Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jon Gosselin in Utah Discusses His "Future", A Proper All Smiles Review

HEWWOOWW Gosselin fans. I am in horrible pain today as my dentist visit went South quick. A tooth that couldn't be saved, needles, the works. Why couldn't it be all smiles like on my favorite show Jon & Kate plus 8? Where is my singing, my stickers, my ice cream flavors?? Tonight I plan on putting the kids to bed early, FINALLY get the tree down and watch American Idol. Why does it take like forever to get a bunch of ornaments and Holiday boxes packed up? Why is this dragging on longer than my behind after Thanksgiving?

Want to read a GOOD Re-cap?

As much as I hated that Three Farmers, her snarking reviews as bad as they were, were entertaining. When she realized that she couldn't be a hater and still claim to live and breathe the show, she is now saying that she doesn't watch anymore. Yeah right. Anyway, the re-caps on there now are worse then my kids with the stomach flu. So check out what a man wrote from TheCelebrityCafe.com. Straight to the point!

Jon Gosselin is rockin the interviews without Kate FULL INTERVIEW

It all depends on how you perceive things. Yes, someone can get out of an interview something totally different than someone else. Those who thought yesterdays interview with Jon & Utah was harsh. Yes, it was worded terribly, but I thought he handled himself well. I think that she was trying to ask one of those snarking GWOP questions that were probably sent in by AuntyK.K. (lol). Check out some more here, and listen carefully at the end where he talks about FUTURE endeavors outside of the show.....You go boy!
UPDATE: The woman that interviewed him is the most annoying, prying woman EVER. It was like she was forced by GWOP to ask the most personal questions period. I will get more into this tomorrow. I put above the entire 14+ minutes of interview so I can talk about it tomorrow. She asks about talking to his mom & Beth. Watch the whole thing!


kassie said...

I am so glad I checked your blog before 5:00 I am so excited to see what Jon has to say!!! My husband doesn't get home till 6 so I'm going to have to lock my self in my room so I can hear the news;)

MoreCowbell said...

Well, what do you know? There IS a logical explanation why Jon's family is not shown on camera. There's not a big conspiracy theory (I'm particularly fond of the lies that the GWoPper trolls like to tell regarding Jon's mom acknowledging the twins, but not the sextuplets because she thinks Kate was inseminated with someone else's sperm, since Jon didn't want to have anymore kids). Jon talks to his mother and brothers several times a day. And texts them as well. There's no estrangement. Jon's mom simply wants her privacy, which is her right.

And what a SHOCK that Jon's brothers had to change their phone numbers because people were finding that information out. Couldn't be because the GWoPpers were Googling and posting that information online, could it?

I'm thinking Jon looked really good, too. The light hat and grey shirt made his eyes look light.

Baby Mama said...

I thought Jon looked really good too! My guess about his parents is, I mean, to be on TV you are giving up all your privacy. I'm SURE that they prefer to see the family outside of filming. I mean, if his brothers were getting harassed, its not like they're gonna say, "now lets go on TV" to be more harassed." It was very scary to think how those people found out that info months before and now only posted it on the web, but teased the trolls about it to feed the frenzy. "Oh wouldn't they look soooo GREAT in this house?"

Its insane the way they dig up such personal stuff to harass them. I'm sure it scares the pants off that family and I don't blame them for not wanting to be on TV.

Swirly Designs said...

Finally an interview that answers all our questions.
Great job we really enjoy reading your blog!
~Lianne & Paul

Barbara said...

Thank you Baby Mama for posting this. I had not heard the full report. That is great. This is my first time to post on here and I am glad I found you.
Love your site!

Barbara said...

Thanks for finding this article and posting it, baby mama. I have recently found your blog and love reading it. Thanks!!

M.M.S. said...

2 DOGS?!?! DID I HEAR THAT CORRECTLY?! wow that'll be sweet to see on the show! thanks for posting the interview : )

Shelly said...

Fantastic interview. It really answers alot of questions about the families. I have felt for along time that Kate's parents were probably a little off the wall. Because, Kate has said that she was raised overly strict. I praise Kate for not going public with her parents. As for Jon, His family has the right to stay in the shadows. I bet with the same last name they did get harrassed. But anyway, you go boy.

CBB said...

this was great - thanks so much for posting. It's fun to see Jon let loose on the interview scene & do all of the talking. (he says 'like' a lot...which is actually very endearing)
That interviewer seemed out to get him, but he just went with the flow. Another reason I love watching their show - Jon and Kate are who they are, not many people in the public eye can say that.

Nancy said...

I really enjoyed this interview and WANT TO believe Jon, but I have seen pictures on Kate's sister's website (before she took them down) with Kate's parents interacting with Clairissa's little boy AND Kevin's kids. The pictures weren't old. So if Kate's parents aren't in the lives of any of the grandkids, as Jon claims, how could they have been in those snapshots?

Dave & Jenna VanLoon said...

What a great video! I am so glad Jon was bold and so real about everything! Does anyone have their current email? I would love to send them an encouraging note. I have emailed a few times before, but never get a response...I'm not sure if it's just because they have millions of emails every week - or if maybe I just have the wrong address! Thanks guys!

BEE said...

I initially read a small typed portion of this interview and the tone of the interview came across COMPLETELY different then the actual interview! Tells me a lot about editing and being careful about what you read vs. what you see!!

I LOVED this interview! Yes, the newscaster was a bit prying but I think Jon did a fabulous job and he seemed really comfortable answering the questions! To be honest, I am thrilled that he gave some "official" answers to the many questions about thier parents, family/friends on the show etc.

I am happy to know that Beth and Bob as well as family members are INDEED part of their lives! I don't think that Jon and Kate knew what they were getting into with this show, their friends and family really had no idea! So, I completely undersand why some people might of opted out of being on the show...perhaps we will see them again someday...I can only wish!

Nancy, I haven't seen those pictures but I have heard about them. My perception of what Jon said about Kate's parents is that they wanted to be "drop in grandparents" and were not involved in the Gosselins lives as well as Kate's siblings. To me that does not say that they don't seldom talk with them or have the rare meeting. Perhaps there is some interaction but not a lot. Relationships change, perhaps Kate's parents are a little closer with some siblings then others. Who really knows? All I know is that Jon answered the age old question "Where are the grandparents" but did not disect the relationships that Kate's parents have with their children.


The Gosselins email is on their official website. I do not believe that they typically respond to emails, as they get a ton!

I hope you feel better!!

Paula said...

Thank you Baby Mama! What a great interview Jon gave. He was composed and honest with his answers.

Shelly said...


You are right. Jon made a comment that they were drop in grandparents. I believe he said they swap on and off and never more than a few at a time. There are 19 grandkids. I believe I read they have very modest means, so it is probably very hard for them. Think about all those birthdays and christmas'. If you remember in the book, Kate made a comment about having to get out of her parents house, once she was released from the hospital. That is when they went to the Ronald McDonald House. It really just makes you wonder what Kate has gone through in her younger years.

Shelly said...

Baby Mama,
Hope you are feeling better tonight.

Baby Mama said...

Nancy, Kates sister took her pictures down a long time ago. I remember because I saw them them the next day they were gone. Jon I think was discussing the situation currently.

SamanthaNC said...

I liked the video much better than the print article! The only thing I didnt like (at ALL) was the pushiness of the interviewer when asking (repetitivley) about Kate's parents. I can't wait to see the dogs join the family- I'm thinking Kate's reaction will be hilarious :)

Shannon said...

What a great interview...so glad to be able to see that via your blog...they should have this as an episode!!!!!

Living said...

did anyone else notice how pretty his eyes are?

Cindy said...

I feel so much better seeing this blog. I am a big time Kate and Jon fan. I think Kate is amazing. I hate the sites that trash her and Jon. We are Christians that put our faith in God. Is it so hard for people to believe that Jon and Kate put their total trust in God to have those babies and in return have been blessed? What is wrong with people?!

It is good to know there is a good explanation for everything the trolls are putting out on the 'net? I hate that some of it is being done by a family member. In my mind it shows her true nature. Instead of spewing vile lies about Jon and Kate exploiting their children for monetary gain, she should be thankful that God has provided them a way to care for those children, and to be responsible with the blessings by giving them a larger, decent home, money for a college edcuation, etc. I am also thrilled they are getting a bigger house. What is wrong with that?

I think JOdy and whoever else is out there trashing them need to take a long hard look at themselves to see what is lacking in their heart that makes them go after Jon and Kate with such rabid verocity.

I am impressed Jon and Kate make sure that one of them is always at home with the kids. It seems GWOP has forgotten to mention quite a few FACTS on that blog. Interesting isn't it??????

I wanted to say that the interviewer tried her best to make the GWOP group look like they had valid information, and tried to shed bad light on the Gosselins.

It is not so uncommon for families to have grandparents that aren't involved. I know a family that THROWS their kids out of the house soon as they graduate and hit 18. They don't help or support them.

My daughter's in-laws are drop in grandparents, but love to tell their church and my grandkids how much they LOVE THEM! But never take time or energy to show that love.

Jon and Kate sound perfectly normal to me, I think the GWOP group are the ones abnormal, inhumane people that can't relish the fact somebody is truly involved in their kid's lives. How many GWOP people do 1/2 as good a job as Jon and Kate.........I know I didn't raising mine, and I only had 2.

etchiegram said...

If you are talking about the truth breeds hatred website being Jodi's, you need to go back and read it again. Scroll down the page on the right side where it says About Me. It's Jodi's sister. Just thought I'd put that up for you guys.

I am not a hater. I like the show and like to hear that people do not believe all the rumors.