Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Sesame Place Rant, A New Blog from Julie

Uhh I dont know what I was thinking. I always get excited when Jon & Kate take their kids on another cool summer weekend getaway. But after my daughter saw the Sesame Place episode with me she has been driving me crazy about going. The first time we tried it rained, and since today was supposed to be beautiful, I begged my husband to take the day off and take us.

At first my daughter didnt show interest in going back, but since Maddie & Cara are her age her thinking must have been "well if they could have fun there then so can I." My saint husband gave me one of three Jon Gosselin looks in the car . The first "Jon Look" was one of "I'm doing this for you because if I dont you will just nag me forever." We get there thinking that since it was a Tuesday it wouldn't be packed WRONG! I timed that we waited on line for 22 minutes just to get lunch in the cafeteria. The only thing that was nice was that Kate was right, it was very clean, the young staff was very nice, and the kids enjoy it. My husband gave Jon look #2 when my daughter insisted we see the Elmo's show again. Even though we saw it years ago. It was the look of "My eyes are open, and I'm looking at you but secretly I'm asleep." We didnt do the character breakfast since we did that a few years ago but its a must for character interaction if it was your first time. But waiting with my daughter for a whopping 25 minutes to get on the wading river was horrible. Kids were crying and so was my infant, so we had to swap places a few times on line because the baby needed me. So I had two kids crying, and my husband gave me the final #3 Jon Gosselin look of the day. "Your yelling at me, and instead of asking you if you need help I will just keep my mouth shut and pretend to ignore you."

So on the 2 hour exhausting ride home the kids are asleep in the car and I thank my husband for dealing with my stressful rants. We kiss and make up. But just like Kate I did wish that instead of him making me feel bad for nagging him all day that he just would have tried to help me more. Try to make it seem like he was having a good time. But overall I know he did it because he loves me.....And we do what we do for our kids.

A New GWOP Blog from Julie

Thank you for being my little viewing group and keeping me posted on Julie Blogs. I was notified today that she had actually posted something not nasty and attack-like again on the question and answers page. .(For the record, 90% of the questions asked on that page are from my friend ILUVEEYORE) Serena re-posted it on the front page of todays GWOP. Because she wants YOU to know when Julie writes! (lol) This was in regards to last nights new episode:

"Did Jon and Kate ever discuss moving out of state with Jodi? I think they are moving out of state because of all the fighting with friends and family, nothing is keeping them in PA anymore. I remember a show a few months ago when they were looking at land in PA, not out of state. It is a major change.

Answer: A long time ago (probably close to a year), they were talking about building a house close to Beth.

It's been at least 6-8 months now that they have been talking about building a house in NC. J&K attended a wrap party for Season 3 back in May down at Figure 8. When they returned, Jon said that property had been purchased and all of the sponsors had committed. Everything is being provided including appliances, furnishings, TVs, etc. J&K are not paying for ANYTHING.

They have been showing their house plans to various people. Supposedly, it's going to be 8000sf with a pool and pool house. There will be an area designated for the crew including their own entrance and kitchen.

Moving out of state has nothing to do with fighting with family and friends. We believe that in order to get the house of their dreams, the production company has stipulated that it needs to be near them. They have no intention of ending this any time soon."

Yay for that!! I mean, if its true. I dont believe anything that woman says. How much flack must this woman be getting for posting on this site? Do you think that her sister even knows? I mean, how could anyone NOT know its her..Recently I tried to e-mail Jon from a personal e-mail address he has responded from a while back. My message came back mailbox FULL. I could only imagine how much garbage he has to sift through thats sent on that site and his e-mail address. I wonder how many people have told her about Julies new blog home......

And one more.. that someone just sent me that Julie wrote: THIS IS UPDATED:

QUESTION: I'm wondering why so many seem to accept that she is Jodi's sister without question. Is there any proof that Julie is who she says she is? Why do you believe that she is who she says she is?

ANSWER: We have met personally with Julie, face-to-face, and were satisfied beyond any doubt that she is Jodi Kreider's sister.

"If I may just add--I had to go to great lengths to prove who I am. At one point, I wondered if they were going to ask for a DNA sample. :-) Serena and the other administrators do a wonderful job in making sure the information they post is accurate. I appreciate all of their hard work".

Holy smoke people! Are they serious that the have "met up" with this person to confirm her identity? Or to get the best of the hard core lies? Or to have a happy meal together? I'm so stunned with this one I dont know what to say....


iluveeyore said...

I know you're not going to believe this, but one of our contributers was passing through the town where Julie lives. They met up. Julie was able to confirm that she is who she says she is. That's it.

No magic. No big transportation deal.

Sorry you have so much trouble believing anything we say, but you hang on every word that the Gosselins say. If you truly believe that the Gosselins were interested in buying a horse farm, so be it! The Gosselins have a REASON to try to convince you of things -- they're making a living off of this. We aren't.

(Thanks for calling my your friend ;).)

Leah said...

I have to agree with the fame and fortune. I've been saying that ever since the first season. People can run you down if you don't get a break. I'm really sad that they are choosing things that don't last over marriage which is suppose to last forever. I really like the first season beccause it was REAL. After that, I wasn't as interested but I peeked in every so often. I hope things don't go as bad as Brttney Spears did, shaving her hair off. I don't know what to think! I like the show BUT family is first, especially mommy and daddy. I've been a child of divorced parents and I thought I was the cause for years!