Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From Rants To Thoughts, Where Did All The Blogs Go, What I love about Mady

Straight from THIS horses Mouth!

First off, thank you so much to all of you that have given me suggestions and thought on what would make a great blog. I only started July 31st and have almost blogged daily. I was shocked to hear that Gosselins Without Pity would stoop so low to post a horse on their site with some nasty comments on it, then actually post people saying how disrespectful and distasteful it was. I thought their mission was to cover up how the fans actually felt. This made them look horrible and put a bit of a dent in the armor of that site as far as a few people were concerned. I started to get excited. So much so that from now on, my rants will now be my "thoughts", my hate will be kept to a minimum. Hopefully it will convince some to take a glance over here instead. But I will continue to tell you any lies they post that are relevant. A softer, and someday perhaps "wiser" fan blog.

Speaking of Blogs, where did they all go? We all know where Television Without Pity's Jon & Kate Blog went. They started fresh for the second time at the beginning of May with a strict warning. It had gotten so bad with the terrible comments that the blog lasted only a month. And there spawned GWOP. But my favorite Jon & Kate Blog site "Fans Of Reality TV" started in March and lasted all the way to this past July. It was able to keep itself fairly even with the fans vs. non fans, and kept it as civil as it could. When TWP closed and everyone piled there, things got real bad, and 208 pages later the fighting back and forth bought out the worst in people and it closed as well. I was truly disappointed where there wasn't a place to have a healthy fun discussion of the show whether you agreed with something or not. GWOP doesn't let anything that isnt nasty on their site, My space is for fan pages, IMDB is a mess, and Facebook is pretty much the only page left for fun discussion. Thank goodness that one has an administration to keep it under control. So my hope is that someday, they would allow the blogs to open up again, just so see if it could be a great place to discuss the show. Please give us one more chance to try..

My Mady Fan Page

Sweet adorable Mady. You are the most wonderful child and probably the most misunderstood. It is important that I dedicate this part of my blog to you and hope that you will never have to see any negative thing that is written about you by anyone that doesn't know you.

1. You are incredibly smart for your age!
2. You are super sweet when you hold your brother's hands.
3. You are EXACTLY how I was at your age!
4. It is a great thing to be opinionated. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. It is much better to have strong opinions than to have none at all.
5. You are super funny and great in front and behind the camera. I loved when you "played production" for the day and asked those great questions.
6. You are passionate and I understand when you get fustrated. So do your parents.
7. We love to watch you every week. You are truly "spirited".
8. I loved watching you cheer your siblings on when they were potty training!
9. We love when you ham it up for the cameras and show the real you.
10. You might not know it but you are the luckiest girl to have such a great family!

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SuzanneDeAZ said...

"Without Pity getting a ridiculous amount of hits on their site. Now one of those people were me. After trying to get a post up a whopping 9 times it was my 10th and final time when I pretended to be one of the hate followers that it got printed. Apparently that group posts on what they called "approved material". So only if you are a hater of the show, is when you get something posted. There are alot of serious sickos on that site. They have an axe to grind, a vendetta if you will. Just to get the show off the air because THEY feel its in the best interest for children they do not know, nor honestly care about. Its Kate they want to vilify. In their own sick minds if they can make it appear that THEY were the ones to get the show pulled from the air, they could feel vindicated."

I totally relate to you. I went on the Duggar's site a few years back on TVWOP and was shocked how nasty many of the comments were. Some of the comments were not even true. So I tried to defend them and I got kicked out. They shut me down. I did not understand how they only wanted "nark" but then I was told that is the purpose of that board. So now I just read and then try to find other boards in which I can defend them. That is why I have google send me alerts when something of the Duggars is written.