Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sorry, the Gosselins are IN! Popwrap embarasses Itself

HAPPY NEW YEAR GOSSELIN FANS! Normally those close to a city know that when the tourists are in, we get out. But this year we got caught up in an early blizzard. I felt sooo bad for those million people (mostly young for the Jonas Brothers) that sat since 6am freezing in a record breaking 16 degrees! Times Square is always a sight to see, but those that live it, like everyday, appreciate when your just watching it on TV like everyone else. I was so upset to not be partying with all my cool just married kid-less friends. Leave it up to my parents to take a trip New Years Eve to be with me and the kids! I decided to stay in rather then freeze to death and venture out..We had more fun at home in blankets than we could have ever done out.

Pop Wrap Losses Fans, Embarrasses Itself Over Child Controversy

Dear Jarett Wieselman
"I was not going to even mention this, but it has gotten so much press I needed to express my anger. I have always loved and supported your papers blogs. Then you write a vile and disgusting article that got so much hate comments that other outlets are commenting about it. How can you write a beyond tasteless article called "Useless Characters on TV" and include a CHILD in it? It breaks my heart. Mady Gosselin is a real innocent person, not a TV character and for an adult to write such vicious comments and its beyond despicable. Its also beyond gross and crosses the line. To quote one of your comments: "Unfortunately for the NYPost, my threshold for pitiful writing is set pretty low and I have now added you to my Top 10 List of Pathetic Papers."

You my friend, are a pathetic writer. You should be ashamed of yourself. It makes it worse that you have horrible people commenting on her parents as if they are to blame for the fact that you are obviously an idiot. I am taking my complaint to the New York Post. I await their reply and hopefully an apology."

I will not link the article here. I need to cleanse myself so I am including some posts I wrote for Mady that you can read HERE and HERE. WE LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU!

The Trolls are Getting Restless so They Wrote To The Washington Post

GWOP trolls are alive and well and now working for the Washington Post. Apparently the blogs are a buzzin that to them and them ONLY the Gosselins are out and the Duggars are IN. I need someone to explain to me how having a child every year, so that the other children can raise them among other things is OK but because Jon and Kate is such a popular show people love to criticize they are out. Thankfully we all laugh at you Hank because we KNOW better. I mean you say unemployed husbands are in..How nice of you to say, hopefully you wont have that problem after everyone reads your LIST!

Julie STILL Blogging Over at GWOP.

Poor girl, I now feel really sorry for you. Ruining a families chances at coming together again were crushed because of you. Your own sister made you stop, but you still craved that last 10 seconds of fame. Going back and still bashing this family on a hate site makes you look really sad and desperate. I wonder how it makes you feel to know that the tides turned against you? I really wish you didn't try to extend your shelf life because it crushed your believability in the end. I know its hard being old news, but please take your sisters advice and stop hurting both families just because your trying to stay relevant.

"It really doesn't matter what you or anyone else wants to believe is "truth". The reality for these children is still the same.My opinion is based on real life interactions and knowledge, not perceptions from a TV show." Uhh from what we hear you hardly knew them and you got your info from your sister and twisted it. Glad that you admit its just your opinion and not the actual TRUTH.


Shelly said...

Well said Baby Mama. Julie needs to be in the spotlight, because Jodi was so popular. I have said it from day one, Julie could not stand that her own sister was America's sweetheart. I think she was actually jealous of the fact that Kate and Jodi were very close(Just my opinion). Kate talked about Jodi alot in the interview segments. Jodi was the first person Kate thought about when Oprah invited them on the show(Kate said she instantly called Jodi, to invite her on the trip, because Jodi was a huge fan of Oprah and always dreamed of meeting her). Julie is a low life. She made herself look like an idiot in my book. Its funny how she complains about the Gosselin children, but her own little nephew (Benny) was on the show several times. He was even the recipient of the pacifiers. Plus there was a huge segment dedicated to Mady and her love for Benny.

I really hope that one day Kate and Jon can get past the betrayal and once again enjoy Kevin and Jodi's company.

Nina Bell said...

Baby Mama,

Tell us how you really feel. LOL Just kidding. You really tell it like it is. I really enjoyed this post. And yes, Julie needs to stop.

PonyGirl said...

I love Mady.That was a great letter.Thank you for sharing.

LittleMissSunshine said...

Baby Mama,
I am in shock I that I agree
with you on 3 different things that you blogged about.

First I so agree with you about that pop-wrap NY?? blog trashing Mady.
I read that filth and was so
disgusted about what he wrote about Mady.
Those kids should be off limits!!

Second I think that Washington Post was just a joke it has to be.
I mean Vampire Rights??
Give me a break!!

Third if Julie is still going
on over at GWoP or where~ever,
Then she just needs to hush up already!!
It is over Julie-
Quit beating a dead horse!!

Ok I admit when I seen Julie stick
her head in the shot with Jodi
in that "famous" video?
I wanted to smack her smug face!!

Anyway I still don't like J&K.

But to each her own...
Anyway that is all.

Carol said...

LittleMissSunshine: "Anyway I still don't like J&K.
But to each her own...
Anyway that is all."

Thank you! This is the most civil statement I have ever read directed at Gosselin fans (your whole post was a marvel of civility, thank you). I wish everyone would treat us in this "to each his own" manner - that is ALL we are asking!

I don't like American Idol (GASP!) and therefore don't watch it. Imagine if I went finding every AI fan site and trashed the fans! Ludicrous.

Nina Bell said...


I love your avatar. Every time I see it I have to click on it.

Carol said...

Thanks Nina Bell! Do you know who it is? It's Mafalda, a character from a comic strip similar to Peanuts, but it's in Spanish (from Argentina) and I grew up reading it. The characters are intellectually precocious and discuss politics, the environment, etc. Sounds dry, but it's endearing and hilarious(the whole gang of kids have their own unique personalities and charm).

I got inspired to hunt for an avatar that related to me after seeing "More Cowbell's," which is my favorite.

By the way, does everybody have the same problem I do that when I'm ready to publish my comments I always have to enter the word verification text field twice since it never accepts my first attempt?

Theresa said...

Carol-yes, I have that same problem with the double word to get published thing. Then, it says my password is incorrect, so I have to sign up for Google again???

Shelly, I totally agree with you on Julie. I think she is just jealous of Jodi's closenes with Kate and that she's not in on their relationship. If I were Jodi I'd cut ties with her for a while (or longer if neceessary).

I would hope that Jon & Kate can get past the betrayal. In fact, I hope that both they and Kevin * Jodi are still tight. (who knows what has transpired thru all real life...of the two couples.) Maybe they weren't apart all that long as we are led to believe.

Shelly said...

Thanks Theresa, and you are right. I never thought about the fact that they all might still be close. OH NO, I think the trolls got me. HAHAHA. I just assumed that J & K would have distanced theirselves. But, you know I read somewhere ( I think it was RetroBlog), that they proved that was not even Jodi in the video. Sure looked like her to me.


Yes I have that problem to.

BEE said...

Great piece BabyMama! We did the same thing on New Years Eve, good food, blanketes, snuggles on the couch and it was GREAT! I do have to admit that we were in bed and asleep by 10:30pm!

I can't even bring myself to read the articles you mentioned. But I will say that people really need to leave Mady alone. The poor thing! I am sure that Jon and Kate assume that they will get negative press/comments but I can't imagine how they feel when one of their children is picked on!?

As far as Julie goes, she was never trustworthy in my book. I never thought her motives were pure in her trashing Jon and Kate. Julie herself only mentioned being around the Gosselins a handful of then does she have such detailed and extended personal knowledge of them? She doesn't! She has more knowledge then probably any of us, but she was never on the "in" with them!

Theresa makes a good point and one that I have held onto. We have NO idea what transpired between the Gosselins and the Kreiders or between Julie and Jodi for that matter. We DO NOT know what the "truth" is and probably never will. Even if something did go down between J&K and Kevin and Jodi, everyone will have their own perception of what took place. All in all, I think it is a shame that Julie feels justified in her words. I actually feel sorry for her because her life must be pretty horrible for her to stoop to such lengths!

~duckie~ said...

Why is it when I first brought that "crap" to you from Popwrap I was spreading 'HATE'? I really do feel anger toward the idiot who thought it was funny to make fun of an eight year old. And when I tried to get the 'FANS' to go over and give their two cents I was called a 'TROLL'!
As much as I love the Troll dolls that my co-worker has on her desk, I don't appreciate being called one in a hurtful way. I don't call you all 'SHEEPEL' like they do at the GWOP, because I know it is just mean spirited.
My Ranting Not Hating

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I read your comment about the Duggars being "in" and the "Grosselins". You posted a link where you saw a list of "in" and "outs". I thought the list was lame, especially about the families. Personally I do not think the Duggars are in. There is more snark on the Duggars than any other family. Even you all make snarky remarks about them believing that the mother has children just to get attention when that is not what she says.

Why does one family have to be "in" and the other "out"? What is wrong with having families choose what they like and do not like? This is America where we still have freedom to choose how we plan our families. Maybe you may not like how a family lives but does it make it wrong for them?

SuzanneDeAZ said...

"Carol-yes, I have that same problem with the double word to get published thing. Then, it says my password is incorrect, so I have to sign up for Google again???"

I have never mentioned it here as I thought I was the only one with the problem but each time I post I have to sign in the entire asked-for information as you do when you initially register. Why is that? And when I go through all of that it is often I have to do it several times as the word verification is often unreadable. It really takes a lot for me to posts. Do most of you have the same problems?

About this Jodi's sister comments I have tried to see all of the things she has said about the Grosselins but most of it has been removed from the internet. Do you have any links in which I can see all that she has written? I saw the one with her talking on a video but then the comments were removed.

Nina Bell said...

I have had people emailing and sending in comments to our blog regarding the google ID and the problems they are having. To be honest with you, I have never had any problems but I think it is because I use google as my homepage. Therefore, I am already signed in and when I visit the different Blogger sites or post on my own site, I am automatically signed in. The other moderators from our site do not have problems either. So I think the key is to be signed into google first. How about you Baby Mama?

MoreCowbell said...

You know, I was starting to feel sorry for Julie every time she made another pathetic attempt to extend her 15 minutes of "fame," (if you can call being worshipped by trolls who frequent a random hate site on the Internet as "fame"). It must suck being blindly worshipped and then having your credibility ripped to shreds when your "insider information" proves to be false and you get publicly played by an Internet scam artist.

Good post today. Thanks, BabyMama. I'm now over that fleeting moment of sympathy!

cali-mom said...

I never have any problems signing in to post.

FIONA said...

I too am astonished that someone who supposedly loves and adores her sister as much as Bitter Julie has claimed, that she keeps up with her bullshit!

IF there is a chance at all for reconciliation after Jodi's pathetic video, I can't see Jon or Kate trusting Kevin or Jodi at all, as long as Julie keeps at it.

As naive as Jodi seemed to me, an somewhat of a pushover, do you think she is aware that Julie is still stirring the pot?

In all of the Gosselin controversy, Julie has left the biggest impression on me as a jealous, brooding, and lacking of any character 10 times over anything Kate may have done over the years.

Julie gets the biggest "OUT" for me.

FIONA said...

I think Julie may relize her 15 minutes of fame have past. There are so many new, duplicated people posting on GWOP, that I wonder how many people even know who she is.

She is looking for pats on the back like the Farmer and she doesn't appear to be getting much feedback.

I do believe that was Jodi in the video, and I would not blame Jon or Kate for not wanting her in their life. How would you get past something like that.

Jon and Kate are NOT my favorites. I think the kids are paying a high price for their childhood, but it does seem like they are attempting to balance the celebrity a little bit.

Shelly said...

Is there a reason you can not spell the GOSSELIN name correctly or are you just trying to be funny?

Don't mean to be critical, but it is really irritating that you keep doing that.

Kassie said...

I have been up blog hopping. And I knew if I came hear to say somthing I would actually be posted:) Alot of these comment that people say about it not being normal and healthy that the cameras are around all the time. Who are they to say what is normal for the Gosslins, because to that family and those darling kids that is normal!!! I don't think alot of people would think my life is normal we travel alot doing rodeo,but to my kids this is our life and this is our normal. Thank you for letting me get my gripe out there. Happy New Year to all you wonderful bloggers:)

Theresa said...

I believe you are right Kassie. You know what else? I believe all eight kids, while being kids, show an extreme level of maturity in being around the cameras. They "get it" and while sometimes they don't behave well (hey, kids are kids...especially when they were about two.LOL), it takes a special kind of kid to understand what is going on. Remarkably, there are eight here that do. Granted, they were introduced to the cameras at an early age, but it takes a smart kid to know to be themselves. Not many kids can do/handle this. There's a special "something" that all eight exhibit and exude. I also believe Jon and Kate are raising them well and that contributes to it all.

I know, I probably didn't explain it too well...but, I hope you all understand what I'm saying.

Nina Bell said...


I noticed that too, regarding the name. She does that on other sites. I am not Suzanne DeAss, but I think it is her way of snarking.

Carol said...

"There's a special "something" that all eight exhibit and exude."

Theresa, yes, I feel that too and it's the reason I watch the show - besides their physical cuteness, those 8 kids are really something special. I'm mystified when I read people say how "badly" they behave. I think they behave remarkably well, especially for such a big bunch! I have two kids and they squabble as much as the 8 kids put together! One of my kids is just like Mady (and may be why I find Mady endearing as well), so Mady's personality has *nothing* to do with being on camera! My other kid, bless her heart, is like Cara. :)

Duckie, I didn't think you were spreading hate I viewed is as "sheesh, look what this idiot is saying about a real life little girl" and am glad you spread awareness about it so we could communicate with the author and point out that, at best, he's tasteless and, at worst, he should be ashamed as a grown man bashing on a little kid in public.

Nina Bell - sometimes I have to sign in to publish a comment but the majority of the time I'm already signed in. I don't have the problem of having to put in all the info every time; the only problem I have is having to type in the word verification twice since it never accepts my first attempt. I use Safari on a Mac, I don't know if it's related to that as most software is not completely tested out for us poor Mac users. :(

Here I go to type in my word verification twice so I can publish this! :)

Carol said...

And just to prove me wrong I only had to enter the verfication word once to publish that last comment - first time it ever happened. :)

Nina Bell said...


I didn't realize you were talking about the word verification. We don't use that on our blog. Yes I have problems with that all of the time when commenting on blogs that use it. I thought it was just my vision because as I age, I am finding it increasingly difficult to see things correctly even with my glasses.

Shelly said...

Nina Bell,

LOL! To funny. I like your response.

Nina Bell said...

I was wondering if anyone would pick that up

cali-mom said...

OMG Nina Bell, that was

Theresa said...

Nina Bell-

Thanks for the laugh!

SuzanneDeAZ said...

I agree an hour drive away from home for a few hours of preschool is a committment. It must have been exactly what she wanted for her to have made those trips. Maybe they selected their new home in an area where they have more choices of schools that would be nearby. I would not want my child spening more than 30 min. on way in a vehicle traving to and from school. That is just a lot of wasted time.

I am too looking forward to Monday. Just one more day.

SuzanneDeAZ said...

How have I been spelling their name? I thought I had it right. Let me now practice spelling it:




Now do I have it right?