Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kate Gosselin Texas Book Signing & Appearances, Jon & Kate Plus 8 New LiveJournal Community

Hello Gosselin Fans! This weekend was a busy one for me as usual! My baby who is now walking (yipes) went into the bathroom and accidentally flushed some Polly Pocket Dolls down the toilet. Kinda like when my kids "accidentally" deleted 7 years of memories off my computer. Anyway now we have what we thought was a cesspool issue and now is a clogged pipe or something. My husband is fuming. I'm telling you all this while I'm trying to go out with the girls for the first time in weeks. Mama needs a night out to de-stress and everyone should do that once in a while! Why am I being made to feel guilty about this??

So speaking of "Girls Night Out" I received a few wonderful positive e-mails about Kate's recent trip in Texas this past week at the Champion Baptist Church. That girl is now a very busy woman and even I can't keep track of all the places shes been recently! From what I hear, this show was in the thousands and everyone had a wonderful time. I would like you to read a letter I got from Beka who was at the event and whose photo is above.

"I am a christian and I believe that she truly has a heart for God. So she doesn't look perfect on TV. Well who does really? The Bible says He that is without Sin must cast the first stone. Well those people bashing her probably are not Christians because if they are then they need to get right with God because they are not sinless. Who are they to judge when they are not perfect. She is the most amazing person and Let me add I used to work at boys and girls country in Texas which is a childrens home. I lived with 8 teenage girls. 8!!! And they were from all different backgrounds and some with special needs. I lost my voice because of the strain of taking care of them because as you see with Kate it requires a ton of discipline and TALKING...I had to leave my job because my voice couldn't take it, but those girls changed my life. I know how kate feels because in a different way I have been there and I wasn't always nice to the girls. I got annoyed and lost my temper. I am Anal too and organized. In fact I'm a professional organizer so we are a lot alike. My family says i am always in my own mood. Well aren't we all?
The place Kate spoke at was sold out. Seated 4,000 and so they had to have another show that seated another 4,000 so they ended up feeding the midday show lunch. I guess kate knew they would need it. When Kate came out she was given a standing ovation. I was amazed. I knew she was loved, but seeing all those christian women from all walks of life being encouraged by her too. WOW!

I have a twin sister(identical) and because my parents believed like Kate and Jon they didn't have an abortion which was what the doctor suggested because of my mothers age. We were also born healthy. Now at 25 years old my twin and I face difficulties every day with trying to follow God no matter what and watching Kate and Jon and all those amazing kids reminds us just how special being a multiple is. We were hand picked by God. Meeting Kate even for a second, even though I only got to say thank you and she said your was amazing and encouraged me so much that I want to pray for them more than before. She is now so real to me and not just some TV star. I saw her face to face. The line for her signing was so long it took us an hour to get to see her, and there was tons of people behind us. AND...she had to sign more at the show before. So all the things people say about her, come one. She works harder than most people I know, and yet you don't see her buying things much for herself. She uses coupons, buys for the kids, and saves. And she gives back too. She is a woman after God's own heart. I hate to say this but all the people who spend their time judging her will have to face their judgment one day when they meet God face to face. They will one day see that God doesn't honor that and if they are Christians than how they live on earth will be shown to them when they get to heaven.
I'm sure not perfect, nor is Kate. But I know that when we both get to heaven it will be amazing because we will have at least tried to follow God no matter what others say or do to us. We will fight the good fight."

Thanks Beka! I just read on and from Barbara that Kate was also on Friday doing a book signing at Barnes and Noble in Pearland Texas Town Center Friday night from 6-9 p.m. Alot of people also went to that and said Kate was wonderful. Guess they have alot of fans from Texas! Take a look to your right, I updated from my post HERE the updates speaking engagements of Jon & Kate. If you know of any I haven't listed please e-mail me!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 LiveJournal Community

A fan named Jen just created a livejournal community for the Gosselin Family. It is the first active lj community for Jon & Kate Plus 8. She was hoping I could mention it so she can get the word out there to all who have a livejournal who are also fans of the show. Please check it out HERE.


mary said...

Hi Baby Mama, I am probably one of the people who love to read your blog but doesn't usually make a comment.

Anyway, I'm also one of the people who likes the show who is not the type to judge other people's imperfection. Although I don't agree with Kate's action towards Jon sometimes, I do understand her and still like her.

Regarding her appearances in many parts of the US I'm very glad she is being greeted with great enthusiasm by the fans and generally people seemingly have a great experience meeting her. This I think is her best revenge against all the JEALOUS AND HATEFUL out there when they see all this positive blogs by people who met her.

PS You can edit out this part of my comment... Ok I have found this other positive blog about the Houston event that includes a video... maybe you should include this in your blog so that the haters will see it as well and be devastated LOL.

this is the Link:

LThiesfeld07 said...

Hello Baby Mama,
Thanks for posting future speaking engagements! I plan on attending the Willow Creek one. Is anyone else from the Chicago area attending?
I'm so excited! I hope Kate will sign books.

Thanks again Baby Mama!

alexis said...

hello baby mama,

i love your fan sit 4 the gosselins i love how much i no about the gosselins i love to read your blogs every day thank u so much for the fan site. :D


Baby Mama said...

Mary, thanks so much for showing me that awesome footage and telling me about her blog. I wrote her and asked if I could link it or attach the video on this site. If not everyone can pretty much see it there. Thanks for your post!

Shelly said...

More and more people are opening up about their positive experiences with Kate. I am so glad to see these people stepping up. Keep up the good work all. To the Trolls, HA HA HA HA HA.

MaryMac said...

Aw. Kate is not speaking anywhere near me - that I can find anyway. As soon as she does, I will be there. If only to give her more support.

Thanks Mary for the link to the clips. Fun!

BEE said...

I too am thrilled that more people are speaking up about their positive encounters with Kate! A standing ovation of 4,000 people..WOW! I can't even imagine being Kate, and how that must make her feel! I hope she knows that there are so many of us women, and especially Christian women, who support her and her efforts!

MaryMac, I know, I was bummed to see that Kate was not speaking close to us either! I would go and see her/them again in a second!!

LThiesfeld07, Have a great time seeing Kate and let us know what your experience was like!

KristenFabulous said...

Can anyone please tell me where I can watch the most recent episode -"All you wanted to know".
It's not on Youtube and I don't have cable at college. PLEASE:)

Nina Bell said...


I looked at and and did not see it. It will be on the TLC web site if you are patient. Sorry I couldn't find it.

3KMOM said...

Can't wait to see tonight's episode. I wonder how carefully they will show footage of the house. I mean with privacy being an issue and all.

cali-mom said...

I cant wait to see if its the house they posted on that "other" blog. Does anything think it is? I'm really excited to see the show.

sara said...

always have your head up. i will always have your back when people say that you are mad . i always say to them you can't believe in what you read any more .so gave kate some credit,because she trys her best. i don't judge you kate i understand what you are going though. because my mom had problem with her first marriege that she want to do the best for her kids .