Sunday, August 3, 2008

Daily Rant, GWOP Readers Trolling. Washinton Post Article

Kids are finally asleep. This is literally the only time (late at night) I get to be by myself and wipe the day off my body. Figuratively speaking. I could only imagine how Jon & Kate feel after the kids are in bed (lol). My husband just cant get over how I could wake up on a Sunday, and instead of doing nothing say" OK were going into the city". He thinks I forget I have children. But for me, after working my butt off all week being a mom, trying to find a new job, ohh and cook & clean & take care of my kids (the list is endless) I do NOT want to sit in my pajamas all day. Every parent is different, but I like to take my kids out and expose them to a different world other than suburbia on the weekends.

So we went into Manhattan and for the first time with my little one took the kids downtown to South Street Seaport. There were soo many kids down there, I really wish they would give them more to do there other than that mall and the boat cruises, but none the less we had a good time. On the way home to the subway we pass by the block of emptiness that is still the World Trade Center. After 7 years you would think that more would have been done, but in the year since I have been there I would swear the same damn crane is in the same place it was before. Knowing what people here went through, it was rough. I had just given to birth to my daughter and we were going to go into my office to show off the baby. I was also supposed to go to Morgan Stanley that day as well to visit my friend. Needless to say the baby was sick, and that day sitting in my PJ's watching it on TV like everyone else was like an out of body experience. Wheres my dad...wheres Jenny's one connecting with anyone. Though I do not have a relative lost everyone knew someone who did. Its just frustrating to see time still stand still 7 years later.

More GWOP Trolling Now on IMDB!

I had discussed earlier how either the readers or the actual editors from Gosselins Without Pity "troll" fansites looking to link their page or quote things they have written. I was super surprised that when I went on IMDB (The Internet Movie Database) There were some people discussing the show there as well on the page that belongs to the show. Some dude posting as degroohj wrote a post called "Moving To NC". There he posted a horrible article from GWOP implying that the reason the Gosselins were moving to NC was because of the lax absence of child labor laws. Also that movies with sexual content are all made in NC and thats why the are moving there. First of all I found this totally disgusting, that GWOP would have this garbage on their site. Next, that someone copied it word for word using the old "lets discuss" method in order to get people to check out the site once again. I actually set up an account to chew this dog. I get super defensive when I read that that trash is bragging about its hits and is spreading on other sites like a disease. I hope more fans will respond if they see other places where they try to infiltrate. Gosselin Article

Funny thing though, a friend of mine who keeps tabs on GOP e-mailed me about how upset they were regarding a nice simple unbiased article from You can read it here.

Haters were in an uproar over how nice it was, saying that how dare they write such garbage. I thought the article was great. Was not happy that they put such a somber photo of the kids because apparently the readers (ie: jealous haters) ripped that one apart since Jon & Kate are the only ones smiling in it. However, its so funny to see that when tripe like one mans opinion goes on AOL they rejoice. But when a nice article comes out they are lighting torches. That brainwashed site is really starting to scare me. So much in fact I refuse to even go on it and resort to others telling me, because Im scared to get some voodoo hex from my computer. What was nice to read was that GOP was saying that Kate was keeping them from going to school (lies) we will be seeing the Tups go to Pre-school. Funny how no one there admitted to being wrong. I am also super excited to see them renew their vows on TV. When I told my husband I wanted t odo the same, he rolled his eyes at me. Avery Jon Gosselin thing to do...

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