Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kate Kids In Kates Own Words

Tonights post will be super short as exhaustion has overwhelmed me. Another weekend, another kiddie party/block party/sick child/surprise family visit (lol). Thank goodness the summer is almost over. How Kate does it with 8 kids only shows how incredibly strong she is. I admire her so much which is why I try daily to post on her behalf. Though I spend most of my time on this blog wondering why people are not as in awe with her as I am, I decided for tonight to show in her words how she describes each of her kids.

"If I had to describe each one, I would say, Cara is our sweet, kind helper. She’s our mature big girl.

Mady is equally as kind-hearted, but she’s our wild card. We spend the most time fretting over her, but I think she’s going to be somebody great.

Alexis is definitely our comedy relief. She makes us smile and laugh the most out of probably any of them, because she’s just so “out there.”

Hannah is a lot like Cara in that she’s very Mommy-like and wants to keep everybody happy. She’s the peace keeper.

Aaden is our little professor. He makes everybody scream because he’s so cute and squishy.

Collin is a big, mushy bear. If you need a hug, you go to Collin. The way his eyes light up when he smiles…(swoons)

Leah is our tiny princess who just melts everyone’s heart. She has this big voice in this little tiny body. She’s precious.

Then there’s Joel. I love Joel. Sometimes he’s forgotten and left behind because he’s so quiet. When he does come out with a big voice, everybody listens. He’s a lot like Jon - so much so that it’s like watching Jon grow up all over again."

For more from this super cute article please read HERE. I am sooo looking forward to getting her book! Will try to post more on Sunday I promise. I'm sure GWOP wont let me down... (lol)

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