Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thank you GWOP for giving me so much to talk about! Plus Jon & Kates Wedding Renewal Photos!

I will probably update this more tonight, but while the baby is asleep for her nap and I SHOULD be cleaning, I went on the computer instead. And there is the usual "I cant believe GWOP posted THIS on their site. Its basically telling those with absolutely no life to please spend hours writing to the companies that have commercials during Jon & Kate Plus 8. Please keep in mind people that they probably dont do any of this themselves but hope you do. Why?? Unless YOU yourself had a bad expierence at Red Robin or your child had an attack with Johnson & Johnson products, would you write to them? Please people, if you plan or writing to these people saying your banning using their products because they show commercials on Jon & Kate, you also shouldn't be watching the show..ugh there are those people on that site where I truly question their sanity.

Now onto the good stuff. Someone on the blogs for the NY Post (yay! my peeps!- Jon (lol))Pop Wrap show us their first images of the most adorable Jon & Kate Wedding/renewal ceremony. The photo is above, the link is HERE. unfortunately this comes courtesy of one of the readers of GWOP, so basically all the comments below the incredibly adorable article is seething in anger and hate, so basically its a nice Serena & Co. sandwich. I was so happy to see not only did the NY Post do a super sweet blog, but it appears to be the first I have seen thus far of my most anticipated episode. I will add more to this article later, baby is hungry!!

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