Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Legolands Sealife Aquarium, Season 3 on DVD & Live Sextuplets Puppy Webcam

"Mommy, mommy look! Jon & Kate are getting maawwied!" That is what my kids were saying as they saw the new TLC commercial for Monday nights. Its the first time I saw it myself, along with the "two week wedding event" spot and I actually thought the commercial was great. It made me super excited for next weeks part one of the wedding. What I love about marathon night is I get to see Mondays episode again with fresh eyes. I forgot to comment on how cool it was for the kids to get to see Lego's new Sea Life Aquarium before anyone else. It looked cooler than any aquarium Ive been in and Ive been in alot! If that ain't a cool perk then I don't know what is. Its stuff like that that I know I wouldn't care either if tons of people blogged about me on a hate site. Getting to do cool stuff like that with my kids would be totally worth the trolls being jealous of me....

Season 3 DVD almost here!
Discovery Store will start shipping season 3 on November 17th if you are interested in acquiring the trilogy. (lol) My husband thinks its a bit sick that I wish to own a show I watch every day at 11am. But I got the first as a gift I swear!

Shiba Inu Live Puppy Cam!
And finally, a few people sent me the link to this live sextuplets (kind of) puppy webcam. Just the cutest dogs being filmed 24/7 in their beds by their owners. Exploitation? Should we notify Paul Peterson? (LOL) Heck no! Check out the stats on the hottest pups on the web! My kids are now DYING for these dogs! The 6 Shiba Inu pups (3 boys and 3 girls) turned 4 weeks old on November 4th.

- Autumn (Purple collar)
- Ayumi (Yellow collar)
- Amaya (Red collar)

- Aki (Green collar)
- Akoni (Black collar)
- Ando (Blue collar)

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