Saturday, December 20, 2008

Countdown To The Holidays! Gosselin Garb Blog, One More Book Signing Story!

Hello Gosselin Fans! I know that you are probably running around before the Holidays and hoping to have at least one day to relax before everything starts this week. Having the kids off for the next two weeks is going to be seriously rough. Thank goodness this week is all about celebrating and hopefully we wont even notice they are driving us crazy (lol)

I forgot to link these two articles if you haven't already seen them on the blogs. The fist is the Jon Gosselin audio podcast where he talks a bit about the show. You can hear it HERE. The next is this cool blog I found that included links to things that were shown on the show that you might be interested in. Everything from Merry Maids to the kids bibs! Its called GOSSELIN GARB. I hope they keep it up, you can see it HERE.

This Week Multiple Blessings is back up to #4 on The New Yorks Times Best Seller list!
I guess there will be lots of people getting the book for the Holidays!

I also have another great book signing story from a woman with a great photo that you can read HERE. So now the Gosselin family has the entire month of December free from filming and intrusions. Shouldn't all the haters be thrilled that they are away from the cameras and leading a normal life and having a private Holiday? It will be interesting to see if The new question and answer session to air January 19th will be the beginning of the 5rd season. If not, we all always have the repeats to enjoy!


Blushed said...

Thanks for linking my blog. I am so glad to have met her before moving to Arkansas.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't think your 2nd link is working.

cali-mom said...

Yay, another great fan's experience, thanks for sharing!!!

Baby Mama said...

Celebrate, thank you for letting me know about the second link. I fixed it now, it took me FOREVER to find the blog again since I forgot the name! Check it out...

BEE said...

Baby Mama,

Thanks for the link to the Gosselin Garb Blog...that is an amazing collection of information!!

Did you get the email I sent you regarding the CD that Kate gave away on the Giving Back episode? I have been having trouble with my email and just wanted to make sure you got it. Do you by chance know the name of the CD?


BEE said...

I think I just found the answer to my question about the CD. On the TLC website it says that the CD is Praise Baby.

cali-mom said...

Duckie, your link doesnt work for me. Are you a fan or a hater? You say that we all think your a hater, but think about it. This is a "FAN" blog, and most of your comments are not "FAN" based. Hmmmm

Baby Mama said...

Calli-mom I had to remove Duckie's post as I am concerned for the "trolls" issue I have had on my site. I don't feel that anyone who claims that they are a fan and posts here should spread hurtful things about this or any family. That is not "concern". That's just spreading garbage.

BEE- You got the answer before I did! The CD was called Praise Baby - it looks like a collection of lullabies for babies. I believe it is a religious CD.

~duckie~ said...

Wow!! I do have concern and I don't like being censored!!!! If you have a problem with finding out how others are talking about the family then you really don't live in the real world.

The article really upset me with the way a "news writer" from the New York Times was talking about an eight year old girl who doesn't have a choice as to whether or not she is filmed!!!! I didn't get mean I was just showing that the real reason why I don't agree with this show. I don't care if Jon and Kate want to be filmed but I do believe that when this show is off of the air good and bad articles WILL follow the children. And with the way society works the hurtful ones will be the most prominent. Sorry about the truth!

By the Way I am not a HATER the webster dictionary has this definition of hate:v.t. dislike strongly: bear malice to. emotion of extreme dislike. active ill-will.

I don't hate Jon or Kate I just wish the best for them and their families. And from what I have witnessed recently the best is not there.

I believe the only reason why baby mama did get rid of my comment is because I also linked the website on GWOP. And if she is allowed to read GWOP why can't I? But I found the link on a site called . By the way there wasn't a problem when I gave everyone the link to Beth's article.

I do like to comment here because I am able to read about the good things that the Gosslin's have done and read nice comments that go with them. I don't enjoy reading things people write when they are tearing others down. If I did I would comment more on GWOP.

Thank you for reading my rant. :)
I am off of my soap box now.
Have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season!
Happy Hanukkah!

Baby Mama said...

Duckie, I appreciate your response to the removal of your post. Keep in mind that this is my blog and I have sole discretion what comments stay and what goes. Anything that is linked on the GWOP site will not be linked here. That is a fact. People are allowed to comment on whatever blog they choose but that is a horrible site and I will not have any mutual hate sites linked. Thanks for your understanding and Happy Holidays.

BEE said...


Thank you for keeping such high standards on your blog! I truly appreciate it!

The*GosselinGarb*Finder said...

HI There! Thank you so much for sharing my blog with other Fans, I am definitely keeping updated weekly I had a lil delay because of my last minute shopping adventures this week, but I update every Monday and in between I work on Seasons 1-3 I just posted today I was all excited because I FINALLY found the walking rings that the tups used on the 4th of July episode.Thanks again I will be visiting your fan site more often :)

Carol said...

Once again, thankyou Baby Mama for keeping this site clean. It's nice to have one place we fans can go to and enjoy the conversation of others without hearing the endless repetition of criticism. For the criticizers, believe me, we've heard it ALL, we don't need any more "info." We're still watching and enjoying the show.

CBB said...

Just catching up on the blog after enjoying vacation. Not sure what was posted but glad to know that it was removed. I found this blog so I could see fun info, not to read the speculations of those who insist of finding the negative about this lovely family. So thanks for ensuring that we who are fans won't be clicking on links to the icky gwop site.