Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Its Marathon Night!, Unscripted vs. Reality TV, Trolls Classify

Did you all make it a Gosselin night? I just love that now they have been dedicating Wednesday nights to all the great Jon & Kate episodes that I love. Since its a day I work, by night time I really need to put the kids to bed, watch a few episodes and blog at midnight. Then I go to bed a happy person till 6am baby crying. I hope TLC continues with this...

Unscripted vs. Reality TV: Which do you choose?

I found such a super cool article I have to share from The San Francisco Chronicle regarding the difference between Unscripted vs. Reality tv:

"The easiest way to settle the issue is to separate "unscripted" from "reality" television, even if that's technically not possible. So how do you tell the difference? If you feel like a voyeur, need to take a shower or worry about the sorry state of humankind after watching it, that's reality television. If you were entertained without abject, crippling shame ("American Idol," "Dancing With the Stars") or you learned something - even if it came while watching guys blow stuff up on "MythBusters" - then it's probably an acceptable form of unscripted television. And yes, there's ever so much to ridicule on TLC, but viewers who go in for "Jon & Kate Plus 8" or "Little People, Big World" are not bad people. They want emotional stories that move them. And when they don't, they watch "What Not to Wear" or "Say Yes to the Dress" - but it could be a whole lot worse."

I happen to LOVE Dancing with the Stars seasons prior and counted on nights like these to catch up on J &K. Since Dancing for the first time in years was not a very good season, I dedicated my nights here even though I probably already saw this episode on Monday. I love this show because I can watch it over and over and not get bored. Be entertained so much by both Kate and the kids I even have the DVD's for the nights when they arent on. (I got them as a gift ;)

Thank you So Much Alana for Classifying me

Lets be honest, getting things new and interesting to talk about is not that easy. I myself sometimes TROLL the boards to get ideas to discuss. I rarely get on the IMDB board, but there was an interesting (you can always tell a good debate if the thread is long) topic about the Tups being ill behaved at the wedding. So many had opinions about why for their age could they not sit still at the wedding. Most say they know kids that sit throughout church for a whole hour without a peep. How Kate should be embarassed (even though she wasnt) that she had to disipline her kids at her own ceremony. Well just a few things. 1. I'm sure at church there werent 6 kids the exact age sitting together 2. Kids that age I'm sure need to be given play toys ot keep them occupied at least 3. All kids are different based on upbringing and shouldnt all be categorized. I dont think the Tups are bratty at all because they needed to be told to sit down. It was an exciting event that was best not to pick a fight about who stood and who didnt.

And finally I told a few people on other boards that I would post this, even though I was done bashing GWOP for the week. There was a comment by a person named Alana which stated the following:

"I've come to the conclusion that the major difference between the 'fans' who still love the JOK Show and the former fans who 'get it' is EDUCATION. IMO, the KON fans can relate to Jon and Kate. They aren't very smart, never finished school (COLLEGE), married young and had children right away,tend to think for the moment instead of planning, are selfish in a negative way, have a "me-too" mentality to go with their "me-first" attitude,never set short term goals in order to meet long-term goals, have jobs instead of careers, and argue and fight with extended family members because the drama gives them the adrenaline rush they need to get off their a___s!"

I can start a whole blog about people that appear to be this uneducated.. I admit I classify most of the people who post on GWOP as hating bitter trolls so to each is own. But the shame and sadness is that you wish we were all that dumb. Myself having a Bachelors Degree, married later in life & continuing part-time in my career I will say that sterotyping people neatly in that package confirms to us the type of people that frequent that site. And the moderators that put those types of posts up.


cali-mom said...

I just had to comment, that I have always been a huge fan of Dancing w/the Stars but like you, I couldnt get into this season and I didnt watch 1 episode of it.

Also wanted to say, I LOVE your blog! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My mom finished 6 years of college at a great university and is now a full time nurse. She loves the show, and she is a big Kate fan.

In fact I know many college grads that got married in their late 20's/ early 30's and also love the show.

I myself am attending college.

So I guess she's wrong about that one.

Generalizing people is ignorant. It doesn't matter how much one goes to school. People can still be closed minded,selfish,and hateful. I guess the woman you quoted is just one of the many examples of that.

And by the way... Isn't Kate a nurse? haha!

Anonymous said...

That is such a load of bull from that Alana troll!! It's so sad that the bitter haters over there need to put the fans of the show down and categorize is in such a derogatory way in order to make themselves feel better about how awful they truly are! Just for your information Alana, I am a stay at home Mom of 3 kids, I have a bachelors degree and a masters degree (in social work). I worked for 10 years before having my kids, and now I'm fortunate to be able to stay home to raise them while my husband is the sole financial provider for our family (he's an attorney). I live in the suburbs of Long Island, NY, and I do quite nicely thank you. I didn't have my kids until I was 30 - I'm 40 now - so all of the crap you basically accused me of being is untrue. And I am a huge fan of the show - because I think Kate is an awesome Mom, Jon is an awesome Dad, the kids are really just terrific kids, and I think what they're doing to provide for them while creating such great entertainment for fans is just fantastic. They are very lucky children to be able to have as diverse and fun experiences as they get to have during their childhoods. The one thing that saddens me is that one day, when they are older, they may happen to stumble upon some of the drivel that is written on some of the hate sites out there, and they might spend some time being upset or sad about what was written about them and their parents. I hope they read the fan sites too, and realize that the haters aren't worth one single second of their time - nor ours!!

Shelly said...

I rad the post myself. I scan the GWOP Trolls from time to time, just see how much their ignorance is growing. The posts after the wedding show were totally lies. I tried to post on there, if they truely watched the wedding show, that they would know what they were saying was wrong. But of course, they informed me that they are never wrong, and I must have been asleep. In fact one of them called me dumb. So, I believe we are the superior force. THE FANS OF J&K.

BEE said...

Personally, I have always wondered if Julie was participating in the blogs more then she let on. Even if people use a name and don't post anonymously, there isn't anyway of KNOWING who that person really is. For all we know, Jon and Kate could be posting on blogs as well.

Theresa said...

I can't believe someone would say something like that!

You can't generalize people into groups like that educated and uneducated. There are plenty of smart people who barely graduated high school who are now making tons of money (my husband is a prime example of that. He makes a real good living for someone who barely went to high school).

Btw...Kate's a nurse. She's educated and it shows in how she's raising those wonderful tups. And, my opinion, Jon and Kate make this show the way it is and embrace the change, because they are a young, hip, smart couple. We all want to hang out with them.

I also want to say that I think Julie was sooo wrong in taking their family business so public. Yes, KON are on tv and that's public, but Julie's bitterness and 2nd hand part in whatever happend (IF something in deed did happen) was totally uncalled for. When I read the most-hate of hate blogs, I can't help wonder why they treat this woman like some savior?? Yikes!

I do think it's funny how the trolls watch the show and take something and twist it. For instance, they talk about how a facial expression shows deep problems, etc. In the words of Jay Leno, "shut up!".