Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Daily Rant, A New Kinder Gosselins Without Pity

Today for my daily rant I will discuss how its possible for a DVD player to cost $3,750. We have a modest Kia Sedona, which I love. It came with the all important flip-down DVD play my daughter loves to put Hannah Montana on. Well today she comes to me crying after I hear my husband cursing outside that my daughter did something to the player. She confessed that she didn't realize there was another disc in the machine as she shoved another in it. Typical kid mistake. But when we travel 45 minutes to our dealer we find out that to replace it would cost over $3000! And if we don't fix it right away (it was built w/the car was the reason) it will eventually kill the battery since its still running. ughhhhh. This and the baby fell down again today trying to support herself on a chair again. I am having a bad day...

A Kindler Gosselins Without Pity?

A few might ask why I am so obsessed with that nasty hateful site. Well for one they evoke the kind of hatred out of people I have never seen before, they tell outright lies to people, and the can manipulate the publics view on things simply by only posting the comments relevant to them. I talked before how even nice articles like the ones I have posted here, they rant about as being false. But are they finally starting to see the horrible reputation they are getting? If you remember I did say I refused to look at the car wreck. Especially when they were bragging they were up to like a billion hits or something. But today against my better judgment I went onto the site.

First, now they are adding stupid comments of the week along with a missing persons section. Now I totally agree with that part but to only have children and not adults makes them appear to be some kids advocacy group when in fact that could be farther from the truth. Another thing I noticed that was new was a question and answer section. I commented myself how they claim to know all this privileged information by reliable sources, when I noticed they are no better than the horrors over at the National Inquirer. Who make up stuff to make people look bad and say they got it from a "source". Never got a response nor was anything I wrote published. What I found funny was that most of the questions came from ILUVEEYORE. This weirdo is on a few hate sites and lo and behold, is one of the contributing editors. So why, would you have this person ask all the questions Serena, when this is the same nasty person that spews hate on the Imperfect Parent site. And for that matter, why IS this person on so many sites that are supposed to be about ruining Jon & Kate? And why, if you were smart, would you not change your name so people dont ask why your on all these blogs?

My rants, for the most part, are just me trying to make myself feel better. The blog is to make Jon & Kate feel they they're are still faithful fans out there and maybe I could make THEM feel better. But now I'm content trying to make my daughter feel better. Uhh because Daddy's still a TAD angry.. ;)


iluveeyore said...

Yooo hooo.... I DO NOT WRITE THE QUESTIONS... what an absurd thought. You're running a blog (so to speak). You should know that when you copy comments, they will come up with your name on them, not the original poster's name. I copy questions and answer them. Then the original question is deleted.

As for my not changing my name on other blogs... ROTFLMAO... How in the world would you know if I DO change my name (which I sometimes do)? Sometimes I don't care about changing my name. How would you know who I am if I'm changing my name? I think you are thinking too much and confusing yourself.

Baby Mama said...

No but good try though!! I guess I caught you doing something you shouldn't be huh??