Monday, November 24, 2008

Great Gosselin Yard Sale Episode! / TLC Thanksgiving Marathon

You know, sometimes you just gotta go to the hate sites just to see what they could POSSIBLY come up with to bash this poor family after a great episode like this. Ohh its amazing what they can criticize. I personally was thrilled to finally see this, after it was stated on a few blogs that yes, not alot of people were originally there! Little did the poor Gosselin's know that there was a yard sale down the street. Thank goodness they came up with some creative ways to get people there! And regarding those that said Kate was in a bad mood, well you would be too if you were being filmed at 4am. So back off! (lol)

I know how much it sucks getting up at the crack of dawn to do a yard sale. I vowed never to do it again. But since this was for a good cause, I was totally excited to watch this and see how it turned out. What touched me the most was what the haters complained about. Kate selling Jon's dads ornaments. Well it was soo sweet to see it meant something to Mady, and Kate kept the ballerina slippers for her. Crisis solved. She also found ways to fix misspelled signs, no advertising and crappy tables. I was honestly proud of them. I would have been the same way uhh "irritated" (lol). At the end of the day it was super cute to see Cara and Mady selling drinks and the family making a productive day of over $1100. It looked like they were practically giving the stuff away, I would have charged more! To hear people complain about Kate this time was ridiculous and only proving the point that they only comment to complain for the sake of complaining.

Overall, the shocker for the haters was seeing Carla. Apparently once someone is on an episode they never come back. So it was especially nice for her to be on to prove a point. Just because they are not on every week people.....And overall a show that was more about Jon & Kate and less about the babies but still be good. To hear that people came just to donate anyway was the greatest thing for me. And for the record, how many times are you going to read on a hate show that they no longer watch the show when you KNOW they do? Funny there were a few posts from people that they only watched THIS time. Yeah right. And finally, people complain non-stop about the Gosselins not giving back enough.. Well is an upcoming episode dedicated to St. Jude enough?? Stay tuned.......GO GOSSELINS!

Feeling Full From Turkey? Relax With A Gosselin Thanksgiving Marathon!

How cool was it to see that cute commercial for the Jon & Kate Plus 8 Marathon that they are having for the holiday! Yep, looks like instead of making it a Gosselin night, you can make it a Gosselin Holiday! I know I will, after of course The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!


Shelly said...

You know what I just thought of? This will crack you up. I remember reading on GWOP, (back when they posted the house pictures),that a poster had said they saw Jon loading a U-haul truck to move and Kate was nowhere to be seen. Another poster made a snide comment about, "what the King and Queen of TV had to move theirselves"? This cracks me up. I just realized that it is this episode they are talking about. Jon was loading the U-Haul for the garage sale. HAHAHAHAHA! That just proves the GWOP peeps, do not know what they are talking about. Well are any of us shocked? I'm not.

But, on a better note. I think the episode was great. Nice to see Carla. I loved the part when Kate gave the ballerina ornament slippers, back to Mady. She even said to Jon "You don't have to get rid of your Dad's stuff, but you keep everthing. Which tells me Jon could not make up his mind and probably just wanted to cut everything loose. I myself have held on to everthing from pieces of paper to fire boots, from my Grandfather. I packed it all up and put it into the attic. I can do that, J&K can not, they do not have the space.

So all I have to say is "Way to go Gosselin's". What a great thing you have done. By the will be making my donation to the Pediatrics Cancer Society.

cali-mom said...

Ha ha, I remember reading that somewhere Shelly about the other blog saying Jon was packing up a Uhaul. Too funny.
I too loved that Kate gave the girls the ornaments, and I really loved watching the girls sell the drinks!! That was soo sweet.
It was a good episode, and I hope people will see that J&K do give back!!!!!!

~duckie~ said...

I really didn't see the episode I was watching 'Heroes' on NBC at 9pm. But to hear that they did give the money to charity is great.

Still my one complaint is that these items that were Jon's Dads should NEVER have been even thought of going to the sale. And that an 8yr old has to beg to get them back is really sad.

My Grandfather died when I was 10 and I have only a few things from him. One of the oddest things is a multicolored crayon that he gave me one year for X-mas. I still have it b/c he gave it to me.

Also, my Grandmother died 3 years ago, and when my aunts went through the house they never let my mom get any of her things or anything from her father, she literally has nothing from her childhood, b/c they sold them in a yard sale that we didn't know that they were going to have. One of the only things she has from her dad is a piece of paper that he wrote lotto numbers on. So, to hear that Jon was or did sell his dad's items is very heartbreaking.

If they have no room for them in the house rent a storage unit for $35 a month and keep it there. Don't sell your childhood!

~duckie~ said...

Oh and Kate doesn't have to have the cameras in her face a 4am. She can stop that just by canceling the show that would solve it in no time.

shana1246 said...

I am in the process of watching the show right now(thank you DVR). So far I have really enjoyed it, its wonderful to see the G's give to a charity. And I love how Mady and Cara helped out by selling sodas, what a wonderful lesson for them to learn.

I find it odd that people on another board were saying how b*tchy Kate was during the whole show. Umm??? okay I saw where she got upset because the tables weren't there and then the signs were wrong but to be honest. I would of been upset about both too and probably acted just the same. They had to get the tables set up so the inconvience of showing up before even the sun was up and then just to be standing around would of irritated me too. And in the end Kate figured out how to take care of the issue with the signs, besides that I didn't see any b*tchness out of Kate at all.

I guess I just don't get how some people can find fault in every single thing that is said or done, no matter what. I just finished watching the show and it was really good. It was wonderful to see Carla again :)

Shana from KY

Denise said...

If the ornaments from Jon's dad were messy, they didn't have to put them on the tree but she should have sealed them in zip-locks and kept them. No way would I have tried to sell something so sentimental.

shana1246 said...

Duckie, I just got done watching the show and the girls didn't have to beg for the ordaments back, Mady asked for it back and Kate handed both hers and Caras to her with no issue, apparently they have a ton of ordaments from poppy and these were the only ones that were gotten rid of because they made a mess with glitter everywhere.

For all we know Jon put the ordaments in the yard sale, it did not show anyone going through their stuff before the yardsale and since Jon didn't even know who gave the ordaments to them when Mady asked he very well might of been the donator, by accident. As for Jon's stuff he chose to give the items away, not Kate so it was his decision. Kate told him he didn't have to get rid of the items if he didn't want to.

Just FYI, from someone who just watched the show.

~duckie~ said...

Hi Shana,
The point I was trying to get across is that the items, be it from Kate's family or Jon's family should not have been put in the yard sale. Toys, clothes that are out grown small items that were bought for convenience or decoration at the time yes. But, selling items that the kids want (yes I know Kate gave them back) or that someone who has passed on gave you no.

I guess maybe I am too emotional about this b/c of what has happened to me. B/C once its gone it is gone for good. No amount of wishing will bring it back.

cali-mom said...

I know isnt it great, that they sold all that stuff they were given, and donated ALL of the proceeds to the Pediatric Cancer Research! Isnt that amazing, I just love Jon & Kate.

emilylbsw said...

I came across this site while looking for some of Kate's recipes. I try to feed my family healthy, organic foods, as well, and it is not always the easiest or cheapest. (I just saw the Redbook comments, and was flabbergasted at how hateful people are, and obviously need to be spending more time worrying about their own families). I see her prepare meals ALL the time on the show, and she has been doing that by herself forever until very recently!! Anyway, I did enjoy this episode. I guess I am a total witch, too, because I do get irritated with others and my family, and I only have 2 children! I guess everyone else is perfect but me and Kate!! HA!! Also, I am just not a really sentimental person, either, and I am always throwing all kinds of stuff away!! Why keep things I don't use?

Nina Bell said...

Baby Mama

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Day and don't watch too much Jon and Kate or eat too much Turkey!

~Jordyn said...

Baby Mama rocks!

I loved the episode as well! :)

Anonymous said...

You know what I just realized? It is pointless to try to debate with the J&K+8 haters from GWOP and other hate sites. We aren't going to convince them to come over to "our side", just as they will NEVER convince us to come to theirs! (How sad that there has to be sides!!) It's just like the debates that went on during the presidential elections between Obama and McCain supporters. I am a democrat, and supported Obama from day 1. No amount of yelling from the republican supporters was going to convince me to switch sides! Listening to Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View spew her love of McCain and put down Obama at every turn didn't change my mind. It made me laugh at her on a daily basis (LOL), but it didn't change my mind. Just as my support for Obama was ever going to change a republican's mind. You know what I mean? We can keep pointing out all the stuff the haters are so wrong about, and debunk every criticism and argue with them until we are blue in the face. The simple fact is, they hate J&K, they are totally jealous of the fact that this family has found a way to make it work, provide entertainment, and turn a nice profit to support their family at the same time (I would do the same thing if given the chance!!! But sadly, no one wants to watch me be a full time mom to my three kids in Long Island and run around like a chicken with my head cut off most days trying to get everything done everyday!!), and no amount of talking, yelling, posting, lecturing, ever going to change their minds. As Baby Mama has said in her post, they live to complain just to complain. Even when we get an awesome episode like this one, they find things to complain about. It will never fail!!! Just as I will never stoop to the levels the haters do. I know the facts, and no one will deter me from knowing those facts. The facts are the facts. I just choose to accept them - I don't need to twist them and spin them to be something else. That is the difference. I think we need to just stop trying to teach those old dogs new tricks. They're too old!!!! They can't be taught!!! ROFLMAL!!! LOL

Lesa said...

Just wondering why my comment was deleted?

Aunt Connie said...

It did make me sad to see the little Rose Petal Cottage, or whatever it is called, in the sale. Some of those things might have been toys the kids still play with. Kate is ultra-organized and doesn't like clutter, but I hope none of the things she sold were toys they still loved.

chocoboat said...

Did anyone see Mady's sweatshirt? On the back there was a little cartoon drawing, it was a perfect little caricature of "angry Mady". I was laughing for 5 minutes straight when I saw that thing!

It was so perfect, I wondered if a fan of the show made it and sent it to her.

Baby Mama said...

Lesa. I am sorry if a comment of yours got deleted. Ive been having problems with some tiny trolls ;) and I had to delete a few posts. If yours got lost in the mix then I'm sorry!

chocoboat, I was DYING when I saw that sweatshirt! I TOTALLY WANT IT! If anyone knows the designer e-mail me ASAP! :)

Shelly said...

I have had the best day with the J&K +8 Marathon. I watched while I was cooking Thanksgiving Dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you all had a great day.

Thanks for a great site Baby Mama.