Friday, November 28, 2008

I missed Kate Gosselin? Has Black Friday Made Everyone Crazy?

Hello Gosselin Fans! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I sure did! a 16 hour Jon & Kate Marathon! My kids loved it! My mom literally made a wonderful feast all herself and I just brought desert. I know, pretty lame. I count on my mother for these things because I cant cook. And I have kids and I'm too tired and lazy. Its so sad (lol).

Every year my cousin and I get up super early to go shopping on Black Friday. It used to be a fun tradition. But this time, because everything we were looking for was sold out, we got up at 3:45am to be at Best Buy at 4:30 am for these Nintendo DS & Wii games our kids wanted. I never did this before nor ever got up that early. The3re was a huge line! yes to get into the store at 5am. I after all that I STILL didn't find exactly what I was looking for! Was I crazy? Then I get a hysterical call from a friend that was at the Wal-mart store where an employee DIED from being stampeded from customers. It was the saddest thing I had heard and was disgusted with myself that I do this every year. For a stinkin sale. I give up. Next year I shop on line and sleep late.

P&G Opens Coupon Store on Black Friday With Kate Gosselin

I don't know if any of you guys live in my neck of the woods, but please let me know if you got to see or meet Kate today. She was at 57th Street and Sixth Avenue and I didn't do my Kate reading until today and I missed it! I am so upset. Proctor And Gamble hired Kaite to be their new spokesperson on a few really cool events for the store. Read the article HERE. I haven't been uptown in a while and Im devastated I haven't been to this cool place and I missed out on seeing her.....

Quick Bites

A cute positive show review called "Jon & Kate Plus 8 is Fun". I am super excited about this weeks episode as any show that promotes The Big Apple is great for me! And did anyone find out yet who made Mady that cute hoodie with a cartoon of her on it? I need one! And finally I set up an e-mail account for this page if you have questions or ideas for the site. EMAIL:


Shelly said...

This was truly crazy day. I opted not to go out for Black Friday this year. My hubby and I are working in California in an XOM Plant and 70 hours a week is quite exhausting. So, I slept in. LOL! I am so ready to get this job done and go home. However, I did go to Walmart this afternoon for a few things and they were still so crowded, the doors were locked. They were only letting people in as others left. Then I heard on the news about the gentlemen that died, and I decided to boycot the shopping all together.

If Kate makes it out here on a book tour, I will certainly try and see her. Its funny how many people try to bash her and keep her down, but she just keeps getting bigger. Its gonna be hard to stop that train.LOL!

So sorry you missed her today, Baby Mama.

Carol said...

I didn't know about the stampeded employee until I read your blog; I'm in shock. I'm glad I don't shop on black friday (I actually try to get everything before Thanksgiving) and I'm especially glad this year. The stores better change their methods next year or the lawsuits will fly.

Thanks for pointing us to that article, it was so refreshing and I loved the ending line:

"let the critics eat cake."

Hear, hear and amen.

MaryMac said...

Hey Girl! Long time hu? (I kinda went MIA for awhile!)

This tragedy at Walmart has been consuming me the past couple days. I really despise what we have become some times. I think all those people should be tried for murder. I would have locked them in and ID-ed all of them and charged them all with murder. How could a person trample over another human being and not even care - or notice?

And on the Gosselin subject! Thanks again for a positive outlook and all the great links and info you pass on. I love it! ('specially since I am too lazy to look it all up
Well - maybe not lazy, I adopted a puppy - half great dane and half mastiff! Wonder if I'd rather have 6 babies!! Theres got to be about the same about of poo. :o)

I love watching the Gosselin kids grow. Their personalities are getting stronger and its a blast. Joel reminds me of my son when he was younger. He was quiet and watched EVERYTHING! And smiled a lot. And whined a lot. LOL. Now he is in college and BRILLIANT! hehe.

Keep up the good stuff! We need more positivity in this world!

cali-mom said...

Well this was my 10th year in a row that I went shopping, my mother and grandmother and I enjoy it every year, and every year we got to Wal Mart but this year was crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!
People were rude and mean! I too wasnt able to get what I had orignially wanted, but I did get some great deals on some nice stuff for my 3 yr old.
It is a major tragedy about that poor person who was trampled. I agree, those people should be held accountable for what they did. However it will not stop me from going out next year, its our tradition and we love the time we spend together.

Thanks for the link to the article. Its so nice to hear positivity. I'm looking forward to Monday night's episode.

The Martin's said...

What ever happened to "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all"?

Some of those comments on the P&G article are awful !!

I will never understand it. If you don't like the show then don't watch it and keep your mouth shut !!