the wings somewhere too! We can only hope!

If this show was done after they moved, do you think that they still drive to their old abandoned house to do the couch confessionals? (Picture the empty house with only that corner with everything still there.. lol) Or perhaps the trolls are right to think they created an IDENTICAL corner space in the new house????


Shelly said...

I tried to post yesterday on GWOP and of course my comment was not allowed. The busy boddies at GWOP were absolutely lying about every piece of the Giving Back show.

1. They said that the book was Jon and Kates Book. They sure did not look very well, because that book and the coloring and sticker books was Tales of Desperaux.

2. The CD was the CD Kate listened to when she was in the hospital with the tups. She mentioned that to the parents and kids of St Jude, and the GWOP went insane.

3. They said Alexis was favored because she got Elmo. They sure did not listen when Kate said " I told her it was for all the kids to play with in the motel room.

I tried to correct them, but my comment was not approved. Go figure. I thought I would post my comment here, because it is obvious that they read this blog. Then they can see what liars and idiots they are.

Thanks Baby Mama for the time to vent at those fools.

RealMom said...

Better get your eyes checked Shelly. There were indeed wagonloads of BOTH of their books.

cali-mom said...

Yes, they had a wagon load of there book Multiple Blessings (they signed copies of them for the kids and families), and the Tales of desp. coloring book, as well as the CD Kate mentioned she listened to while in the Hospital w/the tups.
I agree w/your last comment, how could they have already moved into the new house if they did the confessional in the same spot, the St Jude's visit was on November 30th... ??? Hmmmm.

Shelly said...

I know that they had their book there. But the Tales of Desperaux was never mentioned on GWOP except to bash Kate for reading it. That was the point I was trying to make. They also has DVD's of the J&K +8 seasons. So no need for an eye check. I know what I was saying.

BEE said...

My bet would be that if they have already moved then they either drove back to the old house or they have set up an interview corner in their new place. I am so interested to see if indeed they moved into that beautiful home..if so, good for them!

Thanks for the articles! The Gosselins seem to be EVERYWHERE now days!!

3KMOM said...

When Kate was asked in an interview to confirm whether or not they have moved into the million dollar home that people have speculated on she said she doesn't comment on things like that. She also went on to say they are outgrowing their house and that when they move it will be documented for the show. I took that to mean that they haven't moved YET. So I will just wait and see until they confirm what the truth really is.