Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jon Gosselin on Cafe Mom? Kate's New Book for 2009

Hello Gosselin Fans! This is the time of year where its totally awesome to be in the city. Each year we take the kids to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Balloon Inflation. Since I was in the hospital this time last year, this Holiday is especially important and joyous for us. We hope you enjoy watching the parade on TV!

Jon Comments on Cafe Mom's Daily Buzz

I know a few of you have been wondering why all the fuss with Cafe Mom lately. Well to be honest, GWOP is as stale as the baby's bread I just found and now that they only seen to do weekly posts with 600 anon comments I have moved onto bigger and better gripes (lol). Surprisingly, this was sent to me and I am kinda confused myself. I had no idea cafe Mom even had an Entertainment Buzz Section, no less Jon actually giving an interview there! He talks about getting one big family gift this year (a computer) and how they will use it.

Jon: I've read that many families are opting for a family gift this year. Some other ways families can save money by using computers and technology: Keep in touch with friends and family using video messenger.Start a blog to keep loved ones up to date on family news if you can't travel to visit. Use digital photo frames to instantly share photos with friends and family. Design your own holiday cards that cost pennies to print.

Eight Little Faces, A Mom's Journey Due Out April 2009

Thanks 3KMOM for giving us the heads up on what will hopefully be a super cute book. You will able to Kates New Book at & Wal-mart. Is that recipe book Ive been dying for too far behind? Wait a second, you can create your own book of Kates recipes HERE on my old blog page (lol)


The Martin's said...

Here is his video on Microsoft.

Not very interesting though... LOL
He said "windows based laptop or PC" way to many times !! LOL

Carol said...

Well, it is a Microsoft commercial. :) Too bad he's endorsing them given that videos are a thousand times easier to make on a Mac (my kids make movies all the time on our Mac and their pc-owning friends ask to come over to use it).

Baby Mama said...

Yeah I know, its a shame Jon had to say "window" so many times, but it was needed because People say "windows based laptop" to distinguish from Apple based laptops. Macs have a whole other operating system.

And yes Carol I have heard that Macs are so much easier to use than Microsoft for those things but for some reason families purchase Windows much more then Mac which seems to be favored by professions..Interesting huh? We have windows only because our computer is older and they are cheaper! (lol)