Wednesday, January 28, 2009

House Breeds Hatred, Octuplets Advice From Kate, Rev. Craig Tells GWOP The Truth & Where To Go

Hello Gosselin Fans! I almost passed out in my chair today when I saw the amount of hits on my site yesterday. Almost 10,000 for only yesterday and over 18,000 page views! Now to bad for a blog that wasn't supposed to mean anything huh? Please continue to come and share this amazing ride with me. I finally feel that there is some method to my madness...Comments are welcome! And I appreciate all the sweet e-mails telling me to stand high amongst all the negativity and continue to talk about the family everyone loves to watch and read about. I hope you are OK while we go through this ice storm. Its slushy snow now and the most horrible of commutes.

I have to start with the horrible horrible jealousy and bitterness that came onto the blogs when the episode we have all been waiting for Came out. On Monday, TLC’s show ranked No. 1 for it’s time slot on cable, pulling in over 1.6 million women between the ages of 18-49. The episode beat out the season premiere of TNT’s “The Closer,” by 400,000. So every snarker that commented on a hate site contributed to Jon & Kate Plus 8 being the #1 CABLE SHOW ON MONDAY NIGHT. So thank you trolls, this family appreciates it! The down-right vulgar, nasty and downright scary jealous snarking comments were beyond called for. Of course, the nasty e-mail I sent to Sharla for being the

Kate Gives Advice to the Octuplets Family

There are SEVERAL news articles regarding Kate. On, Kate cautions the new California mother that, like all new moms, she should "look forward to feelings of overwhelming proportions -- good, bad and ugly." But unlike moms of singles or twins, moms of remarkable multiples will be barraged by outsiders. "People will pop up with advice when they have no idea [of] the situation." And of course, more babies means more help, which means more people around all the time.

On NBC. COM & Access Hollywood, Kate went further to discuss how life was turned upside down: “I wish someone would have told me that every — every aspect of my life would change… not only our family size, number of children, hopes and dreams, logistics of how things are done and that houses are not built for our family’s makeup,” Kate explained. “Boxes of cereal, rolls of paper towels, and boxes of snacks or recipes are never ever going to be big enough again for us!”

There is also another article from ABC News about the cost of raising Octuplets. You wonder how people can blast Kate for having her hand out when her kids are born. It is very much the norm now to have families with multiples opening their arms to anything the could get. Its very expensive to raise that many kids!

Rev. Craig Yoshihara Blasts The people at GWOP

If you live in Atlanta, GA, please please go to see Jon & Kate at the Roswell Methodist Church. A troll or two wrote to the church in the hopes that they would have something cool to post on a hate site like "yeah what I do really does make a difference". I don't know if they were trying to protest them coming or what. Anyway Rev. Yoshihara actually wrote back telling her not no e-mail him anymore! Not only that, but here are a few Gems that he wrote to her and she made sure the site posted:
"If you would actually like to speak to me about your concerns, please call. I implore you as a fellow Christian to withhold judgment unless you know them personally to be doing these things. Most of what you speak of is pure speculation, rumor, and gossip - all of which are not Biblical. Thank you for your concern."
Peace and Blessings,
Rev. Craig Yoshihara │ Associate Minister: INVITE │ Roswell UMC
770.261.1738 │ │ 814 Mimosa Blvd, Roswell, GA 30075

Holy Your Not Getting Anywhere With This Batman! It was so very happy to get this e-mail from a fan. I feel so bad that his e-mail had to be ripped apart on that horrific site. I will make sure to personally thank him for telling go take their anger & jealousy elsewhere!


dpc said...

I still cant find a site to watch new shows, I am so sad:( I really want to see last weeks episode.
Gosselins rock!!!!!

Baby Mama said...

I'm still trying to contact the person that runs to figure out why its only the older episodes that you are able to watch. Keep checking You Tube as someone told me you could watch it there.

They are always also repeating it though. Check my TV Guide Listing to the right of my page to keep checking when they will repeat it! I see that they are showing it again Saturday, the 31st at 8pm. Don't forget to tape it if you miss it!

BEE said...

Love the pic of Kate!

What a great email from Rev. Craig!! To bad he even had to write it! I won't waste my time reading what GWoP has to say about him.

dpc said...

Saturday the 31st at 8pm!!!! YES!!! I got it. Whoo hooo!!! I am so excited! Thanks babymama!!

BEE said...

BabyMama, what/where/when is this photo of Kate?

Shelly said...

Way to go Rev. Craig. What a great thing you did, by responding to the them and pointing out their own demons and to leave others alone.

The blogs went insane Tuesday over the house. Which I still think was not nearly as bad as people made it sound. Kate is just Kate, she does'nt have time to beat around the bush.

My Hubby and I are working in Cali. and have our RV parked in Long Beach, about 5 miles from were the Octs. were born. Talk about the press coverage. I am living this first hand and multiples are rare, and big news stories. So, everyone grumping about the Gosselins, need to get a clue, its not them begging for the attention, its the media that keeps these people in the spotlight. It is truly cool to come home everynight and here how they are doing ( As of today, they were doing remarkably well). If all 8 babies survive (lets pray for them), they will really be stars. OMG!!! The "Gossipers wishing of Polularity" need to get the new blog started. They have been in the news for 4 days.

Also, we will be going back to Louisiana next week, and passing through Austin, TX, were the Jones' gave birth to 5 on January 16th. By the way, on the retro blog, they are already bashing the Jones' for asking for help. They have a nice blog that gives day to day updates and pictures of the babies.

Baby Mama said...

Bee~I have recently gotten a ton of pics from people that have seen Kate on her book tour. This is one of them. Its not mine. I'm a city girl and still working on my husband to take me to the suburbs to see Kate when she is New York on Feb. 10th. Stay Tuned!

Lesley said...

Nice post Baby Mama. I love your blog! It has been super crazy since Mondays episode.

I was shocked at how callous and aggressively they email Rev. Craig. I am betting his head was spinning. Those who chose to do this only came off looking like raging lunatics, just not normal behavior.

Congratulations on the number of hits on the site. You are AWESOME!

Denise said...

One of the private anti-Kate sites on Cafe Mom posted a link to your site.
Their comments aren't too nice.

Lesley said...

forgot to click email notification, oops.

Baby Mama said...

Ohh Don't worry, the ones on Cafe Mom are probably the ones trolling my site. Tell them thank you for the hits and come back anytime.. ;)

The*GosselinGarb*Finder said...

Babymama! You keep at it, this blog is a wonderful resource for the fans of the show, you always have awesome pics too, this one of Kate is the BEST I have seen Look at all those books behind her!!!
I think that the Rev. Quote says it all, I share the exact same thoughts. I hope you get to go to the NY signing if it's possible :)

I watched the Access Hollywood mini ode to the Gosselins in past visits and her quote to them.

CBB said...

I noticed 'our' little blog was pretty crowded yesterday but I didn't think it was that many people - wow. Here's hoping that the haters don't bombard our chatting too much! as always thanks for the fun info.

LittleMisSushine said...

I hope you don't mind Baby Mama-
I have been giving out the link to your site to those who want
a pleasant place to post and read comments about Jon & Kate!!
I just did so the day before?
I recognize a couple of posters on here.
I have given the link to GDNNOP also
Congrats on the # of hits!!
I think you might be getting more posters as a few are disgusted on the the website I post on :(

Whatwhyhowwho said...


I'm not sure if they have Jon and Kate Plus 8, but if you try, they have full episodes of all kinds of shows, for free.


Baby Mama said...

Ohh- I don't know if you read my post the other day about But a person there said you can watch the full episodes on I TUNES! Who knew?

Lucia said...

Your blog is so awesome! I hate all the crap that's going around on the gosselins without pity site, and all those other stupid places. If you ask me, they're just seeking attention in all the wrong ways. I hate all those sites so much, and I appreciate everything this site does to support Jon and Kate in everything they do!! you guys rock! :)

cali-mom said...

YAY Babymama, I'm so happy for you, your blog has become a hit!! Woohoo!
Rev. Yoshihara, he could've said nothing and let it go, but he didnt. Good for him. His email was very respectful. God bless him.

Love the picture of Kate.

Keep up the great work Babymama, love your blog.

~duckie~ said...

Hey did you all hear that the woman that had the octuplets already had 4 older boys and 2 older girls and within that 6 was a set of twins.

Not only that but they also live in a two bedroom home with the mother's parents. WoW!!

Jon & Kate couldn't live in a 4 bedroom home with eight children.

Well, I guess that is what fame gets you, a show of your own and a larger house. Too bad this mother doesn't want to exploit her children for fame or TLC could give them their own show. She is trying her hardest to get the media to stop coming into her world.

But, you all know the world today everyone wants to know everyone and their business. Even when they didn't ask for it.


PS Baby Mama here is my email address:
hope you send the pictures of your house soon.

Lesley said...

Duckie, seriously! You are such a pot stirrer. So what that the women lives in a 2 bedroom dwelling. Are you suggesting that living like that is the only respectable way?

Fly away duckie.

CBB said...

bye bye duckie. fly over to gwop and have a great time complaining over there.

cali-mom said...

Duckie, I dont understand why you come here w/your negativity. This is a Fan blog. I dont think your much of a fan of J&K and the Gosselin family.

You need to find a new place to spew your mean'ness!! lol

~duckie~ said...

No what I am trying to point out is that the excuse that was used by J&K that their very small 4 bedroom home was not large enough for a family of ten. But, the thing is that others do with what they have even a person with 14 children has been able to survive living in a two bedroom home with her parents. At a rough guess is that there have been 10 people living in that home. They are now adding eight more.

Yes I know they aren't Jon and Kate but, please quit with the excuses. If you truly want to live in a larger house just say that, don't say you NEED it. As long as you have a roof over your head your NEEDS have been met. There are very large differences between Need and Want. Most people, including myself, Would love to live in a nicer larger place. But my Need for a home with four wall and a roof have been met. (Even though I live in a run down trailer.)

That is problem with a lot of people. They are always looking for the better thing, and not being satisfied with what they have. Even if what they have isn't the newest toy, be happy you have a toy.

The old saying was 'KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES' now it should say 'KEEPING UP WITH THE GOSSELINS'.


CBB said...

Duckie - I find you exhausting. It's not your place to say what other people "need"
If you don't like the fact that the Gosselins say they "need a new house" then by all means don't watch them go to their new house and don't seek out fans to complain about nauseam.

BEE said...


You make me laugh! I do kind of agree with you about the "Keeping up with the Gosselins" and only because I am guilty of it!

I understand your point and yet I don't totally agree with you. I don't think it is your place, nor mine, to say what is a "need" of the Gosselins. Yes, the basic "need" of shelter was met with their old house. However, to the Gosselins, a larger home with more space and privacy, might very well be a "need" in their eyes.

The sheer fact that people where approaching their old home and crossing some safety boundaries, is reason enough that the Gosselins "needed" a house that had the potential for appropriate security. Their old house did not.

Denise said...

You guys complain if a non-fan wants to post here but scream bloody murder if you are edited out at a non-fan site.

Double standard MUCH?

~duckie~ said...

Thank you for understanding that the things I say usually have a tone of humor to them. I love to make people laugh. Also, it is nice to hear a fan of J&K admit that they agree with me just a little. Most everyone wants to assume that I am just bashing and not actually read my comments. I really just like to discuss things. It is who I am. I too understand the need for security. But from what I understand they didn't give that as a reason to why they got a bigger home. Only that they Needed more room for growth.

I have not watched Jon and Kate since the Carolina episode. I have a very busy Monday night I tape 2&1/2 Men and watch Heroes. I only read the recaps here and at GWOP. I have been able to read between the lines at both sites, and get to what happened. Sorry you find me exhausting, maybe if your able to read my comments while you are on the treadmill you could burn more calories. lol ;). I try to do jumping jacks while I read all of the fans comments. :P

Aubrey said...


where can we find more of Rev. Craig's email?


momsquared said...

That's awesome - way to stand up for what is right Rev. Craig!

Shelly said...


Why do you keep this up? Who cares if the Gosselin's say they need a bigger house. Who cares if the lady in California lives with her parents. A fact that I would not want to get out. Because that is clearly an unsafe living condition. My husband and I are working in the area and I happen to know they have dwelling laws in this part of Cali. So, they are pretty brave to announce that.

Denise, I try and post the truth to some of the out landish iggnorance they post. But, when you back them in a corner, you are deleted. I don't see that as a double standard.

~duckie~ said...

I don't know I just like to "pot stir".
Also, I don't believe that the family of the octuplets put the info out about their living conditions, from what I have read the media keeps digging stuff up about them.

Thanks for the backup. That is the point that I have been trying to get across for awhile now.

cali-mom said...

Who is screaming bloody murder about being edited out at a non fan site? I never venture over there, thank you!

~duckie~ said...

Um, no one is screaming bloody murder about being edited out of a non-fan site. I myself was just making a comment on why I like to comment here b/c I don't get deleted and my comments go right thru, without them being looked at and then decided upon if they are worthy or not to appear. That is all I was saying.

Shelly said...

LOL! Nice answer cali-mom. HEHE.

If you read my previous post, you can see that I am close to those Octs. I see the news broadcast everynight about these babies. If they had not had a press release about the babies, no one would know. The mother allowed the press release and then wanted to stay anon., but, by that evening she was on TV in her wheelchair, talking to the media. So, I don't think the media is digging it up, it is out there and probably UNTRUE!

Denise, there is no comment for you this time. It's not worth the finger cramps to respond to you.

MoreCowbell said...

As of today, I'm officially on the fence in regards to Octuplet Mom. Especially in light of today's revelation. Yes, I wish those babies health and happiness, but I have some reservations about the situation surrounding their birth.

I think trying to keep her name out of the limelight has nothing to do with "not being like Kate," or whatever the advocates can come up with to make everything about bashing the Gosselins (because you know, that IS the primary reason for the "advocates" existance). While I hope these new babies survive, I can't help but wonder what doctor in his right mind would greenlight fertility treatments for a mother who already had six children? Unless this is a freak occurrence of nature, it is likely she took something. There has never been an instance of this many babies coming without medical intervention. THAT'S what she's hiding from. This news that she lives in a two bedroom home with her parents and six other children is the can of worms she didn't want opened, I'll bet. It doesn't have to do with not wishing to "exploit" her kids, it has to do with the press hounding her and her sense of privacy being gone. If she is indeed a single mom living with parents in a two bedroom home with (now) 14 children, I can bet the State of California is going to have to pay for a lot of it, and that's going to get messy for her. Not only is her privacy shot, but she will be questioned and bashed.

Poor woman probably spent her down time (while on bed rest waiting for the babies to come) surfing the Internet, Googling more famous families with high order multiples, seeing seeing how nasty people can be and thinking, "They'll crucify me." Yeah. Probably.

I think it's self-preservation more than anything. And if she runs into financial difficulty, I think TLC or Discovery Health danging money in front of her might be more tempting than she thought. It isn't greed, it's survival.

~duckie~ said...

Sorry if I don't have all of the info on the octuplets. I live in Ohio and mostly just go to cbs news for national news. And the article that I read on them today didn't have that much info. So, this really is all I can say on the subject until I read more.

I hope that TLC is able to give this woman a special and the money that goes with it. Why should J&K, the Duggar's, and the couple with Twins Twins and Sextuplets, be the only ones to make money off of their kids.

BTW I also have a problem with the couple who had the twins twins sextuplets special. I just can't believe all of the bathroom shots they let the camera get, especially the ones at the restaurant where dad had to help the little one who had the accident. Really who does that and who doesn't bring a change of clothes with that many children.

Also, I do have to say that J&K have better mannered children. Not much just a little bit. I mean really their dad is a cop you would think he wouldn't want the bathroom shots shown with all of the pervs out there.

MoreCowbell said...

You guys complain if a non-fan wants to post here but scream bloody murder if you are edited out at a non-fan site.

Double standard MUCH?

Big Difference, MUCH.

THIS site is a "Jon and Kate + 8" FAN SITE. Baby Mama makes that perfectly clear with no apologies. It's her site, created for the enjoyment of other Gosselin fans to read and discuss. She said it, and makes that fact crystal clear. Boom. There is is. Trolls need not bother.

GWoP, on the other hand, pretends to be a neutral site. They have a mission statement claiming to be "advocates for the children" and claim that all are welcome, when in reality, they're not. If they want to NOT be called out about their methods, then own up to their real mission. It's a HATE SITE, created for those people who HATE the Gosselins (Kate especially), and only like-minded fans who also hate the family, are tolerated. Period. Don't pretend to be something you're not, and no one will have any right to complain when their posts are removed.

Oh, and another thing, any site that would promote the harassment of a church elder over a stinkin' TV SHOW, can quite simply bite the big one. The do not deserve my respect or benefit of the doubt, whatsoever.

~duckie~ said...


Just had to get that off my chest. lol

Jenmarie said...

Incredible news! Have you ever thought of turning this place into an actual fansite?

Baby Mama said...

With my child's book report due tomorrow I may not be able to post tonight. So I will just put this here:

Aubrey~ I don't know if a woman can be the definition of a "creep" but she got a hold of this Reverend's personal e-mail address and flooded it with horrible hate mail. I don't know if it was because it was an actual person that responded to her, since I was told that she tried to e-mail a few corporations to no avail. After she harassed him he wrote back again with the following message. I was devastated to read that she went onto MY site to get all the church info. That's why I was happy to hear his response to her. I'm telling you I LOVE this man!:

"Allissa said...

I e-mailed all of the churces listed on the "pro KON" site, to ask them to think about having KON speak. Off hand, I am not sure which church this was(I don't remember the name) Guess this is a church of sheeple. He doesn't want to hear from me again??? Ha, we'll see. Unbelievable!"


I think you are unreasonable and obviously with too much time on your hands. Why are you so obsessed with people you don't even know? Of course child exploitation is never alright. Not with me and not with this church. But I'm sure you know that. If you'd like to talk to me personally instead of hiding behind an email, please feel free to call or make an appointment instead of taking the coward's way out. If you feel that strongly about this issue, then why aren't you having them arrested? You certainly feel you have the grounds to. Also, I said most of the "criticism" is unfounded. Not the information. From our research, all of the information is unfounded or misrepresented. Sad and very scary that there are people who care so much about this one family on television and not about the millions of children suffering from abuse all over the world.


I wish, and I really mean WISH, that more sponsors that love this family and the show will speak up like he did. They apparently slammed him in GWOP as well, saying he's new, young, whatever. The worst part is that GWOPers are telling the horrible trolls to keep harassing him! But this mans comments speaks VOLUMES and I could only WISH for more! AWESOME!!!

Jenmarie~ this IS an actual fansite! To me anyway!!!

Denise said...

Craig Yoshihara's email address was listed as the point of contact for the Gosselin's appearance at Roswell UMC.Not exactly a secret.

The church has removed the big banner advertising J&K from their site.

Baby Mama said...

The Banner was removed because of the harassing from GWOP trolls that were constantly egging haters on to contact him. The info is still available and under the section "Whats Hot". I am currently contacting the church to get the banner back up and REMOVING his personal info from the page.

MoreCowbell said...

I would absolutely love me some Rev. Craig if he complained to "Allissa's" internet service provider and forwarded her bat shit crazy rantings to them so that her Internet access was pulled. Can he complain to Blogger that they are encouraging and promoting cyberbullying and internet harassment from the GWoP site?

The concern about these Lori Drew wannabes is that when they are THIS obsessed and delusional, they lack the self-awareness necessary to realize when they've gone too far and cross the line. Here's hoping that charges can be pressed against her when she does.

And they wonder why a BODYGUARD now accompanies Kate on book signings. Good god, get a clue.

Jenmarie said...

It is very much like a fansite, I completely agree. The hits and support this place has is incredible. I just meant that there are so many other things the webmiss would be able to do with this place if it was a fansite. =)

Shelly said...

I agree, there needs to be charges pressed against this women. They have made so many laws for internet safety, there has to be a way to get "Allissa" off.

Duckie, how much ice and snow did you get? My sister lives in Kentucky and they are saying 8 weeks for power.

Baby Mama, you rock!!!!

Cindy said...

Whose blog is this anyway? Is it Kate's? I am confused. I hate the HATE sites. I am a Kate fan, she is SUPER MOM.......yeah, she has hired help, OH NO! Yeah, she leaves her children, OH NO! It is healthy that she gets away, and it is great the Gosselins have committed to actually raising their kids, so one is home with them at all times. GO JON AND KATE!!!

If you frequent the GWOP sites and all the others, you need to take a good hard look at your motives for doing so. Why do you need that negativity in your life? Or are you doubting your ability to make a judgment call all on your own? If you love the show, then love the show, don't look for validation.

I am a nurse, I see plenty of parents that have 2 kids and can't care for them, keep their house clean, or commit to making their kids #1 in their lives. I am willing to bet most of them frequent those hate sites.

I came from a family of 8 kids. OUr home was filthy, we weren't fed or clothed, and education was the last of my parent's priorities. If it came to making sure there was beer in the fridge, then there was a full on effort to get that accomplished.

Cindy said...

I guess I should clarify that i am a nurse due to hard work and a good employer that paid for my education so they could reap the benefits of helping me get educated. They also had a totally devoted nurse for 7 long years.

I appreciate that this site is here to clear the air and get a voice of reason on the web in support of 2 people that totally opened up their lives for our viewing pleasure.

GO JON AND KATE, and Matt and Amy Roloff, my other favorite show!!!

Otherwise I hate reality shows! HAHA

Lesley said...


I feel for you about the weather. Stay safe and warm! :)

Have you read the article about the octuplets living arrangements ?

Here is a snippet-

Within hours, media had camped out at the family's home in Whittier, where the babies' grandfather pulled up in a minivan in the evening and briefly spoke to The Associated Press. Beside him were two children — a 7-year-old and 6-year-old — who said they were excited to have eight new siblings.

But the grandfather warned that media may have a tougher time finding the family after the babies are released from the hospital.

"We have a huge house, not here," said the man, who would only identify himself as Ed. "You are never going to know where it is."

So, the theory of that if they can live in a small house, so could anyone (Gosselins).

Its a mighty slippery slope when ANYONE feels entitled *there's that word again* to say or judge what is truly needed by others. And when I say anyone, I am pointing out all of us in one way or another.

Denise said...

Kate and the kid were on Access Hollywood and CBS Early Show.

The tups have really grown.

~duckie~ said...

We got 2" Monday night into Tuesday morning, then got 2" more Tuesday night into Wednesday morning that also gave us 1/2" ice and 1" on top of that. No one went anywhere Wednesday. The schools around here haven't been to school since Tuesday. Then we have had 2-3" on top of that between Thursday and Today. Now I hear we might be getting another snowfall that could be blizzard like. GRRR!!

But, I do have electric and my thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Kentucky, I can't believe they are screwed like that. My mom was like they probably get charge out the arse on their electric bill as is.

dpc said...

Wow! I watched both clips and Kate was a bit harsh and looked annoyed. I'm sure shes going to get some slack on the way she treated Alexis, that was terrible.
I'm sure she regrets it.

BEE said...

I actually liked the clips. I thought that Kate was her "real" self as usual. I also thought that she gave some good advice about making everyday moments, like changing a diaper or wiping hands, a time to connect with their children.

I don't think she was harsh to Alexis. Alexis was acting out, screaming, not keeping her hands to herself etc. I have done the same thing to my kids. And I had to laugh out loud when Kate gave Alexis the "evil eyes"! What mom hasn't done that!! Kate certainly got the kids attention because they all got quiet and started to behave.

I know how hard it is to have 2 children and have them act appropriately. I can't imagine having 8 kids and having to deal with 8 times the noise and bad behavior!! I think that Kate does pretty good and keeping them in line!

Lesley said...

Re: the CBS interview, I don't think Kate has to be embarrassed about anything other than that she had to stop and deal with her child being difficult.

I watched the whole video and Alexis was hitting & shoving her brothers the whole time. *normal sib behavior IMO* Even after she was reprimanded she continued.

Sometime its better to correct a bad behavior at the time rather than after the fact.

I call B.S. on any mom who states that they haven't done the exact same at one time or another.

And you know, Mady is just a little turd *term of endearment in our house* sometimes. She is young & still learning and is testing the waters. Every child is different, and that's okay with me. I appreciated it in my children.

I love Miss Mady, she reminds me of my oldest. Mine is a turd on a regular basis, and she is double Mady's age.

dpc said...

I love Kate, but its a bit hyprocritical to handle Alexis like that as she is telling her to keep her hands to know what I mean?

By the way, my oldest is 7 and acts like Mady also and I just take a deep breath and go on. I do the same "evil eyes" to my girls too.

Amber said...

Baby mama i contacted one of the Churchs about an event i seen posted on your page "March 9th: Kent Island United Methodist Church Chester, MD (Jon & Kate)"

they said that event was LAST year and they have been getting tons on calls and hate mail about it. Just wanted to give you a heads up.....

alexis said...

hey there is the new episode of the new house on youtube and i u live in america or canada you can watch full episode on tlc site

3KMOM said...

When I watched these two clips I had to post. #1 that was totally inappropriate for the cbs correspondant to ask the kids if she was a good mom. It was a TOTAL set up question! She was looking for a headline answer and its more fodder for the haters. #2. She was not to harsh w/ Alexis, you can't always say things in a sweet loving voice w/ a smile, discipline is discipline and she didn't it right then and there. #3 I really did not like the access interview b/c they capitalized on Maddy's bad attitude and the booming music and zoom in when Maddy said Alexis needing a spanking. Just total set ups in the way both interviews were conducted in my opinion.

Whatwhyhowwho said...

I just watched the two clips. The Access Hollywood one wasn't as bad as I have 'heard' it was. I read on another board that Mady was SO AWFUL and it's proof now that Kate spanks her kids because of what Mady said. lol When one of my kids is acting out, the other will say something like, 'put him/her in time-out'. That's normal behaivor. I'll just say that I think Kate is a VERY patient Mother. lol

MaryMac said...

Denise!! Thanks for the clips. I watched them both and I gotta say .....I was THRILLED to see Kate disciple Alexis! I see nothing wrong with it at all. My kids got the evil eye and an arm squeeze or two for sure.
My daughter used to say when she was just very little like age 4,5,6...,"Little kids don't have good memories so Moms have to do stuff to make sure we remember."

Breedings said...

Just wanted everyone to see this. I am a huge fan of the show but this interview kind of bugged me. What do you guys think?

BEE said...

3KMOM, I do have to agree with you regarding the Access interview. I didn't like how they focused on Mady. However, the Gosselins have always claimed to be showing us the "real" them, and that was certainly the "real" them during the interview.

MaryMac, that is to funny what your little girl use to say! I bet my son thinks the same thing...poor sweeties!! :)

Shelly said...

Well I just watched the clips from Denise. Number one, I think this was a total set up. I feel like they were looking to make Kate seem bad and unable to control her kids. I have given my kiddos the mean eyes several times. I can not believe, they aired Mady saying "stop acting like my boss. I think Kate handled that very very well. I am not sure what I would have done. But, my blood was boiling when I seen it. So, I can only imagine what my reaction would have been.

The CBS interview, Mady says I still like Daddy better. What the heck! That little girl must have been having a bad day. But, she is just a kid.

As for Kate, that right there should prove to people that she is a good mom. My kids used to think I was an old hag. But, now they come running to Mama for everything and they are 18,23,and 25. Kate is on the right path.

Shelly said...

Baby Mama,

Did you have to block the site because of trolls? Its a shame they can't leave us alone so we can have a happy blog.

Keep up the good work. I think its fabulous.

Baby Mama said...

Thanks everyone for the heads up about Kate & the whole Mady fiasco. Kate truly has the patience of a saint in my book! I am doing a now post as we speak to discuss this.

Amber, I checked the Kent Island Website as well as contacted them in regards to the event. I see its been pulled so maybe this was a mistake that unfortunately took THIS LONG to fix. I don't understand how this event could have been last year and I made the mistake but I am removing it right now until this is figured out. Thanks for the heads up and I will keep everyone posted.

Quiltart said...

Baby Mama,
Thanks for sharing Rev. Craig's message with us. How sad that those who claim to be "advocating" for the children will do anything they can to destroy the careers of the same children's parents! I cannot imaging having so much hate in my heart...especially for people I do not even know!

Thanks for continuing to bring us positive news. In a sea of unfounded internet rumors and inuendo about Jon and Kate + 8, your blog is a breath of fresh air! Keep up the good work!

Christine said...

I like coming over here every now and then to check out your site but your ratings info on Jon and Kate are not correct. They aren't even in the top 10 on Monday nights and they are no way even close to being the #1 Cable Show on Monday Nights (I think Hannity is #1). WWE brings in over 5 million more viewers than J&K on USA at 9pm in their time slot on Monday nights. I know it looks good bolded and all on your blog but really, it doesn't look good to be presenting such unrealistic statements.

Christine said...

BabyMama - here is a link/list from last week's ratings:,1002,272%7C%7C%7Ccable,00.html

In the timeslot of Monday nights @9pm, WWE is #14. J&K aren't even in the top 10.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I wasn't sure where to leave this information. I have tickets to see the Gosselins on March 20th in Georgia. I just received an email yesterday stating that Jon will not be able to attend. I just wanted you to know so you could update your speaking engagements section.

Baby Mama said...

Christine~thanks so much for the update for March 20th! I hear tickets sold out pretty quick glad to hear that you got yours! Apparently Jon will be staying home with the kids but it should still be great with Kate! Please e-mail me when you get back with a re-cap and any pics you may have. I would definitely post it on the site. Thanks!