Saturday, November 1, 2008

Are Gosselins Now Moving? Nosy Neighbors Run to Blogs

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. Once again my husband buys bags of candy and we get like 1o people come to our house. So now we have 3 full bags plus several buckets of candy here. Which I have now preceded to eat half of. This is the beginning of the end for me this upcoming holiday as I will soon be a house.

Speaking of houses, there is talk in blog world that Jon & Kate have now started moving. Which would be the perfect time now that the season is over. Are they taking the kids out mid year? And were they really moving to NC or was that just a ploy to get rid of the looky-loos and get some actual privacy? Questions Questions. So all the neighbors or just one are writing in the blogs about it. Either this is the same person with two different names or just several nosy neighbors talking on both GWOP & Cafe Mom. Would also like to add that both of these women have no profiles so you have no idea what they're deal is......

on GWOP said...

From what I've seen this week, it looks like they ARE moving. There have been trucks there all week, and it looks like the garage is all packed up. I doubt that they will be keeping the house just for filming. When the movers (well did you expect Jon to do it all again??) had the front door open it didn't appear as tho there was any furniture in it! The vans haven't been there either. My guess is that they are settling into the new KON-pound and once the house is empty THEN they will put it on the market. I don't see Miss Kate allowing common folk to walk thru the house while they are still there..
JusticeMama on Cafe Mom said:
For several days there have been large rental trucks outside of J & K's house moving what appeared to be large boxes out of the house!!Then on Thursday, as I was leaving the development I saw Kate standing in her now empty garage as boxes were being loaded on the truck. Their house is now dark and their cars are no longer there!! (NO, she was not seen lifting a finger to move the boxes, there were men their doing that for her, I'm sure TLC paid for the moving crew)I think our development will now have to have a celebration and hope that the next family to live in J & K's house is will be a more personable family!THANKS FOR MOVING J & K!!! I WOULD SAY DON'T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE @#&!!YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED!!!

NOSY NASTY MEAN PEOPLE! Are you kidding me? Are you the same person blogging at two different places? THANK GOODNESS they are moving! Who would want stalking, bitter, jealous trolls like that living near them? How do you know that Kate wasn't lifting a finger? Were you watching in the bushes? And for that matter, why should she lift anything heavy anyway? Jon & Kate, wherever you move, I am so incredibly happy for you. You did not need these crazy people (or woman) for your neighbors anyway. UGH. Now that Season 4 is finished filming I wonder what, if anything we will see in Season 5. I am hoping there will be one as Kate promised "Good things to come". And I believe her because she isn't bashing people on the web like these stalkers. The photo above was actually posted on GWOP by one of these crazy people taking photos outside of their house. How sad is it that you need to post signs telling people to back up and give you some privacy?


BEE said...

I find the posts by these "neighbors" to be so amusing. Why is it such BIG news that the Gosselins are moving? Didn't Jon and Kate say on the show that they would be moving? These "neighbors" think that they are exposing some BIG kept secret.

And of course, if the Gosselins are really in the midst of a move, and Kate was actually seen in the garage watching movers move her possessions, the haters are going to scream foul because Kate isn't moving the boxes herself. Give me a break! Isn't that the whole reason to have movers? Come on people, find something better, something of real relevance to pick the Gosselins apart about!

The people over at GWoP are already doing searches to find out who bought the new house, whose name it is in, what the address is etc. Can we say STALKERS!!

I fully admit I am a curious viewer. But I am not going to go to such lengths to get the inside scope about this family.

Thanks for the update! As usual I enjoy your perspective.

Theresa said...

Thank you for your blog. It is quite refreshing to see a sane person who watches the show because they enjoy it.

I have written to GWOP quite a few times to let them know what damage they are doing to the kids by being hateful, mean, blog bullies. They make assumptions and run with it as fact. What's more disturbing is they take an action of either Kate and Jon and extrapolate on it and say how bad KON are as parents because of it. Or all the assumptions of the family friends being cut off by Kate. They really need to stop spreading lies.

Each post of mine reminded them that they are watching an edited tv show. To no avail for those blog bullies.

So, thank you again for your blog. It is quite refreshing.

Theresa said...

Oh, I forgot to mention....they did not post any of my posts! I have yet to see them.

Nice huh? Somebody sets them straight and they choose not to post it because just maybe someone will think and realize what hateful people are on that site.

Baby Mama said...

I didn't mention this on the blog. But what I truly found most disturbing (I wouldn't post) was that someone went on Zwillow and got all the property info on their home including what its valued at! As well as what it was sold to them for in 2006! Square footage and all! Then said something like, "I can't post the link because it has their address." That is crazy looking up private info on your home like that!

BEE said...

I saw a post several months ago similar to what you saw, where someone looked up their address and got the specs etc of their current home.

I just don't understand why people do those types of things, let alone the people that have driven by their home or even approached their front door. Just amazing to me!

LauraH said...

I am excited that Jon and Kate are moving
into a bigger house. It is going to be great
for the kids to have more space to play in
and hopefully more privacy and if they
do have neighbors..... I hope they have
better luck in the new neighborhood....
But I have a feeling that they are going to
have an acre or two for the kids to run
around on.... When will these haters get
a life ? I am going to be 50 next year and
I can say that the older I get the more it
bothers me to see so much hate in this
world.... If you are one of the parents
hating on this family..... your kids are
learning from you..... Grow up and
teach your kids to love and care about
people and not talk trash about them.

I love your blog Baby Mama.... Thanks for
keeping us up to date....

Hugs, Laura

BEE said...


I agree with you. I had no idea that people were so cruel. It is really sad!

~Jordyn said...
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Aubrey said...


I 'tried' to post a similar comment to yours on GWOP about how regardless of what's going on with the Gosselins' REAL life, what about the effects their blog will have on the Gosselin children if/when they ever come across it, the effects of this nasty behavior on their own children, etc. They are sure quick to judge Jon & Kate but I hate to think about the legacies they're leaving for their own children, exploited or not! They try to hide their hatred behind the so-called premise of "child advocacy", but I'm not buying it. What are they doing to uplift the Gosselins? Are they doing anything to help the children or reconcile their families (if indeed needed)? puleez! :)

I'm glad I found this blog!

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing!
I tried several times to let them know that what they're doing is just as bad! What is going to happen when one day the kids stumble across GWOP? They seem to really think that the children are going to "thank them for all the hard work they put into their lives" WOW.

plus8fan said...

Thank you for a positive site. I am also a huge fan and have wasted many a day watching marathons of already viewed shows. Based on the above comments, I am glad I did not attempt to leave a message on one of the others-it probably would have ended up in lala land.
Kudos to Kate's friend, Beth, who managed to set one of them straight and also managed to get published (in italics) because she was crowned a "celebrity".
Does anyone else find it interesting that all the people on those sites keep claiming they are no longer going to waste time watching the show for whatever reason (usually anti-Kate), but yet they can keep commenting on each and every one of them.
One of the bloggers actually gave a blow by blow account of the two most recent shows(California and Hawaii) including some commercials that I missed. If you dislike it so much why waste time watching it and then spend the time it must take to reinvent the entire script...go figure!!!

Shelly said...

Thank you so much for the POSITIVE BLOG about the Gosselins. Have you reag the GWOP since the wedding episode. Those people are absolute liars. I tried to explain their gross miss speaking of the show, but of course they are all right and I am wrong. Also, supposedly there were 2 relatives that posted on the blog. One with bad things to say and 1 with good things to say. They were at the wedding. If you believe that. Well anyway Congrats to the Gosselins, I Love You and Your Show. I hope your new home is beautiful.

Judy K said...

Thank you for your positive blog about the Gosselins. I love watching the show and being part of their family through the show. I live close to where the Gosselins live in Lancaster County and it does appear that they have moved. I was driving by (not stalking) and saw Jon, one of the twins and one of the boys loading up the Sprinter van with boxes. The garage looked empty! It is sad to know that I won't be able to catch glimpses of them in the area anymore. It was cool seeing Kate at the Giant and knowing that they had purchased my husband's uncle's house. I will miss seeing them in the area but hope they found a bigger property that gives them more privacy. Living in a development like they did must have been hard with so many jealous people spying on them! Thanks again for your positive comments and I can't wait for the new season to see where and what they are doing!!

kav1423 said...

They moved back to berks county .. near wernersville. I lived the next town over when they had their sextuplets in wyomissing then they moved away but now they're back! They moved a few weeks ago I believe.

gosselinluv8 said...

I know for a fact that the gosselins stayed in Pennsylvania. The gosselins just moved in next door to my griefs grandma! Also after they moved my other friends mom saw the six little ones in preschool. So the NC move is a rumor. I went to the gosselins church and they weren't there. If anyone can help me just get a blimp of them I would love that so pleazzzzze help!!!!!

gosselinluver97 said...

Gosselinluv8, I agree with the SC thing is out. Not to get too personal, but where in PA do they live? u know since u went to their church.