Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Gosselin Mystery: Are They Moving? Are Pop-Up Stores The Future

One of the big elephants in the room has always been Jon & Kate moving and whether it was to the house shown on GWOP. First what slimy horrible type of people would put up personal info like that before they had even finished moving? How did they know? Thats some scary stuff right there. I never got into it even though we all knew there was a purpose for it to be on that hate site. Well now that the lights are dark its obvious that they moved SOMEWHERE, although many a blogger confirmed its here. I am really happy they have a place where the kids can play and they could get some privacy from sickos like those at GWOP that searched out but carefully did not admit on line that it was their actual house. Do you think they deserve it? Absolutely. Do I feel that people still wont leave them alone? Well I wish that was true. My question is: If you had the chance to get paid to be filmed a few days a week would you? To pay off your bills, go on lots of trips with your family and get a house like this? Would you care if people were writing horrible things about you just from sheer jealousy? Could you just never get on a blog and avoid the critical and sometimes downright mean comments?Want to see the rest of this stunning beauty of a home? Click HERE.

Is Pop-up Stores The New Wave of The Future?

Well I missed Kate signing copies of her book and mingling with people at this unusual P& G Pop-up store that is set to stay in Manhattan until Dec. 12th. Is this the new wave of the future? I sit down, talk to Kate and get my hair washed while I'm shopping? From what Ive been hearing Kate was great and nice to everyone including taking pictures with visitors.

"Inside, visitors get a dose of "experiential marketing," as they're encouraged to try out some of the nine P&G brands being demonstrated there. Visitors can get a shampoo and conditioning with Pantene, a cosmetic makeover with Cover Girl, a skin-care analysis using Olay or a demonstration of Bounty's wiping-up prowess."

Dog Lovers New Screensaver

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CBB said...

Post didn't work - so I am trying again...I'm excited for them to have room and privacy, two things I'm sure they never thought they would be able to have. This is a family who has come so far since the tups arrived and it is clear that they are so gratful for everything that has come their way. They have had to sacrifice some privacy but to be able to stay home with the kids and spend their time together as a family while having their precious moments documented - priceless. My husband and I both agreed if we could afford it, we would stay home with our kids until they were all in school because you never get those days back.

Denise said...

My screen is nice and clean and my cat nearly jumped through the monitor!!


~duckie~ said...

Yes I will admit that I am jealous. Why? Because my life will never have someone or someoneS just give me money for having kids. My life just consist of my mom our 9 cats and 1 very old dog living in a run-down single wide trailer.

I live in a town in Ohio very near PA and the winters here do get cold too. So cold that we get frozen pipes each winter and have to go to my brothers apartment to take a shower.

I will never give birth to children but would love to adopt or become a foster parent someday. But that day will never come until I have a home. I don't need one has large as the Gosselin's new or even old home but I do need one that is structurally sound and one that is not a tin shack ready to fall down during a wind storm.

And I also know that no matter what TLC will never be following my family around because for 1) I am not captivating enough and B) I would never allow my children to be exploited like the Gosselin 8.

BEE said...

If given the opportunity we would probably let the cameras in.

I think the Gosselins have been given wonderful opportunities and I am glad that they are taking advantage of them!

If indeed they have moved and have moved into the house featured on GWoP, good for them! It is a beautiful house and I know that in no time they will make into a wonderful home for their family!

As far as the house being featured on GWoP. I find it very interesting that if that is the new Gosselin home, that GwoP knew about it as quickly as they did. Smells like someone is leaking info...anyone else think this?

cali-mom said...

YES, in a heartbeat! I would let the cameras in and film my boring life, to get paid to stay home would be AMAZING, both dh and I would LOVE to stay home w/our kids.
I almost got the chance a few months ago, but we needed a new car and now w/the economy the way it is, not possible.
As for the house thing, I'm sure well see the new house soon enough, and then we'll know the truth right?

lisa said...

Kate says that God blesses her and the family with what they have now. Does God really bless us with more material things than we can use? I think not, whenever there are hungry children in the world.

momsquared said...

I am so happy for them and can't wait for the episode when they move into their new house!

Hey Lisa, better get off the computer and go feed those hungry kids!