Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The "Not So New" Moving Announcement, Charlotte Observer Article

Hello Gosselin fans! Last night was the big marathon and I kept one eye open on the couch for my Disney episode. Even though it was 10pm I was exhausted. I watched only bits of each episode. (Uhh I see them ALL the time!) But I literally woke up when I saw the new commercial.. "Guess what, were moving!" squeals Kate. Yep, it looks like we just found out what the "surprise" in next weeks episode "Soup And Surprise" is! Did anyone see it? You also have to wonder how long ago this episode actually took place, as it appears they have been in their new house for some time now. (I only mention this because so many trolls comment like this family is on TV non-stop. When in fact that really isn't the case.) Do you think they got to keep the furniture? (lol)

What I guess must be exciting is for those lucky people that don't get on the computer and read blogs. For those whose opinions of the show are not tainted by some nasty things they found on the internet. For those fans for whom this is a REAL surprise, and are probably excited just like I am to see how they will incorporate this move into the new episdoes. Heck yes if I was them, I would try to milk at least 3-4 shows out of it right? Its more time for them to be at home by themselves and away from the cameras, living a life the trolls claim they don't have.

Charlotte Observer.com article
In chaos of house with 8 kids, God's in control: I was interested in this article because it discusses their Church and talks openly about their faith among other things.

Funny, my best girlfriend came over and gave me a belated Christmas present. A Jon & Kate season 2 DVD! And since I only had season 1, I did appreciate it since she was SOOO excited to give it to me! However I watch this show literally every day. I'm on Gosselin overload! UGH (LOL)


BEE said...

SO excited to see next weeks episode!! Does anyone remember where in the marathon night episodes that the announcement was made? Did they show pictures etc?

momsquared said...

So excited to see the new house!

The*GosselinGarb*Finder said...

Bee, I saw it after the Korean Dinner episode, it was the beautiful life song and then wording about something new coming and New Episode Monday on Jon & Kate + 8 then it showed all the Gosselins at their table eating (In Season 3 house) and they all say together "We're Moving"

FIONA said...

Are you sure this is there house?

I mean if it isn't aren't you spreading gossip?

MoreCowbell said...

I wonder if the Gosselins will get the Roloff/Duggar treatment and get TLC decorators to furnish it for them? Hey, fair is fair! If I was going to get a free decorator and free furniture, I'd sure jump on it (and I bet if the hypocrite trolls were also offered the same, they'd jump on it, too).

If you watch the three shows, up until now, the Gosselins are the ones living the most modestly. The Duggar's huge house was finished and furnished by TLC, and that renovation to the Roloff's home is amazing. The Gosselin's and Roloff's have gone on more trips than the Duggars (but I think that might have something to do with the sheer amount of people involved in paying and filming 20 Duggars on a trip and the fact that Michelle is in a constant state of pregnancy), but when it comes to their homes, the Duggars and Roloffs have much more. We'll see if this new house brings the Gosselins in line with the other two TLC cash cows.

Yet, despite that, the Gosselins seems to generate more resentment. Oh, sure, I see places like Television Without Pity, where both the Duggars and Roloff's are made fun of, but their threads weren't so full of hate that the thread got completely shut down, like the Gosselin's did, and there are no crusades to get them taken off the air, or e-mails to Paul Peterson on behalf of those children. I think it all boils down to Kate. She just rubs the trolls the wrong way. To tell the truth, I think she's more real. Michelle Duggar is a nice lady, but sometimes, she creeps me out, as if she's programmed by her husband. Amy Roloff is actually a lot like Kate, in my opinion. Except for the cleanliness part, of course. Amy is the extreme opposite of Kate, there! But, both Kate and Amy are headstrong. They both criticize their husbands and yell at their kids (except Amy's kids are teenagers who don't listen). They both live much better lives by having cameras in their home, then they would have without. They both have to win arguments with their husbands and they both have husbands who are frustrating at times, because they are more relaxed and tend to not finish what they started unless pushed.

I'm not sure what my point is, only that the hypocrisy of the trolls continues to astound me. Maybe the New Year will bring them more fulfilling lives so that they will stop obsessing about other's.

PonyGirl said...

I hope that is their real new house. it's beautiful! I'm happy for them!

Baby Mama said...

Fiona, it was either I show you that shot or a shot of my own couch and I thought no one would want to see that. (lol)If it isn't their house then its someones house I want so either way its all good to me.

3KMOM said...

Oh when I read the post by Baby Mama I was so excited to see the new episode. I have been in a 7x7 school class and done nothing but study study study. I will finally have a break this weekend and next weekend!!!!!! So I look forward to seeing the episodes also b/c my night class is not on mondays anymore.

BEE said...

J-K Gossliar,

I am sure that some people on the internet did go looking for the dirt. However, I know for myself, I was simply looking for the Gosselin family website when I started to stumble onto the negative stuff. Yes, it is our choice to read what we want on the internet. And it is also our choice to complain/comment about it!

I just love how people that are anti Gosselin think it is ok to spew hatred at the family and at their fans. Yet, they hold the attitude of HOW DARE YOU make unflattering comments about the haters...just doesn't make sense to me!

Honestly, I think BabyMama was simply making a statement, and a valid one at that. Viewers that have never gotten on the computer and looked anything Gosselin up are viewing through rose colored glasses.

Personally, I don't care for the negative comments or the hate sites. However, it does make watching the show more interesting to me.


MoreCowbell said...

Looks like there's a bridge somewhere that's missing a troll!

Donna said...

I am very excited for the family to be moving and can't wait to see the new house? I was looking for Jon and Kate info on the internet after seeing that they are moving. I stumbled across sites there were very negative before finding this site. It's sad to see the comments people are making...not sure why people care to be so hateful in their comments about a family that they don't actually know personally. What someone gets out of that is something I will never understand. Oh well...I for one am one of those folks that is genuinely happy for the family and can't wait to see the house. I have read Kate's book and was surprised to hear of all the struggles they had in the early years when the kids were first born. Until you walk a day in someone's shoes you don't really know the whole truth. I have learned this personally in my life and just something I wish more folks would think about before passing judgement on others. Again, happy to have found this fan site...great to read about the positive side of things. Happy New Year and many Blessings for a great 2009 for us all!

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I have seen a lot of negative comments on the Duggars, Gosselines and the Little people. Over the years I have noticed that there must be a lot of money involved being that two of the three families take a lot of trips. The money involved must be quite a few. I just saw the show today on them going camping in their back yard. just buying the things to camp in the back yard must have been very expensive. Jon said it was inexpensive because they can reuse the damping equiment many times. I doubt if they will do that much camping to justify buying all that.

I noted some think that the Duggars got all of their house furnished by the TV show. The TV show did bring in a decorator and some of the house furnishings were given to them towards the end of them building the house. However, most of what you see is from the family's own savings and labor. The family spent 3 years in building the house. The family did not decorate their previous homes very much as they were savig money to buy thigs for their "dream" home. They even had a lot of things in storage over the years knowing one day they will have a dream home. The home was not given to them as some would like to say.

However, this new home that has just been built for Kate and Jon I believe more of it was given to them. I doubt if they built any of it themselves.

MoreCowbell said...

"J~K~Gossliars" is HILARIOUS (in a pathetic sort of way). Unfortunately for her, I don't think she was attempting to be humorous.

Also, unfortunately for her, all she seems to be doing is proving that the GWoPPER trolls have officially "lost it" and most of what we've been saying about them is true.

[Cue Twilight Zone music]

Theresa said...


I enjoy reading your posts, like this one comparing the TLC moms. I get that creeped out feeling too about Michelle Dugger being programmed by her husband. And your line Michelle is in a constant state of pregnancybrought a smile to my face because I did watch that episode where she gave birth to their latest kid and I think they had a pop-up factoid about how much of her life she was pregnant.

3KMom--Enjoy your break!!

Babymama & everyone--Happy New Year!

~duckie~ said...

Just want to say that Matt and Amy Roloff have been adding to their home since they bought their farm. They have been using their own money. It took them so long to get it built because Matt kept adding to it and when they ran out of money they had to wait for another loan to go though to finish it.
Matt is also a very successful businessman, he has three full time jobs...
1. The Direct Access Solutions
2. Is a traveling Sales Man
3. A Pumpkin Farmer/ Corporate party planner for the large farm with all of the different attractions.
Plus he is on the Board of Directors for the Little People of America.
Amy is a full time mom and a Pre-School teacher plus an inspirational speaker for women and mothers with disabilities.
So, to compare the Roloff's newly REMODELED home to that of the Gosslin's newly BOUGHT home really can't be done.
Just Commenting Not Hating

MoreCowbell said...

I'm sure that the Roloff's have been adding to it since they bought it, but their income has gone up since they became a TLC family, just like the Gosselins and just like the Duggars. I'm sure that TLC didn't BUY the Gosselin's new home, but the increased funds in their bank account, thanks to TLC, has enabled them to do so, which has also enabled the Roloff's to expand every season. That gazebo they gave Amy for Mom's Day was probably a freebie, as we saw a sign with the manufacturer's name displayed on camera several times. The Duggars have several rental properties, a real estate business and used car lot (which explains how they seem to drive a different vehicle each episode), but the cash they receive from doing TLC shows has also benefited their bank account.

All three families have gotten freebies in either trips or product placement. I love the episode where Michelle and the Duggar girls are cleaning with Pledge and Windex, making sure the labels are featured prominently. Then there was the J&K episode where Kate was combing one of the girl's hair and using a detangler. After she sprayed it, she made sure to adjust the bottle's position on the counter so the label was showing. Oh, and we all know Juicy Juice was shown for awhile, too.

The bottom line is that all three families get some freebies or benefit in some way, yet only the Gosselins seem to be vilified for it. I'm sure their new home will be trashed beyond belief. No matter that this home, with its space and privacy (that they need thanks to trolls who drive by their home taking pictures of sings and Google for personal information about the family) is enhancing the lives of the Gosselin kids and making it better. They'll still be slammed for it.

BEE said...

The Gosselins, the Roloffs and the Duggars receive TONS of free products/services for doing their shows.
I am sure that all of them have put thier own money toward their homes and have also received FREE products/services towards the decorating/remodeling. In all of the shows you can see MANY product placements for windows, brick pavers, entertainment centers, furniture, Christmas decorations, landscaping, pianos, the list goes on and on!!

None of us know what these families paid for themselves and what was given to them. Honestly, I don't think it is any of our business. Fun to speculate about, but truly none of our business.

I am happy for them all and hope that they all enjoy their new homes!

BEE said...


I don't think anyone here is saying that the Duggars, or the Gosselins or the Roloffs have received FREE homes.

However, as we all know, they ALL have received MANY freebies.

The Duggars, the Gosselins and the Roloffs have ALL made comments on their shows about saving, praying for, getting loans etc for their "new" homes. To single the Gosselins out and say that they are some how different (in regards to obtaining a new house) from the other 2 families is unfair.

I also think it is unfair to say that the Gosselins have not worked hard for what they have. When I last checked, the Duggars have their own TV show as well. Do you think that they are "using their kids to make money"?

Statements like that just don't sit easy with me. Who are we to judge? I truly believe that all of these parents are making the best decisions they can for their families.

Again, I am so happy for all of them!

Happy New Year!

BEE said...


Thanks for the link! I am spending all of nap time on the computer today...but having fun none the less!!

I checked out the link and read through the Duggar's "tips". Actually, the only product that they "say" they purchased was the steel from Kodiak Steel homes. The airvac, heating system and decorating company they listed and gave a plug to, but did not say that they "purchased" or paid for items from these companies. I would think that if they had then they would of mentioned it like they did for the Kodiak Steel Homes company. Just the way I view it though.

Like I said in a previous post. I don't think any of us know for sure what these families paid for using their own money (nor is it our business). However, I do agree with you that all families DID use their own money to buy or remodel their homes AND received free products/services as well.

To me it is not "believing" that the Duggars are or are not primarily responsible for building their new home. The problem I had with your post was how you singled out the Gosselins when they are doing the same thing that the Duggars are doing...meaning they BOTH have a tv show.

Nap time is over...Have a great night ladies!!

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I guess what bothers most with the Gosselins is that neither of the parents work or have a business that brings in an income so ALL of what they live on is from the Shows.

They get a bigger and better house every few years and takes a lot of expensive trips. It seems that for a family whose parents are not working and no family business they have NO qualms of living as if there is no limit on income.

They have money to outfit any idea they may have. Even the idea of camping in the back yard ends up spending tons of money for one night. I guess if you do not have to hold a full time job to buy all of that equipment why not do it? They really do not have to worry as the $64,000 a show they make can pay for it all.

Nina Bell said...

Where does the 64,000 a show come from. Can you direct me to where you found out this information?

Carol said...

Here we go. Looks like no matter how hard you try, Baby Mama, the trolls keep showing up here. I laughed when you mentioned you let some posts show just for entertainment's sake.

Suzanne, for the record, NOBODY knows how much the Gosselins get paid per show (what you've read on other websites is *all* speculation). It could be $6,000, it could be $60,000 or it could be $600,000. No matter what income bracket they're in, their salary is what the market will bear (economics 101 - supply & demand; TLC puts a price on how much they're worth to them based on how much they can sell the ad space during, before and after the show).

Your being dismayed at anyone's salary comes with your living in a capitalist society. There will always be people we think make too much (are athletes really worth hundreds of millions of dollars?) but can we be the judges and say who should make what? Shouldn't coal miners make far more than most of us due to their abominable working conditions and health risks? Capitalism says no. Higher demand = higher salary.

Socialists tried to fix salaries for decades after World War II and their economies failed. I am no supporter of capitalism as it breeds rampant greed (evidenced by the collapse of Wall Street) but I have yet to see Socialism work either. Till something better comes along you'll have your Gosselins making too "much" and I'll have my coal miners making too "little."

Ok, now I'll comment on the topic at hand - I can't WAIT to see the new house and how Kate organizes it!!!

SuzanneDeAZ said...

Well, I understand all about capitalism. The fact is that they live a rather chushy lifestyle and neither of them work so it does not take a rocket scientist to know where the money is coming from.

I am not opposed for them to have the show and make money. It is the fact that is the ENTIRE way they are making money, off the kids. I think that is the issue here. Both the Duggars and the Little People make money from the shows and benefit as well. They all have a product and it sells, but then again why is one family having all of their income coming from the result of allowing their family to be on TV? Can not the parents go about and make a living outside of TV?

By the way I understand that the new home has rooms in which the TV crew and cameras can almost camp out thee 24/7. So knowing this shows that they intend to keep on having their income from TV land and most likely neither parent will be going out and making a living ouside of their show.

I think some of our concerns are when the market no longer is willing to support such a family that is used to living such a lifestyle what are they going to do ask for a bailout?

At lest the Duggars and Little people have business of their own they are using to support their family and most likely will support their families entirely when the money is no longer coming in because of the demand or other reasons.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

As some of you know that the Gosselin's have been so critized on TVWOP that their thread has been closed for some time as it just got too nasty. I do not condone all of the nasty things said about this family.

On the same forum you will find a lot of negative things said about the other two famlies but it appears not as bad as the Grosselins as their threads remain open.

I think that the Gosselins get more negative feedback as it seems that this family is depending ONLY on the TV series to keep them going and have NO other means of support. The Little People owned their farm and home way before they came on TV and the Duggars bought their land and had rental property too before they came on TV. They are all reaping the benefits of the TV show but one family is becoming dependant on it.

It is very likely in our economy which is a capitalistic economy that it may be soon none of these families will be able to bring in large incomes due to allowing their families make these shows.

Maybe people are concerned over the fact that the Gosselins will not know how to survive if this income is cut off. How would they even afford the ulities of this large new home? At least with the other two families they have other means of income.

I know that many are concerned about the children being too exposed. I am not all that concern as all of the families are exposing their kids some more than others. I just do not think that TV is going to maintain this high level of living for these kids due to the economy. Yes, I think the same will go for players of sports as well. I think that people will not be able to afford the high ticket prices of many sports and then their salaries will too go down. That is the way with capitalism, supply and demand. They may soon be little to no demand for those who live a high life style that are not really producing goods and services that are vital to the welfare of most Americans.

Theresa said...

Right on Bee! :)


A point to be considered,too, is that the Gosselins are a younger couple than the Duggers or Roloffs. I don't know how long the Duggars or Roloffs were together before having kids and establishing themselves monetarily, but it seems there wasn't much time for the Gosselins to establish themselves monetarily before having children.(you know what I mean?) So, they are able to provide for their kids with the show. God bless them. They're able to provide for them.

I don't necessarily think "they get a bigger and better house every few years". I think they really do need the space. Every family has their own aspirations and goals.

I haven't seen your name here before or on any the Gosselinsdonotneed our pity blog (Nina's blog), so welcome! We have had a lot of discussion on the "freebies" and the expensive trips...which are sponsors of the show. That's how they are able to do it.

And, most likely, J&K bought their new house. Perhaps sponsors or TLC will decorate, who knows. But one thing for sure, you know there's not going to be an evil looking Humpty Dumpty staring back at those kids. :)

I am looking forward to the show on Monday and to see the house. I'm glad they'll have the room for the TV crew. It seems to me that the TV crew will be able to do their own thing as well as their job of taping, which gives the kids more room to breathe. (all the equipment, the booms, mics, spare parts, etc).

SuzanneDeAZ said...

Thanks for the welcome. If you do a search on SuzanneDeAz you can see I have been on several other boards talking about these 3 families.

It is true that this family is younger so they may not have the background to have a business or more property acquired when they started the show.

I am happy for them as I am for any family that is blessed and I think much of the critisism is mean and unnecessarily. However, I do have concerns. Will they be able to keep up with this type of lifestyle when things go south. I really do not think they will indefinately be able to make the money they are presently making as the economy is going south. Things are going to get very tight for every family.

Maybe they are smart and have not invested all in their new home and have enough to keep it up with taxes and I. I understand that some people who had homes built for them by Extreme makerover home edition ended up having to let go of their property as they did not have money to keep it up. I think EMHE now tries to make sure they have some cash to keep up their homes.

I understand their new home will have a kitchen for the crew. I am too looking forward to seeing their new home. I am one who can rejoice over other people's blessings. I just have some concerns and can understand why this family may have been more critized than the others, however I think the Duggars have had a lot of bad things said, more of their lifestyle choices than getting money.

All of the families are different yet they all are families of faith.

jenns said...

I think we can all agree that families on TLC are living better because of their participation. I would accept the help with open arms for my family if offered. Yes, it is a trade off with lack of privacy. But all knew, at least to some small degree what it could entail (being recognized in public, etc). Yes, the Gosselin's are now strictly working on the show with public appearances, speaking engagements, etc. But is this is a bad thing? Right now their job is the show. And the trade off is more time with their children. When the show ends, they will adjust their life - like they have had to do in the past ( say 0 babies to 2 to 8). Maybe work for P&G, parenting magazines, who knows? But they will adjust.
My mother gave up teaching in order to spend more time with my niece who was fighting cancer. And yes that is different, but through our journey, my mom has gotten more involved with charities and support groups. My niece is doing better now and my mom could go back to work, but she is not - choosing to stay at home and do more things with the family and charities.
Life changes, life evolves. You choose your path traveling the best route you think you can find at the moment and change when needed or forced!
On that rambling note, Happy New Year and may the path you choose this year be the wonderful!!

Carol said...

"why is one family having all of their income coming from the result of allowing their family to be on TV?"

Because TLC in a brilliant marketing move foresaw millions of viewers would be interested in this, would tune in to TLC when the show was on and could sell expensive air time. TLC offers the family a salary and several major corporations offer them free products in exchange for endorsements. It's the way the TV industry works.

"I am not opposed for them to have the show and make money. It is the fact that is the ENTIRE way they are making money, off the kids. I think that is the issue here."

Rephrase: this is _your_, not "the" issue and for whatever reasons, it bothers you. It does not bother them and it does not bother the millions of fans which TLC has generated. For example, I have an issue with people signing their kids up for 7 activities a week and the kids have no kid time. It's my issue, it bothers me, and it obviously does not bother the majority of the population of where I live.

"Both the Duggars and the Little People make money from the shows and benefit as well. They all have a product and it sells, but then again why is one family having all of their income coming from the result of allowing their family to be on TV?"

Why not?

" Can not the parents go about and make a living outside of TV?"

They can - so what? They are making a living just the way they are. Really ask yourself why this is a problem for _you_.

"By the way I understand that the new home has rooms in which the TV crew and cameras can almost camp out thee 24/7."

Speculation. Let's say it's true. So what?

"I think some of our concerns are when the market no longer is willing to support such a family that is used to living such a lifestyle what are they going to do ask for a bailout?"

They'll cross that bridge when they get to it. Why is it a problem/concern for you? Let's say they ask for a bailout (which is only speculation at this point). Neither you nor I will give them anything. Maybe somebody else will, maybe nobody will. Again why is this a problem for you?

"At lest the Duggars and Little people have business of their own they are using to support their family and most likely will support their families entirely when the money is no longer coming in because of the demand or other reasons."

So the Duggars and LP are more "worthy" human beings? Plenty of people invest in what other people might think are imprudent ventures. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they don't. Are they somehow morally inferior because they didn't go for something "solid" like manufacturing (hmm, the big 3 auto companies are failing), banking (hmm, the market collapsed), computer engineering (hmm, almost every dotcom venture fails), etc.? For better or worse, this is a business venture for them. That you're morally opposed to it has really nothing to do with them.

If I talked to all the people who make livings in ways I'm morally opposed to they'd laugh at me and promptly return to their mansions.

blahblah83 said...

I enjoyed your post, but it looks like you have some trolls in your comments, though. Those sad people really need to get a life!!

SuzanneDeAz said...

"Both the Duggars and the Little People make money from the shows and benefit as well. They all have a product and it sells, but then again why is one family having all of their income coming from the result of allowing their family to be on TV?"

Why not?

Well for one remember the first set of tubs born in Canada? Their whole lives were put on display and they were damaged. History has a way of repeating itself.

Just cause you "can" does not make it right. That is what I am hearing from you. Because they "can", that is there is a market so why NOT.

BEE said...

Can't wait to see the new episode on Monday! Happy New Year everyone!

Paula said...

SuzanneDeAz said...
Check you this web site I just read:


Did you read Janet's comment back to you. I guess she told you!

Theresa said...

Carol-Awesome posts. Right on. I believe the same exact thing.

Jenns--great points. And, that says it all...life changes, life evolves. That's the problem with the trolls. They're just jealous of how the Gosselins like changed and they can afford (and received sponsored product)that they (trolls) can't. And,there's no better way than to say it like that...they are jealous.

While we're all writing about the Gosselins, Roloffs, and Duggers...they're all enjoying New Year's Days in their respective homes. Who cares how they got there. They are there and hopefully happy and healthy.

Suzanne--I think the Gosselins will do just fine with keeping up with the payments when the show ends. It's nice that you worry about them in that way.

Nina Bell said...


I love it! Too funny.

SuzanneDeAz said...

Suzanne--I think the Gosselins will do just fine with keeping up with the payments when the show ends. It's nice that you worry about them in that way.

I am sure they will make the adjustments. They could always sell and downsize.

I wonder why some get labeled as trolls to answer blogs that put things out there in the public. If it is put out there will not others like me who find it entaining to read about what others have to say about these families. I find it more entertaining to read the blogs and all of the "drival", than watch the shows themselves. Thanks for this blog!

SuzanneDeAz said...

I have to say that at least on this blog you are giving equal treatment to everyone. On the blog that I made reference to by Janet Evans, http://blogs.franklinnow.com/in_the_race/archive/2008/12/31/Do-You-Find-Anything-Wrong-With-This-Picture.aspx?CommentPosted=true#commentmessage

a blog that disses the Duggars and the Little People has chosen to take off my comments after I caught her in a lie. The lie saying her blog was ONLY about the Duggars. You can see that this is a lie being she gave equal time talking about how she dislikes the Little People.

Also she goes about giving a generic defination how other familes end up being side shows who allow themselves to be involved in TV shows to earn an income. She defines the Grosselin family but then again she exempts them saying they are a great family on this forum. She is either inconsistant or is sucking up to you.

Paula said...

SuzanneDeAZ said... a blog that disses the Duggars and the Little People has chosen to take off my comments after I caught her in a lie. The lie saying her blog was ONLY about the Duggars. You can see that this is a lie being she gave equal time talking about how she dislikes the Little People

All of your comments are still on . She did not delete them. She basically told you to go harass someone else!

SuzanneDeAZ said...

You are right my posts are still there. There was some type of fluke when I tried to go back and read them. Sorry, my bad.

Just for the record there was no word "harass" in her comments. You are imagining that.

Paula said...

Sorry she told you to go harrass someone else. My bad.

Baby Mama said...

SuzanneDeAZ. I apologize if some of your comments were removed. If I feel in any way someone is upset about being misquoted it is up to me to get things back on track and remove the posts. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me, my address is now on my profile.

Just for the record, I wish to post again that while I appreciate those that come to debate and speak their minds..THIS IS A FAN SITE! I don't care if there aren't a million post like that nasty hate site. Trolls stick out like little sore thumbs here. Please don't come here to try to cause trouble or I will take you back to the bridge and give you a "TIME OUT". xoxox

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I am glad this is a fan site as I am tired of reading a lot of critism. I was not so much critical of the Gosselins as they are doing what most of would do if we were in the same situation. I just don't understand how others can think that they are better than the other families who are doing TV with their family in order to earn an income.

Shelly said...

Can't wait to see the new house and the kids.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Carol said...

Suzanne wrote: "I wonder why some get labeled as trolls to answer blogs that put things out there in the public."

I apologize if it is sincerely not your intention to criticize us fans (who find refuge in this, a true fan site). On other sites where some of us have written non-critical comments we have been venomously attacked and practically accused of molesting the Gosselin children ourselves. Now we have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and get defensive when anything feels like an attack. :) If you truly want to understand how we feel and not automatically judge us morally, then I, too, welcome you here. You already have a much more civilized tone than on places like Cafe Mom where I was run out of town like the villagers storming the Beast's castle in Beauty and the Beast.

" If it is put out there will not others like me who find it entaining to read about what others have to say about these families."

It is not put "out there" to have others attack us for our choices. It is put out there so we fans can share in a common interest, much like, say, a knitting club does.

" I find it more entertaining to read the blogs and all of the "drival", than watch the shows themselves. Thanks for this blog!"

If you consider what we write "drivEl" then I take my apology back. If you have your own opinion which differs from us fans', then fine. If you automatically assume we are wrong and somehow morally inferior because we differ from you, then I will emphatically tell you I consider you wrong and morally inferior for that.

``Just cause you "can" does not make it right. That is what I am hearing from you. Because they "can", that is there is a market so why NOT.``

I didn't say they are right only because they "can." I am saying that in this new reality tv age, it has become a source of income and they have chosen it. Not all of us think there's anything wrong with what choice. You said there's something wrong with their only source of income being tv. Would it be less "damaging" to the children if they had other sources of income (while still keeping the children on tv)? (Remember your whole argument centers around the damage to the children.)

What I asked (and you haven't answered) is why is this such a problem for _you_ and why do you feel the need to convince _us_ who enjoy the show that what they're doing is wrong and therefore we who watch the show are also wrong. Do you feel wronged because you have a "real" job while these lolligags live in the lap of luxury doing no work at all? If the answer is yes, this has nothing to do with the children, right?

By the way, do you watch the show? If so, why? Keep in mind you are helping boost their ratings and ensuring they get renewed contracts when you do so. I asked that question of one of my torturers on Cafe Mom and her literal answer was that she was fact-finding so when Dateline and Oprah call her she can give them the facts. I SWEAR TO G*D THIS IS WHAT SHE SAID and she was not being facetious!

To change the topic back to the topic at hand :), I am DYING to see the new house and though I will be envious as heck I will not wish them a drop of ill will.

cali-mom said...

I cant wait for Monday's episode!

SuzanneDeAZ said...

First I want to say I am sorry if I sounded that negative. I am glad that they have some fans. I think my problem may be that I am too use to reading all the negative things that I allowed some of what I read to affect my own thinking rather than allow myself to think for itself.

I guess what bothered me the most is that you seem to support this family and now the Duggars. I came to this board as you brought up the subject of the Duggars as google sends me an email alert when this topic comes. I do not understand why this family is able to earn an income and all support them while the Duggars whose entire income does not come from their shows and they get negative statements.

I am sorry using the word "drival" as I was not thinking so much of anything that you all said on this forum but more of the things I have read over the years, the negative things, that are so hurtful concerning all 3 families.

Now for something positive, I too am looking forward to seeing their new home. I wonder what it will look like. Will it look like the home of the Duggars where they have huge family, play and bed rooms or will it have more individual bedrooms for each of the kids. Thinking that most likely they will not have 10 bed rooms, one for each child, the parents and a guest room I would think they will have the children not all share a room for each of the sexes.

What do you think they will have? Let us each give a prediction of how the house will be divided up as far as rooms are concerned.

Right now if I am correct they have 4 bedrooms. One for the paretns, one for the twins, and one for each of the 3 children of the same sex. Do you think they will still keep all of the 3 girls and 3 boys each in a room? If they decided to put two kids in each room than do one of each of the 3 children, one boy and one girl share a room or do they get their own room? If they get their own room than would not the twin girls become jealous?

How would you divide the kids? This would be interesting.

Personally I would keep it the same way as it is now. I think the kids like being together. I like how the Duggars have all of the girls in one room and the boys in another minus the newest baby is in a room with his and her parents. I really think kids like sleeping together. They can have just their beds in their rooms and have their clothes in a common closet and their toys and study desk in another room. Maybe a dresser or a few drawers for personal things in their bed room but use the bed room for sleeping and than free up other rooms for play and studying.

I really like the idea of a family closet. I do not see Kate doing that as I think she prides herself in having the kids having a closet full of "matching" outfits. She also gets enough help now with hired help she does not have to find an easy way to keep tract of the clothes. How many washer and dryers do you think they will have in their laundry room?

Any other ideas? Do you think they will have a swimming pool and a huge play area with lots of playground equipment?

Carol said...

"First I want to say I am sorry if I sounded that negative. I am glad that they have some fans. I think my problem may be that I am too use to reading all the negative things that I allowed some of what I read to affect my own thinking rather than allow myself to think for itself."

Wow, Suzanne, you have earned my respect (not that that's a grand prize :), I'm just saying "thank you" for your respect). You are obviously not on a witch hunt and not out to vilify the family or its fans. It seems like you truly can't understand why others don't feel the way you do. I have no problem with that.

"I guess what bothered me the most is that you seem to support this family and now the Duggars."

I don't "support" the Gosselins. I enjoy their show and I adore their kids. I don't think they are destined to doom as there is no precedent for their situation - they're not being "stage managed," - they're living their life - playing, hanging out at home with two stay at home parents, they get to go on fun vacations, go to school, etc. We shall see if the mere fact that they're doing all of this in the public eye causes damage or not. At this point it would all be speculation since it has not been done before quite in this manner.

"I just don't understand how others can think that they are better than the other families who are doing TV with their family in order to earn an income."

I don't see where this comes from (other forums?) 99.99% of the discussions here are the Gosselins. I don't consider them "better" than anyone. I don't watch the Duggars or Roloffs because I don't enjoy watching their lives and I'm not endeared toward their kids.

I don't see people discussing the G's source of income here - that's a HUGE topic of discussion among critics (and I see that as mostly jealousy driven; I'm not referring to you in particular). Here I read "who cares" attitudes toward their income and that seems to incense the rabid critics - "but they live in a billion dollar mansion and make a million dollars an episode and don't have 'jobs!' don't you see how WRONG that is???!!!"

Um, no.

Now on to a more fun topic - like you I am intensely curious about what the house will look like and how they'll distribute everyone and everything. I suspect they'll keep the kids sleeping quarters arranged the way they were in the old house but what will be different will be their living spaces. For example, they'll probably have a formal living room where the kids will not play.

Yes, I think there will be a swimming pool and really fun indoor and outdoor play areas since one of their main priorities is to keep the kids busy, entertained and happy.

SuzanneDeAz said...

Yes, I am looking forward to seeing the new home. I agree they most likely will have now a formal living room and one for the kids.

I really like the Duggar's home. If I were to have that many kids and funds to have a home built with my input known as a custom built home I would most likely have one like theirs. I really like the idea of having the kids with the same sex in one room if tht is their choice or perhaps two rooms for each sex in case the older ones wanted to be separated. I do not think it is necessary for each kid to have their own bedroom. I would think have them sleep together leaving other rooms for play or studying.

I also love the idea of a family closet as I hate taking clothes to and from the laundry room.

I now understand why you have this web site. You are ot dissing the other families you just enjoy this one. I have to say I enjoy the kids as well. They are cute. Sometimes I have to turn the volume down cause they are making a lot of noise but that is cause I am older and that bothers me.

I like the other two shows as I just enjoy how other people live. I know both of those other shows get a lot of grief too. The little people's messes seem to bring a lot of attention. It really does not bother me. And the Duggars get a lot of flack because many see them as Robots. I do not see them that way. They just to me are well mannered kids.

Each family is unique so I watch them all.

Thanks for your web site. I would like to hear others predict how they think the house will be. Is that picture you have here a picture of their actual house? If so we already have a clue to its style.

Was the house custom built? I would think it must have been being that there is a separate kitchen for the TV crew. It is funny if they really do have that second kitchen and not just a rumor as sometimes things we read are just rumors. The Duggars have two kitchens which I think is a good idea. Their best idea I think is the family laundry/closet and I also like the idea of a huge pantry. Maybe not one that looks so much like a store but large enough to put away food for a long long time.

PS can you explain why I have to register each day I posts? The system never recognizes my password.

SuzanneDeAz said...

I would like to say I also watch Supper Nanny and Wife swap just to see how others live. Supper Nanny I have to "mute" it sometimes as the noise level is out of control.

One thing I like about Kate is that she goes beyond mosts mothers and sets up traditions. I am now listening to her Christmas singing of the kids. When they had valentines day she and her husband went way out and had a "hunt" in which the kids ran all over the house to find a treasure chest of inexpensive toys. That was very cute and fun. She reminds me of my own mother when she does things like this.

Carol said...

"I now understand why you have this web site. You are ot dissing the other families you just enjoy this one. "

Yes! Thank you!

The pictures we've seen are supposedly of their new house. Someone on some other site said they went to the registry of deeds and saw them listed as owners of this property (somewhere in Pennsylvania) and were able to find the "for sale" listing of the house complete with pictures. If you take this all at face value then, yes, that's a picture of their house but it's the furniture of the previous owners. If this is the house then, no, it wasn't custom built but they may have made their own renovations (such as the crew kitchen, which is a rumor as you know).

I love the idea of a laundry/clothing storage room as I hate putting laundry away too!

"One thing I like about Kate is that she goes beyond mosts mothers and sets up traditions."

I'm one of the mothers she goes beyond because I don't do traditions other than minimally - we put up a Christmas tree just like my parents did and I've had to learn the Thanksgiving meal tradition as I didn't grow up here. I have no fondness for Halloween not having grown up with it but I make sure my kids have costumes and buy candy for trick-or-treaters. I also didn't grow up with Easter as a children's holiday (it was just a religious thing where I grew up and we ignored it) but I put out baskets for my kids.

That said, I enjoy watching the cute things Kate does for her kids. The kids have a blast with her ideas. I love seeing them sitting together around their big table doing holiday stuff like decorating cookies. I also like all the cute little things she buys them though it would drive me bonkers having to find places to put it all away (she, on the other hand, excels at it).

SuzanneDeAz said...

Yes, she goes beyond what most mothers do. As I said she reminded me of my own mother. I myself did much less than my own mother. This year I did not for Christmas being we have an empty nest.

My mom and I both love kids and do a lot. However, we were quite different. She loved doing the fun thrills and had a day care in my home when I was single. At age 36 I got married and let mom stay in my home as that was her income.

I love kids and being with them but I do not enjoy the thrills, I just love teaching. I do make teaching fun with a lot of hands on manipulatives. When it came to the holidays and crafts I had my teaching assistance help me in that area. I enjoy directing and teaching but I am not one to just babysit or watch children play. Playground duty was the worse thing I liked about teaching. Give me a kid to teach and I am in my element.

I see Kate in a way as a teacher in that she spends time working with them teaching them how to do some of the cooking and crafts. That eatable playdough was fun.

I wonder if she is going to homeschool or continue to send them to school.

Carol said...

I see Kate as a really fun mom and I think the kids are going to have great memories of their childhoods. My mom and dad worked full time out of the house and we didn't do many kid activities. I work as an assistant at school so I'm home when my kids are home and they get to do so much more than I did as a child.

I used to be an engineer but now love so much more working with kids in school. I'm also bored watching the kids at recess.

I don't see Kate as the homeschool type. The sextuplets only have, at most, one more year of preschool (I don't know what month they turn 5) until they go to kindergarten. I wonder if they're going to private school like their sisters. That will be expensive but I think you get tuition breaks after the first 2 or 3 children? I also wonder if they moved closer to both the preschool and Cara and Mady's school (or if either set of children is changing schools). The preschool used to be an hour away from their house (I thought it was insane to drive them that far but I'm sure Kate had only that one preschool in mind!) We'll see how much of this info is revealed on Monday...

SuzanneDeAZ said...

Did I miss seeing the new house? I only saw them get a new stove and announce that they ar moving. There was no new house. Do you know why?

Anonymous said...

someone drove by their new house, and posted the video on youtube:

SuzanneDeAZ said...

Thanks for the video. I went to see it. I could see a house in the background but not very clearly. I guess we have to wait till next week to see it.

On the video they did show two elementary schools as well. The schools were in NJ so is that where they are moving? I thought they lived in NJ and will move to one of the Carolinas.

I also got to view a video of them with the TV crew on utube. Kate kept on saying how the kids make them their instand friens and how friendly they are. I would suppose that they would be friendly being they have had a crew in the home since they were very small. So maybe there will be little or no damage to having them on TV.

Back to the house: I wonder if they will have a centeralized vaccum system. I noted last night on little people they got one installed and I know that the Duggars have one in their new house. With Kate being a neat freak she may have asked to have one installed before they moved in. Even though the house was already built I am sure they had some things changed or added.

Another thing I noted last night was she was mentioning two of the girl sextuplets were to share a room. I can not remember which two. I think Hannah was one. If that is the case I wonder if the 3rd girl will have a room of her own. Did any of you hear her mentioning which two will be sharing a room. I can not imagine her putting two of each children in a room, meaning one room will have a boy/girl. But then who knows. What do you all think?

Carol said...

That's a video of the house that a radio station claims is the house they bought, but nobody knows for sure. In the video I saw a white sedan outside of the garage and they, so far, have not owned a sedan (though, of course, it could be a visitor's).

As far as the bedroom arrangement for the girl sextuplets, Kate mentioned that Alexis(?) is getting her own room because she keeps the other two awake. Alexis often (or all the time?) slept in the basement in the old house to keep her from waking up her sisters. Other than that I think they're distributed as in the old house - the twins together and the three boys together.

Their old house was in Pennsylvania and the speculation is that the new one is in PA too. The video, for some inexplicable reason, included the elementary school the "Jonas Brothers," a very popular teen band of 3 brothers, attended in New Jersey. It had nothing to do with the Gosselins.

Jean said...

I think that Kate & Jon must be moving to VA or N.C. since Kate wanted warmer weather and they don't have any ties in PA anymore. Does anyone know for sure?

Jean said...

I now think that they bought a house in Wernersville, Pa and are already living there. I guess they won't escape the winters of PA

BEE said...

That is very creepy that someone would drive by the Gosselins "new" house (if that is actually their new house) and then publish a video on utube. I seriously hope that wherever the Gosselins move that they have some real security!

On a side note (well kind of), I know that we do not have "proof" that this is their new house and that we won't get that until we see it on the show. However, if this is their new home, does anyone else find it odd that GWoP posted the specs of the home months ago when the Gosselins supposedly bought it? How would GWoP have that kind of information before it went public?

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I did not see the new house. When do you think they will show it? I did see a new one about the older girls going to the dentist and it appears that their parents are on a new couch so maybe that is part of the new house. I missed the first few mintues so maybe they showed more.

Amy said...

It is refreshing to find this site. I have been on other blogs that are to me just plain evil. I have watched this family for years. My daughter and I watch it together and think the children are adorable. We can not wait for them to see their new home and see the reactions on the childrens faces. Also with 8 children there will be more room to run and enjoy. I have heard that they will also have lots of land. That will be refreshing for the children. I hope the Gosselins the best.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I am still waiting to see their new house. I saw this site about them:


SuzanneDeAZ said...

I got 100 percent on this quiz and 90 percent on the quiz before it. I wonder what your scores will be.


Baby Mama said...

I posted about this on my January 10th post. I didn't do so well and I was embarrassed. But I thought they would re-play it alot so I can watch carefully but they haven't yet! I wonder why?