Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Season 4 Extended, Gosselin Fever on Jon & Kate Merchandise Now Available

Hello Jon & Kate fans! Its marathon night and I just saw Monday's episode again! I just love it even more. Seeing Aaden say "Nice to meeeeett you" was so stinkin cute. The photo to the left is little Leah eating cake on her first birthday. Its such a cute shot I had to share..

Holy Google meltdown Batman! I could not get into my blog last night. Now that Blogger has combined with Google, It's been a hot buttered mess. Since my two accounts are different, lets just say I almost cried my way through deleting and creating accounts last night. Even the trolls over at GWOP were stressing they did have names that they couldn't get into. Which made for an even bigger anon mess! Berks County, the place where the Gosselins are now moving, seems to be the bulk of the haters recently. Bitter much? Apparently they are flocking to sites like Cafe Mom & GWOP crying foul about the Gosselins not being entitled to anything they have. Are you for real people? grows its Family With Jon & Kate Plus 8!

Recently I was very excited to announce that was now offering full episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 that you can watch on the computer for those that do not have cable. Jim was nice enough to come to my site to plug this and I am excited to show you the first great article about Fancast's Gosselin addition. Read it HERE. appears to be super excited about this merger. I guess that in the future you will basically be able to watch any show you want on a computer. Go and fully browse this website. Its so great to be able to watch sows I missed from all my favoite channels. Waiting at the library for my daughters craft class to end now has its perks!

New Jon & Kate Plus 8 Merchandise at Cafe Press!

Take a look HERE, for all the cool things you can get including cute onesies and bibs!

Season 4 has been extended!

Ok personally I really felt they could have gone out with a bang by having Hawaii be the final episode of the season. I felt that the whole garage sale thing would have been such a great kicker to start season 5. But take a look, we have a few new episodes in store!

Baby Mama Has No More Babies

And on a final note, I would like to say Happy First Birthday to my darling Ava Lilly. Just one year ago today after struggling with 5 years of fertility treatments you came into this world and blessed this family. As sick as I was I couldn't wait to give birth to my 12 lb. 11 oz. bundle of joy. (Yes you read that right!) You are still as of this day the largest baby delivered in your Hospital. Yet here you are today, so tiny and petite. We love you more than words could ever tell you. Mommy & Daddy wanted you so bad to come into this world happy and healthy. And you are! I hope that someday, for some reason, if you ever find this in blog world, know that you and Sissy bring us the most joy any family can ever have........


BEE said...

Happy Bday Ava Lilly!! WOW...I thought my 10 pound baby was big!!

Baby Mama said...

I just had to brag! And to all of you that wondered how I delivered her, the answer is of course c-section (lol).

cali-mom said...

Awww Happy birthday to your lil' one. My birthday is tomorrow.. hee hee.
I am now watching the marathon, enjoying shows from the past.
Also I had to mention here, because I'm so excited and had nowhere else to mention this. My WONDERFUL husband gave me an early birthday present today, He went to B&N and bought me Multiple Blessings!!! I literally cried, I didnt ask for it, or even hint to him about it, it was a total surprise. I have a great husband! hee hee :)

cali-mom said...

Oh and I forgot to mention in my post above, 12lbs!!!!!!! Yikes, I had 2 9lbers and I thought that was HUGE!!!!

Nina Bell said...

I thought I had two big babies also, 9 1/2 and 10 1/2 lbs each. My babies are in their 20's now. Happy Birthday to your little one!

BEE said...

Happy Bday to you too Cali-Mom! And you do have an awesome husband...don't you LOVE it when they suprise you like that!!!

Wow, we all have some big babies!!

Rachel said...

I've been reading GWOP for a couple of months now and I'm disgusted by the things that have been said. I wish there was some way to cancel the blog. They pick at every episode and make assumptions about what goes on behind the scenes based on the small amount they see on TV each week. The recaps are as long as novels and literally everything they say is negative. Who are they to judge J&K's parenting techniques? No one is perfect. It's a huge waste of time if you ask me. Someone on the blog recently likened the Gosselin's situation to being in a sweatshop! This has gone way too far. If they truly care about the kids (like they say they do), they wouldn't be writing all these horrible things about the family. They must not realize that if Jon and Kate go down, the kids are coming with them. Saying they're not entitled to anything they get is ridiculous. If they hadn't done the show they would really be struggling! Supporting 8 kids is a lot to handle, even if they were both working full time.