Monday, January 12, 2009

The REAL Jon Gosselin, Scary AuntyK.K., No Smiles For Trolls?

Hello Gosselin Fans! I know, I know. Lately I seem to always be a day late and a dollar short. But getting into my computer today with all my Ad-aware and Anti Virus protection was like Ryan Seacrest trying to talk to Brad & Angelina at the Golden Globes! I had to watch the late night re-peat of ALL Smiles tonight. So of course I have to hear what the trolls are saying about the show...A person named AuntyK.K. has become the head snarker and apparently loves to spew about the family on both Cafe Mom, and GWOP. She feels that talking about Kate's own Children in front of Hannah was "Unchristian-like". Being a Christian myself this woman offends me on so many levels, It boggles the mind how someone could feel that they can say all the nasty things she does and accuse Kate of Being un-Christian..I find her comments beyond repulsive and incredibly sad. Nothing is more hurtful than someone accusing you of not loving your children just to be mean and bitter... Yay! I love when I get frustration off my chest in a non-violent manner..On With the Show!

All Smiles :)
As the HUGE Kate Gosselin fan that I am, I will be honest and say that I thought this episode would be a total snooze fest. I loved it! Let me start by saying yesterday my tooth cracked and I was petrified to go to the dentist. I am now going tomorrow and dealing with the root canal & the needles. I need to remind myself be strong like Alexis & Mady! That the anxiety is mostly in your head. I loved the dentists they went to! 8 chairs, flavored gloves, & stickers is how you have to put your mindset even though we all know most of our dentists dont have all that cool stuff! I am now ready to tackle tomorrows nail biting hurdle thanks to this episode!

I was super proud of Mady tonight. I know she does not know what shes in for, as I had to have 4 teeth removed and spent 2 years in braces. I know how Kate felt and I'm glad that they are doing this now so they don't have to be 13 and dealing with it. I was also glad Kate went alone with the girls to talk to them and make them feel comfortable about going. Mady looked like she was ready to tackle the issue and her teeth will be beautiful in the future. With my daughter at this exact age going through the exact same issues, I look forward to my daughter watching this and making her feel better about not dealing with an awful retainer for a few months for years of a beautiful smile. The kids as usual are super cute. I knew that seeing Hannah on Kate's lap would be at lead 100 posts of favoritism but seriously, what do the snarkers have to grips about anymore? I watch these with a critical aye and immediately know what they will talk about......

1. Hannah favoritism.....not 2. Going back to the family dentist that they probably do for free I HOPE! 3. Dentist again..uhh year its been 6 months aren't they supposed to??

Did I get it right. I bet you I did! While this wasn't the most exciting for me as I prefer the fun trips stuff, those that were again looking for the everyday episodes should be happy......

Jon Gosselin In His Own Words......More Word On The Street

Well I guess Kate left Utah early, because she did a speaking engagement this past weekend in Utica, where the fans once again got to ask Kate questions and meet her in person. 600 fans showed up to the First Assembly of God to hear her speak and it was a huge success. She is really starting to thrive doing this public speaking and its so cool to hear such positive reactions. I would also like to add that she is dressing quite sharp lately. I see my favorite pumpkin patch episode and I want to cringe when I see that sweatshirt shes wearing! Jon on the other hard, stayed in UTAH and gave his own series of interviews! You go Jon! Channel 2 News "Fresh Air" (lol) let us in on what he said:

"Shauna: So what do you say to people who criticized the show and you guys because you are exploiting your kids a little bit and using that for monetary gain and it was interesting at first when they were all babies and maybe now it isn't, or.."

"Jon: it's not exploiting because they aren't working. like we go to the park, well we go to the park anyway. you know. so if they are going to film it, why not. and all the money just goes to them anyway. Everything is for our kids, and it always has been, i don't care what people say."

Please read the entire article, its soo good! Pray for me at the dentist folks, for I am just like Alexis inside Circa 2007, and I NEED MY BLANKIE!!!! Is anyone going to sing to me??


Theresa said...

Good morning Baby Mama!

I enjoyed this episode, too. I think it was very informative for those who may be experiencing braces soon. I know there is a lot of controversary regarding the J&K +8 show (re trolls!),but a lot of kids and parents watch it and I think they identify with Mady and Cara. With Mady acting so brave and embracing her orthodontica future, it allows for other kids to see that and think it's cool (and they'll feel less pressure).

Loved when the tups went to the dentist. They are all so adorable and it's so neat to see how they are growing. They are truly equipped to handle the cameras, despite all the outcry. I see an incredible strength in them and the twins that they have learned from their parents.

I popped over to the land of the trolls and noticed how nasty Aunty K.K. is and the others. I find it very un-credible of how they are talking about the Gosselins and Christianity. All of those posters have no right to question anybody's religious beliefs or challenge them. I can't beleieve that a hate blog actually is talking about what a good Christian should be. Boggles my mind.

I am glad to see Kate dressing snappier too. I think she's a cool mom and I think that's one of the many reasons the trolls area always attacking her. I know it's been said before, but they are jealous. There are women who work well with other women and they celebrate their coworkers' or other women's successes and there are those who attack because they are jealous. They wish they had the confidence of Kate.

Good luck at the dentist!

~duckie~ said...

Baby Mama,
I do not envy you about going to the dentist. My teeth hurt just thinking about it. My mom has always been the one who, get this, falls asleep in the chair!! She doesn't even have to take something to do it. My older brother on the other hand as to be knocked out with gas or whatever or he will completely flip out as soon as the dentist starts. Such opposites. My younger brothers girlfriend had to have root canal done a couple of weeks ago. She was scared before she went but was loving the pain killers after. LOL!


cali-mom said...

I too liked the episode, it really made me feel more aware of my kids teeth. I mean we go to the dentist yearly, but its time for my older 2 to see the orthodontist argh!
I also enjoyed reading the article about Jon, it was a nice and diff. read than most articles.
I love Kate & I agree Kate has been dressing very nice, I like her outfits, and I love that Yellow coat. But please cut the front of your hair :)

MoreCowbell said...

I must have missed the part in Sunday church services that says:

Thou must hangeth out on a Hate Site and make nasty, rude, bitter commentary about a woman we don't know, because we secretly covet all the freebies she's getting. Oh. Wait. There's a Commandment about coveting thy neighbor's stuff, isn't there? Damn.

Thou must lie and hideth behind the cloak of "advocacy" to justify our hypocritical beliefs. Wait...there is a Commandment about lying, too. Oh crap.

Thou must stalk, harass, Google and bombard sites that treat the Gosselin's favorably. HAH! No Commandment about THAT, is there?

Thou must accuse Kate of being un-Christian and hope that a lightning bolt doesn't strike my keyboard while I type rude, nasty things about her.

Thou must get a new wardrobe because all the pots and black kettles we're wearing are beginning to chafe.

BEE said...

BabyMama, hope your visit to the dentist goes well today!! Good luck!

I liked this episode. I had a feeling that once summer was over and the kids went to school that we would see more of the everyday episodes again, which happen to be my favorite!

One thing that came to mind while watching the show last night was, does Jon or Kate ever take the kids out alone? We saw Kate take all 6 kids to the dentist last night and it seemed like Jon or Jenny were not there to help out. Yes, she does have a camera crew and producers there with her but I believe it was the first episode where they showed her out and about with all 6. Wonder if that ever happens without the crew?

Also, has anyone else wondered where Jenny has been? She could very well still be around and that we just haven't seen her due to editing or camera angels. But I don't think we have seen her since Hawaii?

Just thoughts.

cali-mom said...

Bee, I was thinking the same thing about Jenny last night too.

Paula said...

Bee.. I think i heard that Jenny finished school and was out of state doing work on her Master's. Can't remember were I saw that!

Paula said...

Morecowbell, They may not be breaking a commandment per say but envy, and pride are one of the 7 deadly sins. LOL

Carol said...

MoreCowbell, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are too damn witty for words. :)

(I've noticed only un-Christian people call their actions "Christian"; true Christians [who may even be atheists] just act, they don't preach to or judge others.)

Shelly said...

More CowBell,
You are so funny. Everytime you post, I can not wait to read it.

Wasn't Jenny on the Memphis episode? I don't think they showed much of her, but I really thought she was there.

Kelly said...

your site is wonderful! I love it. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I cringed when I saw I had a new comment because I never know if it's going to be a nice one or not but thankfully it was a nice one :)
Were you at her speaking engagement in Utica too?