Monday, January 26, 2009

Where Did Jon & Kate Move? Ohh Yeah its THAT house

Hello Gosselin fans! While most people were finally excited to see the house that obviously was THE house, I was more concerned how a hate site would have even known about this information months prior before anyone. What axe to grind must one have to showcase a families dream house before anyone was entitled to see it? This Sunday when I got home from running around with the kids they had my most favorite episodes on. How We Got Here & Valentines Day. The first we don't get to see often, and it was a treat to watch while eating dinner. By dinner I mean pizza. Anyways..........

Not One Of Kate's Finer Episodes
...But She Is Human

Lets focus on the first things the haters will discuss. Hannah gets her own room. Lets cry foul before they do..wait too late! Ohh and this is their VERY last episode they are watching! This time! They swear! And how cruel could it be to not allow someone in your bedroom! Well if I was able to. I would do the same thing! Why, well lets start off with cut I have on my foot from stepping on stuff that was on my floor that was not even mine....listen Kate is Kate and if she finally wants a sanctuary of her own away from the kids then let her. Today we finally get to see the beautiful house we saw in pictures. Funny thing is, all the beautiful furniture is gone. The horses are gone. The place is filthy and not exactly the showroom photos we once saw. This is so true when you move into someone else's house. You never know what your gonna find. Why, its a house with a flat mouse! Lets just say that this will be the cleanest house you will ever see. Once the furniture is in it will be interesting to see how the house looks. I really liked the fact that Kate spoke in the beginning about how blessed they are to be there. Funny I don't feel you will hear anyone mention that. Just that the kids are pooping everywhere and now Kate has a house big enough not to be able to find them. Don't we wish we had these problems (lol). For the record, some kids DO need help at that age. But I don't blame Cara for wanting to do it for him ;)

We need to keep remembering we saw 22 minutes of the hours they were there. Overall, I'm sure that it was hard to see the house empty and your wondering how they will even fill it. Well I guess the joy is just knowing its yours to take the time and fill. That and to figure out what to do with a giant tractor! And while I do feel that the girls might have been better suited to each have their own room, I know alot of twins that do not like to be separated. I think it was great that they got to roam and enjoy being in their new home, I was more angry that they intentionally focused on Kate's 4 hour fridge clean. I now feel that they did this just to piss all the haters off and make the quotes from the same 20 people go into the hundreds. It was a bit of an anti-climatic bore, but I was more excited to hear what the other trolls were going to say. I wish them well in their new private space, and agree if any family I know deserves it, they do. The kids really seemed to love it.


3KMOM said...

I liked this episode! I was trying to remember if I had heard on the show or in the Jon interview in utah if it was 60 acres they had or if I am just remembering wrong. I to wonder how anyone found out the info early. I am guessing someone in the process involved in the real estate action leaked the info. How else would anyone guess that random house from any other house. Also, wondering if we'll see full on shots of the house. I'm gonna venture to guess no. I also liked Kate's hair in this episode. Anyway, good for the gosselins on their new house!!

BEE said...

There were things I liked about this episode and things I didn't.

The things that I really like were how Jon and Kate talked about teaching their children grattitude for the opportunity to live in such a nice house. They truly have been blessed in many ways, financially included! Glad to hear that they know it and are making thier children aware of it as well!

I loved watching the kids run through out the house and on the property! They seemed to be so happy to have room to run and explore. I am so excited for them and the possibilities that this house will offer them!

Even though I loved watching Kate ready her new home for her family I was a tad dissappointed in some of her behaviour. Yes, it could of been editing but I really didn't like how she left two children sitting on the potty waiting for assitance. I was suprised that she went back to cleaning the fridge and made Jon come in to help them.

Also, again this could of very well been editing, but both my husband and I commented on all the yelling that Jon and Kate did at the kids.

As much as I love Kate, I sometimes wish she could lighten up a little and just enjoy her family. I get where she is at, I can easliy get caught up in ALL there is to do, all the responsibilities that are on my shoulders. I too have to remind myself to stop and be still or stop and play!

There were moments in the episode that she really looked happy. I loved watching them walking downstairs and it looked like Jon and Kate were all giddy together. I also like the "realness" that Kate expressed while looking her kitchen window. It almost looked like she was at tears, thinking how much they needed that move and all they have been through.

This episode was very real to me! And over all I liked it. I was happy to finally see the new house and I couldn't be happier for them!

Courtney said...

where did they move to? meaning like city and state.

Baby Mama said...

They moved back to their old town! I love it. People were all jealous and like "good riddens" and then Jon & Kate go back to their old town where their first house was. They loved their first old house and I wonder if that had something to do with it. Which is great but.. I mean but why would you buy a house with a barn and not have any horses! I was just like Aaden, no sheep! no chickens! just a flat dead mouse! HAHA

MaryMac said...

Well, I agree with ya Bee. Some things in this episode I loved - some not so much.

The kids running and playing was a blast. Collin going to tell Mommie that now 2 kids were pooping. lol - cracked me up. The outside space and all that nature is wonderful for kids.

BUT, as much as I love Kate, I was disappointed to see some meanness slipping out. It was almost "Mommie Dearest" with that refrigerator. I couldn't help but to think of the old owners and how they will feel hearing her go on like that knowing people knew they were the ones that lived there. And yes - it did seem like there was lots of yelling. But, they were there for hours and we just saw 20 some minutes of that time. Maybe the yelling we saw was the only yelling all day.

And I did think that it was very "down home" of Kate to be doing all that cleaning on her own. Even with my modest salary I would have probably paid for some help.

I wonder if they have some kind of security now? I sure do hope so. It is VERY scary that the house was hunted down early. Theres even a You Tube out there of someone driving by with a video camera!

Well, I am so happy they will have all that extra room to grow.
And it will be interesting to watch how it gets filled.

Also - my kids were not allowed in my room either. Kids can be very destructive (imagine 6 the same age + 2!!) and I figured they had the run of the whole house - my room is MINE! lol.

Nina Bell said...

I love horses and grew up riding. I can see Cara riding some day. I hope if any of the kids are interested they will be allowed to pursue that.

kassie said...

Did they show the pool? If they did I missed it . If they didn't I would have really liked to see the kids faces:)

Whatwhyhowwho said...

Hi, newbie here. Found your site from IMDB. I love it!

Just wanted to say that I like the new house, it is huge. I am happy for them. I didn't quite like the way Kate approached the kids about their room and the need for privacy, but that's Kate. :)

Lesley said...

I completely understand and support Kate and Jons stance on their bedroom. My kids have been given the same exact speech. (more or less) However, they always knew that if there was a REAL REASON that they should announce it and come in. MaryMac and I agree, its OUR room. As far as the cleaning of the fridge, too much focus was made of it. I totally get her frustration. I am like a bulldog with cleaning. Happy for the Gosselins. This is the begin of a new chapter in their lives.

Amber said...

Im sad i didnt get to watch this one , but i should be able to watch it this week sometime.

Jane Shaw said...

Glad for you, Gosselin's. Enjoy your new home and privacy. You deserve it. Don't let the negatisim get you down. There are always a lot of critics and jealous people. I admire you and your family and all you are doing. Keep up the good work

Living said...

I'm so glad I found this blog... I love this show and I think Jon and Kate are awesome...

I to like the fact that Kate said that it was a wonderful blessing to be able to have this house...

I will continue to watch because they are a true family!

~duckie~ said...

Why did Hanna get her own room when I though Lexi was going to get her own room since she woke up both Hanna and Leah? Doesn't Leah deserve not to be disturbed in the morning?

Also, Baby Mama,
No one is ENTITLED to see anything. Even the house of a reality show family. You sound as if you deserve to see where someone will be living because you are a FAN of their show. If that is the case can we see your house inside an out? Since there are fans of your blog, shouldn't they be ENTITLED to see how you live?

I did say it like that because that is how you came across. You are trying to bring positive focus on the Gosselin's but making fun of another site by stating things in that matter just keeps the pot stirring.

Why can't we bring positive things into this world without an after taste of snark? Especially when everyone says that their goal is to bring in positive vibes.

I am not knocking snark since I wouldn't be able to breath with out being snarkie all of the time but, you are really just giving ammo to hate sites. That is why they call you Sheeple and you call them Trolls.


cali-mom said...

I love the new house and I'm totally happy for the Gosselins. I agree on Kate's behavior, she was a bit annoying over the fridge and yelling at the boys needing help pooping, I thought it was mean that she didnt help them out, instead made Jon come in. And the way she talked to Jon when he was checking things out in the M. Bedroom, and not standing right there w/her when she was telling the kids they werent allowed in her room. I agree that they need a sanctuary, a place of privacy. I wish I had done that w/my kids years ago. My kids just barge in my room all the time unannounced. I love Kate to pieces, but she was a little annoying last night.. :(
I loved the show though and I'm looking forward to next weeks episode where they move in!!!! Yeah!!

Baby Mama said...

Duckie~ I'm trying to find out exactly where I said I was ENTITLED to see anything. I think that maybe what I said was somewhere taken out of context. And for the record my house is a mess, but if you would like a shot of me fighting with my kids to get out of my room and stop leaving all their stuff on my floor for me to step on, give me your e-mail and I would happily do that.

My anger is allowed to be geared towards 50 people making over 400 hateful horrible comments about a family that truly doesn't deserve THAT MUCH hurtful angry vicious snark just because Kate spends hours cleaning her fridge or Hannah got her own room. Geeze, it went beyond calling Kate a bad person. It was a lynch mob with pitch forks and knives wanting to burn a house down because they feel they have something to do with the Gosselins getting it in the first place.

Granted Kate was at her worst last night. But people intentionally twist words around to make her sound worse than she really is. OK she loves to clean. Shes ENTITLED to do that for 10 hours if she wants. She didn't want to clean a kids butt and I hate doing it too. And if she felt Alexis was egging Mady on by being in her room she is those kids mother and shes entitled to tell Alexis to stay out of her sisters room. I deal with this alot right now and I truly understand where Kate was coming with this. I don't think she knew exactly what happened there either.

I was beyond pissed at the slaughter this family has received on blogs today. Its not fair. Whatever they do, despite Kate's brass personality, she can do. There is NO show without her, despite those continually adorable kids. Give poor Kate a break, shes been cleaning all day! (lol)

Phew! I feel better now. Sorry to lay that all on ya Duckie but I'm not here to stir any pots. First off I HATE to cook. Secondly, if I feel this family doesn't deserve the horrible things said about them just because they moved into a big new house I'm gonna say so.

cali-mom said...

SeeTheTruth!! I think you clicked on the wrong blog, this is a J&K plus 8 FAN SITE !!!!

Baby Mama said...

cali-mom~ Thank you so much for always being such a supporter of my blog. Julie a.k.a "seethetruth" had to be pulled by the ear and taken back to the bridge.

WENDY said...

In support of the previous owners:

The house had been vacant for quite a while. The presence of mice is not unexpected.

Any refrigerator that is turned off and closed will grow mold, even clean ones.

I just felt bad for the former family, how embarrassing.

BEE said...

Even though Kate was a little harsh at times in last night episode, or because of editing was portrayed as being harsh. I just have to make the record straight that I still adore them and support their efforts!

I have read a little on some other blogs and BabyMama, you are right to be disgusted by how the Gosselins are being "slaughtered"!

I think Jon and Kate are GREAT,, but then who is!

I just feel badly and don't want to add to any of the hateful words that are being directed at this family!

CBB said...

BabyMama -
Kudos to you for not letting Duckie ruffle your feathers... despite the constant efforts to do so. Loving your blog as always.

indianprincess said...

Babymama: I liked the episode and it didn't bother me about Kate and it's not like this is a new trait Kate all of a sudden picked up. I'm happy for the Gosselins and watching them grow to success. I'm sure when the babies were born they probably didn't think they would be living in a nice house like the one they have now. Good for them. Trolls are definitely coming out full force all over the place today. Kind of why I'm staying clear. I like your positivity and some snark. Take care!

MommyZinger said...

The house was fantastic. Kate was....well...Kate.

For some reason I have a hankering for some of Kate's meatloaf. That's what I'm making for supper tonight!

Amy said...

I loved the house. It is perfect for a growing family of 10. It looks beautiful and open so while Kate is making meals she can keep an eye on the kids in the great room. I think it was kind of funny when she was trying to find the kids in the house. New experience from going from their old house to this new one. We too have the rule of must knock and that our room is off limits. It was a rule I grew up with. Parents deserve their privacy. My kids need many reminders of this rule. lol! My kids and I enjoy watching the show together and my 6 yr old son turns to me and says "mom we need a house with stairs" I laughed and thought it was funny. I can see the kids having alot of fun with the overlook as they were throwing their socks from it last night. Can't wait to see up and coming episodes!

BEE said...

Does anyone else think it is odd that the "other" site knew that this WAS the house before the ink on the sale agreement had dried? I know that the paperwork is all public, but I don't think that Jon and Kate had even officially purchased the house yet. Or if they had it was within a very short period of time.

I also heard that their names are not on the deed, a corporation or something is. If that is so, then it makes me even MORE suspicious of how the "other" site knew about the house so fast.

Barbara said...

I think last night that Kate answered the question about her comment last week "All of this mine, as far as the eye can see." I really think she was being, in Kate's inimitable way, funny. I kinda think she was laughing at herself. Did you see her smile when she said it? It wasn't a nasty, mean spirited, look what I've got that you don't smile. And then she looked like she might cry. I'm sure she never envisioned that her life could be this blessed.

MaryMac said...

WOW! Against my better judgment, I went to the hater site. WHY do I do that? Horrible people. Why do they pretend to be worried about the kids while at the same time trash their whole family and way of life. You know one day those kids will see that stuff.

Yes Baby Mama, we can call them out on it any time we want, as I see it.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions...right?

This happens to be a quote form over there. Two peoples opinion:

":::BTW - why are the sheeple over there barely literate?


lol, good point! I think its because (and not to be rude) but the only people who can actually believe KONs lies are people that are a little less educated. Basically people like Kate herself.::::"

Wow. What is up with these people? Chemical imbalances? I actually think it is very low self esteem, so low in fact that they have to see others in a negative light to try to make themselves look better. Even if only in their own eyes. Sad really.

The Gosselin children are not abused. They do not "work" every day. They get many wonderful opportunities to broaden their horizons. Kate is what she is, brisk and curt. Oh well. Truly troubled kids do NOT laugh like the Gosselins do. Abused kids are afraid of talking in public or meeting new people. These kids show NONE of these symptoms.

OK - my MORE educated self says to stay away from that site. I think that will be the last time I am tempted to go have a peak.
It made me wonder where humanity has gone.

And again - thanks Baby Mama for keeping us going over here!

MaryMac said...

JenBunnie - are you actually suggesting that the 4 year old kids should be able to ban Jon and Kate from their rooms? Hu?

And I happen to think people like you that think you know whats best for everyone else in the world is what wrong with this world today.

And you've never spent 4 hours cleaning?? I'd hate to see your house.

Take a happy pill and chase it with a swig of humility. You would be a much more balanced human.

Anonymous said...

Mary Mac

No I am suggesting that they STOP filming. Kate DESERVES her privacy but those children DESERVE to be seen pooping, bathing, throwing up etc? Is that what you are saying? B/C that's what it sounds like when you justify that. And NO I would not clean for 4 hours at the detriment of my children, do not misconstrue what I said. Kate stoped lookinh for who pooped and did not come help them b/c "they didn't ask soon enough" and therefore made Cara do it and when she wouldn't (and I don't blame her) made Jon. So yes I will leave my house in utter disarray if that meant I was helping my child, so by all means come have a look.

Shannon said...

oh my I feel some negativity from JenBunnie...I dont like it...I think she is on the wrong fan page...I am overwhelmed at how people are reacting to these comments. There always has to be a negative. The show is what it is...if you enjoy it and the family watch it if you dont then why are you watching it.

Amy said...

I dont mean to be negative or anything or start anything. If you dislike Jon/Kate then why come to a fansite? I'm sure there are many of other sites you can be on. I believe parents deserve their own space. It was a rule when I was growing up and is a rule for my children. Also when we moved into this house I spent many hours cleaning it. Who wants to put their food in gross and nasty places? I do not believe that I am dysfunctional or neglectful. I believe Kate is a great mother and Jon is a great father. The children are adorable. On a more delightful note did anyone notice Kate taking pics as the kids entered the house and up the stairs? The children were so excited. Sorry again if I was negative. I came to this site because I enjoy The Gosselins and want to be on a blog with people that enjoy it to without having people slam them for it. I really enjoy this site.

Anonymous said...


I would not call you dysfunctional or neglectful if you stopped what you were doing and helped your child. I call Kate that b/c she wandered around the house and then when she was unable to find her child she decided to give up all together and go back to cleaning. Only when she was informed of who and where the incident occured did she say they didn't call soon enough and were therefore not deserving of her time and attention. Case in point she asked Cara to do it and when she wouldn't she called on Jon. YES that is NEGLECTFUL in every sense of the word and if YOU give up on your child and refuse to help them then yes you are also neglectful. OBVIOUSLY Jon was no where in the house since she summoned him from outside so only Kate and Kate alone was aware of the situation and refused to help b/c it wasn't on her time frame. Heaven forbid a clean kitchen come before a clean child.

indianprincess said...

JennBunny, I think you are confused about the house you are in. Did you read the blog title?, it's a fan blog so get off your high horse and stop telling people what you think is best for everyone else and worry about your own family. With kind respect!!

MaryMac said...

I did see Kate with the camera while the kids were going up the stairs! It was cute. They are adorable.

I remember when I was moving into my house with just 2 small children. It was so exciting because I knew it was a better future for them, but man o man was it stressful. I think Kate may be feeling the same.

And I too love it here because we are all like minded about the Gosselins. I guess we should just ignore crazy, insane negativity.

Also, did you see in Jons interview that he mentioned having 2 dogs? Now THAT is going to be a blast seeing those kids with dogs! Wonder what they have named them? Are they big dogs? Little dogs? Thats the next thing I'm waiting to see.

MaryMac said...

I agree indianprincess. People like that bring 2 major ideas in the Christian Religion to my mind.



"Thou Shall Not Judge"

Baby Mama said...

JennBunnie~ your high off Kool Aid if you think Im gonna let you slander the person and the family that I write about on this fan blog. Every other day someone tries to come on this site and try to make the fans think differently about this show. I don't know if you have children or not but what makes you think you know how to parent better than Kate does? Or that the stopping of the show means you win because you want to take down the evil Kate. You are entitled to your opinion, but why here? To prove a point of what? I support what Kate does and what you say doesn't hold much water (or Kool Aid) here.

Now I don't want to be like the hate sites and remove all semblance of the the other side of the coin. But tread lightly my dear or I will send you back to OZ and your little dog too!

(mind you I have no idea if you have a dog, but run with me on this because I like how that ended ;) And whats the deal with Kool Aid???

Amy said...

No I did not see that about the dogs. I must have stepped out of the room for a sec. Hopefully they do good with a dog or dogs. I remember when they were at Beths house and did not like her dogs. My son was the same way so we got a chihuahua puppy. For a little bit my son was timid of Buddy but after a week or so he warmed up to him. Now he is 2 years older and loves Buddy to death and is not scared of other dogs. I was wondering if they would have animals because they have a horse barn. Guess we will have to wait and see.

MaryMac said...

Lordy-B JenBunnie. Your not getting it.

Its not my place to state validations just as I feel it is not your place to degrade and judge.

And why, in your little narrow mind, would you EVER think someone would defend their own thinking just because you demand it? I do not answer to you. Jon and Kate do not answer to you. Get over it.

And no hun - you do not make me think. At all. Your ramblings are
predictable and boring.

Lesley said...

Quoting JenBunnie-

"The only reason I am here is b/c of the vulgar display of greed I witnessed last night and I wanted to see what "fans" had to say about it."

You have WAY to much time on your hands!!! Go back over to the dark side and leave us to the peace and quiet that Baby Mama has established here. You are nothing but a pot stirrer.

Barbara said...

I would like to answer the question of why do they hate so much? I really believe it is because they get involved with a group and the group mentality just takes over. I say this because I used to come from the dark side. I never hated them like these people do, I just was more a non-fan than a fan. Then as I stayed on that site and got involved with the Pennmommy fiasco and then with Julie getting involved at the same time, I became "absorbed" with the negativity and one day I thought to myself, you know, this is not who I really am. I don't hate them, I mostly like them. I was just so wrapped up with that mentality -- you know, the "group-think". When I broke away from that group it was very liberating. Now, they have gone so far on the other side of hatred it is scary to me. I actually worry for J&K and those kids safety. I hope no one minds that I admit that I once posted there and was actually part of the group and I don't know if I have explained it very well, but I just think so often people get wrapped up in the hysteria. Some of them really seem to think they are child abusers, I read that today. And they think they need to bring them down. I'm so glad to be away from them!

Shelly said...


Number one I do not see were Kate's behavior was that bad. I just watched the episode, and even the bedroom scene was not as bad as everyone let on. The kids were not frightened. In fact they were goofing off when she was talking to them. My children were not allowed in my room either, unless they were ill or something like that. Also, we did not see the entire scene, so they very well could have stated that, and we did not see it. Don't beleive everything you see. An entire day was cut into 22 minutes. As far as the potty, coming from experience(and we do not know how her children are), my kids would call me the minute they sat on the potty. Then I would go to wipe them and have to stand there another half hour waiting for them to finish. If indeed the Gosselin children do that, then only she would know that. You certainly would not, nor would I, or anyone else. Also, she was cleaning with chemicals. Granted she did have on rubber gloves, but what is the harm in the child sitting there for 5 minutes, while she calls Jon in. Why can't she ask Cara to help? In a family that large, parents do rely on the older children for help. Its quit obvious that Kate is a clean freak, so am I. It does not make us bad people. I have a disabled 18 year old. My house is spotless and has been since the day I found out of his disease. The tups are premies which makes them more likely to be ill. So, you knock Kate for cleaning, but if any of you seen a dirty house, the uproar would be about that. It does not matter what Kate does, people like you will alway find fault.

Now, the 1.3 million dollar house. How do you know thats what they paid? Because you read it on the "Gossiper wishing of popularity" site? The only thing I read is their guesses from a bunch of busy boddies. No one could even find the sale. You ask why they deserve it? Why do movie stars, athletes or singers deserve to live in $20 million dollar homes. Brittany Spears just purchased a $10 million dollar home. Why does she deserve it? She lost her kids, has been in and out of rehab and hospitals, and in trouble with the law. J&K deserve that house because wether you like or not, they are celebs now. They made a choice to do a show that led into many different avenues for them.

But, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I do not need to call you jealous or pull any punches about religion. Also, you putting your gripes in writing does not make any of us change our minds. We like the show and can see past the editing and the appearence it gives Kate. I admire Kate and her strong will. If you do not, that is your choice. However, I do need to remind you, that you are on a fan site.

Amy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Whatwhyhowwho said...

I didn't realize it was greedy to buy a house to grow in for your 8 children. Sheesh, stupid me! ;)

BTW, I have also posted under Jenner7.

dpc said...;_ylt=Ak1nkMnJF4vt1F9Yx316c0R7pxx.;_ylv=3

Found an article on Kate.

Cathy said...

I did think Kate went over a bit on the bedroom thing. Why didn't she soak the shelves in a tub or something and move on. I know houses are always dirty in our minds when we move in but what did the old owners think of her saying it was filthy and so on. Anyways, Kate does have her moments but I love the show. I watch it non stop and I mostly over look Kate and her comments.

Nina Bell said...

I would have gotten a cleaning crew first, and then had a go at it if it didn't meet my specifications.

I agree with Bee, how can you not be happy for these children and the possibilities that this house will offer them.

Carol said...

I'm so happy I finally got to see the house - wow, it's gigantic!!! How on earth is she going to keep track of all the kids? I was laughing when she kept calling out and had no idea where anyone was.

I can't wait to see how she furnishes it. The old house was pretty sparsely furnished but that would be a lot harder to do with this one.

I was surprised they ended up giving the extra room to Hannah instead of Alexis, but I guess they just solved the problem in a different way - Alexis wakes everyone up but Leah gets up early anyway, so Hannah will just sleep late in her own room.

Another thing that amazed me was how well the kids entertained themselves with no toys. Those kids are amazing, no whining, no boredom, just pure happiness simply running around.

~duckie~ said...

Baby Mama, here is where you said the thing about entitlement that you have now run with in your replies to others who don't drink your Kool Aid. "What axe to grind must one have to showcase a families dream house before anyone was entitled to see it?"

BTW I love Kool Aid I had a Kool Aid watch and shirt and a pitcher with cups, actually we still have the pitcher, my mom use to keep the points and get a whole lot of fun stuff for us.

Also, just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't mean they're illiterate. I am not just saying this to you but to everyone who has postive or negative things to say about Jon & Kate.

Also, I think that the reason why people who aren't fans of Jon & Kate come and post here is b/c their comments get lost over at the hate site and they are censored. I know, I have tried to comment over there and never got posted b/c of the censored treatment.

One More Thing,
The Gosselins now have competition... did you all see about the woman in California who gave birth to OCTUPLETS!! This family had all of their EIGHT children all at once.


Lesley said...

duckie- quoting Baby Mama
"What axe to grind must one have to showcase a families dream house before anyone was entitled to see it?"

OK, so entitled is not the proper word here. Baby Mamas point is not lost though. Its also not proper to be so covert and spy for info about the new house well before the Gosselins wanted details public knowledge. If they wanted to share the location they would have. Lets talk about entitlement here. There are too many people who feel entitled to rip their family to shreds because they don't approve of their choices.


3KMOM said...

Thanks for posting that link dpc. I can totally imagine how possible it is to be lonely even by surrounded by so many people. She mentioned something like that in her book as well. When I read it, it really touched me b/c sometimes you don't think of that. But I really can see how that is possible. I hope though that through these opportunities of her meeting new people that she gets to develop some close friends. I would much rather have 2 or 3 close friends I really connect w/ than several people who I am merely just friendly w/.

Amber said...

i dont blame kate for not running to help the pooper, the kids are oh most what five? They need to learn to whip them self's. Jon & Kate do as good a job as they can raising the kids....

i also fid it super funny that some people make up profile just to post CRAP.

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Paula said...

Why has this episode, about the new house, brought out all the haters? Can't they be happy for the children who are obviously happy and in no way abused. Buying a house to raise your family in is not abuse. I'm happy for them and wish them the best.

Carol said...

I just saw the greatest quote -

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds" (Albert Einstein)

Looks like there's a bounty of mediocre minds around some parts...

Lesley said...

I was wondering the same thing Paula. I was just reading some comments *silly me* over at GWOP. I can not say enough that there are so many unstable people posting over there.

And they claim that we are uneducated people. My kids had better social skills as toddlers.

Why be so miserable about it all, and then make a conscious choice/effort to continue to immerse yourself in it. I feel like it has become a hobby of sorts for them.

And to call out a pastor at a church that Kate is going to speak at is just the cherry on top.

Some people need to remember-

"Your rights end where mine begin."

momsquared said...

Love the new house! I am jealous but in a good way, not in an evil troll kind of way.
If I could ban my kids from a room it would be the kitchen.
May all the evil trolls be forced to eat their food from moldy refrigerators just for being well, evil trolls!

Paula said...

Carol... Love the quote.
The other site is really getting scary. I hope this house can keep the Gosselins safe. I pray no one crosses that line. They sure can work themselves up into a frenzy.

Jenmarie said...

Jon and Kate really DO NEED their own private space to keep their marriage healthy. I love the idea.

Amy said...

I have not been to GWOP but I do have to say that if we are uneducated because we watch something we enjoy and they watch it just to spew hatred who would you think was uneducated?

I love the show and wish the Gosselins the best. They are blessed to have 8 happy & healthy children.

I too could see it as lonely for Jon and Kate because you wouldn't know who you could trust or not.

I think the past house was so sparse was because of the limited space there was. If it were me I'd rather have less furniture and more room for the kids to play. Heck I don't even have a dining room table so the living room/dining room is more spacios for the kids. We don't do formal dining anyways. It will be nice if they could get an interior decorator that could do the home but make it child friendly. I think in past episodes Kate says she is not very home decor savy. Beth had helped out that one time too with their storage issues.

cali-mom said...

Oh nice language squattmunki24!

Amy said...

And how lame are you to watch this show that you hate so much? I'm sorry but does it make any sense to sit and watch a show that obviously you dislike. Did you have a little notepad next to you so you could keep track of everything you deem as horrible about kate or did you keep it in your small mind? I do not understand such lame people. I don't understand what your strong resentment is with Kate. You point out what you deem as her imperfections yet I don't think you are so perfect. Hopefully you do not have children to pass such bitterness and evilness to others onto. Also don't you have a haters site you can run to with all your hate? We here like Kate just the way she is. So take your hate back over to the lame "we watch nonentertaining tv so we can complain because we have nothing but unhappiness in our lives site" These haters are funny. I love their nicknames for people that watch tv for enjoyment. Sheeple how original haha :)

Amy said...

Sorry guys about my remarks. (not to the PATHETIC haters) It states on top of this blog Post a Comment On: Jon And Kate Plus 8 Gosselin Fan Site. Do they not know the meaning of "fan site" HOW PATHETIC OF YOU!

Baby Mama said...

Amy Don't worry about it! Its been getting too confusing when people are commenting about haters that come on and I delete them later, and then people are confused at to what your talking about. Even though the troll was removed, it makes people not understand what your talking about. It sucks but I have to now moderate my comments. Meaning, you will never see those haters again because I will be posting each and every blog myself. Its such a pain, but this way you will never have to write about peoples comments that will just be deleted anyway. Thanks for supporting my blog!

Amy said...

Thanks I hope it did not add more on your shoulders. I love this blog and love to see people happy. I am ecstatic that Jon and Kate have this home and their children have so many more opportunities that they would not have before TLC. Kate can be a little overboard but can't we all! Especially when moving into a new house. I would be completely disgusted if I found mold and mouse dropping where food was supposed to go. YUCK! I'd be cleaning my heart out and have when we moved into this house. No mouse dropping and we had to buy a new fridge but I still cleaned my heart out the first day the kids saw the house. They were playing and I was cleaning and my husband too was in the yard doing something. I just realized that. haha. If you'd like I can delete my previous comments to that evil person of if you'd like to go ahead. Again sorry if it put more on your shoulders.

Mom3Nana3 said...

I applaud the moderator of this site for keeping it a Jon and Kate Fan Site – thank you for keeping it going. IMHO, Jon and Kate hate sites should be closed and no replacements should be permitted. The hate sites refer to Fans of Jon and Kate as “sheeples” and, IMHO, that identified behavior is no different from that which is exhibited by those who band together in negativity against Jon and Kate. The nastiness displayed on GWOP sites makes me extremely uncomfortable – as I would suspect it does Jon and Kate. It is no wonder to me why Jon and Kate wanted to move away and into a home with high fences and security; and why Kate is not interested in engaging in conversation with people who approach her in public. If I typed my name into and saw the amount of nastiness that is on there about Kate and her family – not to mention the details about which home I was planning on buying, the price I paid for it - I wouldn’t let my children leave my home without a bodyguard. They can blame Kate all they like, but for whatever reason, this show seems to have brought out the worst in some people, and the hate sites perpetuate that unconstructiveness.
I visited one of the hate sites and tried to write something positive; indeed, much of what I wrote fell on deaf ears and I was immediately flamed for not joining the group and being hateful.
I don’t believe the hate sites are having any effect on anyone who is in a position to make the changes they claim they would like to see happen; what they are accomplishing though, is a continual rise in the ratings as fans and non-fans alike are tuning in to TLC in huge droves, wanting to see what all the commotion is about.
Great leaders like Ghandi and Mother Teresa accomplished amazing things using the concept of positive deviance; they filled the space between themselves and others with a warm heart. I am so happy to have found a positive, warm, and welcoming Jon and Kate Fan site like this one; thank you!

Baby Mama said...

Mom3Nana3~ That was so sweet it brought a tear to my eye. Its always nice to see sweet comments that make me feel like the months of blogging are worth it when you have great comments like that along with everyone on this blog. Thanks guys!