Monday, November 3, 2008

I want to go to Legoland Too!

I was so super excited about this episode my kids and I were foaming at the mouth. We had heard how awesome for kids Legoland is. Were big amusement park people and anyplace the kids can go and have a blast (including my husband) is where we like to spend our day. So you know when they got to see the beginning it was "why cant we go to that?" As I have said it has been a dream of mine to get across the US and go to Disneyland and finally get to see Los Angeles & San Diego. Though I didn't get to see the whole show tonight because of trying to get the kids to bed I will say I loved what I saw. Not including of course Collin smacking his noggin on the plane!

First of all trolls, get off the blogs wailing about Kate and her need to have order in an airport. Have YOU tried to be in a place like that with 10 kids? Of course not. I give Jenny alot of credit being a good helper and staying out of the way but being there every second. I need a helper like that. And in my lifetime if I ever get to see a nice resort such as Paradise Point I will have died a happy woman. The website is INSANE! Would you turn down a freebie like that?? Heck no! I think about Mady alot since I have a daughter the same age going through the SAME set of issues. I was thinking about what I would do in that situation if one of my kids were acting up like that and I probably would have done the same thing. People love to pick on her, mostly because they don't have a kid that age doing the exact same stuff. I didn't get to see them at the San Diego Zoo but I'm sure it was great fun for the kids. I'm with Kate though, nothing beats hanging out at the hotel and just feeding the fish.....

Quote Of The Day:
Alexis: "COWBOYS! Why are the cowboys here?"
Jon: "Maybe their going somewhere"
Alexis: "Maybe their going to the potty!"


cali-mom said...

I live in Cali (hence the screenname) but I've never been. I have friends that have gone. I'ver heard its more for "little" kids. But I dont know for sure. We'll be watching the episode soon.

MommyZinger said...

I liked this episode. It reminds me of vacations with my family. So, yes, I can still identify with them even though they are sooo rich and I am not.

I'm sure the GWoPpers will talk about how horrible a mother Kate is because Collin fell and bumped his head. I must be a bad mother too because my son once ran into a glass wall because he didn't see it and I kind of laughed about it.

cali-mom said...

I enjoyed the show, as for the Wildlife Zoo, you didnt miss much, they didnt really show that much of it. But Alexis did get to see her an so cute!

I agree, I feel like I can still relate to the family. They are still very down to earth to me. They still have the same issues as they had before the "money". I disagree w/people who say the money has changed them, I dont think so at all. I still enjoy watching the show just as much as I did when it first started.

BEE said...

I really enjoyed this episode. I love watching them travel and manage their large family in public places.

To me, seeing Jon and Kate squabble about who is going to lead the family in the airport, or seeing Kate scoop Collin up and coo over him when he smashed his head, or Kate making Mady stay behind with Jenny to cool the kind of stuff that keeps them relate-able to me.

They are a real family, dealing with real issues.

I know that they have more money then we do, but they also have 6 more kids then we do! The new money doesn't really change how I relate to them. Just because people have a lot of money does not mean that they don't have problems, financial concerns and family drama. I like the fact that they still budget and save.

As far as Lego Land, it really didn't do much for me. I thought the new water exhibit looked cool though. And the resort they stayed at was amazing!

~Jordyn said...

I want to go to lego land now. Lets go on a field trip.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I loved this episode so much!! Especially when they said they were going to the Paradise Point Resort, because I WENT THERE!!!! About 3 years ago, my husband (he's a lawyer) had a client he had done alot of work for, and she wanted to thank him, so she wanted to send us - yes, all of us!! - on a trip! She ended up sending us to California (we live in NY, so that was a big trip!) to stay at Paradise Point, and we got to go to SeaWorld which is directly across the street from the resort, and Legoland and the Wild Animal Park and San Diego Zoo! Let me just say that Paradise Point is even more awesome than it looked on J&K+8!!! It's SUCH a beautiful resort. At the beginning of the episode, they showed those awesome bikes for four with the canapies over them - you can rent those at the resort and my husband and I loved peddling around the resort with our two kids in the back (I have a baby now too - but back then, our family of four fit on one of those cool bikes!) They also have movie nights in the pool - they put up a huge screen at the pool, and at sundown, everyone gets in the pool and watches a disney movie! It's heaven there - if any of you ever have a chance to stay there, do it!! It's fabulous!!! Legoland too - you have to go!

Oh, and about the leaving Mady back with Jenny when she was bring grouchy and not nice?? Oh man - I so applaud Kate for sticking to her guns and following thru with that punishment! I'm sorry, but as the mother of a 6 yr old who can be very moody and nasty, I know how easy it is to say things like, "If you don't start acting nicer, you're not going with us to....."wherever we happen to be going, and then to back out of that later, and let her go. I think Kate was totally right to make her stay behind to teach her that her behavior is not acceptable. She didn't beat her up. She didn't make her skip a meal. She simply made her stay back at the room with Jenny while the other kids got to go do something fun (feed the fish). Then she ended up getting to feed the ducks, so it's not like she was locked in the bathroom or anything! I think that Kate can't win with the hate bloggers - if she parents the kids and punishes them for something, she gets flamed. If she laughs at something funny one of the kids does, she gets flamed for laughing AT them! If she imitates one of their voices (come on, what parent doesn't do that when talking to their spouse??), she gets flamed for making fun of her kids! Whatever - I think the haters just get their knickers in a twist because they are so green with envy over all the amazing things The Gosselins are getting as a result of their successful tv show that they can't see straight. I just love the show, and I love them, and I love that they got to go to places I've been and know first hand are amazing!!!

Nina Bell said...

Baby Mama

San Diego is beautiful and lots of fun things to do. I hope you get to go some day with your family.

The Martin's said...

I loved this episode !! And I can't wait for the next two !! I absoutley loved the new commercials !!!

Check out TLC's website. There are alot of new websiodes.

There is even one of J&K meeting a little girl at the store when there were shopping for Kate's clothes. Very cute !!

LauraH said...

Hey Debbie,

It was indeed a great show... I also wrote a blog about it on my MySpace Page....

I knew the haters would find something to
complain about, but I think that Kate and
Jon handled the 8 kids just fine and they
obviously had a great time....

I can't wait to see their new home...

Hugs, Laura