Sunday, November 9, 2008

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Hello Jon & Kate fans! I know you guys have been chompin at the bit for the last 2 episodes of the season! That combined with the fact that GWOP are cutting their garbage down to once a week, its giving the trolls a case of the shakes! And of course, with all the parties and things going on this season for me & my family, it will be hard for me to post every day as well. But I'll try. Its hard coming up with great Gosselin news daily!

Kates Necklace Designed By Her Sister on Etsy

Someone had notified me that they had e-mailed the Gosselins about possible gifts for the kids for the Holidays. Its so incredibly nice when you hear how much some fans truly love watching the kids! The Gosselins replied back that any gifts should be sent directly to the Cancer Charity they support. Which would be much more used and appreciated. Thanks for asking! On Say Yes To The Dress, Kate wore beautiful silver unique necklace I fell in love with and was asking people about. Turns out it was one of her sisters designs from the Etsy Website. I am an Etsy fanatic and buy all my jewelry from this site that you can buy or sell custom made items from around the world. Though she has since removed any comments about her relation to Kate you can see Christen Largent's collection on Etsy HERE. will now show Jon & Kate Plus 8 Starting Monday

Thank you for the comment letting us know that you will now be able to see episodes free on Those of you that love the show but do not have cable will appreciate this site. Its gives you the opportunity to watch alot of your favorite shows. Thank you Jim for telling me about your site!

And finally, check out this Jon & Kate Maui Invasion article from talking about the big finale!


momsquared said...

Wonder why her sister would take info regarding being related to Kate off? I would love to know the real story behind the family situation. Not b/c I want it to be anything bad, just b/c I am nosy!

BEE said...

Her sister posted on a message board last February days before the Gosselins were on Oprah, that Kate was her sister and how excited she was to see her on Oprah and then she was going to see her at the Ohio speaking engagement (we were there!!). Anyways, from what I recall the "haters" found the site and tore her apart. I believe that it was a message board on Etsy or on her page on Etsy...but I could be wrong about the location of the post.

As far as the whole family situation, I doubt it is as bad as the people over at GWoP want the world to think it is. We know that certain family isn't involved in their "daily lives" but what does that really mean?

Personally, we don't see our family members on a daily/weekly basis but that doesn't mean that they aren't in our lives and that we love each other...the same could be true for the Gosselins.

I guess I am nosy too as I would love to know the truth!

Nina Bell said...

Can someone explain to me how Etsy works. Are you just a sales person or do you actually design your own jewelry? Baby Mama, do you have a picture of the necklace you were referring to. I missed the show regarding the dress.

fancastfan said...

Hi, thanks so much for the shout out. I forgot to give you the direct link to the Jon & Kate episodes, it is and the episodes up right now include one of my favorite, where they discuss their favorite AND most embarrassing moments:)
Jim (for Fancast)