Sunday, August 24, 2008

GWOP "Love Offerings" Again..And Interesting Book Tidbits

Getting out tonight for "date night" has been weeks in the making. I honestly forgot how long its been since Ive gone to the movies. To get my parents here who live far to take care of the kids always becomes a chaotic thing. Blah blah "why is the house a mess" (it wasn't) "why isn't there healthier food for the kids here" (they're wasn't) "why didn't you bathe them before I came" (I couldn't). I get a serious headache when they come, my mom I mean. (My dad just watches Sci Fi.) Does anyone else sacrifice sanity in order to go out once in a while? (FYI My husband made me go see "Tropic Thunder" and it was so funny I almost died. Must see, who knew?)

So it makes me sad to think that people like Jon & Kate must have quite a difficult time getting out by themselves with all those kids. I can totally understand them taking advantage of alone time when they can. Ugh it makes my stomach hurt thinking of what else those sickos from GWOP were going to come up with today after getting the "Golden Egg" to speak on their behalf (sort-of, see last nights post). Sadly, it was more blah blah about the whole Speaking Engagement thing. Please people, they are hot now, they are rolling with it. Speaking fees are quite common and much more ethical than "love offerings" in these circumstances. Their upcoming book that is currently #11 on pre-order list is also a better way to benefit from their situation than more TV episodes. Check Out This Quote. FYI, this must have slipped though the "hate cracks":

"In regards to the "love offerings". Typically when a church has a speaker come in there is a "love offering" so this is not something that the Gosselins came up with. Different churches might call this offering something different but the purpose is often for the same help the church cover the cost of the event. I attended a speaking engagement of J&K's back in February. A "love offering" was taken and we were told that it would pay for whatever cost the church had associated with bringing Jon and Kate to speak. Any money that was left over would be given to the Gosselins. Jon and Kate do not give a tale of having financial problems. They do talk of the initial difficulties they had, including financial ones, and how they have been extremely blessed and how grateful they are. Their message is not misleading at all."

OMG that Serna didnt pull that one. Funny how even with all the hoopla in Cyber World over "Jodigate" (I said it first!!) J&K +8 is TLC's #1 show and has 2.5 million viewers per episode. And the advertiser's wait list to be in the first 15 minutes airtime is about 100 deep so someone says. So nope, this family isn't going nowhere anytime soon. Also interesting was this tidbit from a woman who buys books for stores that also posted some hopefully correct publicity for the Multiple Blessings book:
Good Morning America
Fox & Friends
Kate will be "Mom of the Month" for October on a popular parenting website
Good Housekeeping mag - book excerpt in Nov issue

Also I was sent what appears to be someones view of reading the book who was able to get an advance:

"I am reading the advance now, and boy it definitely is all in Kate's voice. Mainly about life pre-tups with Cara and Maddy, the birth and delivery of the tups, and life when the tups were newborn and home. Kate shows her true drill-sergeant self in this book, repeatedly. Wow. Ordering the hospital around on her bed rest there, super-anal about the schedule when she got home with the babies.

She does paint a good picture of how stressful it really was for them especially when they were all home. I can completely empathize with her and Jon's position then - especially as this is them BEFORE all the TV show madness. As anal as she comes across, they are grateful for all the help and support they got. It doesn't seem it on the show now, but at the time, they absolutely needed it. She mentions a lot of her helpers by name and thanks them all."

So for those who have asked me to talk about the people in Kate's life, you might want to read the book to get a better picture of who they are since they are mentioned, along with Kate's "Best Friend" Beth. Pre-order is HERE at


LauraH said...

Great Blog... Please come by my page and leave a comment and post your link on there. More people should be reading it... Do you ever post it on bulletins. You are a great writer and I learn something every time I read your blog.. Thanks for keeping me up to date on what is going on. :^D

I totally related to your mom story.. Don't get me started.... Do you watch Tori and Dean... She definitley has Mom issues too.. it's too bad we can't pick our parents. lol

My husband go out to the movies 2 or 3 times a month now... of course we couldn't do that when our kids were younguns.. but they are grown and have been out of the house for the last 5 years...
Yee Haw !!!!! we survived raising kids. hee hee

Anyway, we saw the movie Tropic Thunder and I give it 3 stars... Very corny, but the acting was great and I didn't even realize Tom Cruise was in the movie til half way through it... what a great makeup job...

Ok, gotta run, but you are doing a great job... keep it up...

Hugs, Laura

Marmie said...

I love the maturity of the multiple times post comment of J&K SUCK . I can see them sitting and pouting as they slam down on the floor as a child would do. See this is what first opend my eyes to the haters. I have always said its a family argument and should be left as such. AND that there are always hurts and wrongs on both sides of any such argument. I dont think KATE is an angel shes just human. She says in one of her videos she isnt any ofthe perfect parents. Im glad becuase IM not either. !!!!!! So leave that comment up to show the immaturity of those who cant accept that others are different and we all have the right to live our different lives!!!!

blahblah83 said...

lolli, that's not nice. do you need attention that bad?

Baby Mama said...

Dear Lolli,
Sorry but I decided to remove your post. Writing Jon & Kate suck 25 times makes you look like a psycho plus you are wasting my space. Please go back to GWOP and post there. Thanks! By the way, is your real name Serena? (lol)

KAS said...

We all need a break from our kids from time to time. I think Jon and Kate get plenty of time away--two weekends a month they travel the country and stay in nice hotels when they do a speaking engagement. I get away with my husband once a year. It is great, but I miss my kids so much when I am gone. I could never leave them twice a month! And since Jody and Beth are out of the picture, who the heck are they leaving them with? I would never leave my babies with non-family members for many weekends out the the year. These people need to reprioritize.

jmurphy75 said...

Hey Kas, do you and your husband work? Meaning you leave them 5 days a week for most of the day? If you do then I am not surprised you miss them if you go away on a weekend. That is not the case with J&K though since they are home with them all day long during the week. 4 days a month is much less parents who work fulltime.

Paige said...

I love the way that you chose to delete my comment.

(I pointed out that YOU seem to spend a lot of time cruising the internet looking for J/K sites.)

You are a huge hypocrite.

Baby Mama said...

Paige, I deleted your comment because you were nasty. I keep all fair and balanced comments. However if you trolls from GWOP think you are gonna start some fires HERE you are SADLY mistaken. And for the record, I will NEVER give that site any hits from me. My info comes from my one or maybe 2 fans I got (lol) ;)