Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Gosselin Ride isn't stopping, sorry GWOP / Kmart Coupon

Hello Gosselin fans! Normally I don't start off dealing with negative things I have read . But I was upset to read that The Reading Eagle (bitter newspaper) from their (old?) hometown didn't know when to lie down and play possum & wrote another garbage article about them. Why is this paper so intent on continuing to hurt this family and write such negative and possibly damaging statements about these kids? This makes GWOP insanely happy, because without Julie, no National Inquirer (did you see they LOVE them now? lol), no CNN, there's nobody to spearhead the smear campaign. So looking deep they find The Eagle and someone from The Boston Herald to try to write negative articles (before the show even aired no less) because of all the huge positive press from other larger outlets. Access Hollywood yesterday said it best "The ever so popular Jon & Kate Plus 8". Sorry, no journalistic nerve hit here.....Ohh and Mark, didn't I see you blogging over at GWOP? OK moving on..

On a personal hometown note, I am so saddened with all the recent Broadway shows having to close because of the economy (2008: Legally Blond & Xanadu 2009: Spamalot & Hairspray), I am very excited that the Gosselin's are dedicating a new upcoming episode to visiting Manhattan. With all the great things that the Vow Renewal Ceremony did for Maui, perhaps they can wave their pixie dust on NYC and help us out for the Holidays!

Multiple Blessings STILL On NY Times Best Seller List
Still holding on strong at number 8

Kate's Layaway Pitch Helpful And Sales Gaining Momentum At Kmart
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Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Iz, Hawaii's Gentle Giant


FIONA said...

I think it is fair to write what he did. It was his opinion, and although it was mostly a reguirgitation, there has been way more positive press.

Gotta take the good with the bad.

However, the article is like chum to sharks at GWoP-a major frenzy.

Not to mention that Julie has resurfaced!!!

Denise said...

Kevin McDonough is not a "local" writer. He is syndicated and this ran in other papers as well.

Baby Mama said...

Denise, thanks for the info. It makes me feel better to read that this wasn't done solely for that particular town, though how ironic that it was published in THAT paper.
Fiona, yes! I was told by several people that as SOON as I mentioned Julie, she resurfaced for one short comment on this particular episode. Just to claim she doesn't watch (yeah sure you don't). Why now? Why show people you still blog there? Its very interesting timing no?