Sunday, November 23, 2008

Facebook Deletes And Regroups, GWOP Gets Lazy, A Fans Favorite Gosselin Kids Moment

Hello Gosselin Fans! Thank you for the recent show of support as I get a whole new group of fans and readers. When I started this blog on July 31st, it was the first day I had stumbled on GWOP. They were discussing their stats and bragged about a day when an astonishing amount of 20,000+ readers got onto their site in one day. I was floored. Where did these people come from and why did they care about that blog? Well needless to say they were relatively new too, and the stuff that they were writing were insanely cruel and hard to believe about any family, let alone Jon & Kate. I just thought it would be important for me as a mom to write my own little fan blog and state in my own way that bullies come in all forms and no one should be reading or believing the crap they wrote because there were 2 sides to every story.

So now here we are in November. And even though they have over a million visits since they started, they basically died down to barely a crawl compared to their July hay day. Nosy people still come and of course there 50 regulars that blog every hour, but the juicy gossip proved to be fruitless and the mods gave up posting anything good. Its now blogging one or twice a week and letting the readers comment 200+ times a day. I am proud to say I tried to keep in interesting and had something relevant to say almost every day. So while I cant promise I will continue every day, I will keep up my blog until theres a good reason not to do so (or I hit lotto).

Facebook Cleans House, Can the others Do The Same?

I was forced onto Facebook recently by my friends who are hooking up next year for our big High School Reunion. That gives me less than a year to get Lipo, Botox, a breast lift, and hair extensions (lol). When I got onto the Jon & Kate fanpage I was super psyched to meet some great fans. But just like what I feel is happening ot Cafe Mom, the posts got nasty real quick. With no real moderator (the Jon & Kate fan group which is different has a moderator) people were basically ripping each other apart and facebook itself had to delete some of the pages. Trolls were starting threads and making up downright lies. Thank goodness Facebook have the page for TLC to completely take apart and re-haul. Now with 215,000 fans on the on the page chances are its not going to take long before someone tries to start something up again. But Im glad to see that so far its all fans, and all good. My Space is really good for having some pretty cool fan pages as well if your looking ot make some Gosselin friends ;)

What is You Favorite Gosselin Kids Moment?

And speaking of Facebook I just had to leave a comment by a girl who wrote down what came to mind as her favorite Gosaselin kids moments:

- on alexis' day at the reptile place in the gift shop when kate and alexis have a really cute conversation and kate pretends shes an alligator and fake bites alexis' arm
-on caras day when mady gently leads leah out the door
- on caras day when kate says how happy she is for cara and cara smiles so sweetly
- when mady and cara are nurses for the stuffed horse thats having a baby
- anytime joel talks to the camera
- when alexis licks the table at the beach
- when leah says she wants her hannah
- when aaden and alexis are playing nicely with the dinosaur
- when leah says "hannah but its wet out there" when hugging hannah goodbye
- whenever mady is excited about something


Anonymous said...

Leah: "Hannah pooped... in Hannah's underwears."

Mady: "If I accidently poked someone with a pencil. That would be an accident right?"

Everytime Alexis sees or talks about alligators.

Hannah folding the laundry.

Aaden: "I don't see sheep."

hmm I'll probably think of more later.

modswirlgirl said...

I never understood why Aaden said "I can't see sheep". He was at a cow farm. It's never made sense to me.

indianprincess said...

sorry I deleted the last posting. the link didn't work.
The article is on called 10 minutes with Kate Gosselin by Ashly McGlone.

Baby Mama said...

modswirlgirl: Didn't they originally go to see sheep as well? I think it was after they went to see the cows. Aaden was in the car, too high to see the sheep. Its my favorite Gosselin quote!

Theresa said...

I liked when the kids were eating at the little picnic table (I think at their birthday party) and Collin or Aeden gives Hannah his bottle of water and she drinks from it.

Another one is when they're in the black van strapped in their car seats and I think Mady calls them babies and Hannah says, "we're not babies" (yes you are says Mady) and Hannah says, "no we're nooot!".

The Martin's said...

I am watching the Yard Sale show now. I LOVE it !! Carla is back ! Ha Ha Ha Ha to GWOP !!!

modswirlgirl said...

Baby Mama: Come to think of it, I believe there were sheep on that farm they went to. I just hadn't remembered if there were or not, therefore I was confused as to why Aaden said that.

MaryMac said...

Joel: Whats this Daddy?

Jon: Its a lobster.

Joel: I looovve lobstairs.