Friday, August 1, 2008

Daily Rant and Love Offering Thoughts

I thought I would keep each blog I write with the same for some consistency: Rant to make myself feel better, answer a question to make others feel better, and make an effort to say something nice about the Gosselins to perhaps make them feel better.

Today's Daily Rant: Rough Night

The baby didn't sleep again. It was 6 months before she did, and I spent my life in a coma. Now at 8 months she is for some reason back waking up in the middle of the night to be changed & fed. And with the looming "going back to work" issue almost at hand, I am scared. After 3 months maternity leave I was approved for a 6 month unpaid extension. How the heck am I going to be able to go back to work and function? To tie this in with Kate Gosselin, this is one of the many reasons I admire her. Regardless of the nurses and nannies she had helping her with her babies, nothing compares to a mothers touch. So imagine trying to love & coddle each baby while still giving attention to twins? I could only imagine. It makes me feel guilty that I'm freaking out the way I do. But I can totally relate. Just because you have an older second child doesn't mean that they don't need as much of your love, energy and attention as your giving the younger.
So basically, when you want to judge her because she is not like you and doesn't have your personality or doesn't handle her kids the way you do, try to think about how hard it is to split mothers love 8 ways. Splitting it in half for me is the hardest thing I am going through right now along with the possibility my children may have to go to daycare. I yelled at my oldest the other day and felt the guilt for days.


When starting this blog its hard to find out what you wish to discuss first. There are so many topics that are ripped apart on the Gosselin's hate blog. I thought open discussion on this on this topic might be a fair place to start. I would like to state the the next paragraph was not written by me, but another blogger who too was fed up with people ragging on the "Love Offerings".

"A quick note about the negative comments toward "love offerings" received at churches. I for one am glad to see that they are paid through "love offerings" as that means that they are not charging a $5000-$10000 speaking fee as many speakers do (even in Christian circles--but certainly not limited to them). With the popularity of their show, many churches and women's organizations would be willing to charge tickets and pay a high price for some time with them. But, instead they choose to take a "whatever you put in the plate is fine" approach and leave the rest up to the individual and God.

As far as the, "This is cash and so it's TAX FREE" comment...first, there is no way to actually know that without accessing their taxes. Also, when churches give any guest speaker over a $600 payment (from a love offering or direct payment for services), the church is responsible to report it to the IRS. If it is less, the individual is responsible to make payment. For all we know (which is limited to a few sound bites a week) they have a tax account set up for just such events, AND while most love offerings taken are a combination of cash and checks, most churches and ministries collect that money and give the individual one specific check for tracking and convenience purposes (not a bucket of the pennies, dollars, 20's and checks that come in the plate).

All this to say, we're not there. We don't know what is happening or not happening. They may have chosen multiples (is that so bad?) and they chose to continue with the pregnancy at great risk rather than to abort. I applaud her courage and appreciate the fact that they show us the not-so-pretty side of their lives just as much as the sun-shiny days.

The Greek philosopher's used to say, "Well begun is half done," and I think they are giving those kids a pretty good start. Invading privacy, perhaps. But seeing the episode where the kids run up to hug a cameraman who had been gone for awhile...let's just say I think there is alot of love in that house--and not just from the parents.

Blessings to you all--and to the family!"

Ahh back to me.. very nicely said. Now that the comments on the offerings came to a fever pitch, the PR firm that now represents the Gosselins has opted for a flat speaking fee. Rumors have spread to up $25,00 if you believe it. They also get airfare & accommodations where they are going. So lets see, its dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. At first, they were paid minimally if not at all. The Gosselins only asked for what you would like to give, if nothing at all. There were times that they wouldn't make anything, and it cost alot to travel to these engagements. So they asked for "offerings" to give people the option of giving what they wanted. Since they were getting alot they decided to sell their photos for $20 each. I thought personally that was a great idea, as it was so nice of them to not asked for anything and it would up costing them alot so they had to make money "somehow". People however thought they were being greedy. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The initial idea was wonderful and due to jealousy with people and their non-understanding of the situation it got axed. Hate blogs kept saying they were being deceived because they thought the Gosselins were taking their money (meanwhile how many people actually went to these speaking engagements and should even comment?) and pretending to be poor. That's simply not true. They were entitled just like every speaker to be paid. They let you decide on what to pay them. Now they are paid a flat rate and people still aren't happy. Why? Because now they are paid even more! Plus airfare and accommodations. What those blog haters didn't realize was if they had kept their mouths shut and not made such an issue that things would never have changed and they wouldn't be getting what they do now. So now I say, Kate! Get that money girl!! You totally deserve it. Keep ignoring those that envy you and concentrate on saving for your future away from the cameras with your adorable children. So maybe now that the situation has changed and enough people have griped about it , likes its any ones concern really, we can move on. For the record, I would love to go to that's Women's Convention in PA. Someones gotta tell me how that goes....

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